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					                                                      UAH Laboratory Environment
                                                                                                           All UAH safety manuals can be downloaded from
The University of Alabama in Huntsville               UAH has approximately 216,000 square feet of         the OEHS web site or requested from the OEHS
                                                      research laboratories and laboratory service ar-     at 824-2352. The OEHS web site can be ac-
                                                      eas. These areas are designed for engineering,       cessed at
                                                      chemistry, biological sciences, material science,
      Environmental Health & Safety
                                                      creative arts and behavioral sciences research
                                                                                                           UAH safety manuals are briefly described in the
                Program Guide                         and learning activities.
                                                                                                           following sections.
                                                      Laboratories are equipped with engineering con-
                                                      trols and emergency equipment to safeguard the       Laboratory Safety Manual
                       UU                             health of building occupants and prevent build-      The Lab Safety Manual is divided into several
                                                      ing damage.                                          sections and appendices. Sections are outlined
                                                      The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is         •    Emergency procedures
                                                      available to support laboratory activities by pro-       •    Environmental health & safety commit-
                                                      viding professional consultation regarding envi-              tees
                                                      ronmental health, industrial hygiene, and occu-          •    Identification of chemical hazards
                                                      pational safety.                                         •    Personal safety
                                                                                                               •    Chemical hygiene/ housekeeping
                                                                                                               •    Allowable storage quantities of flamma-
                                                                                                                    ble chemicals
                                                                                                               •    Laboratory closeout procedures
                                                                                                               •    Engineering controls
                OEHS Mission:                                                                                  •    Emergency equipment
                                                                                                               •    Managing chemical wastes
To provide environmental health and safety infor-
mation, protocol, industrial hygiene, consultation                                                             •    Safety audits
                                                      Laboratory Safety Program
and training services to faculty and staff, thereby                                                            •    Hazardous waste management plan
assuring compliance with environmental health         The basic guidelines and standards for the
                                                                                                                       Lists of:
and safety regulations.                               Laboratory Safety Program are outlined in sev-
                                                                                                                        - non-regulated chemical wastes
                                                      eral manuals. Standard guidelines and practices
                                                                                                                        - regulated chemical wastes
                                                      for maintaining the health and well being of
                                                                                                               •    Project registration
                                                      building occupants and for University compli-
                                                                                                               •  Minors in the laboratory
                                                      ance with environmental and safety regulations
                                                                                                           Chemical laboratory safety training is provided
                                                      are provided in these manuals. The manuals
                                                                                                           by the OEHS on a quarterly basis.
                                                      serve as informational tools for minimal safety
                                                                                                           Announcements are emailed and a schedule is
                                                      procedures and practices required in UAH labo-
     Office of Environmental Health & Safety                                                               available on the OEHS web site.
                      2004                            ratories.
Biological Safety Manual                            Ionizing Radiation Safety                            Each unit using laser devices must establish pro-
                                                    The Radiation Safety Program is based on “as         cedures addressing use, control, and safety ex-
        The UAH Biological Safety Manual pro-       low as reasonably achievable” (ALARA) guide-         posures and must submit a Laser Safety Plan to
vides safety guidelines, policies, and procedures   lines. All persons planning to utilize radioactive   the Office of
for the use and manipulation of biologically haz-   materials must request permission through the        Environmental
ardous materials. It is organized into the fol-                                  Radiation Safety        Health &
lowing sections.                                                                 Officer (RSO). Au-      Safety.
    •   Emergency contact information                                            thorized users of       Units and indi-
    •   Biosafety containment levels                                             radioactive materi-     viduals within
    •   Risk group classification                                                als are required to     the University
    •   Rules, regulations, and guidelines                                       attend radiation        are not permit-
    •   Practices & procedures                                                   safety training pro-    ted to install or
            - Administrative controls                                            vided by the Uni-       operate a laser
            - Engineering controls                                               versity Radiation       unless a Laser
            - Personal protective equipment         Safety Officer. The Radiation Safety Manual cov-     Safety Plan
            - Safe work practices                   ers the following topics:                            (LSP) has been
            - Guidelines and practices for risk         •   Responsibilities of the committee, Ra-       approved by
                   assessments                              diation Safety Officer and Radiation         the Laboratory Safety Committee (LSC). Once
            - Decontamination                               Safety Technician                            granted, the approval remains in force until with-
            - Biohazardous waste                        •   Radiation safety procedures                  drawn by request of the applicant or upon notifi-
            - Recombinant DNA research                  •   Contamination control                        cation by the LSC. Alterations (moves, etc.) that
    •   Select agents and notification                  •   Exposure limits                              may necessitate a change in the LSP for a specific
    •   Checklists for standard microbiological         •   Radiation surveys                            area/device must be approved through either
        safety practices for each biosafety level       •   Terminating the use of radiation labora-     revision of the current plan or submittal of a new
        and recombinant DNA                                 tories                                       LSP.
    •   Recombinant DNA project registration-           •   Violation and non-compliance
                                                                                                         Safety Responsibility
        Any employee using
                                                                                                         Safety at the University is everyone’s responsibil-
        recombinant DNA                             Non-Ionizing Radiation—Laser Safety Manual
                                                                                                         ity. Respecting each other’s right to have a work-
        and or hazardous                            The UAH Laser Safety Manual provides guide-
                                                                                                         place free from hazards is part of insuring a
        materials must sub-                         lines for individuals using any non-ionizing ra-
                                                                                                         healthy productive environment for research,
        mit a project regis-                        diation devices, including lasers and micro-
                                                                                                         teaching, working, and learning. It is vital to
        tration to the OEHS                         waves. The Laser Safety Manual requires per-
                                                                                                         safety for individuals using any hazardous mate-
        prior to the onset of                       sons responsible for lasers and other non-
                                                                                                         rial or conducting any hazardous activity to be
        research and the                            ionizing radiation sources to be familiar and
                                                                                                         familiar with the University safety programs and
        release of institutional based funding.     comply with all procedures found within the UAH
                                                                                                         the necessary safety protocol.
                                                    Laser Safety Manual.