Buffalo Waterfront Projects

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					Buffalo Waterfront Projects

      Project Summary and Update
              October 2007

                          Historical Context
• Convergence of 4 waterways:
    –   Lake Erie
    –   Niagara River
    –   Buffalo River
    –   Erie Canal
• Focus of economic activity for over 200 Years:
    –   Canal Era:           Maritime Commerce & Mercantile
    –   Railroad era:        Transshipment
    –   Industrial era:      Grain, Autos and Steel
    –   Modern era:          Work, live and play
• Waterfront redevelopment is like Home remodeling…
• On-going transformations:
    – Freight terminals to luxury housing
    – Steel mills to business parks
    – Trash dumps to nature preserves

             Waterfront Geography

• 72 Miles of shoreline
   – Niagara River & the Black Rock Canal
   – Buffalo River & the Inner Harbor
   – Lake Erie & the Outer Harbor
• Room for a broad diversity of uses
   –   Marine industrial
   –   Housing
   –   Boating and recreation
   –   Parks and nature preserves
• Creating an Emerald Necklace

                       Buffalo Waterfront
                       Where we’ve been…
   Erie Basin Marina
   Tifft Nature Preserve
   Riverwalk
   Waterfront Village
   Bird Island Pier
   Ontario Street boat launch improvements
   Broderick Park Improvements
   Scajaquada Pathway, Phases I and II
   Tow Path Park, Phase I at the foot of Hertel Avenue
   DEC Buffalo River Hand Launch site
   Smith Street Park on the Buffalo River
   Wilkinson Plaza and Buffalo River promenade at the DL&W
   LaSalle Park improvements – Phases I- III
   Squaw Island Park
   Erie Canal Harbor Phase I – Veterans’ Park & Heroes Walk
   Old Bailey Woods
   Times Beach
   Scajaquada Pathway, Phase III
   Frank Lloyd Wright Rowing Boathouse
               Buffalo Waterfront
               Ready to launch…

 Over $150 million in public investments recently completed,
  under construction or planned start construction in next 2

 Additional $300 to $500 million proposed.

Buffalo Waterfront Projects
             1.    Scajaquada Pathway – Phase III
             2.    Squaw Island Park
             3.    Tow Path Park
             4.    Cotter Point Development
             5.    Erie Canal Harbor
             6.    Inner Harbor Parking Facility
             7.    Erie Canal & Great Lakes Museum
             8.    Bass Pro Outdoor World Store
             9.    Times Beach Nature Preserve
             10.   Boat Harbor
             11.   Port-Outer Harbor Trail
                   Buffalo River Fest Park
                   RiverWright Ethanol Plant
             12.   Outer Harbor Greenbelt
                   Buffalo Lakefront Development
             13.   Tifft Street Trail
             14.   Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park
             15.   Southtowns Connector
             16.   Seneca Bluffs
                              Prepared by:

                                                     &   6
                                       Project Summary:
                                       Completion of three (3) critical gaps along the pathway
                                         from Delaware Park to the Riverwalk-Niagara River:
                                       • Scajaquada Expressway on/off-ramp to pedestrian
                                         bridge along Nottingham Terrace;
                                       • Grant Street underpass;
                                       • Niagara Street from Forest Avenue to USACE
                                         parking lot and I-190 pedestrian bridge.

                                       Project Cost:
                                       Engineering/Design:              $ 150,000
                                       Construction Support:            $ 100,000
                                       Railroad Force Account:          $   50,000
                                       Construction:                    $1,400,000
                                       Total Cost:                      $1,700,000

                                       Project Budget:
                                       Federal TEP:                     $1,360,000
Project Contact:   Paul Gareis, P.E.   Local Share (20%):               $ 340,000
                      City Engineer    TOTAL:                           $1,700,000

                                                 Project Schedule:
                                                 Design & Environmental:   Completed
                                                 Bid Contracts:            Completed
                                                 Construction:             Completed

                                                 Status of Project


                                        RECENT PROGRESS
                                         Completed.

Project Contact:   Paul Gareis, P.E..
                       City Engineer
                               Squaw Island Park
                                           Project Summary:
                                           Squaw Island Park is located at the north end of Squaw Island,
                                           between the Niagara River and the Black Rock Locks.

