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                                                     Vegetated Phosphorus Buffer Strips

                Vegetated                       What Are They?
             Phosphorus Buffer
                  Strips                        Vegetated Phosphorus Buffer Strips are areas of
                                                natural vegetation which have been left undisturbed
                                                or are replanted to naturally existing species. These
                                                vegetative buffer strips are composed of trees,
                Home                            shrubs, bushes and a thick duff layer (pine needles,
                Our Association                 bark mulch, etc.)
                      Meetings                  Why Do We Need Them?
                      Board of                  Where there are humans, there is nutrient pollution.
                      Directors                 The way we live tends to over-nourish and pollute
                      Newsletters               our environment. Fertilizers wash down over our
                                                carefully graded lawns directly to the lake. The oils
                                                and greases from our cars are rinsed off our
                                                driveways and roads down to the lake. We rest and
                                                play along the lake and our foot traffic tramples the
                      Committee                 vegetation. We park our cars and launch our boats
                      Information               as close as possible to the lake – our heavy vehicles
                      2006 Weed                 compact the earth until its as hard and impenetrable
                      Treatment                 as asphalt. Our lifestyles are hurting the lake.
                      Water Quality
                      Testing                   Vegetated buffers provide a filter and percolation
                      Local Lake                area for the runoff that comes from our home and
                      Associations              play areas. The vegetation in the buffer uses the
                      Stream Teams              nutrients carried on the stormwater as fertilizer. If
                      Non-Native                the nutrients reach the lake, the aquatic plants will
                                                use them and an algae bloom can occur.
                                                Vegetated buffers are designed so that nutrients are
                      What you can              used by the land vegetation rather than by lake
                      do to help                algae.
                      Links                     If you own waterfront property, the water quality of
                Safety Information              the lake directly impacts you. If water quality
                      Webster Police            deteriorates, the value of your property decreases.
                      Department                Boating and swimming through pond scum becomes
                      Stop the                  less attractive. Fish populations can decline or be
                      Invasion!                 killed off completely.
                      Safe Boating
                                                Where Should Buffers Be Located?
                Webster Lake News               Vegetated buffers need to be placed between people
                Our Ponds                       and the lake. We need to filter the stormwater runoff
                      North Pond                from our houses, garages, driveways, roads (both
                      Middle Pond               paved and gravel), and road ditches through flat
                      South Pond                vegetated areas. Lakeside parking areas and playing
                Sailing Association             fields should drain through a buffer too.
                Nipmuc Water Ski
                Club                            Equally important are the streams which flow into
                                                the lake. The also need to be protected by leaving

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Webster Lake Association - Vegetated Phosphorus Buffer Strips           http://www.websterlakeassociation.com/Environmental%20Issues/Wha...

                                                vegetated buffer strips next to them.
                Lake Fun
                Lake History                    Take Advantage of Natural Features:
                      General Lore
                      Postcards                        Leave depressions and irregularities in your
                      Lake Maps                        lawn. Don’t grade it to drain directly into the
                Links                                  lake.
                      Entertainment                    Don’t mow down to the edge of the lake. Leave
                      News                             as much shrub and tree growth as possible
                      Member-Owned                     between the lawn and the lake.
                      Businesses                       If you have flat wet spots on your property,
                      Local                            use them. Deliberately filter roof, driveway and
                      Businesses                       road runoff water through them. Don’t mow
                      Lake                             these areas – let them grow up naturally.
                Events                          Reduce The Impact You’re Making Now:
                                                       For new construction, minimize the amount of
                      Cruise 2006                      roof, driveway and parking area (impervious
                      Golf                             surfaces).
                      2006                             Minimize your lawn area. (don’t mow as much).
                      Love Boat                        Minimize bare areas by defining and limiting
                      Valentines                       your parking area, beach area and foot paths.
                      Dance 2006                       Be sure foot paths to the lake are kept narrow
                      Halloween                        (6 feet or less) and winding (not a straight shot
                      2005                             to the lake which could channelize the water).
                      Hearts Afire                     Stabilized heavily traffic areas with wood chips,
                      2005                             bark mulch or some of the newer erosion
                      Halloween                        control materials (some of these can support
                      2004                             car traffic and still allow grass to grow up
                      Barbeque on                      through them.)
                      the Beach 2004                   Tell your family and visitors about why it is
                      WLA 2004                         important to protect the vegetation (don’t
                      Calendar Photo                   forget the kids!).
                                                Planting A Vegetated Buffer
                      WLA 2005
                      Photography               Composition: Select a variety of trees, shrubs and
                      Contest                   ground covers to be used in your buffers. All of these
                      Winners                   types of plants should be included because in
                      FUNdraisers               combination they take up the most water and
                      Committee                 nutrients. To make the best choice, look at what is
                      Photography               already growing in your area and try to replace it.
                      2003 Boat                 In areas where a modest view of the lake is desired,
                      Parade                    the predominant planting can be shrubs. Keep the
                      Treasure Trunk            openings in the tree canopy small. When you
                      2005                      eliminate trees you can also reduce the quality of the
                                                buffer for deflecting raindrops and taking up
                Market Place
                      For Sale/Rent
                      Items Wanted              The natural duff layer that occurs in a forest needs
                      Lost & Found              to be replaced also. A thick layer of mulch material
                Smarter Land Use                such as bark mulch can be used. In a pinch a grass
                Project                         mix with good hay mulch will temporarily protect the
                                                area between the trees and the shrubs.

