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					Health Safety Library: CDs, DVDs and Videos
Please contact the Health and Safety Office on extension 23950
(Available to University of Southampton staff and students only.)

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Title:                               Synopsis:                                              Length (mins)

Subject Category:   CONSTRUCTION

Confined Space Entry                 Confined spaces occur in virtually all industrial sites and      25
                                     cause many deaths as insufficient care is taken. This
                                     video looks at what a confined space is, how to test,
                                     enter and work safely in confined spaces and emergency
                                     response procedures.

Getting It Right At Height           The Trainer's Guide and video provide you with a                 25
                                     convenient training resource which will help train
                                     personnel at all levels within an organisation. An esstial
                                     guide for anyone who has to work at height as falls are
                                     one of the main causes of work related.

How Are You Today? The risks of      1. Asbestos awareness for construction industry workers          27
asbestos in buildings                inc plumbers, electricians, carpenters and all service
                                     installers. 2. Management of asbestos in workplace
                                     premises. General advice on visual survey; preparing and
                                     implementing a management plan.

Subject Category:   COSHH

COSHH and the Biologist              Part of series of 5 dealing with assessment of risks             26
                                     required by COSHH.This project involves use of
                                     carcinogen work with experimental animals and use of
                                     Advisory Committe in Dangerous Pathogens
                                     categorisation scheme for assessing work with micro-

COSHH and the Chemist                Part of series of 5 dealing with assessment of risks             26
                                     required by COSHH.This project is concerned with
                                     synthesis and acid-induced rearrangement of thio-esters
                                     and discusses particular hazards and precautions
                                     associated with the use of Hydrofluoric Acid.

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Title:                                Synopsis:                                               Length (mins)

COSHH and the Clinical Researcher     Part of series of 5 dealing with assessment of risks              26
                                      required by COSHH.Involves a project using blood and
                                      also discusses the particular hazards and precautions
                                      associated with use of Hydrofluoric Acid.

COSHH and the Conservator             Part of series of 5 dealing with assessment of risks              26
                                      required by COSHH. This project involves cleaning and
                                      stabilisation of various artifacts using various chemicals.
                                      Work with Hydrofluoric Acid is discussed and reference
                                      made to fumigation requirements.

COSHH and the Physicist               Part of series of 5 dealing with assessment of risks              26
                                      required by COSHH.The project is in the field of solid-
                                      state electronics and involves etching a variety of alloys
                                      of heavy metals. The use of Hydrofluoric Acid discussed.

COSHH in Practice                     Designed as introduction and guide to COSHH                       21
                                      Regulations. Based in a factory location, it follows an
                                      industrial hygienist carrying out some of the duties
                                      placed on employers by the regulations. Concentrates on
                                      measuring and monitoring workplace hazards.

What Everyone Needs to Know           An introduction to COSHH Regulations in an                        22
About COSHH                           educational/research environment. Set in a mainly
                                      laboratory context, it introduces generally the main
                                      aspects of the Regs. This video is made up of a series of
                                      graphics. Full safety training guide available.


In Your Own Interest - Visual         Concerned with the practical steps needed for good VDU            22
Display Health and Safety Package     workstation design. It coers topics such as sitting
                                      posture, workstation organisation and work-break
                                      activities. A 'User Checklist' is available.

In Your Own Interest - Visual         1)Covers sitting posture, workstation organisation, etc           39
Display Health and Safety Package     and will help to reduce risks of workrelated Upper Limb
(2 video package): 1) In Your Own     Disorders, eye problems and backache.2)Provides
Interest - How to work safely with    managers with vital facts/advice;shows link between DSE
Display Screens; 2) It Only Takes a   health promotion and productivity.
Second - What all managers need to
know about DSE.

User's Guide To VDUs                  Poses questions about possible health risks in relation to        15
                                      VDUs and sets about answering them.Provides guidance
                                      and advice about:the equipment;the screen;the
                                      keyboard;desks and chairs;lighting/glare;rest breaks.Full
                                      training guide included.

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Title:                               Synopsis:                                              Length (mins)

Subject Category:   ELECTRICAL

Live Wires                           What to look for when inspecting portable electrical             12
                                     equipment. A simple,system of visual inspection, carried
                                     out by staff who have received basic training, can detect
                                     about 95% of damage/faults that occur.Can be used to
                                     help train staff do visual checks.

Not to Lay Blame. First Steps in     'How Did It Happen' mystery drama, set during the                16
Undergraduate Electrical Safety      inquest into the deaths of two students whose lifeless
                                     bodies are found in their University teaching Labs. We
                                     learn of chain of events leading to a tragedy and how it
                                     may have been avoided.

Subject Category:   FIRE

BCF Power Against Fire               Demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of BCF as a        15
                                     fire extinguishing media.