                                           The Park is being created by converting a 60-acre municipal landfill
                                           with an innovative closure concept approved by the NYSDEC and
                                           the heavy use of new plant massing and wildflower mixtures. The
                                           southern portion of the site will be used for a combination of passive
                                           and active recreation. The northern portion of the site will be used
                                           for more passive recreational uses, such as hiking and fishing. The
                                           Park is linked to the regional shoreline trail system through the

                                         Project Budget / Cost:
                                         Site closure and remediation                        $7 million
                                         Park Improvements                                   $4.5 million
                                         Entrance Improvements                               $100,000
                                                     TOTAL:                                  $12.6 million
Project Contact: Steven Stepniak, Com.

Squaw Island Park

            Status / Schedule of Project:
            Closure/remediation               Completed
            Phase I Park Improvements:        Completed
            Entrance Improvements:            Completed
            Phase II Park Improvements:       Contingent on


       Phase I Park Improvements and closure completed

       Entrance improvements completed.

Tow Path Park – Phase II
        Project Summary:
        Tow Path Park is located along the Niagara River at the foot of
        Hertel Avenue in the City of Buffalo. It is linked to the Riverwalk
        and has been absorbed by the County Park system. Phase I
        improvements included basic re-grading, seeding, walkway
        amenities and park furniture.

        Phase II improvements are intended to enhance the recreation
        experience by integrating historic and natural resource interpretive
        opportunities as active playground features. It will include
        conventional biking, lighted parkways, parking (24-48 spaces),
        fishing access and more extensive landscaping.

         Project Budget / Cost:
         Design:                                             $100,000
         Construction:                                       $726,000
                    TOTAL:                                   $826,000

         Funding Sources:
         State Env. Restoration Grant:                       $300,000
         County of Erie:                                     $526,000
                    TOTAL:                                   $826,000
                    Tow Path Park – Phase II
                                         Status / Schedule of Project:
                                         Phase I:                          Completed
                                         Design, Phase II:                 On-hold
                                         Design, Completion:               TBD
                                         Bidding:                          TBD
                                         Phase II Construction, Start:     TBD
                                         Phase II Completion:              TBD

                                           RECENT PROGRESS
                                               Phase II Design concepts completed
                                               Final Design on hold pending funding & real
                                                estate issues

             Erie County
Department of Environment and Planning
  Project Contact: Thomas Dearing
                 Cotter Point Development
                                 Project Summary:
                                 Cotter Point occupies 10 acres of prime waterfront
                                 land along the Black Rock Canal north of Porter
                                 Avenue. The Cotter Point Development Plan is a $30
                                 million master plan that includes the expansion of
                                 Buffalo State College’s Great Lakes Research Center,
                                 a new Eco-Lab and Teaching Pavilion for elementary
                                 school education, a Community Boat Building Center
                                 and Museum of Historic Watercraft and Frank Lloyd
                                 Wright’s Yahara Boathouse.

                                Project Budget / Cost:
                                Teaching Pavilion:                  $ 230,000
                                Yahara Boathouse:                   $ 5 million
                                Great Lakes Research Inst.:         $12.5 million
                                Ecolab                              $ 2.0 million
                                Community Maritime Center           $ 3.5 million
                                          TOTAL:                    $23.2 million

    Buffalo State College
Great Lakes Maritime Center
Dr. Gordon Frazer, Exec. Dir.
Cotter Point Development
            Status / Schedule of Project:
            Master Plan:                    Completed
            Teaching Pavilion:              Completed
            Wright Yahara Boathouse:        Completed
            Ecolab:                         TBD
            Community Maritime Center:      TBD
            Great Lakes Research Inst.:     TBD

                 RECENT PROGRESS
                   Dick Smith Teaching Pavilion
                    completed and dedicated
                   FLW- Fontana Boathouse Completed
                   Funding and location for relocation of
                    Army National Guard Center secured.

Waterfront Place
              Project Summary:
              Waterfront Place is Buffalo's
              newest luxury condominium and
              townhouse community. Located
              in Waterfront Village in
              downtown Buffalo, Waterfront
              Place includes The Townhomes
              at Waterfront Place – 15 three-
              story townhomes and The
              Pasquale – an 11-story high-rise
              condominium with 49 luxury
              residences. The total cost of the
              project is approximately $32

Waterfront Place

          •Condominium:   Under construction
          •Townhomes:     Under Construction

                     Erie Canal Harbor Project
                                        Project Summary:
                                        Waterfront infrastructure project which includes
                                        reconstruction and restoration of historic and
                                        cultural features, a transit plaza, waterfront
                                        esplanade, maritime facilities, access
                                        infrastructure and a new Naval and Servicesman’s

