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                                 STRATEGIC SCHOOL PROFILE 2004-05
                                             Elementary School K-6 Edition

                                                Eli Terry School
                                         South Windsor School District

MARILYN SEVICK, Principal                                                                    Telephone: (860) 648-5020

This profile was produced by the Connecticut State Department of Education in accordance with CT General Statutes 10-220(c).

STUDENT ENROLLMENT                                                                    TYPE OF SCHOOL
Total Enrollment: 466                                                                 School Type: Traditional/Regular
5-Year Enrollment Change: 1.7%                                                        School Grade Range: K-5

                                                  SCHOOL NEED

Current and Past School Need                        Year             School            District K-6           State K-6
                                                                                         Schools               Schools
% of Students Eligible for Free/Reduced-         2004-2005             5.6                   5.4                 28.1
Price Meals                                      2002-2003             4.8                   4.5                 28.8
% of K-12 Students with Non-English              2004-2005             3.0                   6.1                 13.1
Home Language                                    1999-2000             4.2                   4.2                 13.5
% of Students above Entry Grade who              2004-2005            95.1                  93.9                 87.4
Attended this School the Previous Year           1999-2000            95.5                  90.5                 85.1
                                                   Year              School              District               State
% of Kindergarten Students who Attended          2004-2005            91.5                  91.3                 77.0
Preschool, Nursery School or Headstart           1999-2000            84.9                  82.4                 73.1

Enrollment in Special Programs               Students in           Percent in          % in District        % in State
                                               School               School             K-6 Schools          K-6 Schools
Bilingual Education and English as a                3                   0.7                  2.2               5.9
Second Language Services (K-12)
Compensatory Education                             0                    0.0                  0.0                23.5
Full or Extended Day Kindergarten                  0                   N/A                  N/A                  N/A
Gifted and Talented Program                        9                    1.9                  1.6                 1.9
Special Education                                 82                   17.6                 10.9                11.3
Prekindergarten                                   60                   N/A                  N/A                  N/A
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                                         STUDENT RACE/ETHNICITY

Race/Ethnicity            Number                Percent                   Total Minority 2004-2005               15.7%
American Indian              1                    0.2                     Total Minority 1999-2000               13.3%
Asian American              26                    5.6
Black                       31                    6.7
Hispanic                    15                    3.2
White                      393                   84.3

Connecticut law requires that school districts provide educational opportunities for their students to interact with students and
teachers from diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. This may occur through programs with other schools, distance
learning, or other experiences. Below is the description submitted by this school of how it provides such experiences.

Eli Terry Elementary School participated in the Choice Program during the 2004-2005 school year. Ten (10)
children who reside in Hartford are enrolled at Eli Terry. Parents of our Choice students have the opportunity to
participate in a variety of school programs including Open House, school conferences, Sharing Night, and school
concerts and performances. During our concerts, students who reside in Hartford are hosted by our South Windsor
families. This makes it easier for Choice students to attend our evening performances.

E.T. staff work closely with our Choice Program families and communicate with them through journals, via
telephone conversations, e-mail, and parent/teacher conferences. Our school social worker is available to work with
our Choice students and their families.

Service Learning projects provide opportunities for South Windsor students to interact with a diverse population.
First grade students collected money for UNICEF. Grade four students organized a toy drive during the holidays.
Food items and clothing are collected for an area homeless shelter. In addition, the Eli Terry Student Council
members coordinate a blood drive for the American Red Cross. This year, our entire school participated in collecting
and donating books to Burr Elementary School in Hartford.

Our school theme this year, Continuing to CARE (Community, Accepts and Respects Everyone), was evident
throughout our school during the year. Our theme was discussed during morning meeting time. Every class at Eli
Terry has a designated time during the day to discuss issues, such as demonstrating empathy for one another.
Cultural food tasting activities and sharing of holiday traditions are ways in which students learn to embrace

"Project Wisdom" is a collection of messages that are read each Monday, thru our intercom. The messages introduce
children to the ideas of being more responsible, respectful, and caring. Selected staff members read these messages
to students at the start of each week, and classroom teachers then discuss the theme with their students during
morning meeting time.
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                                               SCHOOL RESOURCES

Instructional Time*                                           School                  District K-6                  State K-6
Total Hours of Instruction Per Year                           1,005                     1,006                          989
*State law requires at least 900 hours for grades 1 through 12 and full-day kindergarten, and 450 hours for half-day kindergarten.

