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					By Mr. Phang Koon Tuck
   Increasingly large number of
student completing SPM & STPM
            every day

     The public universities cannot
    accommodate all these students
Previously, parents send their children
overseas because :
 Believe that overseas universities are better
 Facilities are better compared with local

Those who cannot afford overseas education, look
    to local colleges/ universities - as 2nd choice
Assurance that the above thinking is not

   All local private universities of Higher Learning are
    subjected to strict quality control by the MOE needs
    LAN approval and accreditation
   All MAPCU member institutions are thus accredited
   In addition, local institution are charging fees which
    are significantly lower compare to overseas
    colleges/universities. On top of this, the cost of
    living in Malaysia much cheaper, thus the overall
    saving’s is significant. With USD/£/AUD so high,
    studying abroad can be 3-5 times more expensive.
   Obtain an overseas qualification locally
   There are many forms of financial
assistance available to parents/ students
 for them to pursue a tertiary education
These include:
   Scholarships/ loans from both the Public and
    Private sections
   Withdrawal from EPF and Sosco
   Unit Trust/ Insurance Schemes for Education
   Bank Loans
   Private Charitable Foundations
   The NSTP-MAPCU Scholarship from member
   The Star Education Fund
Public Sectors

Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)
   Malaysian citizen
   Letter of Acceptance from IPTA/ IPTS
   SPM/ STPM results (or equivalent) – SPM min with 3 credits is a
   Repayment, 6 months after graduation
   Loan : from RM2,500 – RM16,000 per year of studies
   For studies locally and overseas
   Overseas, 1-2 foundation (local) & balance at foreign universities
   German Engineering Programme
         - 2 years at PPPITM (Shah Alam)
         - German Universities (overseas)

   Loan & Scholarships for both local & overseas study

State Foundations
   Yayasan Selangor, Johor, Sabah, Pahang, etc
Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP)

   Withdrawals from Account II : lower of fees or available funds in
    Account II [submission via Form KWSP 9H (AHL)]
   Payment to the Institution (local or foreign)


   Loan given to dependant children of members
Private Sectors
Unit Trust/ Insurance Schemes
   Long term installments, whereby regular payment made (minimum 5
    years) to build up a fund to be used for financing the child’s studies

Bank Loans
   Many local banks have education schemes to provide loans to both
    local and overseas institutions
    * RHB, Maybank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, etc
Private Charitable Foundations/ Corporate

   Many private foundations large and public corporation offer
    scholarships/ loans to finance students

    eg   Dong Zong/ Gilds & Association
         Lee Foundations/ Kuok Foundations
         Shell/ Sime Darby
         Petronas/ Telekom/ Tenaga Nasional
NST-MAPCU Scholarship
   For studies in local IPTS
   Academic results
   Extra curriculum activities
   Financially deserving
   Given as a form of Tuition Fee waiver
   2004        15 institutions offering up to RM2.4 million in
   2005        20 institutions offering up to RM3.0 million in
   We advertise this in the ‘Learning Curve’ that appears in
    the Sunday Times.
   Details are available at our website
NST-MAPCU Scholarship Awards - Summary of Pledges for year 2005
No                                                 Institutions
                                                                          No       Amount (RM)

     1   KBU International College                                         2                     88,000.00
     2   Asia Pacific Insitute of Information Technology                   8                 240,640.00
     3   Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College                    3                 118,000.00
     4   Olympia College                                                  16                 222,300.00
     5   Inti College, Subang Jaya                                         5                     40,000.00
     6   Inti College, Nilai                                               3                     70,260.00
     7   KDU College Petaling Jaya Campus                                 10                 252,335.00
     8   Nilai International College                                       9                 173,000.00
     9   Stamford College Petaling Jaya                                    4                 114,840.00
 10      Taylor's College                                                  7                 298,535.00
 11      Binary University College                                         5                     98,600.00
 12      Binary College, City Campus                                       2                     34,600.00
 13      HELP Institute                                                    7                     72,900.00
 14      University College Sedaya International                          16                 399,111.00
 15      Sepang Institute of Technology                                    8                 146,880.00
 16      Monash University Malaysia                                        8                 221,000.00
 17      Universiti Tun Abdul Razak                                        2                     36,000.00
 18      KUTPM                                                             8                 178,330.00
 19      PTPL                                                             10                 133,300.00
 20      Sunway University College                                         4                 112,300.00
                                                                  Total   137              3,050,931.00
STAR Education Fund
 Similar criteria as above
 Participation by MAPCU members in this fund
 There is thus a myriad of financial
assistance that students can tap into.

  As Malaysia marches forward to be a
     Centre of Education Excellence,
opportunities are plenty for our students to
 participate in this exciting and essential

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