                                       Project Budget / Cost:
                                       Federal Authorizations:        $ 14,323,832
                                       NYS Thruway                    $ 11,700,000
                                       NY State                       $ 10,000,000
                                       County of Erie                 $ 6,000,000
                                       U.S. Army Corps                $ 2,100,000
                                       Buffalo Sewer Authority        $ 2,000,000
                                       FHWA (TIP/City of Buffalo)     $ 3,500,000
                                       City of Buffalo                $ 300,000
                                                 TOTAL                $ 49,923,832

Empire State Development Corporation
  Project Contact: Tom Blanchard
                     Erie Canal Harbor Project
                                             Naval Basin/Veterans Park (Phase I):   Completed
                                             Draft SEIS:                            Completed
                                             Final Master Plan:                     Completed
                                             Supplemental EIS Completion:           Completed
                                             Record of Decision (ROD):              Completed
                                             Final Design:                          Completed
                                             Start Construction:                    Underway
                                             Completion Phase II:                   Spring 2008

                                             Status of Project:
                                             • Commercial Slip under construction
                                             • Super Yard construction under construction
                                             • Museum Building and balance of site under contract.

                                       RECENT PROGRESS
                                          Naval Yard and building completed.
                                          Commercial Slip walls completed
                                          Naval Museum building completed.
                                          Commercial Street completed
Empire State Development Corporation      Interpretive element installation underway.
  Project Contact: Tom Blanchard,
    Florine Luhr, Mary Coleman
                Inner Harbor Parking Facility
                                      Project Summary:
                                      Development of a public parking facility to serve
                                      the Inner Harbor Redevelopment Project,
                                      including the Erie Canal Harbor, Aud
                                      Redevelopment (Bass Pro), Erie Canal & Great
                                      Lakes Museum, Riverwalk & Greenway Trail
                                      fringe parking for Central Business District, and
                                      associated downtown waterfront development
                                      projects. The Donovan Building site is the
                                      preferred location.

                                      Project Budget / Cost:

                                      Federal (FHWA):                  $13 .3 million

                                      Local Share (City of Buffalo):   $ 3 million
Project Contact: Joseph Giambra,
                   Commissioner       TOTAL:                           $16 .3 million
Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp.
  Project Contact: Charles Rosenow
                Inner Harbor Parking Facility
                                                Donovan Bldg. vacated      Completed
                                                Donovan Bldg. demolition   Fall 2007
                                                Final Design:              Fall 2007
                                                Construction Start:        Spring 2008
                                                Completion of Project:     Spring 2009

                                               Status of Project:
                                               • Preliminary Design and final Environmental
                                                 Review are underway.
                                               • Master planning for area in progress.

                                      RECENT PROGRESS
                                       Building vacated
                                       Donovan asbestos abatement consultant under contract.
                                       Draft Master Plan – “Canal-Side” completed
Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp.
  Project Contact: Charles Rosenow
           Erie Canal & Great Lakes Museum
                                       Project Summary:
                                       An interpretive and visitors center that will
                                       showcase the historic development and
                                       geographical significance of Buffalo’s waterways
                                       as transportation systems. It will highlight the
                                       significance of the Erie Canal and Great Lakes to
                                       Buffalo and the nation’s development and serve
                                       as a major attraction to the Erie Canal Harbor and
                                       downtown waterfront. A site on the Erie Canal
                                       Harbor project site is anticipated with an
                                       approximate size of 25,000 to 30,000 sf.

                                      Project Budget / Cost:
                                      Federal Authorizations:          $ 11,841,000
                                      State Match                      $ 1,480,249
                                      Local Match                      $ 1,480,249
                                                 TOTAL                 $ 14,802,488

Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp.
  Project Contact: Charles Rosenow
           Erie Canal & Great Lakes Museum
                                          Select Design Team:               Spring 2007
                                          Complete Design:                  Fall 20067
                                          Start Construction                Winter 2007
                                          Completion:                       Fall 2008

                                          Status of Project:
                                          • Funding eligibility and grantee status under
                                           review by FTA.
                                          • Decision on NEPA review requirements under
                                            consideration by FTA.
                                          • Final site decision pending Master Plan process.

                                      RECENT PROGRESS
                                       FTA determinations pending

Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp.
  Project Contact: Charles Rosenow
                                               Canal Side
                                                                 Project Summary:
                                                                 Bass Pro is proposing development
                                                                 of a destination retail center
                                                                 featuring 100,000 sf of interactive
                                                                 sporting and outdoors displays.
                                                                 Bass Pro will be the anchor for a
                                                                 $275 million destination retail and
                                                                 entertainment project that will also
                                                                 include redevelopment of the to-be-
                                                                 demolished Aud site, Donovan site
                                                                 and Webster block.