TECHNOLOGY                        % of Classrooms, Libraries,                School             District K-6          State K-6
                                  and Laboratories Wired for:
                                                         Video                  0.0                  0.0                  59.0
                                                         Voice                  0.0                  0.0                  69.0
                                               Internet Access                100.0                100.0                  95.9
                                   Multi-Room Network (LAN)                     0.0                  0.0                  72.0

Computers                                                     School           Dist K-6          State K-6         This school
# of Students Per Academic Computer                             6.6               7.7               4.0            does not have a
% of Computers that are High or Moderate Power                  0.0             66.8               73.8
                                                                                                                   satellite link.
% of Computers with Internet Access, All Speeds               100.0            100.0               92.3
% of Computers with High Speed Internet Access                100.0            100.0               90.5
% of Internet Computers with Filtering Software               100.0            100.0               98.0

LIBRARY MATERIALS                           Print and Non-Print Materials                 School       Dist K-6         State K-6
Free on-line access to periodicals,         # of Print Volumes Per Student*                16.6          22.2              26.1
newspapers, and other resources is          % of Print Volumes Purchased in                20.4          13.9              14.9
available to all Connecticut schools        the Last Three Years
through the Connecticut Digital
Library.                                    # of Print Periodical Subscriptions             6               10.8           15.9
                                            # of Non-Print Materials                       35              206.8          412.5
                                            *Because a certain number of volumes are needed for a library of adequate breadth
                                            and depth, a small school may need a higher number of volumes per student.

STAFFING RESOURCES                                                  School Staff Count                       2004-05      2003-04
                                                                    Full-Time Equivalent
                                                                    # of Certified Staff
                                                                      Teachers                                  28.3       27.3
Average Class Size         School      District      State            Administrators                             1.0        1.0
Gr. K 2004-2005             19.7        20.0         18.5             Department Chairs                          0.0      N/A
        1999-2000           23.3        19.5         18.5             Library/Media Staff                        0.0        0.0
Gr. 2   2004-2005           18.7        20.9         19.5             Counselors, Social Workers,                1.4        1.4
        1999-2000           20.7        19.3         19.8                and School Psychologists
Gr. 5   2004-2005           23.0        22.8         21.3             Other Professionals                        3.0         3.0
        1999-2000           21.0        21.7         21.8           # of Non-Certified Instructional            18.0        13.5

Professional Staff Race/Ethnicity                                               2004-05            2003-04             1999-2000
  % Minority                                                                       5.6                5.7                  2.8
Professional Staff Experience and Training                                      School           District K-6          State K-6
Average Number of Years Experience in Connecticut                                12.6                14.3                 12.9
% with Master’s Degree or Above                                                  77.8                77.6                80.4
% Trained as Mentors, Assessors, or Cooperating Teachers                         30.6                34.8                 29.6
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                                           SCHOOL PROCESSES

Selected Subject Areas, Grade 5                Estimated Hours of Instruction Per Year                  Computer/
                                            School               District              State            Supported
Art                                            25                   25                   31                 No
Computer Education                             22                   22                   18                 Yes
English Language Arts                         458                  458                  423                 No
Family and Consumer Science                     0                    0                    1                 N/A
Health                                         30                   30                   24                 No
Library Media Skills                            0                    0                   19                 N/A
Mathematics                                   225                  225                  189                 No
Music                                          50                   50                   33                 No
Physical Education                             25                   25                   41                 No
Science                                        85                   85                   97                 No
Social Studies                                 85                   85                   95                 No
Technology Education                            0                    0                    1                 N/A
World Languages                                 0                    0                   11                 N/A
*Interdisciplinary Approach

World Language
Formal instruction (at least 1 hour per week) in a world language is not offered in this school. In Connecticut,
19.2% of K-6 schools offer world language instruction.

Types of Remedial Instructional Services               Available in          Available in
Provided to Students Lacking Basic Skills              Mathematics          Language Arts
Pull-Out Instruction                                      Yes                   Yes
In-Class Tutorial                                          No                    No
After School Program                                       No                    No
Summer School (2004)                                       No                    No
Other                                                      No                   Yes

Interactive Distance Learning
This school does not utilize interactive distance learning. Interactive distance learning ranges from on-line courses
with student-instructor interaction via the internet to live classroom interaction through two-way audio and video

Student and Teacher Statistics                                           School       District K-6        State K-6
% of Students Retained in Grade after 2003-04 School Year                   0.2             0.4               2.0
Teacher Attendance, 2003-04: Average # of Days Absent Due                   8.6             6.8               8.2
to Illness or Personal Time
% Certified Staff Assigned to Same School the Previous Year               91.7             90.0              82.1
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                                      STUDENT PERFORMANCE

Connecticut Mastery Test, Third Generation, % Meeting State Goal: The state goal was established with the
advice and assistance of a cross section of Connecticut educators. The Goal level is more demanding than the state
Proficient level, but not as high as the Advanced level, reported in the No Child Left Behind Report Cards.

