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NOVEMBER 2007   
                                                When I was 15 years old, my Aunt came for a
                                                visit from Miami. She wanted to do something
                                                nice for me and asked what I wanted. I replied
                                                that I wanted a pizza. “A slice of pizza?”.” No”,
                                                I responded, “I would like a whole pizza”. 45
                                                minutes later, with combination of awe and
                                                disbelief, my Aunt watched me dunk my last
                                                piece of crust into butter sauce and consume
                    an entire Godfather’s peperoni pizza. I like food and I love to eat.

                    Three decades later, my whole pizza eating days are over. However, I love
                    to eat just as much. The difference is that I now have learned to enjoy
                    good food and food that is good for me - in the proper quantities. Michael
                    Chiarello from the Fine Living Network has a great philosophy. He asked
                    the question, should you eat Calamari? Calamari is complete crap food;
                    deep fried bread with just a hint of seafood dunked in butter or marina
                    sauce. Michael’s answer; of course you should eat Calamri! It’s delicious.
                    But you should have one, maybe two bites, not an entire plate.

                    That is the point of our cover story. I am no proponent of eating tofu and
                    wheat grass every meal. But what should you eat to enjoy good food and
                    good health? Turn to page 8. We hope the article will help you enjoy food
                    as much as I do.

                    As always, enjoy the magazine.

                    David Klein

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   NOVEMBER 2007
                                                                                                                                       news & notes

OrthoCarolina has extended the hours of operation at its Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic, located at 1915 Randolph Road. Patients can now visit the clinic Monday through Friday from
5:30 to 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for treatment of minor orthopedic conditions including acute pain, sports- and accident-related injuries, painful joint
swelling and post-operative difficulties or problems from casts and wound dressings.

“The Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic is a great resource for patients whose injuries aren’t significant enough to require an emergency room visit, or for those who need medical
attention after hours,” said Jeff Vawter, spokesperson for OrthoCarolina.

The Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic is staffed by board-certified orthopedic surgeons, licensed orthopedic physician assistants, and a staff specially trained in orthopedic treatment.
Appointments are available, but not required. Some conditions, such as a major joint dislocation, are best treated in an emergency room.
For more information, visit

                                                                                                                  Ultimate Gym Opens Near Uptown
              Carolinas Natural Health Center welcomes
                Dr. Michelle M. Dillon to our practice.                                         Ultimate Gym is opening on N. Tryon Street, near uptown Charlotte. Owner Doug
                                                                                                Brafford says, “Our gym is extremely friendly to beginners and females looking for a
   Dr. Dillon is a Naturopathic Physician who specializes in Classical Homeopathy and           pressure free work out in an environment that is very different to the Charlotte area.”
   Applied Kinesiology. For more information, visit                 For more information, visit

                                                                       AND RAISES OVER $330,000
                     – Toys “R” Us Sponsored Event Increases Awareness and Raises Funds to Support Autism Research–
More than four thousand people, including individuals with autism, their families and friends, joined together October 6th at the 5th annual Carolinas Walk Now for Autism. The
walk, which is sponsored by Toys “R” Us, stepped off from Lowe’s Motor Speedway, has thus far raised over $330,000 -- all of which will be dedicated to supporting critical scientific
research into the cause of autism, better treatments and a cure -- for the national advocacy organization Autism Speaks.

Toys “R” Us and the Toys “R” Us Children’s Fund serve as the national sponsor of the Autism Speaks Walk Now for Autism program. For a complete list of Walk events, please visit
For more information, please contact Michelle Preslar at (704) 561-0003 or

                                                                               The Big Stampede Bike Swap

                The Big Stampede is the biggest bike swap and expo in the Southeast, featuring 25,000 square feet of manufacturers, retailers, clubs/teams, and individuals buying,
                selling, and swapping new and used cycling and triathlon equipment. The event will be held at Lowe’s Motor Speedway on Sunday, Nov. 11 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The
                event will also include 25-mile and 50-mile bike rides at 11 a.m., as well as a Kids Play Zone and a Kids Bicycle Rodeo. To learn more about the Big Stampede or to
                reserve an exhibitor booth, visit Parking is free, and admission is $5 per adult and free for kids 12 and under.

                                                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER 2007                          

             November 2007 Issue •

8            Nutrition Issue: What Are You Eating

14          Average Joe Speaks Out
16          Ask The Trainer
18          208 Miles Of Endurance

20          The Skinny-Restaurant Of The Month

Mind, Body, Spirit
22          Pedestrian & Bicycle Amenities
24          Before & After
25          Corporate Profile: Upper Cervical

5           News & Notes
2          Guide To Eating Healthy
23          15 Songs You Should Have
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Correction on October 2007 Corporate Profile:
CHF magazine would like to clarify that Krystyna Kielbon
works with Landmark Development Partners, LLC.

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                   NOVEMBER 2007
NOVEMBER 2007   7
What are you
The Nutrition Issue

by Kelly Gray

It’s a fact. Your diet impacts your health. We all
know this, and yet we are an overweight nation
with an alarmingly high number of us dying yearly
from heart disease. And with so many resources
for correcting diet problems and creating the
right eating patterns, changing your diet – or

                                        more importantly, your way of life – can seem
                                        a confusing and arduous process. In this issue,
                                        CHF writer Kelly Gray sought answers from the
                                        experts and boiled it down to the easiest things
                                        you can do every day, every week to start changing
                                        how you think about nutrition.