                                                    Project Budget / Cost:
                                                    Bass Pro Shops                  $60 million
                                                    Balance of Canal Side           $245 million
                                                    TOTAL                           $305 million
Project Contact: Charles Rosenow, Erie Canal
      Harbor Development Corporation
                                               Canal Side
                                                        Master Plan                          Completed
                                                        NEPA/SEQRA Review                    Winter 2007-08
                                                        Aud & Donovan Demolition             2008
                                                        Bass Pro Store Design:               2008
                                                        Start Store Construction             Spring 2009
                                                        Completion & Opening                 Fall 2009

                                                        Status of Project:
                                                        • Pre-development agreement executed.
                                                        • Draft master Plan completed
                                                        • Benderson designated preferred developer for Canal

                                                  RECENT PROGRESS
                                                   Preliminary Master Plan completed.
Project Contact: Charles Rosenow, Erie Canal       Pre-Development Agreement with Bass Pro and
      Harbor Development Corporation                Benderson executed
Foot of Main Street Master Plan
             Project Summary:
             In order to prepare for future development expected to
             be catalyzed by the Erie Canal Harbor, Bass Pro, Seneca
             Buffalo Creek Casino and related projects, the Erie
             Canal Harbor Development Corporation is developing a
             Master Plan for the downtown waterfront. The master
             plan will include a vision for future development,
             strategies to achieve that vision and a set of
             development regulations and guidelines governing the
             downtown waterfront need to be updated. The
             Waterfront Urban Renewal Plan was originally created
             in 1963 and has been amended several times since, with
             the most recent amendment to accommodate the Erie
             Canal Harbor Project. This effort will focus on the
             commercial area from Erie Street to Columbia – and
             expansions if appropriate to ensure that compatible
             development is encouraged. Erie Canal Harbor
             Development Corporation has engaged Ehrenkrantz,
             Eckstut & Kuhn to prepare the Master Plan
                 Project Contact: Charles Rosenow, ECHDC

            Foot of Main Street Master Plan

                                           Analysis            Completed
                                           Planning Charette   Completed
                                           Draft Master Plan   Completed
                                           Urban Design        Winter 2007
                                           URP Amendment       Spring 2008
                                           SEQRA Review        Spring 2008

                                           • URP Site designation completed
                                           • Draft Master Plan completed.
                                           • Final plans in progress

                                          Recent Progress:
Project Contact: Charles Rosenow, ECHDC
                                           Draft Master Plan completed.


            The City, ECHDC, BUDC and BNE
            have begun to identify and market
            development sites for private
            investments in the downtown
            waterfront and inner harbor areas,
            leveraging Bass Pro as the anchor for
            an urban entertainment district.
                                         Times Beach
                                         Project Summary:
                                         The project is intended to address ecosystem restoration and
                                         public access improvements. Erie County has assumed the
                                         lead responsibility for the public access component of the
                                         project with the intent that upfront construction of public access
                                         can be credited towards the Federal project. The USACE is
                                         presently studying ecosystem restoration measures. Long-term
                                         repairs of the confined disposal facility (dike) also need to be

                                         Project Budget / Cost:
                                         Public Access:       Erie County:              $415,000
             Erie County                                      City of Buffalo:          $100,000
Department of Environment and Planning                        Federal/State:            $350,000
   Project Contact: Michael Raab
                  &                      Eco-Restoration:       Feasibility:            $50,000
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                                Plans & Specs:          TBD
   Project Contact: Michael Greer
                                                                Construction:           TBD

Times Beach
       Status / Schedule of Project:

       Public Access Component (Erie County)
       Phase I:                      Completed
       Design, Phase II:             Completed
       Phase II Construction, start: Completed

       Ecosystem Restoration (Army Corps.)

       On-hold pending Federal funding and authorization.


         Completed.

               Buffalo Boat Harbor Project: Phase 1 & 2
                                            (a.k.a Gallagher Beach)
                                                             Project Summary:
                                                             The overall project includes the construction of a
                                                             boardwalk which extends the length of Gallagher
                                                             Beach, a protruding fishing pier, a separate
                                                             parking and launching area just for windsurfers
                                                             and jet skiers, and a small marina with wooden
                                                             docks. Public observation areas and a continuous
                                                             public path and driveway will extend throughout
                                                             the entire project area.

