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					                   May 2009 , Volume 11

             FASHION TIPS

                               30-36 Ann Street Surry Hills Sydney NSW 2010 Australia
         Phone 02 92121944  Fax 02 92122347  Email  Web

       A Greenfield Dream…...                              In response to changes that have occurred recently to
Fashionable Australian ladies carefully balance            the supply of wholesale fabrics in Australia, we are open
themselves on 6, 7 or 8 inch heels, as they swish          to our customers’ suggestions as to what fabrics we
their flowy frocks or delicate blouses, of rayon,          should add to our range.
modal or silk.                                             If you have an on going requirement for a specific plain
They head to Greenfield's warehouse or website             fabric, kindly contact Michael or Anthony to discuss
to get these and other fine fabrics, as well as            stocking it for you.
crystal and acrylic stones of all shapes and sizes.
                                                                        NEW FABRICS IN STOCK NOW!
On the other hand, crisp looking jeans of denim or              Spandex Acetate Rayon
cotton drill with tight fitting cotton nylon spandex       Another new item targeted for the high
shirts may be more practical!                              quality jackets and suits (see picture),
Regardless of your preference or requirement, we           with a distinctive shine this item oozes
                                                           class. Ask us for a sample today! - our
are waiting on the phone, fax or email to help you
                                                           code is SPAR.
with all your fabric and accessory needs.
                                                                 Cotton Nylon Spandex
       If you are online be sure to check out              A newly introduced item, (code CNS)
                             similar to our Cotton Spandex Poplin
                                                           but with a distinctive sheen, ideal for
                                                           the crisp blouse with a bit of give.
                      Flowy Knits
We have supplemented our                                                                Chunky Large Buttons
Rayon spandex (RASP) and                                                               From the time that Maurice
Modal spandex jersey (MOSP)                                                            Greenfield started our firm in late
with a soft Viscose Spandex                                                            1952, buttons have been a key
Jersey (VISP) - NEW and now                                                            part of the service to our
in stock.                                                                              customers.
If you want a really luxurious
knit you can not go past our                                                           With fashions now focusing on
pure silk jersey, available in a                                                       metal and crystal and large
number of colours.                                                                     buttons we have a range to suit
                                                                                       most customers’ requirements.
If your budget is modest we
have several polyester and                                                     Crinoline and Boning
nylon selections such as:
polyester knit jersey interlock,                           Horsehair, often known as
micro jersey, sexy jersey or                               Crinoline, as shown here, is
nylon jersey.                                              one of the numerous bits and
                                                           pieces required and sometimes
                                                           hard to find but available in
              NEW Collars in stock!                        stock at Greenfield’s!
We are continually increasing our stock range of collars
and trims.                                                 Both sew through rigalene and solid boning made from plastic
                                                           (artificial whalebone), is also in stock. We can also get for you
Currently crochet and sequin                               pre cut boning to any size (minimums apply).
mesh collars have been popular.
These are 2 examples of our new                                   Customised Printed & Sew in Labels!
collars in stock now!                                      Most of our customers are aware of our excellent custom
                                                           printed labels. Our turn around is 24-48 hours in 3 sizes and 2
                                                           However some of you may not be aware that we can supply
                                                           customised woven labels to your specifications with quick
                                                           delivery and highly competitive prices! Call or email Maggie to
                                                  for more details.
                                                           Alternatively you can draw from our supply of standard printed
                                                           and woven labels.
                                                   For our customers looking for a lower price
                 Silks                             point, we still carry the complete range of                Interstate &
We carry a substantial range of plain silks        silk equivalents in polyester & nylon.                    Country Agents
with over 20 varieties. We have just added
new fashion colours for the coming season                                                                   NSW Country
                                                   Soft and luxurious but fully washable
to our most popular silk products.                                                                          Barry Hewitt
                                                   polyester in 31 shades, 2 widths and 2
                                                   qualities all in 100% polyester.                         Ph. 0411 579 106