Boldrewood Fire 23/11/1993           Video of fire at Building 62 on Tuesday, 23 November
                                     1993. A photograph album is also available of damage to

Chubb Fire Training Pack: 1) If      For people at work everywhere produced by Fire Brigade
there's a fire where you work; 2)    and Health & Safety professionals. 1)Step-by-step guide
Choosing the right weapon.           for all employees;2)Covers fire theory, extinguishers and

Display Safe With Fireworks -        A guide for groups organising and firing their own               25
Millennium Edition                   display. Follows through all stages of a real display from
                                     planning to the display itself.

Extinguishing Fires in the           Ideal for staff who need to know which extinguisher to         18.5
Workplace - how to use a fire        use.Provides advice on how to extinguish workplace
extinguisher                         fires,which extinguishers to use on different types of
                                     fires,Colour Coding on extinguishers plus use of fire
                                     blankets/hose reels demonstrated.

Fire Doors in Theory and Practice.   Explains the theory and practice of new fire doors,             128
Part 1: New Doors                    presented in 13 parts.

Fire Doors in Theory and Practice.   Demonstrates some of the specialist techniques used for          30
Part 2: Upgrading Doors              upgrading existing doors.

Fires in Halls - a Near Tragedy      Video dealing with Fires in Halls of Residence - prepared        20
                                     in conjunction with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue

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Title:                              Synopsis:                                                Length (mins)

Front Room Fire                     Few people realise the great speed and ferocity of fire in          9
                                    the home. The video shows a fully furnished room. A
                                    single match is used to ignite the settee and as the fire
                                    develops in real time, a running caption describes the
                                    events taking place.

Get Out - Stay Out                  Four stages of action to take in event of fire:raising             15
                                    alarm; informing fire brigade;getting out;tackling the
                                    fire.In each, the consequences of taking the wrong
                                    course of action are discussed.Information presented
                                    generally,so applicable to all at Univ.

How to use a Fire Extinguisher      Describes the different types of fire extinguisher                 16
                                    available, their limitations and the correct method of

Hydro Spray Extinguisher            'With 60% better performance, water has never been so              9.5
                                    attractive.' Video about Hydrospray extinguishers.

It Couldn't Happen Here - Fire      Fire is a risk we prefer not to think about-but dismissing         25
Safety in Halls of Residence        the thought doesn’t reduce the hazard. Where large
                                    numbers of students live in Hall,the risk is ever present.
                                    How to prevent it? Shows right attitude saves lives as
                                    well as damage and disruption.

Role of the Fire Warden             Basic duties of the Fire Warden:assessing                          12
                                    risk;seeing/reporting hazards;appropriate action in event
                                    of fire;leading drills; how to fight a fire in its early
                                    stages; ensuring evacuation safely. Ideal for
                                    informing/training new fire wardens or as refresher.

Tackling Fires Safely               Fire Extinguisher training                                         24

Workplace Fire Risk Assessment      All workplace premises, whatever the size, should be               15
                                    assessed for fire risks - it also happens to be a
                                    requirement of fire safety legislation. This video is ideal
                                    viewing for people concerned with making a fire risk

Subject Category:    GENERAL

Argentum: Occupational Health - a   Occupational Health video issued by Institute of                   12
guide for Junior Doctors            Occupational Health and Board of Postgraduate Medical
                                    and Dental Education with junior doctors in mind.

Control of Legionella               Explains Legionnaire's Disease and who is susceptible to           23
                                    it. Concentrates on cooling towers and water systems
                                    and explains conditions under which bacteria rapidly
                                    multiply.Advice to maintenance staff and those involved
                                    in system control/design/monitoring.

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Title:                                 Synopsis:                                              Length (mins)

Cutting Edge: Video 1 Managing for     Highlights need to introduce/develop/maintain a health           15
Safety                                 and safety strategy.Follows progress of a management
                                       meeting devising a strategy and implementing
                                       it.Confirms a business-like approach is essential to any
                                       successful and efficient company.

Cutting Edge: Video 2 A Safe           Aims at achieving good standards of machinery safety in          11
Machine                                various sectors of woodworking industry by well managed
                                       training/supervision.Emphasises majority of woodworking
                                       machinery accidents could have been prevented if users
                                       properly trained/supervised.

Cutting Edge: Video 3 A Health         There are many hazards to the health of people in the            12
Business                               woodworking industry: most obvious being noise
                                       (causing hearing loss) and dust (causing respiratory
                                       illness).Employers should have a strategy where they are
                                       in control of the health of their workforce.

Hazardous Business                     Aim is to increase awareness of Hepatitis B risk to those        20
                                       coming into contact with blood/body fluids as well as
                                       other potential sources of infection, such as needles.
                                       Content is relatively basic. Short training guide included.