                              Phase 1                        Phase 1: Construction of a boardwalk, shore erosion
                                                             control;, small boat/pwc launch, beach access for
                                                             windsurfers/kayakers, public parking, and a separate

                                                             Phase 2: Create a park setting on a portion of the “Dike
                                                             Area”. Park to include extensive bikeways, site
                                                             amenities (i.e. park benches, lighting), landscaped lawn
                                                             areas, and additional public parking.

                                                       Project Budget / Cost:
                                                       Phase 1: Cost -                         $ 1,447,000
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority              Phase 2: Cost -                         $ 1,000,000
  Project Contact: Lawrence Meckler,                   State Parks Capital Program:            $1.2 million
                      Executive Director
               Buffalo Boat Harbor Project: Phase 1 & 2
                                            (a.k.a Gallagher Beach)
                                                            PHASE 1 (Beach & Boardwalk):
                                                            Construction was completed in Fall of 2001 and
                                                            open for full use in Spring 2002.

                                                            PHASE 2 (Diked area): Completed - 2004.

                                                            State Parks Takeover: Cancelled

                                                             Phase 1: COMPLETED (11/2001)
                                                             Phase 2: COMPLETED (2004)
                                                 Phase 2

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

  Project Contact: Lawrence Meckler,
                    Executive Director
                          Greenway Trail Project
                                       Project Summary:
                                       The Greenway Trail Project is a pedestrian-bicycle trail connecting the downtown
                                       waterfront from the NFTA’s DL&W facility to the Outer Harbor, via Ohio St., and
                                       providing a 2.5 mile trail along Fuhrmann Blvd. from the northern point of the Outer
                                       Harbor at the Coast Guard base to the existing “Gallagher Beach” bicycle/ pedestrian
                                       path at the NFTA Boat Harbor. The trail will entail constructing a 12’ bicycle/
                                       pedestrian path traversing the west side of Fuhrmann Boulevard and the southern
                                       boundary, median, and northern boundary of the NFTA Outer Harbor property. The
                                       proposed project connects the recently completed NFTA Beach Access
                                       Improvements to the regional Riverwalk system. Further, the project provides the
                                       next phase of access improvements to the DL&W Facility.

                                       Project Cost:
                                       Design, inspection:                                $ 382,500
                                       Land (NFTA)                                        $ 430,000
                                       Phase I Construction:                              $ 731,302
                                       Phase II Construction:                             $1.2 million
                                       TOTAL                                              $2.7 million

                                       Project Budget:
                                       Federal Transit Administration:                    $ 980,000
                                       Erie County:                                       $ 367,500
Project Contact: Lawrence Meckler,
                                       NFTA In-kind land:                                 $ 430,000
                  Executive Director
                                       CMAQ-TIP                                           $1.2 million
  Joseph Giambra, City of Buffalo
                                       TOTAL                                               $2.7 million
                        Greenway Trail Project
                                      Phase I (Fuhrmann Blvd.):        Completed

                                      Phase II Design Completion:      Fall 2006
                                      Phase II Construction Start:     Fall 2006
                                      Phase II Completion Phase I:     Fall 2007

                                         Status of Project:
                                         • Phase I – Completed.
                                         • Phase II –Ohio St. portion:
                                              Final alignment approved.
                                              Final design 90% completed
                                              Construction start in late Fall 2006 pending
                                                ROW clearances.

                                      RECENT PROGRESS
                                       City has assumed management of Phase II
Project Contact: Lawrence Meckler,     Additional federal funding secured.
            NFTA Executive Director    90% Final design completed
         Joseph Giambra,
Commissioner, COB Dept. of Public
              Works                                                                           33
Buffalo River Fest Park
            Project Summary:
            Buffalo River Fest Park will be developed by the
            Valley Community Association as a linear park
            along the Buffalo River and Ohio Street, just east
            and upriver from the Michigan Avenue bridge.
            The project will restore the historic wharfs along
            the shoreline to allow public access to the river,
            from the land and water.

             Project Cost:          $2 million

             RECENT PROGRESS
             Valley Community Association has purchased land
             Assemblyman Mark Schroeder has secured $500,000
              in State funding

                  Project Contact: Peg Overdorf
                  Valley Community Association

                    RiverWright Ethanol Plant
                                            Project Description:
                                            RiverWright Energy will construct a 110 million
                                            gallon per year ethanol production facility on
                                            the Buffalo River, utilizing four (4) abandoned
                                            grain elevators and associated mill buildings.
                                            The plant will employ 65 people and purchase
                                            40 million bushels of corn annually for the
                                            ethanol production. RiverWright Energy is a
                                            joint venture between local entrepreneurs Rick
                                            Smith III and Kevin Townsell and KL Process
                                            Design of South Dakota – specialists in the refit
                                            of properties for ethanol production. The
                                            estimated cost of the project is $80 million.