Diet lies… why do we                    then a king’s ransom for dinner,           “Don’t eat carbs or you’ll get fat!”
                                        has landed us where we are now,            is yet another lie we can put out
keep listening?                         one of the most unfit nations in the       to rest. Pasta, for example, is high
                                        world.                                     in complex carbohydrates. These
“If I exercise, I can eat whatever                                                 good carbs provide time release
I want, whenever I want.” There         Another diet lie that permeates our        energy rather than the quick boost
seem to be as many misconceptions       consciousness is that of portion           and crash bad carbs are responsible
about proper diet as factual data.      size. “It doesn’t matter how much I        for.
While working out in any form is        eat, as long as it’s low fat or good for
good for your body, working out for     me.” So wrong is this that experts         The lie that causes the most trouble
an hour only to eat an entire pizza     believe “low fat” and “fat free” foods     is also the most deadly. If you are
afterwards to “reward” yourself         are actually making us fatter. People      one of millions of people who’ve
negates much of the workout’s           mistakenly eat larger quantities of        bought into the lie that exercise
benefit. Eating healthy includes        low fat food, but in fact, eating five     alone is enough to prevent heart
moderation, but unfortunately,          “fat free” cookies is just as bad as       attacks, you are putting yourself
the way most of us were taught as       eating a smaller portion of its high       at risk. According to the American
kids to eat: small bowl of cereal for   fat counterpart.                           Heart Association, obesity and
breakfast, a loaded burger for lunch                                               overweight is a major risk factors for

heart disease. People with excess fat,
especially if much of it is located at
the waist, are more likely to develop
heart disease and stroke even if they
have no other risk factors. Excess
weight increases the work the heart
has to do, raises blood pressure and
blood cholesterol and triglyceride
levels, and lowers HDL (“good”)
cholesterol. By losing even as few
as 10 pounds, you can lower your
heart disease risk.

Demystifying the Omega 3
Omega-3 oils found in many types
of seafood have been linked to
improvements in and prevention of
certain kinds of cancer, ulcerative
colitis, psoriasis, arthritis, asthma,
certain kinds of mental illness,
depression, and lupus. The American
Heart Association recommends
eating fish at least twice a week. As
if that recommendation isn’t reason
enough to be sure you ingest plenty
of Omega-3s, consider this:

Omega-3       offers   heart-healthy
benefits, including:
• Helping to decrease blood
lipids (cholesterol, LDL’s, and
• Reducing blood clotting factors
Increasing relaxation in larger
arteries and blood vessels
• Decreasing the inflammatory
processes in blood vessels

For years, studies have shown          for optimal memory and brain         Portion size… this easy fix will keep
that Omega-3 fatty acids found in      function.                            you on track for every meal
seafood, especially salmon, can help
lower blood cholesterol levels. Wild   The preferred choice for Omega-3     This month’s Executive Memo is
salmon in particular contains two      consumption is from eating seafood   Joanna Nix, chef and owner of
critical Omega-3 fatty acids – EPA     because the fat is better absorbed   Nikko Japanese Restaurant and
and DHA. EPA fats promote normal       by the body and it comes with many   Sushi Bar. In her interview for that
cholesterol and triglyceride levels    other nutrients. Sockeye salmon      article she let us in on her best diet
and improve blood flow. They also      has the highest amount of Omega-3    secret. It’s so simple yet it doesn’t
promote healthy skin and enhance       of any fish with approximately 2.7   occur to most people to do. Nix
immune function. DHA fats play         grams per 100-gram portion. Just     says, don’t leave your portion size
an essential role in brain function.   one serving of salmon per week       to chance. Prepare in advance and
DHA levels play a critical role in     can help to lower cholesterol and    you’ll always be sure you’re eating
cognitive functioning throughout       the risk of heart disease.           the right amount of the foods you
life and normal levels are needed                                           love.

                                                                            “When I get my beef, chicken and
                                                                            fish, I go ahead and cut it into the
                                                                            right portions before I ever put it
                                                                            in my mouth,” she says. “I cut one
                                                                            portion or two portions, whatever
                                                                            is needed for me and my family, add
                                                                            a tiny bit of salt, pack and freeze it.
                                                                            For beef and chicken I marinate,
                                                                            portion it out, freeze it and then it’s
                                                                            in the freezer for the next meal.”
                                                                            Nix has a hectic schedule, and says
                                                                            while it requires some extra time
                                                                            on the front end, the time she saves
                                                                            being able to simply unwrap the
                                                                            right amount of foods saves a lot of
                                                                            time and calories in the long run.
                                                                            She suggests “portioning” food
                                                                            once a month or bi-weekly at the
                                                                            very least to help get in the habit.
                                                                            Eaten with lots of veggies (fresh
                                                                            or frozen) these easy, ready-to-fix
                                                                            meals are the perfect alternative to
                                                                            fast food or otherwise unhealthy

                                                                            The Mighty Top Ten…
                                                                            getting enough of these is
                                                                            easier than you think
                                                                            Still another reason to eat
                                                                            healthfully is the delicious dishes
                                                                            that will result from those efforts.
                                                                            Last month’s restaurant review was
                                                                            seafood trailblazer McCormick and
                                                                            Schmicks. Their new heart healthy
                                                                            cookbook is full of recipes that are
                                                                            neither bland nor difficult to make.
                                                                            Below are the top ten best foods

to eat as recommended by the Mayo

Mayo Clinic Best Bets for
Eating Well
Apples               Salmon
Almonds              Spinach
Blueberries          Sweet potatoes
Broccoli             Vegetable juice
Red beans            Wheat germ

