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					      WOW Complete User Guide V1.0!
A guide to creating wealth and power in the World of Warcraft

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Auction     House…………………………………………………….……………………..5

Warcraft Wholesale Source……………………………………………………...…….9

Control the Market……………………………………………………………….…….11

Hunting for Items to Sell………………………………………………………………13

Team       Made   Strategies……………………………………………………….…...14

Power Leveling…………………………………………………………………….…..22

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                        Game Tricks LTD.                                    3
       WoW Complete User Guide V1.0: Introduction

       It is my hope that through this guide you will see the World of Warcraft
through a different perspective. My goal for WoW was not to be the most
powerful character or the master of PVP, not yet anyways. I came for the
money. Most people have risen to power on Earth through accumulating vast
amounts of wealth, and the same holds true for WoW. If you have enough gold
you can afford to equip yourself with the best gear, twink your alts, and my
personal favourite hire higher level people to be your bodyguards. If you are
interested in attaining power through financial leverage, then read on!

      The economy in WoW is very close to economy of the real world so a lot of
these lessons have come from my experience of marketing, economics and
business of the real world.

      Also included in this guide is a section on power leveling. Leveling is
extremely important, why would you want to have lots of money, without the
power? The section on leveling is a list of the best places to grind levels for your
character.    These areas are great places to really focus on gaining a lot of
experience per hour. If you are not into grinding through levels then I suggest
you visit our section that details a few of the popular leveling guides. These
guides will help you power level your character quickly by showing you which
quests to do and what order to do them in.          These guides are much like
walkthroughs for the World of Warcraft.

       Please feel free to print this guide so that you may read it easier as well
use it as a reference while you play. If you need any assistance with any of the
techniques described in this guide, or would share some of your experiences or
successes please visit our forum at

                         Game Tricks LTD.                                          4
                               Auction House

        The auction house is the meat and potatoes of the business world in
WoW. The AH is really the best source of making gold in WoW. Take a look at
eBay, and you will see the vast potential that is in the AH. I have been buying
and selling on Ebay for years, learning the ins and outs of auctions. The exact
same methods used for eBay, and more, can be applied to the AH. With the
correct tools the auction house is the most profitable place to be. The methods
detailed in this section are so easy and simple that any character can do it
regardless of level. This section will be broken down into simple steps that you
can follow to get started dominating the auction house

        The first step involves downloading an addon called ‘Auctioneer’. You can
download the addon from When you visit the
site click on the download tab and you will be directed to the addon downloads.
Be sure to download the most recent version of the addon, as sometimes when
Warcraft gets updated the Auctioneer addon becomes incompatible. When you
are downloading the Auctioneer addon save the ZIP file to (this is assuming that
WoW is installed on the c:\ in the default location, if it is in another location
subsitute the c for whatever drive you have WoW installed on)
C:\ProgramFiles\WorldofWarcraft\Interface\AddOns. Once it is in this folder use
your ZIP utility (usually winzip) to extract the files to this location. After you have
extracted the files, load World of Warcraft. Once you reach the character
selection screen you will see a tab in the lower left of your screen that says
addons, click this tab.

                          Game Tricks LTD                                          5
You will then be brought to the addons page where you will see the list of addons
you have installed in your game. Ensure that the 'load out of date addons' check
box is selected and then load your character as usual.

When you go to the auction house you will see a new interface.

                         Game Tricks LTD                                      6
       The next step once you have installed the addon is to ‘scan’ the auction
house. To scan the auction house visit the auction house and bring up the
auction interface (the area used to but and sell on the AH). If you have installed
the auctioneer addon you will see the new AH interface as shown above. , from
here click on the scan button. Once you have clicked the scan button you will
see the AH change to look like the following image.

       The purpose of scanning the AH is collect data. The Auctioneer addon
scans through all of the current auctions within the game and compile information
on every item in the AH. Some of the important data collected includes how
many times auctioneer has seen an item and what its average selling price is.
From this information Auctioneer can suggest a profitable listing price for your

       Now the first time you scan the AH the data collected will be slightly
inaccurate. To provide more accurate information about prices you will need to
scan the AH several times over a period of time. It is recommended to scan the
AH twice daily if you really want to keep your information up to date and
accurate. Try scanning once in the morning and the once again in the evening, if
you keep up this habit you’re AH data will be extremely accurate and you will find
that you will be making larger profits. Scanning usually takes 10 to 15 minutes on
average to scan all of the data in the auction house. During this time you may not
leave the auction house, doing so will stop the scan and will have to start the
scanning process from square 1. Try starting your scan while you have
something else to do, just load up WoW, start scanning the AH and then go do
something else. You can play WoW in windowed mode and while the AH is
scanning minimize the game and then surf the web.

                         Game Tricks LTD                                       7
        After you have completed scanning it is time to start making some gold.
The next step is to click on the ‘Search Auctions ‘ tab. From this tab you are able
to start profiting with the addon. From the top left section of the search area you
will see a drop down menu, by default the ‘bid’ choice is selected. For the most
profitable and less time consuming transactions it is suggested that you change
the option to ‘buyout’. This way you will only search for buyouts and not have to
wait for hours for the auctions to end. Below the dropdown menu you will find the
minimum profit area, from here just type in the minimum amount of profit you
would like to make on a transaction. It is recommended that you leave the
default setting of 50 silver when you first start out so you will have a large
selection of results. These are the only two options that you really need to worry
about; as you get more comfortable with the addon you may want to change the
settings. Once you have the settings to your liking click on the search button at
the bottom of the left pane, this will show the search results in the right pane.
From the search results you are able to scroll through different items and see the
current buyout price for certain items as well as the amount of profit you can
make buy purchasing and then relisting the items.           Remember that your
auctioneer data needs to be up to date to ensure accurate profit amounts. If it is
your first day using auctioneer you should get familiar with the interface and not
purchase anything to resell until you have a few days of data to make the
numbers more accurate. Once you have complied enough data you will then be
able to buy and sell for maximum profits.

       Already you can see that this is an extremely powerful tool, and has some
amazing potential for wealth right there. The one piece of advice I would give for
this method is to stay away from weapons and armour, and stick to recipes and
reagents. The reason for this is that weapons and armours have a high listing
price with a really low sales rate. Recipes, reagents, plans etc, generally sell
very fast, and are the best way to maximize your profits!

 *A note about competition and pricing in the AH*
        Make sure that you do not get too involved in price wars in the AH, or you
will find your items being extremely undervalued. If you sell an item at a price
that is less than your competition then eventually someone else will come along
and set his or her price lower than your item, this will continue until the item has
become so undervalued that you will not make any profit. My suggestion would
be to find items that are fast moving and set the price the same or just a little bit
lower than your competition (like 50 copper lower). When you sell these fast-
selling items, no one has any time to start a price war because the items are sold
before one can begin.

                         Game Tricks LTD.                                        8
                  Warcraft Wholesale Source
        Most players, when they require an item will not go hunting through the
city shops for the item, or if it is not available in the city they are currently in, they
will go directly to the AH. Take advantage of this and visit the shops in the main
cities. If you have Auctioneer installed, when you place the mouse over an item it
will show you how much it currently sells for in the auction house (provided that you
have recently scanned the AH, but a lot of things stay at the same value). This
method is an amazing way to get the start up capital to begin using the AH to buy
and sell items as detailed in the previous section.