                                              Purchase:               Completed
                                              Start Construction      Fall 2007
                                              Begin Production:       2009
Project Contact: Rick Smith III
     RiverWright Energy           RECENT PROGRESS
                                   18 acres of waterfront land purchased
                                   Corn shipments delivered & stored
                              Outer Harbor Greenbelt
                                                         Project Summary:
                                                         The Outer Harbor Greenbelt project area forms the western edge of
                                                         the NFTA’s overall 110-acre Outer Harbor site. This Brownfield
                                                         remediation project is focused on a 20.3 acre land area along the
                                                         Lake Erie Shoreline beginning at the Pier Restaurant heading south
                                                         and including the area on the south side of the Bell Slip. An
                                                         additional request has been made to the NYSDEC to extend the
                                                         Greenbelt south 900 feet from the Bell Slip to the Terminal B
                                                         building and extending out to include the proposed shore protection
                                                         acreage. The project is to include approximately 35 to 75 feet of
                                                         shoreline protection for the waterfront areas as determined by
                                                         property slope; approximately 75 to 100 feet of green space;
                                                         approximately 4,250 feet of lakefront access; approximately 2,300
                                                         feet of Bell Slip waterfront access; parking considerations; and
                                                         removal of existing rip rap/concrete remaining on site.

                                                            Project Cost :
                                                            Engineering & Design:                       $ 700,000
                                                            Administrative:                             $ 61,639
                                                            Construction:                               $13,238,361
                                                            Total Cost:                                 $14,000,000

                                                            Project Budget :
                                                            NYS DEC Brownfield’s Grant: $12,398,000
         Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
    New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation      Federal Highway             $ 640,00
                                                            NFTA:                       $ 962,000
Project Contact: Lawrence Meckler, Executive Director       TOTAL                       $14,000,000
Outer Harbor Greenbelt
             NYS DEC Grant:             Executed
             Design Period:             Completed
             Bid/Award:                 Completed
             Construction:              Under Construction
             Completion:                Fall 2007

              Status of Project:
              • Under Construction.

               RECENT PROGRESS
                Under construction

                    Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
               New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation

             Project Contact: Lawrence Meckler, Executive Director
Outer Harbor Development
            Project Summary:
            The NFTA has agreed to transfer ownership of its 120-acre Outer
            Harbor holdings to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation

            Potential to add Cargill Pier, NYPA Ice Boom site and former
            Freezer Queen facility to redevelopment area.

            No final plans for development of this site have been prepared or

            Improved transportation access will be a key to future development.

                    Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
                     Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp.

                  Project Contact: Charles Rosenow, ECHDC

                            Tifft Street Greenway
                                          Project Summary:
                                          Completion of a crucial gap in the hike/bike trail
                                            system along Tifft Street from the George
                                            Hartmann play fields to Gallagher Beach. Also
                                            includes Fuhrmann Blvd from Gallagher Beach
                                            south to the existing pedestrian bridge over the
                                            Union Ship Canal and the connection to the Tifft
                                            Farm Nature Preserve is also a part of this project.

                                          Project Cost:
                                          Engineering/Design/Admin.:        $ 120,000
                                          Construction:                     $1,050,000
                                          Total Cost:                       $1,170,000

                                          Project Budget:
                                          Federal CMAQ:                     $ 945,000
                                          Local Share(20%):                 $ 225,000
                                          TOTAL:                            $1,170,000

Project Contact:   Daniel E. Kreuz,P.E.
                       City Engineer
                            Tifft Street Greenway
                                          Project Schedule:
                                          Design & Environmental:   Completed
                                          Bid Contracts:            Completed
                                          Construction:             Completed

                                          Status of Project

                                          • Completed

                                          RECENT PROGRESS
                                           Completed.

Project Contact:   Daniel E. Kreuz,P.E.
                       City Engineer
                                            Project Summary:
                                            Utilizing the distinct waterfront feature of the historic Union
                                            Ship Canal, this “showcase” brownfield redevelopment
                                            project in the City of Buffalo has already reclaimed over 80
                                            acres of formerly fallow land for an urban office and light
                                            industrial commerce park, featuring a mix of low-profile
                                            “flex” buildings near the canal and high-bay light
                                            manufacturing buildings on the outer perimeter of the site.
                                            The project offers a much needed “urban alternative” for site
                                            selectors and developers who are considering an expansion
                                            in or relocation to the Buffalo-Niagara region.