Great health and eating habits begin
in your head and filters down to
your body. In a perfect world, we’d
all eat in moderation, buy apples
and healthful crackers, and ideally
eat six small meals a day. But the
advent of easy heart friendly meals
from places like Pineville’s Nakatos
or Creation Restaurant means a
gourmet healthful dinners are easier
to find than ever. Busy lunch hour?
What a great reason to dash into Plaza
Midwood’s Common Market for a
deli sandwich on wheat with mustard
and tomato. In the mood for a swanky
dinner? Even the decadently fabulous
Fig Tree restaurant in Elizabeth serves
up a divine low carb carpaccio and
fish dishes to make your taste buds
swoon. Eating right isn’t that difficult,
but rather a choice. You owe it to your
body to make such choices a regular
occurrence, so make the time.

2   NOVEMBER 2007
NOVEMBER 2007   

         Average Joe
by: Tom Walsh
                                             Speaks Out
          re you like me? Do you read     Face it – no sportswear company          fast, cheap food, hectic-to-frantic
          an article in CHF or another    would sell a single t-shirt if their     paced lives, pressures from home,
          magazine and think “That        spokesperson was a 44 year old man       job, community and children can
          sounds like a great idea, I     with a pot belly and a passion for       cause us to “false start” many times
will try to…”? Of course, two days        fried foods and late night TV.           each year.
later, as you rush to gobble down
that burger and fries before your         Similarities                             Avoid being a statistic! - It seems
12:30 conference call, that idea is far                                            like pretty depressing news so far.
away and forgotten.                       Charlotte-area people are more alike     How does Average Joe battle his
                                          than you might think. According          own weight and the “weight of
You may not realize it, but you           to a recent national survey by the       the world”? I understand that each
are being bombarded every day             CDC, only one in five adults engage      person has different, complex life
by an assault of images, standards        in a high level of overall physical      circumstances and there is no ‘easy
and ideals. Television, celebrity         activity, and one in four gets little    fix’ to solve them. However, there
“news”, infomercials, news reports,       or no regular exercise. Many of us       are a few things we can do to keep
advertising in any form – they are all    get motivated and we will exercise       us moving in the right direction.
designed to entice, motivate, shame,      and eat better for several weeks, and
encourage or inform you. What are         begin to see results. Then we go on      Make small changes - 60% of Americans
these images and reports telling you?     a business trip, celebrate a birthday,   make New Year’s resolutions. 80%
Do they make you feel good about          go on vacation or just get tired and     of those resolutions are broken or
yourself, or do you believe you are       bored. We are up against many            forgotten before the end of January
below average - struggling to keep        obstacles in our quest for personal      each year. Most personal trainers
the pace with the rest of the world?      health and fitness – availability of     will tell you to set a realistic goal in
                                                                                   a realistic time frame. Once that goal
                                                                                   has been reached, adjust it to keep
                                                                                   yourself motivated.

                                                                                   Write your goals down – Unwritten
                                                                                   goals are the easiest to forget. Set
                                                                                   your sights on a 5K race, see if you
                                                                                   can swim for 20 minutes without
                                                                                   taking a break, or join a recreation
                                                                                   team at the local YMCA. Set a goal,
                                                                                   write it down and go for it!

                                                                                   Anticipate setbacks – Life happens.
                                                                                   Unexpected trips, day care issues,
                                                                                   illness, fatigue, bad weather – these
                                                                                   are all examples of things that
                                                                                   can interrupt your daily exercise
                                                                                   routine. Average Joe has run in place
                                                                                   for 30 minutes in a hotel room – no
                                                                                   workout room, pouring rain outside,
                                                                                   on a very limited time schedule…
                                                                                   adjust and adapt. You may not get
                                                                                   your best workout in, but you can at
                                                                                   least get your heart rate up.

                                                                                   Celebrate small successes – How
                                                                                   many of you judge your health by a
                                                                                   number on the scale? Stop weighing
            NOVEMBER 2007
yourself twice a day! Instead, try a
weekly weigh-in at the same time each
week. Evaluate how you are feeling
– exercise promotes mental health.
As you change fat into muscle, your
weight may not change drastically,
but your clothes are less snug, you
have a little spring in your step and
that cloud that normally follows you
seems to have drifted away.

Accountability – It is tough out there
alone, people! Grab a friend or two,
get a trainer, or run with your dog.
People who struggle to keep their
exercise habits consistent can really
benefit from a training partner. Look
at your history – if you have trained
alone for years and keep falling into
the same trap, then maybe a trainer
would work for you. It is harder to
ignore someone you are paying for a

Decompress – Many of you are
thinking “I can’t add one more thing
to my crazy life!” Average Joe knows
what you mean! Evaluate what your
daily activities are. You can schedule
exercise just like any other kind of
appointment. You must find some way
to decompress, relax, and unwind to
relieve stress.

Hey Charlotte! Average Joe struggles
with the same things you do. Life and
work are not going to slow down. The
small steps you take today will help
you establish healthy patterns that can
stay with you for life.

