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					Project Presentation
Contract Number                                     Coordination of technical aspects and relation
026808                                              with Grid Infrastructure Projects, user training,
                                                    application support and resources integration.
Project acronym                                     • To expand the Grid awareness inside the
BioinfoGRID                                         bioinformatics community.
                                                    • To identify and promote common components
                                                    and solutions for the feasibilities studies of the
Project name                                        applications included in the project. Evaluate the
Bioinformatics Grid Application for life science    services provided by the European Grid
                                                    Infrastructure on the basis of the collection of
Priority: Strategic Objectives                      requirements from the application WP’s.
Genomics Applications in GRID                       • To establish relations with Grid infrastructure
• Analysis of the W3H task system for GRID.         projects, in particular with EGEE, to provide
• GRID analysis of cDNA data.                       feedback in order to improve the European Grid
• GRID analysis of the NCBI and Ensembl             Infrastructure.
databases.                                          • To provide the technical support required by
• GRID analysis of rule-based multiple              the user and the applications WP’s.
alignments.                                         Dissemination and Outreach.
Proteomics Applications in GRID                     • To disseminate the project results to other
• Pipeline analysis for domain search for protein   institutions and project initiatives.
functional domain analysis.                         • To organize an international conference on
• Surface proteins analysis in GRID platform.       bioinformatics.
Transcriptomics          and       Phylogenetics
Applications in GRID                                Participants
• Data analysis specific for microarray and allow   the following institutions will contribute to the
the GRID user to store and search this              BioinfoGRID project:
information, with direct access to the data files   • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Roma, Italy,
stored on Data Storage element on GRID servers.     represented by the Institute of Biomedical
• To validate an infrastructure to perform          Technologies CNR-ITB Segrate (Milan), Italy acting
Application of Phylogenetic based on                as coordinator of the consortium
execution application of Phylogenetic methods       • Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Frascati
estimates trees.                                    (Roma), Italy
Database       and      Functional      Genomics    •        Deutsches       Krebsforschungszentrum,
Applications                                        Heidelberg, Germany
• To offer the possibility to manage and access     • Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique,
biological database by using the GRID EGEE.         Paris, France
• To cluster gene products by their functionality   • The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the
as an alternative to the normally used              University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United
comparison by sequence similarity.                  Kingdom
Molecular Dynamics Applications                     • Consorzio Interuniversitario Lombardo per
• To improve the scalability of Molecular           L'elaborazione Automatica, Segrate (Milan), Italy
Dynamics simulations.                               •      Steinbeis    Gmbh      and      Co     Fuer
• To perform simulation folding and                 Technologietransfer, Stuttgart, Germany
aggregation of peptides and small proteins, to
investigate structural properties of proteins and
protein-DNA complexes and to study the effect
                                                    Total cost of the project
                                                    1 054 208 Euros
of mutations in proteins of biomedical interest.
• To perform a challenge of the Wide In Silico
Docking On Malaria.                                 Commission Funding
                                                    1 050 000 Euros

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Main goals of Specific Support Action               Expected achievements/impact
The project aims to connect many European           Grid technology is a very important step forward
computer centres in order to carry out              from the Web, that simply allows the sharing of
Bioinformatics research and to develop new          information over the internet.        The massive
applications in the sector using a network of       potential of Grid technology will be indispensable
services based on futuristic Grid networking        when dealing with both the complexity of models
technology that represents the natural evolution    and the enormous quantity of data, for example,
of the Web.                                         in searching the human genome or when carry
More specifically the BioinfoGRID project will      out simulations of molecular dynamics for the
make research in the fields of Genomics,            study of new drugs.
Proteomics, Transcriptomics and applications in     The BioinfoGRID programme will cover the most
Molecular Dynamics much easier, reducing data       contemporary uncharted fields of investigation in
calculation times thanks to the distribution of     biological and medical research. The project will
the calculation at any one time on thousands of     support studies on applications for distributed
computers across Europe and the world.              laboratory management systems for microarray
                                                    technology, for gene expression studies, for gene
Key issues                                          data mining, for analysis of cDNA data, for
The BioinfoGRID project will provide the            Phylogenetics analysis, for distributed database
possibility of accessing many different databases   access, for protein functional analysis and for
and hundreds of applications belonging to           molecular dynamics simulations in GRID. A new
thousands of European users by exploiting the       challenge of the Wide In Silico Docking on
potential of the Grid infrastructure created with   Malaria and an international conference for GRID
the EGEE European project and coordinated by        Bioinformatics applications will be organized by
CERN in Geneva.                                     the BioinfoGRID project.
The BioinfoGRID SSA will establish a common
ground for collaboration between the European       Coordinator contact details
Grid     Infrastructure   providers    and    the   Luciano Milanesi
Bioinformatics research user community in           Institute of Biomedical Technologies        CNR-ITB,
various fields of Bioinformatics applications       Via Fratelli Cervi 93, Segrate (Milan), 20090, Italy
(Biology, Computational Chemistry, Medicine
and Biotechnology). This will be achieved           Website
through specific studies for each reference         For more information please visit the BioinfoGRID
application in the Bioinformatics domain in         website:
which experts of various disciplines can  
collaborate on the solution of highly complex
problems.                                           E-mail
The BioinfoGRID project foresees an investment
                                                    Contact us at:
of over one million euros funded through the
European           Commission’s         “Research
Infrastructures” budget.        Grid networking
promises to be a very important step forward in
the Information Technology field.

Technical approach
Grid technology will make a global network                                     The BIOINFOGRID project is funded
made up of hundreds of thousands of                                            by the EU within the framework of
                                                                               the Sixth Framework Programme
interconnected computers possible, allowing the
                                                                               for Research and Technological
shared use of calculating power, data storage                                  Development (FP6), as part of the
and structured compression of data. This goes                                  specific programme 'Structuring the
beyond the simple communication between             European       Research     Area',    within  the    'Research
                                                    infrastructures' activity. Call name: 'Communication Network
computers and aims instead to transform the
                                                    Development - eInfrastructure - Consolidating Initiatives'.
global network of computers into a vast joint       Call identifier: FP6-2004 Infrastructures-6.
computational resource.
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