        All you have to do is find an item that sells for a low price in the store but
commands a large price in the AH. To do this you must make sure that you have
recently scanned the AH using the auctioneer addon to get the most recent
updated prices, then as you visit the various retailers throughout the game, scroll
over the item they are selling and you will see the how much the item sells for in
the AH. If you do not see the AH prices of the items you mouse over you may
need to load the auctioneer addon. To do this type in ‘/auctioneer load’ without
the quotations and that will load the addon for you. I started out with 1 silver
when I made it to Orgrimmarr and purchased a Rage Potion recipe, I then sold
that recipe for 60 silver in the AH. All you have to do is find these under priced
items and sell them for the inflated rate at the AH. This one really only works
with the recipes, reagents, and plans, most of the other items do not sell quickly
and need to be relisted over and over again. The best places to find these deals
are at the profession trainers, there is a person at each profession trainer that
sells supplies. From these suppliers are the recipes and such that sell really
well. I have included a starter list of items that sell really well at AH and are
really inexpensive in the stores. Remember that each server will have it’s own
unique economy, and although for the most part these prices will remain fairly
constant you will find that some items will be worth more or less on different

                         Horde List: Orgimmar
Item                  Location               Price                 Avg. AH Price
Pattern: Red Woolen   Magar’s Cloth Goods    5 silver              60 silver
Bag                   (61,50)
Pattern: Heavy        Kodohide Leather       20 silver             1 gold
Leather Ball          Workers (62,46)
Recipe: Rage Potion   Shadowdeep             1 silver              60 silver
                      Reagents (46,47)
Recipe: Great Rage    Shadowdeep             20 silver             90 silver
Potion                Reagents (46,47)

                           Game Tricks LTD                                            9
                      Alliance List: Stormwind City
Item                Location            Price          Avg. AH Price
Medium Quiver       Weller’s Arsenal     10 silver     50 silver
Medium Quiver       Weller’s Arsenal     20 silver     80 silver
Herb Pouch          Alchemy Needs        10 silver     70 silver
Recipe: Elixer of   Alchemy Needs        1 gold        2 gold 10 silver
Shadow Power        (22,45)

                         Game Tricks LTD.                                 10
                         Control the Market
        Sometimes you will find an item in the AH that you know can be sold for a
much higher price, the problem is everyone is selling it for a massive discount.
This is a relatively easy, but costly fix. To use this strategy you may require quite a
lot of gold initially to pull it off, but if you do it correctly the rewards are
substantial. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

        Once you have located the item that is being sold for far less than it
should be, the first thing you must do is purchase every one of the items that you
feel is selling for too little. Ensure that you have enough gold to buy them all
before you start purchasing them. Once you have bough out all of the low priced
item you may now relist them at the price of your choosing. Be careful when
using this strategy as in some cases you may invest more than you can afford
and then find that no one purchases your items. It’s best to use this strategy with
items that you know to sell fast.

       If you see someone using this strategy, and you have a few of the items
that they are selling or you know where to get the item cheaper, try listing your
item at a substantial discount to theirs. The other seller may be keeping a close
watch on their items and when they see your item seller for much more
expensive than theirs they may purchase your item to continue their monopoly of
that market. You could also log in as a different character than the one that you
have used to list they items and then send your competitor a tell saying
something like

“I looks like you have the market cornered on selling <insert item here>, I just
wanted to let you know that someone has attempted to undercut you and is
selling <insert item here> for a lot cheaper than you are”

      Although it does not work on all sellers occasionally you will catch one of
guard and profit from it.

         A great technique to use when you purchase all of the items to control the
market is to list all of the items except one at an inflated price. Then log in as a
different character and list the last one at the price you would like to sell it at.
When you do this it will appear to the casual buyer that they are getting a great
deal if they purchased your less expensive item.

       Another great technique to use when you try to control the market is to list
the items that you are selling for a reasonable price. Once you have listed the
items log in as a different character and send a message to the trade channel
stating that you are looking to purchase the item (the one listed by the other
character) for a certain price. Make sure that the price that you are ‘willing’ to
pay is much higher than the price you are selling for in the AH. When someone

                          Game Tricks LTD.                                        11
comes up to you sell you the item, inform them that you have already purchased
enough of that item from others and you do not need anymore. The theory
behind this is that some enterprising person will see your asking price and then
check the AH to see if they can find it for cheaper and resell it to you. Little do
they know that you are the one selling it in the AH and they just unknowingly put
some gold in your pocket. You could also use the in game mail with this method.
When you send out your message to the trade channel mention that you want
them to send the item to your mailbox and use the C.O.D option.

                         Game Tricks LTD.                                     12
                   Hunting for Items to Sell
        There are quite a few low level creatures that consistently drop items that
fetch a really great price on AH. After you kill a creature make sure you place
your mouse over the items that are dropped (make sure you have the auctioneer
addon loaded) and check to see what the current AH value of the item is. You
never know when you may stumble upon a gold mine! For example a lot of the
boars in Durotar drop ‘Boar Meat’, this commodity fetches a huge price in the AH
on my server, as well as the light feathers from the harpies and plainstriders.
The economics for this method really vary from server to server, so I would
suggest keeping your eye open and make sure you check all of the items that are
left behind by the creatures.

      Once you have found an item that sells really well on the AH, and can be
found in low level areas send out a message on the trade channel like this
example of the message I used for the boar meat:

“Looking for low level players that would like to earn some cash. I would like to
purchase a large amount of Boar Meat at a price of 1 silver piece each. The
boars can be found in the near the village south of Ogrimarr. Once you have
collected some please mail it to me and use the C.O.D option to set the price at 1
silver per piece of meat”

This method works extremely well. Make sure you find something that sells for a
great price and sells really well because you will get a lot people filling your mail
box with these items to sell on the AH.

                         Game Tricks LTD.                                       13
                         Team Worked Strategies

  Strategy #1

The second you turn 42 head on over to the SM graveyard. This is the instance on the left side inside the
Scarlet Monestary. (Please do not do this in a group or you will greatly reduce the ammount of loot dropped.)
Ok well at level 42+ your aggro is small enough that you can sneek by all of the humans in the first part of the
graveyard. Make sure to ignore them...there not worth your time. Ok well now youll go up some stairs into the
normal graveyard portion of the instance. Heres where the skill comes in. There are 3 main types of mobs here.
Elite zombies (31-32), Elite polterguists (3233), and best of them all (non elite) Unfettered spirits (level 31).
Ok well ignore both the elites...there not worth your time. The spirits roam in groups of 3 and are very easy to
defeat, the thing is these non-elites drop loot like elites. On average youll get 5s a kill plus random loot that
usually includes 1-3 silk.
In 2 hours i gained 18g and filled all my bags with uncommons and 2 rares. Plus over 150 silk

