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					                             London College of Fashion
                               In-house Course Ideas

Here are some ideas to inspire you to try our tailor-made courses for your staff. They
are grouped by activity – but combinations from one or more activity groups are
always possible. If you need further inspiration or are unable to find the perfect
course, please contact:

Reena Patel
London Artscom Limited
London College of Fashion
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7514 7495

•   The Fashion Business
    An overview of the complete cycle of the fashion business from yarn and fabric
    through to the finished garment on the shop rail. For those groups or individuals
    new to the workings of the fashion industry.

•   The Global Market for Fashion
    Understand the worldwide nature of today’s fashion sourcing. Learn supplier
    evaluation & comparison techniques, discuss international competitive advantage
    and the changing terms of trade, and distribution channels.

Buying and Merchandising
•   Buying and merchandising techniques for the British High Street
    Ideal for businesses where a body of staff are ready for the next promotion or
    where retention may be an issue. This course can be taught at the required level
    from beginners to advanced and covers the issues of range planning; managing
    OTB, margin and stock turn and much more.

•   Visual Merchandising Management
    A management course covering relevant theoretical concepts and contemporary
    practices in visual merchandising and space management within a fashion retail
    context. The course examines the advantages of visual merchandising as part of an
    integrated brand communication strategy.

•   Understanding the manufacturing lead time
    In today’s fashion market place many retailers are developing closer links with
    manufacturers. The importance of clear communication between them is vital. This
    can guarantee quick response from home manufacturers, and keen pricing through
    overseas sourcing. This course will examine the current practices used for dealing
    with far distant suppliers and the processes whereby expectations for quality and fit
    can be met, as well as prompt delivery. And by contrast, the methods of working with
    home manufacturers will be examined.
Marketing & PR
•   PR for fashion
    A course that can be adapted to either a retail environment or a fashion brand. The
    subjects covered include the role of PR in the fashion or beauty industries; analysis of
    the media opportunities for PR; target markets; fashion and media lead-times; the
    influence and reach of a range of media; methods for generating editorial coverage;
    press packs; selecting images to influence the media.

•   Fashion marketing
    An introduction to the role and objectives of the marketing function and describes the
    marketing process. Course modules cover each of the main elements of this process:
    Market research and customer analysis; Target customer merchandising; Retail
    marketing and shop design; Marketing communications including advertising, PR and
    direct marketing.

•   Brand management
    This course looks at the value of brands - why brands matter, planning a brand
    strategy and attracting and retaining customer loyalty. Trends in customer attitudes
    and behaviour will be examined as well as Brand positioning and the process of
    developing a fashion brand.

•   Marketing Luxury products
    Focus your marketing strategy on the luxury brands sector: understand the luxury
    consumer, the importance of the loyalty factor and demographics; develop brand identity
    and understand marketing as an investment not a cost.

Fashion Design, Technology and Product Development
•   Fashion Forecasting
    The development of the colours and shapes and textures for the fashion seasons to
    come. The sources of trend intelligence - how do designers work with colour and
    themes; Catwalk to High Street: the economic, cultural and demographic influences
    affecting consumer purchase decisions.

•   Technical Fashion Drawing
    In every working design and development department, there is a need for precise
    working drawings or flat drawings when communicating fashion designs to the internal
    and external customer. Discover the intricate techniques of highlighting detail and
    achieving drawings that will act as a visual aid on garment specifications when
    sending designs to manufacturers abroad.

•   Presentation techniques for fashion
    Using a combination of Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign applications you
    will produce slick presentations for the workplace. You will explore creating and
    presenting both photographic and line art images, including scanning or drawing fabric
    ideas to add to your designs. You will investigate and produce final presentation
    layouts for both print and on-screen use incorporating photos, drawings and text to
    give a professional and focused look to your work.
•   Pattern Cutting skills update
    From block refinement and issues of fit to design development for the pattern cutter –
    we will tackle your in house requirements. Whether it is flat pattern cutting or
    draping/modelling skills that need attention, our professional tutors can devise a
    training solution.

•   Product development
    Preserving the integrity of the design from sketch to final production garment. This
    course is aimed at fashion company personnel who need a clear understanding of all
    stages of the product development process, from early design concepts, sourcing and
    production strategies, marketing, sales and distribution channels. In today’s market,
    the understanding of brand identity and customer profile is critical to successful
    product development.

•   Understanding Textiles for Fashion
    This course is aimed at retailing, merchandising and wholesaling professionals alike.
    Modern fabric terminology, common fabric faults, fabric testing procedures, product
    labeling and legislation – valuable knowledge for those all-important dealings with

•   Garment construction
    In today’s fashion market place many retailers are developing closer links with
    manufacturers. The importance of clear communication between them is vital. This
    can guarantee quick response from home manufacturers, and keen pricing through
    overseas sourcing. The course can be taught from the retail or manufacturing
    perspective, and traces the process of product development and explores the stages
    of garment construction from design interpretation, pattern technology, costing and
    manufacture, including quality control, from both practical and theoretical

•   Accessory, Footwear and Millinery technology update
    The London College of Fashion has extensive expertise in the field of accessories,
    footwear and millinery. We can provide training solutions for all these areas, whether
    for technical or retail purposes.

• Personal Styling for retail advisors
   An increasingly important part of a retailer’s customer service portfolio involves
   advising clients or customers on colour, style, shape or a complete wardrobe. The
   course will include the techniques of working with individual clients; the analysis and
   identification of face shapes and bodylines; figure characteristics; identifying
   appropriate cuts and styles for the bodyline and the importance of fit.

•   Alteration and fitting tips
    This is a practical course designed to equip sales assistants and personal shoppers
    with a comprehensive introductory knowledge of the techniques of fitting and/or
    alterations for a variety of garments. Our tutor can cover accurate measuring, handling
    techniques, and communicating garment constraints as well as the written and verbal
    instructions to the alterations team, as appropriate for the specific retail environment.
•   Make-up for the retail advisor
    This course is perfect for retail teams unfamiliar with selling beauty products. The
    essential skills of make-up application will be taught plus the selling techniques
    needed to create a strong client base. The course includes essential hygiene; make-
    up techniques; creating the look; colour harmony; interaction and teaching the client;
    closing the sale.

•   Fabric knowledge and care
    This course provides an introduction into the properties and characteristics of textiles
    for clothing, with particular emphasis on recent fabric innovations and new fashion
    ‘favourites’. Fabric/garment care recommendations are also examined in relation to
    frequently asked questions and common complaints from customers. Topics covered
    include fibres used for clothing fabrics, their properties and influence on fabric
    appearance and behaviour; fabric structure, recognition and properties, and the
    effects on garment construction methods and aspects of garment care that relate to
    the fabric and trimmings. Examples of textiles and clothing can be related to typical
    products stocked by the client.

•   Bra Fitting Techniques
    This course is designed to demonstrate the correct techniques for fitting a bra, and to
    provide tips on best practice when advising customers. The construction elements of
    the bra can be covered if required, as more knowledge leads to increased confidence
    when dealing with customers, and an increase in satisfied customers.