                                                Width: Buffers range in width from 25 feet to 250
                 "Webster Lake                  feet. Do the best you can to make it as wide as

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Webster Lake Association - Vegetated Phosphorus Buffer Strips           http://www.websterlakeassociation.com/Environmental%20Issues/Wha...

                 Association is a
           non-profit organization              Grading: In general, leave the buffer as irregular as
           dedicated to enhancing,              possible. However, if water is channelizing through it
          preserving and protecting             in a small stream or ditch, this should be be
            the quality of the lake             changed. Water must flow through the buffer as
               and its watershed                sheet flow (think of it as a thin film of water only
          through the promotion of              about ¼ and inch deep at most) for the buffer to be
            responsible, effective              able to treat stormwater runoff.
                environmental &
           educational policies. We             If the site previously had a lot of foot or vehicle
          shall strive to strengthen            traffic, the soil will need to be loosened up before
            and unite the Webster               planting can occur. Plants can’t grow in soil that is
          Lake Community through                too compacted.
           recreational, social and
              civic activities. Our             Footpaths: Foot traffic to the lake through the buffer
            mission is to preserve              should be limited to a winding path 4 to 6 feet wide
            this regionally unique              at the maximum. Stabilize the footpath with bark
            resource as a pristine              mulch, etc.
                legacy for future
                  generations."                 Protection and Maintenance:

                                                       Don’t allow vehicles to cross the buffer.
                                                       Restrict cuttings and thinning of vegetation in
                                                       the buffer as much as reasonable possible.
              All rights reserved.
                                                       Some cutting is vital to preserve the health of
                 Webster Lake
                                                       the forest.
               Association, Inc.
                                                       Inspect the buffer annually and repair
                                                       channelization and erosion problems.
                                                       Don’t rake the duff layer – leave it undisturbed.
             Click here to email us
                                                Planting Suggestions:
               P.O. Box 156                            Trees
          Webster, MA 01570-0156                            Deciduous
                                                                 Red Maple (wet areas)
                                                                 Sugar Maple
                                                                 Silver Maple
                                                                 Norway Maple
                                                                 Littleleaf Linden
                                                                 Green Ash
                                                                 Red Oak
                                                                 Paper Birch
                                                                 Honey Locust
                                                                 Red Pine
                                                                 White Pine
                                                                 Austrian Pine
                                                                 White Cedar
                                                                 Eastern Hemlock
                                                            Korean Spice Vibernum
                                                            Doublefile Vibernum
                                                            Cranberry Bush

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Webster Lake Association - Vegetated Phosphorus Buffer Strips         http://www.websterlakeassociation.com/Environmental%20Issues/Wha...

                                                            High Bush Blueberry
                                                            Red Twig Dogwood
                                                            Grey Dogwood
                                                            Rugosa Rose
                                                            Autumn Olive
                                                            Burning Bush
                                                       Vines and Groundcover
                                                            Lowbush Blueberry
                                                            Virgina Creeper
                                                            Crown Vetch Ferns

                                                      Source: Portland (Maine) Water District

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