Strategy #2

I farm the boss Arcanist Doan in Scarlet Monastery, he drops Hypnotic Blade, which sells for 1g 27s, and
Illusionary Rod, which sells 1g 59s I think. He also drops Robe of Doan, 40s, and
Mantle of Doan, 30s.
You should be about level 40, which is when I started farming, that's what I did when I wanted my mount. Smile
Arcanist Doan is level 37 and is in the Scarlet Monastery, located in the far right SM instace, the
boss you gotta kill to get the Scarlet Key. Just Stealth directly to him, avoiding all the other
Strategy to kill him:
He's immune to cheap shot, so I suggest ambushing/garroting him. He spams Arcane Explosion a lot, which hits
you for 200 damage, so you better have a lot of hp for him. When his hit points reaches 50%, he'll put up a blue
barrier and charges up Detonation, that is when you better get the heck out to the other side of the room before it
hits you for a good 800 damage. How to
avoid this is to engage the fight while when he walks to a corner of the room, so when he starts casting
Detonation, you have around 5 seconds to bolt to the other side and dodge it. Or you
could just simply resist it. An important part during this portion is to use first aid while he's busy casting
Detonation, and when he's finished, you should just run around a little for your first aid to finish up before
confronting him again. Now just hack at him, use a potion if needed, until he dies. =) He'll drop 2 items: a Hypnotic
Blade/Illusionary Rod AND Mantle of Doan/Robe of Doan. Which is nearly 2g per round. It takes about 5 minutes
for this whole sequence.
Now. How to get him to respawn all the time? Just have a pal to group up with, he can be doing anything he
wants on the other continent if he wants. After you kill Doan and come out of the
instance, have him make you party leader, then he leaves the group, then he invites you again. There the
instance is reset, with a new Arcanist Doan for you to kill. =)

Strategy #3

The simple formula is Icy Cloak -> disenchant to Large Glowing Shard. Icy Cloak:

                                    Game Tricks LTD.
The recipe for this is sold by the trade goods merchant in Southshore for the alliance, I do not know for the
My costs were simple.
Frost Oil - 1 per 1gp - 1.3gp
Mageweave - 20 stack for 80 - 90sp
Thick Spider Silk - 2 for 80 sp
Thread - 4.25sp each
So, approximate costs were 1.3 + .70 + .8 + .085 = 2.9gp rounded up on the high end, 1 + .6 + .8 + .085 = 2.5gp
on the low end.
The Large Glowing Shard sells on Deathwing for 4gp a pop. Or as an enchanter, you can enchant +3 1h
striking for 5 using this.
For those individuals who like to do this on a self-sufficient basis, the Frost Oil formula is sold by
a goblin on the north wall of where the Alterac Crushridge Elite ogres are. Also, if you don't
have a herbalist, Khadgar's Whisker and Wintersbite are moderately affordable on Deathwing,
dropping the production cost of frost oil down to about 70 sp. If you have a alchemist or an
alchemist buddy, that's another 30-60sp of end item profit. Frost oil requires a 200 skill in
Thick spider silk can be easily farmed by those 38+ in dustwallow marsh, in the Darkmist cave. They also drop
decent vendor loot (3-5sp each) as well as Shadow Silk, which can be used in tailoring to produce 38+ Shadow
Priest gear that sells moderately well.
In 15 mins saturday, I bought, tailored, disenchanted, and put 8 shards up on auction.
Remember, shards have no value, hence the AH does not charge you a fee for putting them up for auction. I
logged in the next day, all had been bought out at 4gp.
This is a simple method to constantly auction with no loss. It's a proven formula, at least in
terms of large servers where enchanting is in moderate to high demand (refer back to the post on disenchanting
Green Lenses).

Strategy #4

This probably isnt the most easiest strat to start, but i did notice that once i started it, i made quite a lot of gold.
Basically, what you'll be doing is, selling savory deviate delights, which sell for 50s in my server (Cenerion Circle).
Ok, since this takes steps, im going to provide them now
1. You must have a cooking skill of 85, and a fishing skill of 30 (? you'll be fishing in the walling caverns, I dont
think it needs to be very high, people on thottbot said it has to be 30)
2. Once you have those two down, youll need the recipe called Savory Deviate Delight. You can get it by
grinding various mobs in The Barrens, or, you can do what i did, and buy it in the AH for about 30-40g. Here is
the link
3. Now you're ready, head over to the barrens, and go to the walling caverns, an instance in the barrens (levels
18-21 i think).
4. Start fishing inside the walling caverns with your selected fishing macro, or just fish, and dont use a macro at
all. It really doesnt matter where you fish, it doesnt have to be directly inside of the instance portal, but i did find
that i got a little more Deviate Fish (the fish you are looking for) inside the instace of walling caverns. *The Deviate
Fish dont ALWAYS drop, but it seems to be about a 50/50 chance of getting them*
5. Make as many Savory Deviate Delights as you can, and you can sell them for 50 silver a piece in the
Auction House.
Suggestion: You might want to be over level 40 to try this out, because youre going to pull a lot of aggro while in
the walling caverns if youre lower, and youll have a harder time fighting off
those elites.
The best thing about this is that you can go afk, i wouldnt suggest going afk all night, id be too afriad that id get a
PM from a GM or something.. and get banned. Otherwise, youre probably
going to be fine if youre afk for about 2-3 hours.. or however long you feel is right. Anyways,
last night i popped in a movie, put a fish macro on, after the movie was over, i checked my
inventory and there were 45 Deviate Fish, made the Savory Deviate Delights, and sold them all for a total
amount of 25g.
Oh yes, i forgot to mention, the Delights can make you transform into a pirate, an assassin, a
blob, it can make your cast time a lot faster... its random every time, but pretty interesting, and in my server, i
noticed that a lot of level 60s like to buy these out and entertain lower levels in Iron Forge. I know this is a lot of
work to get it started, but i feel it's well worth it in the end, feel free to post problems and questions you may have.
If this is a re-post of some sort, im
sorry, i searched for it and didnt find anything on it, it can be deleted if needed, no big deal.

                                     Game Tricks LTD.                                                                  15
Strategy #5

This is best done with two players...pref a rogue & hunter, but can be soloed by hunters, priests & really crafty
Location: Dire Maul - West (best to use south entrance to the west side).
In every instance made in all of Dire maul there is a chest spawn & usually a Dusty Tome
spawn. In west, there are four spots that the chest spawns, two of which can be gotten very
quickly & with few mobs. There are also two Dusty Tome spawn locations (that I know), but
only 1 location is easy to get to... .just so happens it is about 3 feet from one of the chest
In each chest there is a lvl50-55 green, some are pretty good, also some change & 1 in about every 25-50 chests
have a blue BOE usually worth 60-100g. All the greens dc into Greater
eternal essence & illusion dust, Or you can vendor most items for about 3-5g a piece or sell on the AH. The Dusty
Tomes are where the real money is though... .90% of the tomes will give you a junk book "nat pagles extreme
fishing..." and pocket lint - the rest of the time you will get one of any of the blue class books (each sell in AH from
45g-90g) and an equal chance to get Furor's Compendium of Demonslaying (Warriors epic book) = anywhere
from 1500g to 2400g. I have found several now and all sold within a few hours on AH for 2000g
Now the strat... You enter west on south side. The tome & chest spawn location is in the initial
room you come into, before you get to Shen'dralar Ancient. As you are looking at the room from
the portal, the chest will be across the room on left side (there is another spawn location on the
right side - but after you do this a while, you will see it is more profitable to only look for the left
side one).
If you use an Ornate spyglass you can position yourself on a corner right next to the instance portal (bout 15ft
from it) and look down to the south west corner with the chest & tome. (for the first while you will want to run
down and make sure nothing spawns till you know exactly where to look). If you dont see the chest or tome, run
out the instance and reset it...round trip on an empty instance is about 30seconds or less. IF the chest spawns
in that spot(bout 25% of the instances) there will be 3 to 4 tree creeps guarding it. The easiest way to get to
them is to have a rogue position behind the chest ready to take it & have another class move up and agro the
three trees then turn & run out the instance while the rogue loots. Once you get used to it, you can loot and be
back to reset in under 2min.
Hunters can solo this by using Eyes of the beast & taking the agro to the other side of the instance, then
dismiss their pet, grab the loot & move to a safe spot to feign death.
Screenies for those that have found this confusing...sorry I did not have them up before...
This is where you should stand to use spyglass...
Here is what you should see thru spyglass...approx... .was in a hurry to get the screenies so I did not wait to
find chest...but pasted in a spot where you will see them...
DM West is easy enough to move around once you learn your agro range and stay close to the south wall.

