Integrated Management System Policy Health, Safety, Environment by t4903444


									         Integrated Management System Policy
        Health, Safety, Environment and Quality
Opmar Serviços Marítimos Ltda, situated at Macaé, an Offshore Maritime
Transportation Company to support Oil & Gas Operations in Brazil, has
established a Integrated Management System Policy focused on the
attendance of expectations of interested parts and on Quality of Services,
Health and Safety at Work and Enviromental Management commitments.
Opmar bases its QHS&E MS as follow:

To promote continuos improvement on services, estimulating human being
capabilities development, assuring an adequate management of its system,
making sure the client is totally satisfied with the realibility of our process.

To transmit to all interested the realibility of a partner with an organization
capable to respond to their demands and always focused on the fulfilment
of the legal and other applicable requirements.

To make each employee responsible for the prevention, protection of the
environment and improvement of quality on the work site, assuring their
involvement on the identification and assessment of hazards and risks and
aspects and impacts, as well as the identification of opportunities of
improvements throughout the company.

To assure hygiene, safety and health to all employees ensuring theirs
formation to accident and ocuppational illness prevention and the
continuous improvement of QHS&E Management System.

To interact with the society to establish a relationship of social
responsability commited to the prevention of pollution and enviromental

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