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Desktop MAC Policy


									Desktop Move/Add/Change Policy
Introduction: How to Use This Tool
Modify this template to suit enterprise needs. Supply the appropriate company-specific
information wherever square brackets are present (e.g. [company name]). Also be sure to delete
this or any other grey text.

This policy provides guidelines for end users to request a move, add, or change to their desktop
computing environments.

The goal of this policy is
   1. to mitigate the risk associated with unauthorized changes;
   2. to minimize disruption to the business, IT department and end users;
   3. to maintain consistent expectations.

The Move/Add/Change request form [provide URL] must be used for the completion of any of the
      Move desktop system (e.g. PC, telephone) or peripheral (e.g. printer) to another location.
      Add/disable an employee account (e.g. network, e-mail, voicemail).
      Add/remove a service to/from an existing employee account.
      Add a new employee desktop system.
      Add/remove/change software or hardware to/from an existing desktop system.
      Change an employee’s name or other personally identifiable information in the system.

This policy applies to all local and remote employees, management, contractors and any other
parties who rely on access to [company name]’s IT systems.

Management must ensure that their direct reports understand the scope and implications of this
policy and make a copy readily available.

Although any employee may submit a M/A/C request for their desktop environment, all requests
must be approved by a direct manager before submission to the IT department. For the addition
of a new employee account, HR approval is required.

All move, add, or change requests must be received a minimum of [insert number of days]
business days in ad
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