Home Safety                            More people are injured as a result of accidents at home         30
                                       than at work.Two groups most a risk : children under 5
                                       yrs old and adults over age 65. Particular dangers at
                                       home are mentioned also practical preventative
                                       measures and basic First Aid advice.

It's Not Thursday …. Is It?            Office safety - this video sets out to explore attitudes and     21
                                       asks the fundamental question 'why do we still believe
                                       that accidents do not happen in the office?' A full trainers
                                       guide and associated summary video are available.

Lone Working                           Lone working.                                                    14

Make Health Your Business              Keeping your workforce healthy makes good business               16
                                       sense. Guidance is offered to help you keep your
                                       business healthy and forms part of HSE’s Good Health is
                                       Good Business Campaign.

Metal Working Fluids: effective        Practical advice on ways of storing, mixing and                  11
coolant care and control of risks to   maintaining metalworking fluids. Guidance to all users of
health (see also Book: 0-7176-0875-    metalworking fluids.
1)                                     Booklet:describes health problems that can result if
                                       metalworking fluids are improperly used. Guidance on
                                       good practice.

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Title:                                Synopsis:                                             Length (mins)

Powered Hand Tool Safety              Powered hand tools are widely used across a huge range          18
                                      of industries.If operated improperly they can inflict
                                      injuries from minor to life threatening.General safety
                                      principles, risks, safety procedures and PPE applicable to
                                      particular tools are explained.

Qualified to Manage?                  For trainee managers as an intro to occ health and              21
                                      safety. It opens with a series of statements and
                                      questions about 'risk'.Common attitudes towards risk
                                      explored using three case studies showing how
                                      inappropriate attitudes can lead to harm.+Training Book.

Qualified to Work Safely? Accident    Role of general office manager in ensuring high standard        15
Prevention; Workcare Training         of health/safety; purpose and nature of risk assessment
                                      and awareness of need to link risk assessment within a
                                      risk management framework.Training Booklet included.

Qualified To Work Safely? Managing    Understanding the role of a general office manager in           12
Health and Safety in Offices          ensuring high standards of health and safety; appreciate
                                      purpose and nature of risk assessment and be aware of
                                      need to link risk assessment within a risk management
                                      framework. Training Booklet.

Safe Use of Printing Chemicals -      Every printworks uses substances that can cause health          18
COSHH and Substitution                hazards:eg. dermatitis and exposure to
                                      solvents.Understanding COSHH assessments, how to
                                      protect health, training those involved in printing,
                                      choosing/ordering chemicals in small/large print

Safety Matters                        Intention of impressing business advisors with need to          12
                                      consider health/safety at planning stage of
                                      business.Consequences of fire in small business and
                                      preventative steps that should have been taken to avoid
                                      loss of production.Package inc Training Guide.

The Hidden Profit - increasing        Aims for participants to appreciate financial benefits of       15
productivity through strategic risk   proactive risk management;understand HSE's hierachy or
management                            risk controls and understand selection criteria for cost
                                      effective risk controls. Training Booklet.

Wales This Week - Climbing            The issue of off campus safety - review of an incident
Snowden                               involving a University Club. Useful material for Clubs and

Whose Risk Is It Anyway?              Introduction to general risk assessment. This video             17
                                      explains it is very much common sense in most cases and
                                      is directly applicable to work at the Univ.Terms 'hazard'
                                      and 'risk' are explained and examples of risk assessment
                                      in practice are given.

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Title:                              Synopsis:                                                Length (mins)

You Can Do It (Audio Cassette)      Lively and easy to follow learning package containing a
                                    wealth of practical exercises to help apply the important
                                    lessons of health and safety to your organisation. Two
                                    workbooks and audio tape.

Subject Category:   LABORATORIES

Be Aware! An introduction to        Discusses how and why accidents happen and poses the               7.5
Laboratory safety: Introduction -   question 'who is responsible?' Brief training manual
Take It To Heart                    available.

Be Aware! An introduction to        Emphasizes the need for good technique and explains the             8
Laboratory safety: Part 1 -         effect of aerosols. It looks at the use of safety cabinets
Microbiology                        and centrifuges and how persons working in a
                                    microbiological lab can become infected. Brief training
                                    manual available.

Be Aware! An introduction to        Introduces the concept that all chemicals are toxic - it is         8
Laboratory safety: Part 2 -         only the amount needed to form a lethal dose that varies.
Chemistry and Histology             Discusses flammable solvents and use of fume
                                    cupboards. Brief training manual available.