Strategy #6

I will explain this in detail to the best of my limits.
You have to be a Rogue/Druid class Level 60, for this to work.
Item you will hunt for, Plans: Arcanite Reaper my server kil jid sells for 350g min
Ok first things first,Optional items that you can use to speed up the process: Ornate spy
Step #1
make a /target Bannok macro ( type /macro, make a icon then type /target bannok and put it on your hot key)
Step #2
What you need to do is make your way up to LBRS in BRM Step #3
Stealth, and make your way over down to lbrs past the wolfs down to the path of the 2

                                       Game Tricks LTD
bridges, then head to the trolls and all the way down to the entrance of the firebrand orcs. Step #4
from the firebrand orcs make your way along the path to the entrance of the spiders do not go into spider
area stop before !!!. All this time you should be spamming your macro key looking for the rare spawn
Bannok Grimaxe
(Firebrand Legion Champion) Step #5
Bannok has 3 know spawns that he spawns at, All three are soloable. In spot closer to spiders you
have to be in the corner behind that catapult sh*t or whatever and pull him there with your bow/gun.
Noone will come with him
if done right
Step #6 if you made your way all along the path to the spider entrance and didnt find him make your way
back and reset instance
(before exiting invite random player 1 make him leader, exit instance, leave party, enter) Now the after
doing this couple times and getting hang of it you can make the trip faster by using ornate spy glass from
the ledge before hitting the bridge near the orcs at the top First, I look at the carpet close to the lava, just by
the left wall, then I look at the carpet in the right right corner (the right corner closest to you)
^=cliffsuptop, ~=lava .=fillers to make it look right X=spawnpoints |=walls

