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                                 STRATEGIC SCHOOL PROFILE 2005-06
                                        Middle and Junior High School Edition

                                         Torrington Middle School
                                           Torrington School District

JOHN E HUDSON, Principal                                                                Telephone: (860) 496-4050

This profile was produced by the Connecticut State Department of Education in accordance with CT General Statutes 10-220(c).

STUDENT ENROLLMENT                                                                    TYPE OF SCHOOL
Total Enrollment: 1207                                                                School Type: Traditional/Regular
5-Year Enrollment Change: -6.9%                                                       School Grade Range: 6- 8

                                                  SCHOOL NEED

Current and Past School Need                        Year             School             District              State
                                                                                      Middle/Junior        Middle/Junior
                                                                                      High Schools         High Schools
% of Students Eligible for Free/Reduced-          2005-06              31.3                31.3                23.9
Price Meals                                       2002-03              26.8                26.8                24.4
% of K-12 Students with Non-English               2005-06               7.9                 7.9                10.8
Home Language                                     2000-01               5.2                 5.2                10.6
% of Students above Entry Grade who               2005-06              95.4                95.4                91.5
Attended this School the Previous Year            2000-01              85.8                85.8                90.2

Enrollment in Special Programs               Students in           Percent in         % in District         % in State
                                               School               School            Middle/Junior        Middle/Junior
                                                                                      High Schools         High Schools
Bilingual Education and English as a              44                    3.6                3.6                 3.7
Second Language Services (K-12)
Compensatory Education                             0                    0.0                  0.0                13.8
Gifted and Talented Program                      104                    8.6                  8.6                 4.9
Special Education                                117                    9.7                  9.7                11.7
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                                         STUDENT RACE/ETHNICITY

Race/Ethnicity            Number                Percent                   Total Minority 2005-06                 17.5%
American Indian              6                    0.5                     Total Minority 2000-01                 11.1%
Asian American              24                    2.0
Black                       71                    5.9
Hispanic                   110                    9.1
White                      996                   82.5

Connecticut law requires that school districts provide educational opportunities for their students to interact with students and
teachers from diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. This may occur through programs with other schools, distance
learning, or other experiences. Below is the description submitted by this school of how it provides such experiences.

TMS has continued to address issues of diversity and inclusion. There is a school wide initiative to educate staff and
students in the anti-bullying program "Don't Laugh At Me". Students as well as staff have been introduced to the
program and counselors will work with students and staff to prevent, intervene in and mediate conflicts involving
students. In addition, TMS is involved in Poetry Live and Young Writer’s Workshop. This is a program centered in
Litchfield County aimed at creating understanding of and appreciation for diversity through the arts.
A focused effort to celebrate the language, customs and geography of countries represented by our students has been
integrated into the curriculum. Numerous programs have been held in the evening for our students and their families
and integrated thematic units are a regular part of the course of study.
An evening program was held for our English Language Learners (Bilingual/English as a Second Language) and
their families.
TMS will enter their third year of full inclusion. During the 04-05 school year, the 6th grade implemented full
inclusion after a year of staff training in the Step-by-Step Program. The 7th grade staff was trained and implemented
full inclusion in the 05-06 school year followed by the 8th grade in 06-07.
In addition to interscholastic sports, TMS implemented a school-wide intramural athletic program. This will
significantly increase the number of students able to participate in athletic activities and team sports. This program
will also be supported by the availability of a late bus four days per week.
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                                               SCHOOL RESOURCES

Instructional Time*                                               School          District Middle/Jr        State Middle/Jr
Total Hours of Instruction Per Year                                999                    999                   1,015
*State law requires at least 900 hours for grades 1 through 12.

TECHNOLOGY                           % of Classrooms, Libraries, and                 School        District           State
                                     Laboratories Wired for:                                      Middle/Jr          Middle/Jr
                                                              Video                   97.7          97.7               77.3
                                                              Voice                  100.0         100.0               75.9
                                                    Internet Access                  100.0         100.0               98.7
                                        Multi-Room Network (LAN)                     100.0         100.0               77.2

Computers                                                         School       Dist Mid/Jr     State Mid/Jr     This school
# of Students Per Academic Computer                                 4.7             4.7              3.1        does not have
                                                                                                                a functional
% of Computers that are High or Moderate Power                     78.8            78.8             84.3
                                                                                                                satellite link.
% of Computers with Internet Access, All Speeds                    91.8            91.8             97.6
% of Computers with High Speed Internet Access                     91.8            91.8             96.3
% of Internet Computers with Filtering Software                   100.0           100.0             99.3

LIBRARY MATERIALS                     Print and Non-Print Materials              School        Dist Mid/Jr      State Mid/Jr
Free on-line access to                # of Print Volumes Per Student*             12.0            12.0             19.5
periodicals, newspapers, and          % of Print Volumes Purchased                13.6            13.6             12.5
other resources is available to       in the Last Three Years
all Connecticut schools
                                      # of Print Periodical                       33              33.0                28.0
through the Connecticut
Digital Library.
                                      # of Non-Print Materials                   531             531.0               513.7
                                      *Because a certain number of volumes are needed for a library of adequate breadth and
                                      depth, a small school may need a higher number of volumes per student.