Some of our most popular silks are below:
                                                   We also stock an excellent polyester                     Allan & Sue
 Silk dupion (SIDU) in 35 shades                 chiffon with spandex available in a great                Johnston
 Silk cotton voile (SICO) has proved to be       selection of colours.
   very popular and available in 27 shades                                                                  Ph (02) 6281 5871
   and 2 widths (112cm and 135cm)                             Polyester Georgette                           Randy Legget
 Silk taffeta (SITA)- new colours                50 popular shades in stock and at a great
                                                                                                            Ph 0409 580 805
 Silk habutae (SIHA) for quality lining in 22    price. Also available in 150cm width.
   shades                                                             Organzas                              Victoria
 Silk crepe de chine (SICD)                      Crystal, polyester & nylon organzas are                  Greg Sutton
 Silk jersey knit (SIJE)- new colours            available in a wide range of colours. These              Ph 0411 859 778
 Silk linen (SILI) - new colours                 fabrics are used in weddings & other
 Silk chiffon (SICH)                                                                                      Helen Brown
                                                   special events, as well as day to day
 Silk satin shamuse (SWS)                                                                                 Ph 0413 596 555
 Silk dupion with lurex (SIDUL)
 Silk georgette (SIGEO) now in 20 shades                       Meshes & Tulles
 Silk shot organdy (SHSI) in 10 shades            soft or firm;                                         Brisbane
 Silk crinkle chiffon (SICR) in 10 shades         rigid or with stretch;                                Don Cameron
 Light silk crinkle (SCR54) - new item!          We have all types in different shades and                Ph (07) 386 27749
 Silk satin with spandex (SISP)                  styles.                                                  Fax (07) 386 28577
 Silk bridal satin (SISAT)
                                                                         Satins                             Mackay
                                                    shiny or matt;                                        Ian McVie
Other services we provide for silk farbics:
                                                    rigid or stretch;                                     Ph (07) 415 93198
 Source large quantities in the majority of
                                                    heavy or light;
   our silk products within 2-3 weeks!                                                                      South Australia
                                                   All types available in the best colour
 We are able to organise prints on any of
                                                   range in Australia.                                      Allan Broadbent
   our silks if you provide the artwork.
   Please contact Anthony or Michael for                                                                    Mob 0414741533
                                                                Failles & Habutaes
   further details (minimums apply).               Matt Faille and Habutae linings in 70 shades             Western Australia
                                                   are long standing staples of our range.                  D & L Agencies
    Feathers…...                                                                                            David Michaels
We have a large selection of                           Stoned                                               Ph (08) 9345 1200
different feather tapes and                        Big coloured acrylic                                     Fax (08) 9345 1422
boas available in stock now.                       and crystal stones
                                                   for sewing on to                                         New Zealand
                                                   garments are in                                          Annie Severne
                                                   stock in different                                       Ph 64 (09) 3611001
         Lingerie Fabrics                          shapes and sizes.
                                                                                                            Mob 64 27 616 3309
Newly introduced Powernet and Satinnet             Hand sewn motifs                                         Fax 64 (09) 3092400
                                                   and collars using
in black and white, are for manufacturers
                                                   stones and sequin
of lingerie type products. These fabrics are       are also available.
used fro bras, bra cups and corsets or for
dresses that require firm stretch panels.
                                                   Product - After 56 years in the fashion industry we know our customers. It is our
Bra wadding                                        aim to provide you with the accessories and fabrics that will set your style apart
Now available in convenient sized sheets           from the rest.
ideal for small applications.                      Quality - Our goods are compatible with the use that they were designed for, but
                                                   we always recommend that our customer tests the goods for their own individual
Lingerie accessories                               Requirements.
Bra wires in all shapes and sizes, bra cups        Service - With the aid of our sales staff, representatives, and our agents all
in 4 styles, bra clips, bra straps and other       around the country you can receive the personal attention you deserve.
lingerie accessories are all available and         We invite you to make a time with Mrs Greenfield or Anthony to see the complete
online at                    range in our show room.

                                              Our philosophy is simple:
                   Customer satisfaction with our products and service is the key to our continued success!