(spot2)X |
.| |
.| |
.| ...|
.| ...|
_|X(spot1) |

~~~~~~~~~lava ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^second wolf grp
cliff ME
With this way it saves you the long trick of going all the way down and can be done in
about 2 mins in and out but only problem with this is you do not see the 3rd spawn spot near the
Bannok is a pretty rare spawn and has a spawn percent sometimes is close to 5%
sometimes is close to 20%. So it can be one of 40 resets or each 5 resets. He has a about 6-10% chance
of dropping plans which sell for differnt prices on differnt servers but
either way sells 100g min any server.

Strategy #7

Ok, this is what I have been doing to make consistent gold on the auction house. I made over 30 gold today. It
will probably not last long once the word gets out.
In Arathi Highlands there is a location called Stromgarde Keep (if you use cosmosui the coords
are : 26,58). Now, this area is half controlled by the alliance and half controlled by reds that
attack on sight. But if you are careful you can avoid the reds. The entire arathi highlands zone is
level 30-35 mobs but the keep is level 35+ elite mobs so you want to avoid fighting if you can.
Anyway, to make it simple to keep going back here, I go to Refuge Pointe at 45,47 on the map.
There is a griffon guy there. This point hooks up directly to the griffon master in IronForge
where the AH is. So after getting the griffon point established I can fly from Ironforge to refuge
pointe and back again.
Now, like I said there is level 30+ mobs in this zone, but the nice thing is, there is a patrol that moves along the
road that heads south from refuge pointe and follows the road all the way to Stromgarde Keep. So the road is
usually cleared of reds for you. Just keep an eye out for them . If you are over level 30 though, you can probably
handle it on your own.
So, you basically want to take the road south out of refuge pointe and once you hit the road
where you can go east or west you want to go west. Follow that road until you get to a road

                                       Game Tricks LTD.                                                                17
between two lakes. That is Stromgarde Keep. (you should see it on your map now.) You take that road into
Stromgarde Keep.
***This is the tricky part. People might be fighting the reds in here, so just watch out for their battles. When you
first enter the Keep, you are in a courtyard. Hug the wall that is on your right hand side (the west wall), that is the
Alliance side of the keep. Now, the very first right that you can make once you enter the courtyard, you take that...
you will know you are in the right spot because you will see a bunch of green guards. Basically now, you want to
take the road all the way back and then to the right, and follow the walls. Eventually you will see an opening in the
wall with a walkway over the entrance you originally came in. Take that walkway(bridge) over to the other side, It
will still be green. Now once you are across, hang a right and another right. You are looking for the NPC vendor
named Deneb Walker.
Hope you brought some money with you. Anyway, he is the vendor that sells the Expert first aid book. Thats fine
and dandy and all... I mean it costs a gold piece. But you can sell it on the
auction house for at least 1.5 gp and often 2 gp. But I didn't send you all the way here for that stupid book. No,
you are here to buy the two other books he sells. The one that only costs you 22 sp and 50 sp. The manual for
mageweave bandage and the manual for the heavy silk
bandage. Now remember that 22sp and 50 sp you just spent. Well, those books sell on my
auction house for ***           *** 1.9-2.2gp EACH ***                      * YOU HEARD ME!!!! EACH. I have
put up 5 of each book today for 1.9 buyout that I paid 22 sp and 50 sp for. I sold each one of them. (in fact, the
heavy silk ones sell better and they are only 22 sp each) I also bought 5 books for the first aid for a gp each,
and sold them for 1.9 gp.
After all those sold, I went back and bought even more. These things are selling. Now, I don't know what they are
selling for on your server, but just take a look on the auction house for the books (under the name field you can
enter MANUAL and click on RECIPE and then click SEARCH. See what your auction price is for these items)
This is a gold mine.
Because first aid is one of those skills that every single character can have because it is a secondary skill,
every one buys these things.

Strategy #8

Start farming for your mount just one level before 40.
You can actually start at 38, 37 if you have high dps.
Easily generate the needed 90g for your mount in 1/2 day!!
Just north of the Gurabashi arena and just west of the Jungle Stalkers there is a small area where the "Cold
Eye Basilisks" dwell.
The rate of greenie drops on these guys is extremely high, also , even the grey items that they drop is
unusually valuable vendor trash.
But... almost 5% of the time they drop a green trinket called "Cold Basilisk Eye" This trinket, is virtually
silly and worthless (equipped and use slows a target's moveent by 15% during combat). However, it is
one of but a few trinkets that can be equipped at a character level of 40.
Because of this relatively low required equip level, noobs will go ga-ga and this little
trinket will fetch between 5 and 10 gold very quickly. I put all of them on the AH for 5g bid, 10g buyout
and sold the majority of them at buyout.
In a 2 hour period, those basilisks dropped 23 of these trinkets for me. After 3 hours
in ah, I had netted 155 gold!!
Not only did I buy my mount, I was able to pay for all new lvl 40 hunter spells (which at 40 is quite an
expensive class for spells). I even had enough left over to ditch my leather gear for a decent set of mail
Thinking it might have beeen a fluke, I did it again with my druid and then again with my mage. All 3 had
the same result. Since at that level chances are good that you would be questing in STV anyway, there is
no reason not to try this.
No fluke, silly trinket, silly people buying it, but, you have your mount at 40 and cash left over!!
Finally, another added bonus, if you are a skinner, you also just made a bunch of heavy and/or thick
leather. Not bad for 1/2 days farming.

Strategy #9

                                      Game Tricks LTD.                                                                18
This strategy can be used by either our resident Horde or Alliance members, and is one of the
best areas I've found in the game for continual leveling/cash collection. This strategy is intended for Levels 30 and
In the Arathi Highlands (at Thottbot coordinates 34,44) you'll find the Boulderfist Outpost.
Surrounding this Outpost, and inside the Outpost proper are tons of Boulderfist Ogres with
GREAT spawn rates. You will literally have ZERO downtime killing these guys. Each one of them drops 1 - 2.5
silver and a decent amount of level 27+ armor/weapons. By pulling these mobs one at a time, you should have
no issue killing them if you're above level 30. These mobs are very well spaced, so it's difficult to even attract
"add" aggros if you kill them in order.
The specific technique I used as a hunter was the following:
1. Get to max ranged distance.
2. Lay Immolation Trap Rank 2
3. Send my Level 33 Gorilla in to begin pounding the Ogre.
4. After Ogre has hit the Ogre twice, fire Serpent Sting Rank 4 at the Ogre (Damage Over Time Shot). I then
immediately hit my melee button to keep the Ogre aggroed to my pet.
5. After 4 more hits I let loose with standard ranged fire. Once the Ogre is just about to reach me I fire off
Arcane Shot Rank 4 (an "instant" shot). Just about at this time the Ogre hits my Immolation trap.
6. Hit the Ogre 2 more times and he's toast, and my health is about max, and I can continue leveling with no
I highly recommend Horde and Alliance alike check out this area. If you're 35+, just purely
farming this area for the money could net you over 8 gold an hour (cash+drops), and as a level 30-35ish player
you can get a good 20k xp per hour purely soloing, or when combined with local quests 25k xp in an hour, along
with 2-4 gold in pure cash and drops.
Of course if you're playing on a PVP server, things could get ugly "inside" the outpost's cave so be wary, PVE
folks need not be concerned...just keep that PVP flag off.

Strategy #10

Western Wastelands.
There is a graveyard on your right entering this zone. It has level 50-52 Undead in it. These
undead can drop upto 3 runecloths each which will sell for about 5 gold per stack. They can also drop upto 6
silver a kill. Being a mage tailor I quickly made enough mageweave to make 5
runcloth bags which im selling like hotcakes for 8 gold each, took me about 3 hours. I also
made about 4-5 gold in silver drops. and got a few nice weapons and armor to boot that sold for 4-5 gold each. all
in all I made about 100 gold or so in 3 hours. so about 33.3 gold an hour, not bad if ur savin for your epic mount.
Western Plaguelands. There are multiple undead camps you can go to. If you're level 60, you
can go to the Eastern Plaguelands and there should be an area with a big undead encampment
in the mountainside north of the road near the entrance from western plaguelands. You can also
go to the far eastern part of the eastern plaguelands, just north of the chapel area. That's also a
nice place to farm undead. As an added benefit, both areas have 2-3 thorium nodes that used to spawn there a

Strategy #11

I farm the boss Arcanist Doan in Scarlet Monastery, he drops Hypnotic Blade, which sells for 1g 27s, and
Illusionary Rod, which sells 1g 59s I think. He also drops Robe of Doan, 40s, and
Mantle of Doan, 30s.
You should be about level 40, which is when I started farming, that's what I did when I wanted my mount.
Arcanist Doan is level 37 and is in the Scarlet Monastery, located in the far right SM instace, the
boss you gotta kill to get the Scarlet Key. Just Stealth directly to him, avoiding all the other
Strategy to kill him:
He's immune to cheap shot, so I suggest ambushing/garroting him. He spams Arcane Explosion a lot, which hits
you for 200 damage, so you better have a lot of hp for him. When his hit points reaches 50%, he'll put up a blue
barrier and charges up Detonation, that is when you better get the heck out to the other side of the room before it
hits you for a good 800 damage. How to
avoid this is to engage the fight while when he walks to a corner of the room, so when he starts

                                     Game Tricks LTD                                                                  19
casting Detonation, you have around 5 seconds to bolt to the other side and dodge it. Or you
could just simply resist it. An important part during this portion is to use first aid while he's busy casting
Detonation, and when he's finished, you should just run around a little for your first aid to finish up before
confronting him again. Now just hack at him, use a potion if needed, until he dies. =) He'll drop 2 items: a Hypnotic
Blade/Illusionary Rod AND Mantle of Doan/Robe of Doan. Which is nearly 2g per round. It takes about 5 minutes
for this whole sequence.