Average Joe is a Charlotte resident with
a family, several dogs and a corporate
job. He does his best to balance
family, work, exercise and community
activities. Average Joe occasionally
stumbles, falls, gets frustrated and
continues on…and he encourages
his fellow Charlotte citizens to do the

                                           NOVEMBER 2007   

                                        THE TRAINE R
                           ASK Bodywise Personal Training & Fitness Center
                           w/Ed Ghaleb,

                          Is V8 juice or vegetable juicers a good substitute for
                          whole fruits and vegetables?

                          Juicing has been the big rage for the past decade or so and many people,
                          especially the manufacturers of juicing machines, think it’s an excellent
                          way for us to get the recommended minimum of five servings of fruits
                          and vegetables a day (by the way, 80% of Americans don’t). Juicing,
                          however, removes the pulp from the fruits and vegetables which means
                          the all-important fiber is gone. It’s the fiber that slows the entry of sugar
                          into the blood stream keeping your glycemic index low and controlling
                          blood sugars and insulin levels and it’s the fiber that makes you feel full
                          and satisfied which controls your hunger and prevents binging.

                          You should eat at least a minimum of five servings of fresh fruits and
                          vegetables every day to get the 25 to 35 grams of fiber you need.
                          Drinking them just won’t do it. If we really want to shed body fat, we
                          should eat unrefined foods … juicing refines our fruits and vegetables
                          and concentrates their calories. The only time I think you should drink
                          your fruits or vegetables is immediately after exercise when you want a
                          higher glycemic index drink to replenish your glycogen stores.

                          So, if juice is the only way you will get more fruits and vegetables into
                          your diet, by all means do it but don’t forget the advantages of eating
                          whole, unprocessed foods. Try to include as many fruits and vegetables
                          as you can in your nutrition plan.

                          Is creatine still touted as a great muscle building, fat
                          burning supplement?

                          Creatine continues to get rave reviews in the face of extensive ongoing
                          scientific research. My opinion is that creatine will be viewed in years to
                          come as the most important natural energy enhancing supplement ever
                          to be discovered for muscle and strength building. Research continues
                          to confirm that creatine produces significant improvements for the user
                          in sports that demand high levels of strength, power and speed. Also,
                          creatine increases in lean body mass, once thought to be due to water
                          retention, have now been clearly shown to be due to gains in actual
                          muscle tissue. Creatine truly is a major key to successfully achieving
                          greater strength and muscularity.

                          As I always say, if you have any medical problems or concerns, be sure to
                          consult your physician before you start supplementing with creatine or
                          any other supplement.

                          If you have questions, email them to

        NOVEMBER 2007
NOVEMBER 2007   7
                           208 Miles of Endurance
                          by Brett McLane
                          Remember those “slap bracelets” from the early 90’s that came
                          in all sorts of patterns and colors? Who would’ve thought that at
                          11am on a Friday morning I’d be donning one of those as part of
                          my running outfit.

                          As the 12 members of “TrySports Believe-Achieve” team stood in a
                          parking lot in the Grayson Highlands of Virginia, one thought went
                          through our collective heads. This is going to be A LOT of running
                          and A LOT of fun. We had signed up for the 208-mile, 12-person
                          Blue Ridge Relay, a running event that sends teams through some
                          of the most backroads towns, up some of the tallest peaks, and
                          down some of the fastest descents in the Blue Ridge region from
                          Mount Rodgers, Virginia to Asheville, North Carolina. With any
                          luck, in less than 24 hours the same blue bracelet that was on my
                          wrist would be adorning the wrist of our final runner as he crossed
                          the finish line more than 200 miles away.

                          With a “ready… set… go” the race was on. The folks who put this
                          race on know what they’re doing. Several of the teams had started
                          earlier in the morning in anticipation of slightly slower times and
                          several teams would be starting later in the day hoping for a speedy
                          pace. By seeding the starting times there is less sitting around at
                          the finish line waiting for a variety of paces to come in. Team Mythi-
                          cal Frog Boil was the only team to accompany our team out of the
                          starting gates at 11am.

                          Team TrySports had the benefit of being made up of some of the
                          most organized, fun loving, long-distance running fools in the area.
                          Triathlon store employees, Professional Triathletes, Ironmen, a Ma-
                          rine and other Charlotte area race enthusiasts made up the diverse
                          team. There was even a lawyer who could run up hill faster than I
                          have ever seen, including at 10 mile trek up Grandfather Mountain
                          in complete darkness.

                          Darkness settled in during leg #14 as our runner ascended Route
                          221 straight up Grandfather Mountain. Running at night is a whole
                          different ball game. The temperature mercifully drops, the crickets
                          start chirping, dog barks become a bit scarier with only a headlamp
                          and blinking red light as protection, ankles get twisted on uneven
                          gravel roads or in potholes, and the body’s desire for sleep makes
                          itself known. Luckily, there is a certain sense of peace in running
                          at night- chasing after the blinking lights of the competitors ahead
                          of you, gazing at just what you can see in the glow of your light di-
                          rectly in front of you, and not battling against the scorching south-
                          ern sun.

                          This event was one of the most amazing I have ever participated in.
                          Special thanks to the race director and volunteers who stood out
                          in the darkness and guided us on this journey. I would encourage
                          all runners to consider this event in the future as it will only grow.
                          I know I will be out there for the 4th annual Blue Ridge Relay in
                          2008. For more information visit: .