                                                                      School Staff Count                  2005-06       2004-05
                                                                      Full-Time Equivalent
Average Class Size        School       District      State            # of Certified Staff
Gr. 5    2005-06          N/A          N/A          N/A                 Teachers                              82.3       79.3
         2000-01          N/A          N/A          N/A                 Administrators                         5.0        4.0
Gr. 7    2005-06           18.6         18.6         21.1               Department Chairs                      0.0        0.0
         2000-01           22.7         22.7         21.9               Library/Media Staff                    1.0        1.0
                                                                        Counselors, Social Workers,            5.4        4.4
                                                                           and School Psychologists
Professional Staff         2005-06     2004-05      2000-01             Other Professionals                    1.1        1.0
% Minority                   3.1         2.2          0.9             # of Non-Certified Instructional        28.0       25.0

Professional Staff Experience and Training                                       School          District             State
                                                                                                Middle/Jr            Middle/Jr
Average Number of Years Experience in Connecticut                                 12.3            12.3                 13.2
% with Master’s Degree or Above                                                   63.3            63.3                 78.0
% Trained as Mentors, Assessors, or Cooperating Teachers                          15.3            15.3                 27.4
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                                                  SCHOOL PROCESSES

Selected Subject Areas, Grade 8                         Estimated Hours of Instruction Per Year              Computer/
                                                  School               District             State            Supported
Art                                                  33                   33                  39                 No
Computer Education                                    0                    0                  21                 N/A
English Language Arts                               150                  150                 168                 Yes
Family and Consumer Science                           0                    0                  15                 N/A
Health                                               16                   16                  25                 No
Mathematics                                         150                  150                 146                 No
Music                                                38                   38                  58                 No
Physical Education                                   49                   49                  54                 No
Reading                                               0                    0                  91                 N/A
Science                                             150                  150                 142                 No
Social Studies                                      150                  150                 142                 No
Technology Education                                 33                   33                  28                 Yes
World Languages                                     150                  150                  97                 Yes
E indicates elective, I indicates integrated courses.

Enrollment in Selected High School Level Courses                                          Interactive Distance Learning:
% Gr. 8 Students Taking        School         District                         State      This school does not utilize
                                                                                          interactive distance learning.
High School    2005-06          23.4           23.4                            28.9       Interactive distance learning
Level Math     2000-01          13.7           13.7                            25.6       ranges from on-line courses with
World          2005-06          87.2           87.2                            46.9       student-instructor interaction via
Language       2000-01          94.7           94.7                            44.3       the internet to live classroom
                                                                                          interactions through two-way
                                                                                          audio and video transmissions.

Types of Remedial Instructional Services                        Available in         Available in
Provided to Students Lacking Basic Skills                       Mathematics         Language Arts
Pull-Out Instruction                                                No                   No
In-Class Tutorial                                                   No                   No
After School Program                                                No                   No
Summer School (2005)                                               Yes                  Yes
Other                                                               No                   No

Student and Teacher Statistics                                                 School        District          State
                                                                                            Middle/Jr        Middle/Jr
                                                                                           High Schools     High Schools
% of Students Retained in Grade after 2004-05 School Year                          0.2         0.2              0.6
Teacher Attendance, 2004-05: Average # of Days Absent Due                         11.0        11.0              9.0
to Illness or Personal Time
% Certified Staff Assigned to Same School the Previous Year                       77.6        77.6               86.2
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                                      STUDENT PERFORMANCE

Connecticut Mastery Test, Fourth Generation, % Meeting State Goal: The state goal was established with the
advice and assistance of a cross section of Connecticut educators. The Goal level is more demanding than the state
Proficient level, but not as high as the Advanced level, reported in the No Child Left Behind Report Cards.