Now. How to get him to respawn all the time? Just have a pal to group up with, he can be doing anything he
wants on the other continent if he wants. After you kill Doan and come out of the instance, have him make you
party leader, then he leaves the group, then he invites you again. There the instance is reset, with a new Arcanist
Doan for you to kill. =)

Strategy #12

To begin your fishing Start near your hometown.. just to level your fishing.. fish in any lake or
pond.. have a bot running i feel that WoWFisher is great to use.. leave this run for 2-4hours just
to level your fishing.. this is all fished junk feel free to use some fish for eating or just throw it
away. you will need to monitor it often as you wont have much space to start with.
Ok now your fishing should be 75 or hopefully you have leveled to 10+ if you have it will make
it alot easier. Now head to Menethil Harbor. this is the fun part. Sit your character under the
pier and fish away for a few hours.. check every 30 mins or so depending on how much space
you have and filter the junk here you will catch Oily Blackmouth and Firefin snapper.. you will
also catch ALOT of locked chests and actually some "Message in a bottle" you find receipes in
these which sell well on AH. Ok once you caught 40+ of oily Blackmouth and/or Firefin
Snappers. Go and sell them on AH check your AH for the average price or use Auctioneer (Trust
me its a man's bestfriend). Once you have your prices sorted sell your fish make sure you use
Buyout for max profit. These sell VERY well.. on my server at least. ok once you have the
money from them INVEST! buy Runecloth Bags.. they are they best for money. normally 2g80-
3g 14 slots fill up on them.. make sure you put everything in the bank now then.. what i did
with a full load of bags.. was sit my charcater under the dock in Menthil Harbor nice and comfy
before i went to bed. Let him/her Fish overnight for 8+ hours and it should fill your characters
bags. This should yield 160+ oily blackmouth and 100+ firefin snapper.. Sell that at the auction
and your sorted.. once you have done this.. you will now know.. you have just flooded the
market.. They will start to sell really slowly or not at all. So Time to level up you have enough

Strategy #13

In the Tanaris zone, just east of Gadgetzan (for those of you not familiar with the area it's just east of Un'Goro
crater on Kalimdor) you'll find an alchemist vendor named "Alchemist
Here's his location:
Mr. Pestlezugg sells 2 recipes which are in HIGH DEMAND by alchemist and
blacksmiths/weaponsmiths etc. As many of you high level tradeskillsmen know, your character's level in no way
represents your level in tradeskills. In other words you may be level 225 in
alchemy, but only level 28 in the game. This makes grinding in areas such as Tanaris pretty
much unthinkable.
That being said, if you are brave enough to make the dangerous trek in Kalimdor to the
Gadgetzan area, and hearthstone it back to your homebase in Hordeland or Ironforge, here's a way to make
some great cash. Just don't flood the AH all at once, just put one or two of these
up on the AH. Otherwise you risk people thinking these recipes are readily available.
Here we go...
Recipe: Transmuste Mithril to Truesilver
Pestlezugg sells this recipe for a mere 80 silver. While it may sound expensive, you can easily
turn around and sell this on the AH for 2G. This is a "limited supply" item which only appears
every 30 minutes or so. So camp out, buy 5 of these suckers if you have the cash. If not just do one at a time.
Recipe: Transmute Iron to Gold
This is another recipe for Alchemists which is in high demand. This also sells for 80 silver,
however this recipe is not a limited quantity item. You'll be able to sell these on the AH 1.5G on

                                      Game Tricks LTD.                                                               20
                          Power Level Guide

Power leveling has been the goal of many players throughout the short history of
World of Warcraft. The quest to attain power as quickly as possible is the dream for
a lot of players. Power leveling is generally not recommended for those who have
not played much of the game before as it bypasses a lot of the fun and
enjoyable aspects of the game. One of the first things you should do to begin
power leveling is download the add on Cosmos ( One of the
features of this add on is a clock that gauges your experience per hour. This is an
extremely important tool to use as you can tell what areas and tactics are
working best for you by the average amount of experience you are gaining each
hour. To achieve the goal of level 60 in 7 days you really need to have some
patience and be able to do the same thing over and over again for hours (i.e.,
grinding). You will need to invest a lot of time per day as well, if you really want to
power level to 60 in 7 days you will more that likely need to invest 4-6 hours per
day playing WoW. If it is your first time power leveling it may take longer,
remember that practice makes perfect, and after power leveling a few characters it
will become very easy and fast for you to do.

                                  Level 1-20
At these beginning levels you should stick to the friendly zones that are around
where you started out. Avoid the contested areas at this point as well will spend
more time searching for your corpse than grinding.           If you are focusing on
maximizing your XP/hour that you should stay away from questing. If you would
like to gradually increase the effectiveness of you gear that do some quests. At
this point it is just a matter of preference, some power levelers will say grind your
way to 60 while others suggest that quests are Ok up to and around level 30. The
areas below will show you the areas that you will be able to quest and grind in for
the low levels, don’t forget that as you quest, get as many quests as possible at
one time to maximize the amount of XP you will receive. As you read further you
will see that most of the tactics to power level at these low levels are the same in
each starting area, quest and grind. As you power level don’t forget about
instances, these areas are the best places to level fast, you will however need a
group to do these effectively.

Eastern Kingdoms 1-10

Elwynn Forest: In this area stick to the starting quests that do not require much
travel. There are enough quests and grinding in this area to take you to level 10.

                          Game Tricks LTD.                                            22
Dun Morogh: Do all the starting quests in this area, then you will pick up a quest
that will take you to Coldridge Pass, along the way you will get a quest that will
take you to Kharanos.        In the area of Kharanos and Brewall Village begin
questing and grinding until you hit level 10.

Tirisfal Glades: Do all the starting quests in this area and grind until you reach
level 8, at that point head out to Brill to quest and grind there.

Kalimdor 1-10

Durotar/Mulgore: Do all the starting quests in your area. If you quest, grind, and
take advantage of exploration experience you will reach level 10 in no time.

Teldrassil: Questing and grinding are going to get you to level 10 the fastest in
this area.

Eastern Kingdoms 11-20

Alliance Loch Modan: If you start as a Dwarf or gnome visit this area next, the
quests in this area will take you to the low teens. Don’t’ forget to keep an eye on
your XP/hour to and keep this number high by grinding.

Alliance Westfall: This area contains a lot of quests, and good grinding areas to get
you to level 20 fast. This area is generally very populated so it is easier to find a
group if necessary.

Horde Silverpine Forest: This area has quests that cover the entire range of
levels 10-20. This is a fantastic area to power level; some of the quests may
even take you into your low 20’s.

Kalimdor 11-20

Alliance Darkshore: This area has a lot of quests that will keep you busy until you
reach level 20 or even low 20’s

Horde The Barrens: This area is full of quests and is a great place to grind. You
should be able to hit 20 quickly in this area

                         Game Tricks LTD.                                       23
Instances 11-20

Alliance Deadmines: This is a level 15-20 instance area found in Westfall. Most of
the mobs are elite in here so ensure that you have a good group with you.

Horde Ragefire Chasm: This is an instance located in Orgrimaar for levels 13-
15. This are is full of elites, so have a good group is a must.

Horde Wailing Caverns: This is a level 15-20 instance in the Barrens. Most of
the mobs in this instance are 20+ elite. Make sure you have a good party for this

Level 20-30
In this level range grinding will start to be more important than questing. Make
sure that your keep an eye on your XP/hour to find out what areas are working
best for you.

Eastern Kingdoms 20-30

Alliance Duskwood: This area is similar to the Wetlands. You should switch
back and forth between the two to make sure you are doing appropriate level
quests. There are a lot of quests in this area to keep you busy until the mid to
high 20’s. If you have a good group you can do these quests at lower levels as

Alliance Wetlands: This area is similar to Duskwood, except for the fact that
some of the higher level quests may require a good group to complete.

Alliance Westfall: This is a good area to grind in your low 20’s. Remember that
this is the area with the Deadmines instance and you should run this instance as
many times as you can for maximum XP.

Alliance Redridge Mountains: This is good place for the mid 20’s and even into
the high 20’s if you are soloing.

Kalimdor 20-30

Contested Ashenvale: Many quests in the 20-30 range in this area as well as
some great grinding spots.

                          Game Tricks LTD.                                       24
Contested Shimmering Flats: This is a really popular grinding area.          This area
should be used for grinding in you high 20’s

Instances 20-30

Contested Black Fathom Deeps: This instance is along the northern end of
Ashenavle and is good for characters in their mid 20’s or a group in the low 20’s.

Alliance Gnomeregan: This instance is in Dun Morogh along the western end.
The instance is meant for levels 24-33

Contested Razorfen Kraul: Located in the very south end of the Barrens, this
instance is meant for levels 25-31

Contested Shadowfang Keep:        Silverpine forest is where this instance is located
and it is for levels 20-28

Alliance: The Stockades: This instance is located within Stormwind City and is a
great place for levels 25-30. This instance is fairly short so it may be beneficial to
run a few times.

Level 30-40
Grinding will now be your main focus of power leveling. Make sure you have a lot
of supplies (healing potions, mana potions, bandages, etc) to keep trips back to the
cities at a minimum.

Eastern Kingdoms 30-40

Alliance Arathi Highlands: This area is good for levels 35-39.         The bulk of your
time in this area should be spent around Witherbark Village.

Contested Badlands: This area is best for grinding with a group as most of the
mobs are ranging in levels from late 30’s to mid 40’s. Your best bet for this area
will be the Rock Elementals