        NOVEMBER 2007
NOVEMBER 2007   
                        The Skinny on Charlotte’s Best Restaurants
                                 Saffron Indian Cuisine                                                        By Kelly Gray

H       aving lived in the City of New York
        for nearly eight years, I had many
        chances to sample the cuisine
of India. But I could never get past the
Americanized versions of Tandoori chicken
                                                 consistency of clouds. The balance of the
                                                 spices and the bread was incredible. When
                                                 I told Sangeeta that couldn’t imagine
                                                 enjoying something that evening as much
                                                 as the warm Naan bread and topping, she
                                                                                                 onion and served over Sangeeta’s version
                                                                                                 of creamed spinach – just as the Bharta and
                                                                                                 shrimp had changed my mind about Indian
                                                                                                 food in general, the haryali chicken won me
                                                                                                 over. I often avoid creamed spinach dishes
and curried salads. I dined sporadically at      just knowingly smiled. Then the shrimp          because they’re almost always soaked
Indian restaurants, but never caught the         arrived and I promptly ate my words.            in heavy crème, butter, and white flour.
bug that fans of Indian food are always                                                          Those of you who love creamed spinach
raving about. Additionally, most of the                                                          but hate the heaviness of it, MUST try the
Indian restaurants I visited did not include     The five huge Tandoori shrimp were nestled      mushroom palak at Saffron – it is their
clear descriptions of what I’d be ingesting      in a darling little basket of poppadom,         answer to creamed spinach but is the good
with my meal, which only served to lock          which is a crunchy lentil wafer. Seasoned       guy version of the delicious dish. Saffron’s
in my typical order of the same familiar         with garlic and chili spices, the                                     mushroom palak is
dishes. Recently I received a note from          shrimp sat atop fresh spring mix                                      made using less than
Vijay Yadav, the husband of Saffron Indian       amongst a yogurt-based sauce                                          a teaspoon of crème…
Cuisine creator Sangeeta Yadav. A regular        and pico de gallo of sorts which                                      but somehow between
reader of CHF’s The Skinny, he noted that        included green onions, red                                            the “medley of spices”
we had failed in the years of publishing the                                                                           and stir fry technique,
magazine to review Indian cuisine. It was                                                                              brilliant Chef Salvinder
time to give this interesting cuisine, which I                                                                         Singh has managed
had heard rave reviews about in my decade                                                                              to make this spinach
of writing about food, a true blue try.                                                                                mushroom dish as
                                                                                                                       good if not better as its
Saffron is bright and lovely, with buttercup                                                                           fattening counterpart.
yellow walls and hand painted designs. The                                                       The salmon was equally impressive –
menu, to my delight, spelled out in terrific                                                     cooked in the Tandoor oven “perfumed”
detail the contents of each dish. Owner                                                          with sauces and served with veggies.
Sangeeta came over to                                                                            Curry lovers have a choice of chicken, fish
greet me and suggest a few                                                                       or lamb cooked curry style and Sangeeta
dishes. She wanted me to                                                                         offers daily specials. I am not a fan of sweet
try some dishes a bit out                                                                        wine (unless it’s ice wine) but I encourage
of my culinary comfort                                                                           you to try the crisp Reisling on the menu
zone. Since she was after                                                                        with your dinner – the lightness of the
all, the go-to caterer of                                        and green peppers. This         wine really compliments the food and will
Indian cuisine for ten                                           dish was an explosion of        give your mouth a rest between the many
years prior to opening her                                       flavor, and every taste bud     spices it’s trying to decipher throughout
restaurant, I decided to                                         on my tongue just sang,         the meal. Desserts include ice cream, rice
trust her judgment.                                              connecting to so many           pudding and an insanely tasty cheesecake –
                                                                 flavors in one dish. It was a   noteworthy, all. Don’t leave without trying
I had the Tandoori shrimp                                        most memorable appetizer.       Neil’s Mojito. Neil is Sangeeta’s brother,
and Bharta bruchetta appetizers, both            I am not usually a huge fan of chicken. I       and his signature drink is a refreshing must
of which I have enjoyed three additional         typically prefer steak or fish. But since so    try.
times now in the week since I first visited      many of our readers eat tons of chicken for
Saffron. I am not kidding when I say that        the high protein content, I sample chicken      The bursts of flavors in the dishes here will
I could eat these two dishes every day for       dishes so as to accurately report them.         take you by surprise. Discover your love
a month. The Bharta bruchetta consisted          Sangeeta sent out the chicken “haryali”         of Indian food at lunch, dinner or Sunday
of spiced, fire roasted eggplant compote         which means “all green”. The chicken was        brunch at Saffron – soon!
of sorts spooned onto the traditional Naan       flattened and rolled around spices and fresh
bread. It is cut like pita bread, but (and I     ingredients. Prepared with ground spices,
know this will sound crazy) but it has the       green chili, cilantro, bell peppers and