                                            Project Costs:
                                            Land Use Planning/Environmental:              $1.5 M
                                            Demolition and Site Clearance:                $2.0 M
                                            Road and Infrastructure (Phase I):            $4.0 M
                                            Road and Infrastructure (Phase II):           $2.8 M
                                            Property Acquisitions for expansion:          $1.5 M
Erie County Industrial Development Agency
                                            Road & Infrastructure (Phase III)             $3.75 M
     Buffalo Urban Development Corp.
                                            Canal Park Development (Phase I):             $7.3 MM
Project Contact: Peter M. Cammarata         BLCP North Expansion (Parcel 4 +):            $5 MM

                                            Project Status:
                                               Road and Infrastructure (Phase I)                         Completed
                                               Road and Infrastructure (Phase II)                        Completed
                                               Krog/CertainTeed Project                                  Completed
                                               Cobey Project                                             Completed
                                               Canal Park Development (Parcel 3                          Underway
                                               BLCP North Expansion (Parcel 4+)                          Underway

                                            Project Schedule:
                                            Parcel 3
                                             Canal Park/Eco-Restoration Design                           Completed
                                             Canal Park/Eco-Restoration Construction                                     2008
                                             Canal Park Completion:                                                      2008
                                            Parcel 4
                                             NYSDEC ERP Investigation                                    Completed
                                             Remedial Action Plan (RAP)                                  Draft Completed
                                             Road and Infrastructure Design                                        2007
                                             Road and Infrastructure Construction                                  2008
                                                                          RECENT PROGRESS
                                               Parcel 4 NYSDEC ERP investigation completed.
Erie County Industrial Development Agency
                                               Cobey project completed
     Buffalo Urban Development Corp.           Canal Park awarded $6 Million grant from NYSDEC
                                               City/BUDC awarded $5 million from State for Phase III
Project Contact: Peter M. Cammarata            150 additional acres acquired; Phase III infrastructure in final design
                                               Sonwil Distribution Center sale and development in progress
Union Ship Canal Open Space
                          Project Summary:
                          The City of Buffalo and
                          County of Erie are jointly
                          developing a 22-acre
                          waterfront property
                          surrounding the Union Ship
                          Canal into a regional, public
                          open space that will also serve
                          as an amenity for Buffalo
                          Lakeside Commerce Park.
                          Development of the green
                          space is part of a State-funded
                          Environmental restoration
                          Program (ERP) as well as a
                          Transportation Enhancement
                          Program (TEP). The project
                          will include:
                          •Construction of trails and
                          paths that will connect with the
                          Outer Harbor Trail and regional
                          bicycle and pedestrian trail
                          •Creation of a shallow, water
                          fish habitat
                          •Overlooks on the Canal that
                          will mimic the gantry cranes
                          used during the sites steel-
                          making operations

Union Ship Canal Open Space
                     Project Budget
                     NYSDEC         $6.0 million
                     NYSDOT         $1.4 million
                     Erie Co.       $ 700,000
                     Total          $8.1 million

                     Project Status/Schedule
                     Preliminary Design Completed
                     RAWP               Completed
                     Final Design       In Progress
                     Construction Start Spring 2008
                     Completion         Fall 2008

Outer Harbor Development
            Project Summary:
            The NFTA has agreed to transfer ownership of its 120-acre Outer
            Harbor holdings to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation

            Potential to add Cargill Pier, NYPA Ice Boom site and former
            Freezer Queen facility to redevelopment area.

            No final plans for development of this site have been prepared or

            Improved transportation access will be a key to future development.

                    Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
                     Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp.

                  Project Contact: Charles Rosenow, ECHDC

         Southtowns Connector/Outer Harbor Access
                                      Project Summary:
                                      Waterfront access project to re-engineer Outer Harbor
                                      transportation system, including re-configuration of Route
                                      5/Fuhrmann Blvd., construction of new arterial connector from
                                      I-190 to Tifft Street and reconstruction of Ohio Street.
                                      Project Segments
                                            Route 5/Fuhrmann Blvd.
                                            Tifft Street Connector/Arterial
                                            Ohio Street Reconstruction

                                      Project Construction Costs:
                                      Ohio Street Reconstruction:                 $ 6.4 Million
                                      Tifft Street Connector/Arterial:            $33.5 Million
                                      Route 5/Fuhrmann Blvd (all segments):       $81-97 Million
                                            Skyway to Tifft:           $32 Million
                                            Tifft to Ridge:            $23 million
                                            Ridge Road to Route 179: $26 Million
                                      Project Budget to Date:
          New York State              Fed. Funds Obligated:           $12.6 Million (design)
   Department of Transportation
                                      Fed. Funds Used to Date:                   $7.6 Million
Project Contact(s): Thomas Messana
                      Gary Gottlieb   Fed Funds Earmarked for Construction:      $22.5 million
                                      State Funds earmarked for Construction:    $20 million       46
    Southtowns Connector/ Outer Harbor Access