Be Aware! An introduction to        Looks at receipt and opening of parcels, delivery of             7.75
Laboratory safety: Part 3 -         samples and cleaning and sterilizing of glassware and
Washing Up and Media Preparation    equipment. Dangers in use of the autoclave are
                                    highlighted together with disposal of waste and
                                    glassware. Brief training manual available.

Be Aware! An introduction to        Highlights the hazards of this type of post-mortem room            10
Laboratory safety: Part 4 - The     emphasizing the dangers of knives and aerosols.
Veterinary Post-Mortem Room         Particular attention is paid to the wearing of protective
                                    clothing and cleaning, disinfection and waste
                                    disposal.Brief training manual available.

Biological Containment -            Summarizes design/performance of different types of                25
Microbiological Safety Cabinets     available safety cabinets.Cabinet operating principles
                                    along with tests for operator protection and filter
                                    efficiency are detailed.

Chemical Safety in the Laboratory   Introduction to safety/health hazards in the chemical              21
                                    laboratory. This video is especially strong on health
                                    hazards and ways in which they can be prevented from
                                    causing harm. Includes discussion about correct way of
                                    using a fume cupboard

First Aid in the Laboratory:        First Aid that should be given in event of accidents with          17
Chemical Spillages                  chemicals in the laboratory.Covers chemical spillages on
                                    the body and in eyes. Limitations of eye wash bottles are
                                    discussed.Cleaning up a lab after an accident and proper
                                    recording of accidents.

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Title:                              Synopsis:                                             Length (mins)

First Aid in the Laboratory: Common Explains the First Aid that should be given for some of         20
Hazards                             the injuries encountered in laboratories - contaminated
                                    wounds, animal bites, swallowed poisons, intoxication by
                                    gases/vapours, radiation injuries and clothing
                                    fires.Empasis is on simple First Aid.

Flashpoint                          Takes place in small chemistry lab - portrays good/bad          22
                                    practice as means to display attitudes to safety of the
                                    people who work/manage labs.How lack of care/lapse of
                                    attention/sheer inexperience contribute to the major
                                    accident that climaxes the video.

Living Safety With Your Fume        Fume cupboard design principles/external influences             14
Cupboard                            affect containment efficiency. Other safety features
                                    shown but mainly devoted to defining safe ioperating
                                    procedures.Difference between good/poor practice and
                                    aspects of installation/testing mentioned.

Microbiological Safety Cabinets:    Information about performance criteria for Microbiological      19
Safe Working Practices              Safety Cabinets and advice on safe use. Appropriate use,
                                    maintenance and testing of cabinets are fundamental to
                                    controlling exposure to dangerous biological agents.

Working Safety at Containment       With Hazard Group 3 biological agents work,it is essential      15
Level 3                             to use the most suitable containment measures usually
                                    working at CL3. Video demonstrates physical
                                    requirements of a CL3 lab and guidance on procedural
                                    controls needed to ensure safe work practice.

Subject Category:   LASERS

Laser Safety in Higher Education    Discusses the theory of Lasers, their classification, the       37
                                    hazards associated with their use and the safeguards
                                    which need to be adopted in order to prevent accidents.
                                    CVCP Notes of Guidance, Part 2.1 'Lasers'

Subject Category:   MANUAL HANDLING

Manual Handling - Think Again.      Introduces basic principles and common hazards                  17
Lifting and Moving in Offices       associated with manual handling. Video is based on office
                                    work but techniques are relevant to all who undertake
                                    manual handling operations.Trainer's Guide and
                                    associated video (10 mins) explains UK Regs.

Manual Handling Operations.         An introduction to assessments required by the new              25
Assessments - making a start        legislation. Guide (in blue folder) to accompany video +
                                    copy of Notes to be given to Borrower to keep.

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Title:                              Synopsis:                                             Length (mins)

Subject Category:   RADIATION

Contamination Control: Working       Programme produced for those responsible for radiation
with unsealed sources of radioactive safety. Teaches importance of proper contamination
material                             control and good lab design/good working practices/PPE
                                     to help minimize accidents - also how to deal with
                                     unexpected contamination.

Radiation Types and Effects         Superficial explanation of alpha/beta/gamma/neutron             22
                                    emissions and somatic/genetic damage that these
                                    radiations may inflict.Risk assessment of exposure is
                                    useful as it compares the risk of maximum permissible
                                    exposure to that of every day activities.

Radiations - Origins and Controls   Superficial explanation of origins of natural and man-          27
                                    made ionising radiations.Includes cosmic rays, potassium-
                                    40, transuranium elements, radioactive waste and
                                    medical irradiation.

Working with Radionuclides          Outlines responsibilities under the Regs.Tackles practical      40
                                    problems such as opening vials, radioactive working
                                    areas, the use of protective devices and the use of
                                    monitors.Examples of use of phosphorous-32/iodine-
                                    125/emergency response/disposal included.

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