20              NOVEMBER 2007
CHF Guide To Healthy Eating
     Next Time You Go Out To Eat Try These Healthy Options

                                            NOVEMBER 2007   2
                         Pedestrian and Bicycle Amenities
                          Ride Along With LYNX Blue Line
                     Written by: Kristen Behlke
                     Pedestrians and bicyclists now have safe,     Most of Charlotte is suburban
                     convenient access to Charlotte’s 9.6-mile     development, where it is necessary
                     light rail line, which begins service on      to drive your car to the nearest dry
                     November 24.                                  cleaners or coffee house. With transit-
                                                                   oriented development, retail, offices and
                     As part of the South Corridor                 residential areas are located adjacent to
                     Infrastructure Program (SCIP), sidewalks,     transit, making citizens less dependent
                     crosswalks, bicycle lanes, pedestrian         on driving.
                     refuge islands and other improvements
                     were constructed along South Boulevard        The South Corridor Light Rail
                     and Old Pineville Road. Led by the City       and Infrastructure Program was a
                     of Charlotte’s Engineering & Property         collaboration between several City
                     Management        Department,       these     departments and will be used as a model
                     improvements will connect businesses,         for future corridors. With the start of
                     citizens and communities to the light         light rail service in November, Charlotte
                     rail line and 15 transit stations spread      residents can leave their cars and navigate
                     between Center City and I-485.                the South Corridor by light rail, foot and
                     A        unique
                     addition        to                                                      The       South
                     the area (also                                                          Corridor
                     constructed as                                                          Light Rail and
                     part of SCIP)                                                           Infrastructure
                     is a 1.3-mile-                                                          Projects cover
                     long pedestrian                                                         9.6        miles
                     and       bicycle                                                       from uptown
                     trail    located                                                        Charlotte       to
                     adjacent to the                                                         I-485.       The
                     South Corridor                                                          p r o j e c t s
                     rail line from                                                          include       the
                     C l a n t o n                                                           City’s       first
                     Road       north                                                        light rail line,
                     to      Tremont                                                         road, sidewalk
                     Avenue. From                                                            and        other
                     T r e m o n t                                                           improvements
                     Avenue north,                                                           along     South
                     pedestrians                                                             Boulevard and
                     and       cyclists                                                      Old Pineville
                     were     already                                                        Road.     When
                     connected       to                                                      complete        in
                     the existing trolley trail stretching from    November, the corridor will provide
                     South End to Center City. With the            rapid transit, safer roads, invigorated
                     newly-constructed trail, people now           business and residential areas and
                     have connectivity from Clanton Road           inviting pedestrian and bicycling
                     all the way to Center City. Neighboring       environments. For more information,
                     residents who don’t live close enough to      visit or call 311.
                     walk or bike to the trail can park their
                     cars at the Scaleybark Park and Ride or       SCIP Fast Facts
                     in Center City and start from either end.     .5 mile of new or improved roadway
                     From Clanton Road south, pedestrians          (Dewitt Lane)
                     can use existing sidewalk and cyclists        16 miles of sidewalk
                     can use bicycle lanes on Clanton Road,        7 miles of bicycle lanes
                     Dewitt Lane and Old Pineville Road to         300 handicap ramps
                     access the southern transit stations.         100 improved pedestrian crossings
                                                                   150 pedestrian lights
                     The SCIP improvements embrace                 1 mile of new medians
                     Charlotte’s Transit Station Area Principles   1 mile of new watermain
                     adopted by City Council in 2001 and           4 miles of new storm drainage
                     provide and promote good walking,             10 miles of resurfaced roadway
                     bicycle and transit connections to and        More than 14,000 trees, shrubs,
                     from the stations.                            flowers and plantings

22   NOVEMBER 2007
      15 Songs
  You Should Have on Your iPod
        this Month...
1. Speed / Billy Idol

2. Rooftops / Lost Prophets

3. Happy / Mudvayne

4. Training Montage / Vince DiCola

5. One / Metallica

6. Fractured Love / Def Leppard

7. The Diary of Jane / Breaking

8. Stitches / Haste of Day

9. Black / Sevendust

10. Carry On / Burn Season

11. I Stand Alone / Godsmack

12. Invincible / Crossfade

13. Sure Feels Good To Me /

14. Swamped / Lacuna Coil

15. Turn Up The Radio / Autograph

CHF would like to thank Mark Carbone
for submitting this month’s song list.

Think you can do better? Send in your top 15
songs played on your iPod. In addition to list-
ing your songs in the magazine and giving you
credit, we’ll put you in drawing to win a new
Send your entries to

                                                  NOVEMBER 2007   2
Before After
Meet 55 year old Bernadette
Size 14 to 4 • 24 pounds lighter in just a few short months!!
Biggest Obstacle: Letting go of the sugary SNACKS!!

Life Before Exercise:                      bike and walk on the treadmill at home     being grateful for it. We cannot take
“Before my training began with             on the days that I am not at the gym       our health for granted. I thank God
Antoinette,     I    would     exercise    burning between 300-500 calories in        for my blessing and I try to show my
occasionally. During some months           one session.”                              gratefulness by caring for my gift.
I was more diligent than others. I                                                    I also love the statement that I heard
have never had an excessive weight         Bernadette Helping Others                  from Antoinette. “Nothing tastes as
problem, so I was not as serious about     “My advice would be that as women,         good as being thin feels.” This is very
fitness as I should have been.             we cannot afford not to take care          true. Just try it, please, just try it. You
                                           of ourselves. We tend to think of          can do it!!!!!!
My Motivation to Change:                   ourselves after husbands, children,
“The one thing that motivated me           and everyone else. We tend to get          I am retiree from Charlotte-
was clothing. I could not comfortably      whatever is left. I got tired of being     Mecklenburg Schools and am enjoying
wear my clothes. My size had gone          left and decided to go right. I owe        my retirement immensely. My hobbies
from a size 10 to a size 12 and a size     myself at least one hour out of the day.   include my fitness program, reading,
14. I knew at that point that I needed     I sleep better at night, and I have more   traveling,    church     involvement,
help. I could not wear my clothes.         energy to devote to others as needed.      shopping and doing whatever I want
The results have been astounding. I        It is not selfish to think of yourself,    to do, if I want to, when I want to. I
can now wear a size 6 and in some          it is selfish not to. We were given        am blessed!!!”
instances a size 4. I am just thrilled.    only one temple. To abuse it, is not
Now instead of buying larger clothes,
I am stuck with having my clothes
altered. This feels much better.”