                                    Project Schedule:
                                    Release of Draft EIS:           Completed
                                    Final EIS & ROD:                Completed
                                    Final Design & Engineering:     Completed
                                    Construction:                   Fall 2007

                                     Status of Project:
                                     • Final EIS Completed & ROD Issued
                                     • Final design & engineering completed.
                                     • $54 million in State & Federal funding secured.
                                     • Project ready to bid

                                    RECENT PROGRESS
                                     Final EIS Issued/SEQRA-NEPA Completed
          New York State             Final design completed
   Department of Transportation      Project ready to Bid
Project Contacts): Thomas Messana
                    Gary Gottlieb
                                Seneca Bluffs
                                         Project Summary:
                                         Seneca Bluffs is unique, 15 acre habitat site along
                                         the Buffalo River in South Buffalo. The Seneca
                                         Bluffs Habitat Restoration Project targets 5 acres
                                         of the upper terrace for invasive species removal
                                         control and restoration plantings, as well as an
                                         ADA Trail, 3 fishing access locations, a scenic
                                         overlook, a seasonal aquatic habitat, improved
                                         parking facilities and site security measures.

                                         Project Cost/Sources:
                                         City of Buffalo:                  $100,000
                                         NYSDEC:                           $106,000
                                         NYS Dept. of State:               $100,000
                                         ExxonMobil Fndtn.:                $ 5,000
                                         Cornell Cooperative Ext.:         $ 4,000
                                         Erie County (Cash & In-Kind)      $ 97,000
                                                   TOTAL                   $412,000

Project Contact:     Michael Raab,
                   Deputy Commissioner
                                   Seneca Bluffs
                                          Project Schedule:
                                          Construction Commenced:         March 2004
                                          Invasive Plant removal:         Completed
                                          Access Improvements:            Completed

                                          Status of Project

                                          • Completed.
                                          • Funding for additional improvements being

                                         RECENT PROGRESS

Project Contact:     Michael Raab,
                   Deputy Commissioner
                                Buffalo Waterfront
                                 Project Schedule
 Veteran’s Park, Naval Basin & Vessel Relocation – Erie Canal Harbor Phase I
 Boat Harbor Phase II (Gallagher Beach)

 Times Beach Public – Phase I Public Access
 Squaw Island Park – Phase I
 Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park Phase I and II Road and utilities
 Shanghai Red’s restaurant at Erie Basin Marina
 Greenway Trail Phase I – Furhmann Blvd.-Outer Harbor
 CertainTeed at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park
 Seneca Bluffs restoration

                               Buffalo Waterfront
                                Project Schedule
 Dick Smith Teaching Pavilion at Cotter’s Point
 Times Beach Phase II Public Access improvements
 Scajaquada Pathway Phase III – Delaware and Grant sections
 Tifft Street Greenway

 Squaw Island Park entrance gateway - completed
 Commercial Slip at Erie Canal Harbor - completed
 Scajaquada Pathway Phase III – Niagara Street section –completed
 Cobey Project at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park – completed
 HydroAir at Steelfields – completed

                               Buffalo Waterfront
                                Project Schedule
 Erie Canal Harbor – substantially completed
 Frank Lloyd Wright Rowing Boathouse at Cotter Point – Completed
 Donovan Building demolition – building vacated, hazmat removal under contract
 Aud demolition – hazmat removal under contract
 Greenway Trail Phase II – Ohio Street segment – final design completed; on-hold
 Outer Harbor Greenbelt – under construction
 Union Ship Canal Park – $6 million State funding secured; final design underway
 Tow Path Park Phase II – on-hold
 RiverWright Ethanol Project – land purchased, final design and permitting in progress
 Steelwinds Windfarm at Bethlehem Steel – Substantially Completed

 Southtowns Connector Phase I – Fuhrmann Boulevard (Coast Guard to Tifft Street) – ready to bid
 Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Store – development agreement executed; master plan completed
 Inner Harbor Parking and Mixed-Use Facility – funding secured
 Erie Canal & Great Lakes Museum – funding secured
 Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park Phase III infrastructure – land under acquired; funding secured
 Buffalo River Fest Park – land under contract; initial funding secured

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