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Model Trains scale


									Important Facts About Model Train Scales

Choosing the right model train scale is one of the most important parts of getting started with train. Scale
refers to the size of the model in relation to a real train. Lower scales mean larger models. One example of a
larger scale is the G scale. This is about 1:22 or 1:24 in relation to a real train. More popular scales include O,
HO and N. O scale runs at 1:48 in relation to real trains and is considered the perfect starting size for older
adults, kids, and beginning train enthusiasts. HO is the most popular scale, is also a great started, and has
more accessories on scale, while N is a smaller scale that fits better into a small space.

Space is a significant consideration when it comes to choosing the right scale. There are lots of different
layouts to pick from, and they work for all scales, so the amount of space you have and the layout you want
are what's going to affect things. There are some truly tiny scales out there, such as Z scale, at 1:220, which
can fit on the top of a desk without problems. Most at home train hobbyists find that O and HO fit well in
basements, and can work well for portable layouts, as well. You'll see these trains frequently around the
holidays. Train displays at Christmastime are almost traditional.

The model train scale you decide to go with will be affected by what you need. Will you be buying for your
family, as well as for yourself? Then you need a scale everyone can safely play with. If you prefer to put
models together yourself, O and HO scales will work well. They're easier to find parts and accessories for,
including vehicles, buildings, figurines and landscaping parts. Some kits even include sounds and lights for
layouts and for the trains themselves. You can get mini "steam" trains that have whistle and bell sounds, and
really generate smoke. Holiday trains may play carols.

If you'd rather set your train up outside, G scale will be your best bet, since these are sturdy trains that can
take a beating, even outdoors. Many of these trains are made with special materials and weather proof
gearing. They come with layouts that range from the extremely simple to the highly complex. For smaller
apartments and rooms, N scale is a better choice. It's highly detailed, but still big enough to handle. It's a
great scale for very long trains, since these materials are lighter and the train itself runs more easily.

If you'd like to know more about model train scales, you're in luck. There's plenty of information out there on
the Internet, and in your local hobby shop. There are even a few step by step courses that will help you go
through the whole process, plus layouts, videos, diagrams and plants. There's lots to learn when it comes to
model trains.

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