Bernadette on Nutrition
“I had to overcome snack foods. I love
snacks. I am president and CEO of
the Milk Chocolate club!!! I also love
potato chips, snack crackers, chocolate
cookies, chocolate cake, snickers,
Hershey kisses (with almonds),
paydays, starbursts, and chocolate
chip muffins. I learned to replace
all of my favorite foods with fruits and
vegetables. It was an awesome task,
but I did it. There are days when I
digress and eat a little of my favorite
foods, but I have a terrible guilt
complex. Much worse than the guilt
complex is knowing that once I go
back to the gym, we will have to work
all of that off AGAIN. Therefore, I keep
my cheating at a bare minimum.”

My Exercise Routine
“I work out with my trainer twice a
week, and my meals include meats,
fruits and vegetables. I also ride the

2            NOVEMBER 2007
                                                                                      corporate profile

by Dirk Weaver
Most of us here in the United States associate some          skull down through the first two bones in the neck after
new and unheard of medical procedure with a foreign          which it then turns into spinal cord. If one of these
country. Or, we attribute the practice to hearsay as         bones gets misaligned it can cause pressure and irritation
we discount the possibility of the procedure curing a        to the central nervous system leading to a deficiency in
chronic illness. Usually there is some life altering event   normal nerve flow. This results in a decrease in the
that persuades us to try a new treatment that we have        function of one or multiple parts of the body, causing
avoided. After which, the results are often staggering.      any number of illnesses. Among some of the illnesses
                                                             that have responded well to Upper Cervical care are
Fortunately, there is no shortage of medical procedures      migraines, seizure disorders, fibromyalgia, asthma, high
or physicians with a burning desire to help us achieve       blood pressure, and autoimmune conditions to name a
optimal health and live our lives to the fullest. Dr. Ray    few.
Drury and the other Upper Cervical doctors at Upper
Cervical Health Centers of America are local physicians      The Upper Cervical chiropractic doctors recently
that are spearheading a life saving procedure whose          completed a trip to Honduras where they introduced the
roots go back to the 1920’s. Upper Cervical Health           procedure and were welcomed with open arms. “The
Centers of America offer a procedure that focuses on         testimonials were phenomenal,” according to marketing
the first two bones of the neck, the Atlas and Axis, which   director Billy Doherty upon returning from the trip. They
house a vital portion of the nervous system known as         were so well received in fact that the team of physicians
the brain stem.                                              were given full run of the major hospital to treat anyone
                                                             who was interested in experiencing the procedure first
The brain stem functions as the epicenter of the nervous     hand. The staff of 16 doctors saw over 18,000 patients
system and acts as a switchboard between the brain and       in 7 days.
the rest of the body. The Brain stem extends from the

                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2007          2
                     The team of physicians were so
                     wellreceived in Honduras primarily
                     because there were no prejudices in their
                     efforts to make sure everyone had a chance
                     to see and experience what these Upper
                     Cervical doctors had to offer. When given
                     the stamp of approval by the local medical
                     community, the people of Honduras came
                     out in droves to experience better health
                     and well being first hand.

                     Weekend athletes and people starting an
                     exercise regimen will benefit from this
                     procedure as well. Those reoccurring
                     ailments including upper back, lower
                     back, leg, knee, foot, ankle and shoulder
                     pains can be addressed upon visiting an
                     Upper Cervical Health Centers of America
                     office. For example, if you have one leg
                     that’s shorter than the other, very often,
                     it is due to a misalignment in your neck
                     that has caused the body to compensate
                     by pulling the leg up on one side trying
                     to balance itself. If this happens, it can
                     result in altered stress on the joints of
                     the lower extremities, lower back and
                     pelvis. This is often where chronic pain
                     comes from. (You can check to see if
                     you have one leg shorter than the other
                     by lying on a bed with your feet hanging
                     off the edge. Have someone push up on
                     your heels with their thumbs and see if
                     the soles of your shoes are even. If not,
                     you have one leg shorter than the other.)

                     For additional information or to
                     schedule an appointment, visit www.
            or call Upper
                     Cervical Health Centers of America at

2   NOVEMBER 2007
NOVEMBER 2007   27

                               … products, ideas and activities for every royal subject of the Queen City
                     By Kelly Gray

                     Americans love our kitchens. And we love to eat. Here at CHF, we also love to find
                     ways to eat smarter. So it’s no surprise that when we decided to choose nutrition as
                     our feature for November’s issue, we knew the Royal Treatment would have to be
                     about cool stuff to have in your kitchen. Two items on our list in particular will help
                     you eat more healthfully. Check out these great gadgets to add to your kitchen.

                                                      Pasta is still a great food to eat!
                                                      Pasta is making a comeback, and for good reason. A
                                                      1/2 cup serving of cooked pasta (spaghetti) contains
                                                      a mere 99 calories, less than half a gram of fat, and
                                                      less than 5 milligrams of sodium. But good luck
                                                      figuring out how much to serve yourself, or your
                                                      family, right? If you’d like to eat more pasta but don’t
                                                      want to over do it, get yourself this amazingly simple
                                                      pasta serving size calculator. From,
                                                      the Amco Pasta Measure is around $7.00 – well
                                                      worth the order. Welcome back pasta!