Connecticut Mastery Test           School           District            State           Of All Schools in State
% Meeting State Goal in:                                                               Lowest %       Highest %
Grade 4 Reading                   N/A               N/A                N/A              N/A             N/A
        Writing                   N/A               N/A                N/A              N/A             N/A
        Mathematics               N/A               N/A                N/A              N/A             N/A
Grade 5 Reading                   N/A               N/A                N/A              N/A             N/A
        Writing                   N/A               N/A                N/A              N/A             N/A
        Mathematics               N/A               N/A                N/A              N/A             N/A
Grade 6 Reading                     61.0               60.6             63.6               2.4                97.3
        Writing                     50.6               50.1             62.2               0.0                94.4
        Mathematics                 58.3               57.7             58.6               0.0                95.1
Grade 7 Reading                     69.6               69.2             66.7               5.7                95.5
        Writing                     43.6               43.4             60.0               0.0                93.4
        Mathematics                 55.3               55.1             57.0               0.0                93.5
Grade 8 Reading                     69.9               69.9             66.7               0.0               100.0
        Writing                     54.1               53.6             62.4               0.0                96.4
        Mathematics                 61.0               60.4             58.3               0.0                97.3

                                                               The figures above were calculated differently than
                                                               those reported in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
                                                               Report Cards. Unlike NCLB figures, these results
                                                               reflect the performance of students with scoreable
                                                               tests who were enrolled in the district at the time of
                                                               testing, regardless of the length of time they were
                                                               enrolled in the district.

Physical Fitness         School    District    State           Student Attendance      School     District     State
% Passing All 4 Tests                                                                             Mid/Jr       Mid/Jr
             Grade 4    N/A        N/A        N/A              % on October 1, 2005      94.5      94.5          96.4
             Grade 6     25.2       25.2       34.6
             Grade 8     37.9       37.9       35.7
143-51                                                                                                                     Page 6
Below is a summary, submitted by this school, of the major trends in student performance and accomplishments that indicate
sustained improvement over time. Also, areas of need are identified and plans to address these needs are presented.

The school continues to implement its AYP plan. The annual measurable objective will be to reduce the number of
students in the categories designated as below basic and basic in the subgroup Students with Disabilities by a
minimum of 10%. In addition we will be working toward the target of 65% proficient in mathematics and 57% in
reading. Professional development will include instructional best practice in reading and writing for all 7th grade
language arts and social studies regular and special education teachers. All 7th grade regular & special education
math teachers will receive professional development in literacy and numeracy.
All instructional assistants will be given the opportunity to participate in Supporting Students with Disabilities in
Inclusive Schools: A curriculum for job embedded paraprofessional development. Parent education programs will be
offered focusing on creating a home environment that supports literacy and students success. Parents will be
engaged in discussion and activities that inform and prepare them to support their student's academic growth.
Identified students will be encouraged and/or required to attend after school homework/learning center sessions as
well as summer school. Ongoing classroom and mentoring support will be offered to teachers through the language
arts curriculum specialist as well as building level administrators.

                                    SUPPLEMENTAL SCHOOL INFORMATION
The space below was optionally used by this school to describe aspects of the school not presented elsewhere in the profile. For
instance, character education or programs designed to improve school climate may be described.

Torrington Middle School provides an after school homework/learning center where students study independently,
complete homework and/or work collaboratively with peers. The Homework/Learning Center is available to the
students four afternoons per week for an hour and ten minutes beyond the close of the regular school day.
Instructional assistants are available to work with and support students. A librarian is present for the first half hour
to help with the location of resources or book check out. The program has had a positive impact on overall student
achievement and has contributed significantly to the reduction in student retentions.
Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) is a part of the daily program. Each morning the day begins with 15-20 minutes set
aside for reading. Students are free to choose high interest materials to read for pleasure.
Each year the 6th grade academic culminating activity is Medieval Day and An Ancient Egypt Night. All 6th grade
students and teachers are involved in academic study that culminates in a daylong celebration.
TMS has a Talented and Gifted Program (TAG) that focuses on the JASON Project, a national science research
program. Students are involved in yearlong investigations and research covering a designated research topic. All 6th
grade students are involved, in addition to the identified TAG students. Seventh grade students have the opportunity
to be involved in the annual Invention Convention. Students, through their science classes’ plan, design, and build
inventions. Extensive research is done and students display their inventions for invited judges. Winning inventions
are then entered in the Connecticut Student Invention Convention. Torrington Middle School had six of the fifteen
state winners on 04-05 and has had three national winners in the last four years. In addition, students may participate
in a variety of after school programs including drama productions, ski club, Blue Adventure and Classbook.

  Strategic School Profiles may be viewed on the internet at A more detailed, searchable SSP
                database, data tables, and additional CT education facts are also available at this site.
   For the school/district website, see
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