Connecticut Mastery Test, 3rd Generation                School                 District                 State
% Meeting State Goal                                   2004-05                 2004-05                 2004-05
Grade 4 Reading                                           70.9                   68.4                    52.8
           Writing                                        69.8                   73.5                    63.3
           Mathematics                                   72.1                    74.2                    56.8
           All Three Tests                                61.6                   57.3                    41.2
Grade 6 Reading                                         N/A                     N/A                     N/A
           Writing                                      N/A                     N/A                     N/A
           Mathematics                                  N/A                     N/A                     N/A
           All Three Tests                              N/A                     N/A                     N/A
Participation Rate                                        98.9                   99.2                    99.0

                                                         The figures above were calculated differently than those
                                                         reported in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Report
                                                         Cards. Unlike NCLB figures, these results reflect the
                                                         performance of students with scoreable tests who were
                                                         enrolled in the district at the time of testing, regardless of
                                                         the length of time they were enrolled in the district.

Physical Fitness        School    District    State         Student Attendance         School     District     State
% Passing All 4 Tests                                                                              K-6         K-6
            Grade 4      29.9      27.1       33.3          % on October 1, 2004          97.6      97.7        96.4
            Grade 6     N/A       N/A        N/A
132-07                                                                                                                     Page 6
Below is a summary, submitted by this school, of the major trends in student performance and accomplishments that indicate
sustained improvement over time. Also, areas of need are identified and plans to address these needs are presented.

The largest improvement on the Connecticut Mastery scores was in the area of reading. Scores on the 2004-05 test
showed 70.9% of our fourth-graders attained goal. This is 2.6 percent higher than on the 2003-04 Mastery Test.
Writing and Math scores were virtually the same for the 2003-04 and 2004-05 school years. In writing, 69.8 % of
the students achieved goal on both the 2003-04 and the 2004-05 tests. In math, 72.3% of fourth-grade students
achieved goal in 2003-04 and 72. 1% in 2004-05. Representation of the entire fourth-grade special education
population on the 2004-05 Connecticut Mastery Test was a change from previous years. Eli Terry students continue
to score above the state average in all areas of the Mastery Test.

In reading, we exceeded the state average by 18 percentage points (70.9 vs. 52.8). Our 2003-4 tests exceeded the
state average by 14 points.

In writing, we exceeded the state average by 7 percentage points (69.8 vs. 63.3). Our 2003-04 tests exceeded the
state average by 4 points.

In math, we exceeded the state average by 15 percentage points (72.1 vs. 56.8). Our 2003-04 tests exceeded the state
average by 14 points.

All grade-level and special education teachers met to analyze the test results. Our reading consultant will continue to
run workshops for staff during staff meetings, team meetings, and before school. We are implementing a number of
programs to reinforce pre-and early reading skills in kindergarten through grade three. These programs include:
Guided Reading, our Early Literacy Program, as well as a program for children who are struggling with pre-reading
skills. Our reading consultant will work in a coaching situation to help classroom teachers in grades K-5 implement
reading and writing strategies. Math items have been analyzed and discussed during grade-level meetings and during
staff meetings. Teachers will continue to focus on providing a differentiated approach to instruction to strengthen
identified areas of growth.
                                    SUPPLEMENTAL SCHOOL INFORMATION
The space below was optionally used by this school to describe aspects of the school not presented elsewhere in the profile. For
instance, character education or programs designed to improve school climate may be described.

    Eli Terry Elementary School is proud to be a recipient of the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award
from the U.S. Department of Education in the 2000-2001 school year. We continue to set high standards and strive
toward excellence. Eli Terry Elementary School is a pre-K through grade 5 elementary school welcoming more
than 40 special needs children into our Preschool Outreach Program (POP) from throughout the South Windsor
district. Our school theme is "Continuing to CARE (Community Accepts and Respects Everyone)"; this theme is
present throughout our school. Students show they care about the community and one another through numerous
Service Learning programs, as well as day to day interactions.
   Eli Terry's student council consists of fifth-grade students who wish to take an active role in decision making,
service learning, negotiating, and learning about governing. This year, our Student Council initiated a program to
stop negative behavior during the bus ride to and from school. Student ambassadors also have a role to play in
welcoming visitors and new students. Other student programs at Eli Terry include safety patrol, flag attendants, and
superstar committees. All students are able to submit an application to become a student superstar.
   Eli Terry has very strong ties to our community. Parent involvement is evident through our parent volunteer
program and our PTO. Our PTO funds our Cultural Arts programs, Read-at-Home, and Fitness-at-Home programs,
book fairs, and other, numerous activities. Parent volunteers work with classroom teachers both as room parents and
during instruction. Parents help special area teachers including our reading consultant with pre-reading programs
for our primary children.
   Professional learning is highly regarded and supported. Teachers have common planning times and meet
monthly with the principal to discuss effective practices, curriculum, and data. Teachers attend workshops and
seminars to learn and implement new skills and ideas.

  Strategic School Profiles may be viewed on the internet at A more detailed, searchable SSP
                database, data tables, and additional CT education facts are also available at this site.
                For the school/district website, see
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