                     Wine Decanters… for smoother wine.
                     Wine decanters aren’t new, but you’ve got to admit,
                     they’re pretty cool. And despite adding an elegant,
                     delightful addition to your tabletop, decanting can
                     improve the taste of the wine when done properly.
                     It aerates the wine, and oxidizes it which smoothes
                     out the tannins in the wine, speeding up the aeration
                     process. It’s great especially for older wines to separate
                     the sediment from the liquid. Sediment mixed in the
                     wine can cause the wine to have a bitter taste. Get
                     yours from The Wine Shop at 7824 Fairview Road in
                     Charlotte, 704-365-6550.

                                                      Chop, measure, chop…
                                                      an easy way to prepare veggies and fruits
                                                      Vegetable and Chop tool from Williams Sonoma.
                                                      It slices and dices small vegetables like onions,
                                                      garlic, shallots and mushrooms and chops soft and
                                                      hard fruits like strawberries and mangoes. With
                                                      two interchangeable cutting surfaces, you get four
                                                      different grids for cutting slices or three sizes of dices.
                                                      And best of all, the units of measure are indicated
                                                      on the container’s side, so no more wondering
                                                      how much you have left to chop. It’s exclusively at
                                                      Williams-Sonoma (of course!) Williams-Sonoma.

2   NOVEMBER 2007
NOVEMBER 2007   2
0   NOVEMBER 2007
NOVEMBER 2007   
     Event Calendar             Santa Scramble 5k
                                November 17th
     Cycling Events             For info call: 704-786-3312

     Big Stampede Bike Expo     Pinehurst Turkey Trot
     & Swap                     Half Marathon 2007
     November 11th              Pinehurst, NC        November 17th

     Run & Walk Events          Red Hawk 5k
                                Monroe, NC
     Boldering Competition      November 17th
     Inner Peaks Climbing Gym   www.queencitytiming.
     November 10th              com
                                19th Annual Charlotte
     Fall Harvest 10k & 5k      Turkey Trot Race
     Huntersville, NC           November 22nd
     November 10th              www.charlotterunning.     com

     Runway 5k                  2nd Annual Lake Norman
     November 10th              Turkey Trot         Huntersville, NC
                                November 22nd & 23rd
     Spencer Mountain 10        www.charlotterunning.
     Miler                      com
     & 5k Road Race
     November 10th              On the Half Shell         Half Marathon & 5k
                                Hilton Head, SC
     LungStrong 5k 2007         December 1st
     5k Run/Walk & Family Fun
     November 17th              Thunder Road Marathon         Uptown Charlotte
                                December 8th
     Siskey YMCA 5k   
     November 17th

     For a complete listing of ALL events
     around Charlotte, check CHFMAG.COM.

2          NOVEMBER 2007
NOVEMBER 2007   
Apparel                                                    Fitness Equipment                                          Races / Events
Asana.................................................33   Jesse Brown ......................................27       Thunder Road Marathon.................19
                                                           Try Sports ...........................................17   Renaissance Festival........................22
Associations/Organizations                                 New Balance ...................................12          Charlotte 49ers Basketball.................7
Cre8tive Synergy Group ……………6                              Play It Again Sports ..........................30          Bodyworld ........................................17
The National Business Association..31                                                                                 Charlotte Checkers .........................29
                                                           Health Food                                                Jingle Bells 5K ……………………… 31
Barber Shop                                                Home Economist Market ………… 11
Tower Place Barber ……………… 30                               Great Harvest ……………………… 24                                 Real Estate
                                                                                                                      Fox Ridge Condominiums ……… 14
Beer                                                       Health & Wellness
Micholob Ultra ………………………2                                  Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine ……3                          Restaurants
                                                           Upper Cervical ………………………4                                  Jersey Mike’s Subs ………………… 26
Bike Shops                                                 Southeast Pain Care ……………… 15                              Moe’s Southwest Grill …………26,34
Bolt Brothers.......................................19     Charlotte Radiology ……………… 10                              Nakato ……………………………… 21
Ultimate Bicycle................................23         Comprehensive Health Sol …………9                             Pasta & Provisions ………………… 21
                                                                                                                      Urbana ……………………………… 21
Blood Bank                                                 Ice Skating Rink                                           Cardillos Kitchen ………………… 31
Community Blood Center …………7                               Extreme Ice ………………………… 13
                                                                                                                      Sports Marketing
Chiropractic                                               Infertility Clinic                                         Auer Agency ……………………… 33
Greenapple Chiropractic...............29                   Affordable IVF ……………………… 16
Carolina Sports Chiropractic...........23                                                                             Supplements
JP Chiropractic & Posture................28                Martial Arts                                               Max Muscle ………………………… 27
                                                           Hard Target ………………………… 20                                  Herbalife …………………………… 30
Climbing Centers
Inner Peaks....................................... 30      Massage                                                    Web Design
                                                           Massage Envy...................................12          Web Project Services …………… 31
Fitness Centers/Health Clubs
Athletic Club SE …………………… 13                               Personal Training
Levine Jewish Community Ctr. … 18                          Bodywise.......................................19,31
                                                           Protrainer Fitness.................................5
                                                           Fit 4 Life ……………………………… 31
                                                           Fitness Together …………………… BC

                  NOVEMBER 2007
NOVEMBER 2007   
   NOVEMBER 2007