Confidentiality by rahulbose


									                         Confidentiality Statement
                         Community Promise: A Local Labour Market Study

 the study               The Community Promise is a study of opportunities available in five
                         sectors of the Greater Victoria economy: home care, crafts, construction
                         trades, organic agri-food, and the environment. We will be focusing on
                         the human resource issues in each sector.
                         The study will be used to enhance both work and business opportunities
                         in these emerging economic sectors, and to act as a catalyst for action by
                         sector participants, community organizations, the training community,
                         and government.

       our               We respect your privacy, and we appreciate your willingness to
                         contribute to this important community study.
   promise               All data collection and analysis under the Community Promise study are
                         conducted under strict privacy guidelines. Data collected will be used
                         only for aggregated statistical purposes, unless you give us permission
                         to quote you directly (below). All data collected are held in strict
                         confidence, and all survey materials and notes will be destroyed after
                         the reports are produced.

your rights              Participation in the study is entirely voluntary, and you are not
                         obligated to answer any survey questions.
                         If you have any questions at all about participating, please call Vanessa
                         Hammond or Lynne Markell at CEDCO Victoria: 250-360-0852.

     your                 You may use my quote in Community Promise published reports.
                                 YOUR NAME AND COMPANY NAME WILL NOT BE USED IN ANY CASE.

agreement                 You may not use any quotes in any Community Promise reports.
                                                   (Please check one only)

                         I understand the confidentiality policy of the Community Promise study,
                         and I agree to participate in the study.


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 100-703 Broughton St.
  Victoria, BC V8W 1E2
  phone 250-360-0852      DATE
      fax 250-360-0842

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