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Do You Have a Passion for Fashion


									Do You Have a Passion for Fashion?
Would you like to:

   •   Help organize and attend exclusive fashion events and gatherings?
   •   Work with top new fashion designers?
   •   Learn how new fashion brands are built into worldwide brand names?
   •   Be part of the team that builds the leading West Coast center for development of
       new fashion companies?

The Intern Opportunity

   •   Start as a Fashion Intern – part time or full time
   •   Qualify for a staff position with base salary and bonuses

We look for American, French, Italian, Brazilian, Spanish, and British designers of quality,
authentic and original designs that have the potential to become worldwide brand names.
This is a unique opportunity to work in an exciting area of fashion design and learn how
fashion brands are developed and made into profitable domestic and global corporations.

Intern Training

   •   Identify new designers of haute couture, luxury fashion and ready to wear interested
       in building their fashion enterprise and getting their collections into wholesale and
       retail distribution
   •   Look for new design companies with quality, original designs to join our Fashion
   •   Meet the creation team to see how the collections are designed
   •   Work with designers to organize shows and events to show their collections


   •   A Passion for Fashion (of course!)
   •   Appreciation of fashion, design and quality
   •   Knowledge of the fashion industry
   •   Ability to spot new design trends
   •   Ability to find new fashion designers
   •   Strong communication skills
   •   Can work with limited supervision
   •   Results oriented

 Interested in joining as a Fashion Intern?
Further Information

The Administrative office is located in Newport Beach, California and the Incubator is in Irvine, California.

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