Alliance Southshore: This area is good for grinding in your mid 30’s

Contested Stranglethorn Vale: This area is full of quests. Although it was stated
earlier that you will be grinding from here on in, this area is too good to miss the
quests here will take you to level 40 really fast!

                          Game Tricks LTD                                          25
Contested Swamp of Sorrows: This area is similar to the Badlands; most mobs
are level 40-45 so you will need a group to grind in this area.

Kalimdor 30-40

Alliance Desolace: This is one the best areas to grind in your 30’s. The Kolkor
camp should be hunted in your early 30’s, Centaurs for the mid 30’s and then the
Naga on the islands for your late 30’s. At the bottom of Desolace you will find
Felhounds, Succubus, Doomwarder Captains these mobs are good for levels 37-

Contested Dustwallow Marsh:      This area is good for group grinding in your mid

Instances 30-40

Contested Razorfen Downs:        Located in the south end of the Barrens and is
meant for levels 35-40

Contested Scarlet Monastery: This is actually 4 instances together in one area.
The monastery is located north of Tarsal Glades and is for levels 30-40. This is a
great area for grinding with the 4 instances to choose from.

Level 40-50
You will find that a lot of the places that were mentioned in the 30-40 section that
were meant for groups are in this section as well but as solo areas.

Eastern Kingdoms 40-50

Contested Badlands: This area was mentioned for the level 30-40 area as a
group. In the 40’s this area is now soloable. This area is also great for mining.
For the early 40’s stick to the Scalding Whelps.

Contested Dustwallow Marsh: This area is good to solo in your early 40’s taking
you to the mid 40’s

Contested Hinterlands: This area has mobs in the early 40’s level range; as well it
has a lot of Alliance quests, if you would like to take a break from grinding.

                             Game Tricks LTD.                                  26
Contested Swamp of Sorrows: This area has a lot of soloable quests for the mid
40’s as well as some good mobs. Try grinding the Murlocs on the eastern coast.

Contested Searing Gorge: This area is for the high 40’s.   The best mobs to grind
are the Elementals in this area.

Kalimdor 40-50

Contested Felwood: This area has quests that will take you to your mid 50’s.
The grinding is if you are in your mid 40’s

Contested Feralas: This area is good for grinding for levels 40-50 with special
attention to the naga on the island as well as the yeti in the Feral Scare Vale

Contested Azshara: Grind the ghosts in this area as you reach levels 46-48

Contested Tanaris Desert: The best grinding for this level range. Grind the
Wastewander humans at levels 40-44, then the pirates at 44-47, and then for
levels 47-49 grind the Dunemaul Ogres.

Instances 40-50

Contested Maraudon:      This meant for levels 40-49 and is located in the south
west end of Desolace

Contested Sunken Temple: The levels suggested for this instance is 44-50. It is
best to keep your levels closer to the 50 mark, if not higher. This instance is
located in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Contested Uldaman: This is in the north end of the Badlands and the level range is
35-45. It is recommended that the party levels are more in the late 40’s when you
attempt this instance.

Contested Zul’Farrak: This instance is in the North West corner of the Tanaris
Desert. This instance is meant for levels 45-50.

Grinding Hot Spots for Levels 40-50

Hinterlands: Trolls, Owl Beasts, Wolves, Turtles
Badlands: Ogres, Gnoll, and Greater Elementals
Felwood: Deadwood Gnolls
Feathermoon Isle: Elementals and Elite Giants

                               Game Tricks LTD.                               27
Level 50-60
This is the home stretch, only 10 more levels to go!

Eastern Kingdoms 50-60

Contested Blasted Lands: This area is good for the mid 50’s with plenty of
renewable quests for some great buffs.

Contested Western Plaguelands: Grind the undead in this area for levels 53-58.

Contested Burning Steppes: In this area you should grind the ogres when you are
at levels 52-54.

Kalimdor 50-60

Contested Azshara: This area has several soloable quests for levels 50-55.

Contested Silithus: When you reach level           55 come here and grind the
Elementals in the north western corner

Contested Un’Goro Crater: This area is great for grinding in the early to mid
50’s. Be careful of the elite Devilsaurs that wander this area.
Contested Winterspring: This area is mid to late 50’s. To access this zone you
must have gained reputation with Timbermaw Furbolgs or they will attack you in
the tunnel. The tunnel starts in Felwood. The ghosts on the frozen lake are great
for grinding for levels 53-58

Instances 50-60

Contested Black Rock Depths and Spire: Theses two instances are located
between the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes and are meant for levels

Contested Dire Maul: This instance is found in the center of Feralas and has
three separate areas. This instances is meant for levels 56-60

Contested Strathome:     For levels 55-60 you will find this instance in the Eastern

Contested Scholomance:       Located in the Western Plaguelands and is meant for
levels 57 -60

                           Game Tricks LTD.                                      28

                       Grinding Hot Spots for Levels 50-60                                                                                  (29)

                       Un’Goro Crater: Plants and Tar Elementals
                       Azshara: Undead Highbornes, Blood Elves and Thunderhead Hippogriffs
                       Burning Steppes: Firegut Ogres

                       By this point you should be at level 60 and have a ton of gold and ready to
                       dominate the world of Azeroth. I hope that this guide was useful to you.

                                                      Leveling GUIDE PART II 60-70 TIPS

 I'd like to say one more thing before I go on to the guide, if you get the chance at 60+ to go to the old instances like Zul'Gurub, Molten Core, Blackwing
Lair, AQ20/40 (Assuming you do the attunements) go to them all at least once, I personally regret not going to my guilds AQ runs because I went in there
  with some randoms a while ago after we had stopped raiding and enjoyed the encounters. The old instances are still a lot of fun and will always be a
                                            challange, though admittedly not as challanging as the newer ones.
                                                       But, with all that said and done, onto the guide.
                                                                   What is this guide about?
 Simply what the title says, fast, effective, and boredom free leveling. I've done a lot of leveling and the things I'm going to share with you here are what I
                                   use for really fast leveling, though it does take a logical way of thinking things through.
                                                    Eriyanna of WoW Radio for the list of grinding music.
                                                    Do I have to be a specific faction/class/race for this?
 No, you do not, this is not a leveling guide like what James has done, though I do advise his guides for leveling once you reach the levels to start them
   (Alliance: 30, Horde: 21). Your race and class does not really affect your ability to level. Rogues however may want to pickpocket humanoids to get
money whilst leveling, but honestly I leveled my paladin and warrior with the occasional instance where they tanked (high repair costs) and still made a lot
                                                                   of money from questing.
It's worth thinking about what class you are going to play though as some class/race combinations are very nice. Example of this would be human priest,
shadow priests get a 5 point talent that doubles their spirit (regen) when dealing the final blow to a target that gives honor or exp. Since human priests get
                                    extra spirit they get that extra mana and health regen every fight so less downtime.
                                    Ok, so I can play whatever class/race I want and this guide will help me level faster?
                             Exactly, the guide doesn't contain race/class specific tricks/tips, just general fast leveling advice.
                                                                            The Guide
                                Ok with all that said and done, if you're reading now you want to level, so here is my advice.
                                                                       Part 1 (AddOns)
Being prepared is vital to being fast at leveling, I started a Blood elf recently and within 45minutes (Including bathroom/food breaks) I went from 1-6 in an
         area I didn't know. How you might ask, Addons, thats right I'm going to give you a list of the only addons you will ever need for leveling.

                                                                        o     Monkey Quest
                                                                         o    Cartographer
                                       Thats it, 2 addons and you have already improved your leveling     .     (30)
                                                                        Monkey Quest
 Ok the reason this improves your leveling is simple, the mod basically brings up a window that lets you track all the quests in your quest log at the same
time, you can do the same with the blizzard one but only up to 5 quests. However thats not what makes this great, on your tooltip (when you mouse over
    a mob or item in your inventory) if it is a quest item/mob it will say "Quest item x/y". Ontop of that you also get the tracked quest text in the window
highlights itself when you're in an area/near an npc mentioned in the quest log. THAT my friends is what makes this mod so great, you can cut down SO
                                                           much time by using that, I know I have.
Apart from the social aspect of knowing where all your guildies that use the same mod are this mod also marks all quest givers and vendors that you find
with a "!", "?" or coin icon, names them, shows what quests they give, if they are completed on your current character, allows you to set a waypoint (Arrow
 above your character with the distance, direction and how long it will take you to get there) on that npc. This mod is amazing for when you level multiple
characters, think about it, you play 1 character from 1 to 70, you have all the quests marked ready for you to do again with your next character and know
                                           exactly where to hand each quest in at. It's such a massive time saver.
    All these mods can be found on (If this does not take you to the WoW Addons search click World of
             Warcraft, then load the new page, on the left side click Addons) search for them and download them, install them and love them.
                            A quick guide for those that don't use addons often, when you download them extract them to your:
                                                    J:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns
                        Basically where you installed world of warcraft, go to that folder, interface, AddOns and install them there.
   Load up WoW, log in, go to your realm, on the character select screen make sure your addons are all enabled (You may need to update them, the
updates are usually put up on Curse-gaming when they are available), if they are "Out of Date" click use out of date addons and it will most likely still work
                                                          for a patch or two without being updated.
                                                                  Part 2 (Logical Leveling)
                          So you've got your Mods, now this is the bit that's near impossible to teach but I'll try, Logical thinking.
If you look and use Jame's Leveling guides you'll see an example of logical thinking for quests. To level fast you want to go to each location for mob killing
 as few times as possible and get the most done at once. You'll find a lot of the time there are 2+ quests in the same area, be it killing 2 kinds of mobs or
                                                                     finding quest items.
   The thing you learn from using Jame's guides is to do circuits of the zone map, completing as many quests as possible in the shortest space of time
(complared to doing 1 quest at a time, going back to the npc, getting another quest, doing that, going back etc.), mass quest completion really gives you a
                                        massive boost to your exp/hour because you've not done 1 quest at a time.
                                                                 Part 3 (Eera's philosophy)
                                            "Questing is better than grinding, but grinding whilst questing=good."
This is a saying I've used for a long time now, basically if you compare exp per session of someone that has sat their grinding mobs constantly for 3 hours
  to someone who is doing a lot of quests that involve killing X mobs or getting item Y from Mob Z you'll find thatthe person that does the quests has a
greater amount of exp gain, why, because quests give you exp (Not to mention gold), mobs give you exp also, so combining them gives you the greatest
                                        ammount of exp compared to grinding alone. That and it's much less boring.
                                 What you getting bored of all that questing? I better get onto my next section of the guide.
                                                                        Part 4 (Music)
 Ok this is the part that really helps, more than the mods, more than the logical thinking, more than questing. This is what will help you keep your sanity
                                                           when you play for hours on end, music.
Thats right, it's proven, music helps you level a LOT easier. Not just any music though, music that really gets you going, gets you pumped up, keeps you
A good list was written up by one of the DJs for one of the radio stations I listen to (Which will be mentioned shortly) of decent artists to look into for your
                                                                       grinding needs:

                                                                             o    DJ Tiesto
                                                                        o        Paul Van Dyk
                                                                         o       Ian Van Dahl
                                                                             o      Orbital
                                                             o    Trance Control                         (31)
                                                                      o        Infected Mushroom
                                                                       o           Armin Van Buren
                                                                                       o      Ayla
                                                                           o        Kimball Collins
                                                                               o            Kraftwerk
                                                                      o        Chemical Brothers
                                                                           o           DJ Oakenfold
                                                                   o       DJ Sasha & Digweed
                                                                               o           SaxionPike

                                                   Metal & Things of the Rock or Alternative Persuasion:

                                                                           o           Sonata Arctica
                                                                                   o        Tristania
                                                                      o        Black Label Society
                                                                               o           Iced Earth
                                                                               o           Primal Fear
                                                                               o           Symphorce
                                                                               o        Lacuna Coil
                                                                       o       Within Temptation
                                                                           o            Dragonforce
                                                                           o        Nine Inch Nails
                                                                           o           Drowning Pool
                                                                               o           Korpiklaani
                                                                               o           Rhapsody
                                                                  o        Switchblade Symphony
                                                                                   o         Type O
                                                                           o           Dimmu Borgir
                                                                               o        Iron Maiden
                                                                                       o     Epica
                                                                           o           The Gathering
                                                                           o           After Forever
                                                                               o           Nevermore
                                                                       o           Killswitch Engage
                                                                               o           Rammstein

 Ok so if you're not into that kind of music and preffer listening to some radio, look at, shows every day, good conversations and
                     good music in the preshows and the music breaks, good for people that don't like listening to music all the time.
Ontop of that if you can't a break from music, if you're in a guild or a gaming community that has a Ventrilo or Teamspeak server you might want to go on
                                                                  there and talk with them.
 Anything that keeps your mind from all the quests your doing and all the mobs you're killing. It makes the time pass faster and makes it more enjoyable.
                                                                          Part 5 (Talents)
            So you've got your Mods, you've got your music, you've got your philosophy, you (Hopefully) have your logic. What else is there?
                               Honestly there isn't much left to mention apart from 1 thing that I touched on earlier, talents.
When you reach level 10 you get 1 talent point, the short description of talents is a way to specialise and improve your character in certain things. You get
                                                          51 talent points at lvl 60, 61 and lvl 70.
  When you are intrested in leveling your character you want to go for the following kind of things, talents that reduce your downtime (ie. reduced mana
cost, increased mana regen), improving the survivability of your pets (If you picked a hunter/Warlock), improving damage done by your pets (If you picked
                                    a Hunter/warlock), increasing your damage done by your main spells.         (32)
                                                                   Go for talents in that order:

                                                                    o   Reducing your downtime
                                                     o       Improve pets survivability (Warlock/Hunter Only)
                                                         o    Improve pets damage (Warlock/Hunter Only)
                                                               o    Improve your main spells damage

 If you have a pet they will take the aggro off of you and do damage so your downtime is a lot lower, you can heal your pets via spells/abilities to reduce
                                          their downtime and send them in while you sit and eat/drink if needed.
 One final note to be mentioned, while not very important for leveling fast, it's worth mentioning. You'll see items on the AH (Auction house) from time to
  time that you really want to buy, try to avoid buying them as you'll often find that they are overpriced and are replaced in a few levels with items from
                                    quests/instances (Well, blue/purple items anyway, greens tend to be fairly priced).
You might not think it's that important but if you go and spent most of your gold on items you can find that you don't have enough gold for your skills when
                                                         you level up which hurts your leveling speed.
A good rule of thumb is upgrade items every 5 or so levels, buying low level greens is often a bad idea as a few simple instances will often get you fairly
                                           decent gear and in most cases earn you money instead of losing it.
If you don't have The Burning Crusade Expansion pack you may wish to follow the above rules more strickly than those with TBC, mainly because when
you get into outlands you will make money so fast from leveling it's untrue, my paladin is on about 800g even after spending about 350-400g on their epic
                              mount quest at 60, so just by being smart you can make about 1.1-1.2k gold easily in 6 levels.

                                            The end of the guide, thank you for reading!

                                                               Game Tricks LTD.

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