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    TRAINING                    (VET)

Sunderban Deltas West Bengal, India
            14th April, 2008
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         A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization
                  About Mukti
• Mukti is a charitable, non-profitable
  and Socio-economic development
  trust established in 2003.
• Mukti is registered under the
  Government of India Trust Act –
  Section 64.
• Donation to Mukti is entitled for
  tax rebate under section 80G of
  India Government.

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                    A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization
           Mukti Vision

Our vision is to create an environment
 where each and every individual in the
 society can look forward to have a
 promising future.

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            A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization
             Mukti Mission
To implement programs for the uplift of the
 underprivileged, illiterate, poor and backward
 people of the World by way of motivation and
 human resource development. This mission
 aims at creating a self-reliant society through
 efficient and environmentally conscious use of
 local resources.

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               A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization
       Mukti’s Project Wings

Education                                                  Health


 Ecology                                                   Culture
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            A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization
                 Past Projects &
• More than 1000 families received sanitation from Mukti.
• More than 100 talented students are doing higher studies
  with Mukti’s financial help for last 3 years.
• Last 4 years more than 2500 students from class V to
  Graduation are getting their class text books from Mukti.
• Last 2 years more than 800 students are studying in
  Mukti’s Special Coaching Center on each year and 16
  expert teachers are teaching them.
• Two consecutive flood relief programs by Mukti in
  Sunderban deltas.
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                    A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization
                 Current Projects
• Targeting to help 300 students for their higher studies in 2008 under
  Talented Students Sponsorship (TSS) program.
• Covering 4000 students for their text books in 2008 under Book
  Bank project for underprivileged students.
• 12 Coaching Centers are running with 36 teachers in different parts
  of Sunderban delta under Special Coaching Center Program.
• Library building is under construction where more than 50 students
  can sit and study with reference books.
• More than 50 Women Self-Help Group are being nursed by Mukti
• Mukti is providing training for Fish Culture in various part of
  Sunderban delta.
• Career Guidance program of Mukti.
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                       A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization
          Projects in Pipeline
•   Village Computer Literacy
•   Vocational Training cum ITI College
•   Coconut Tree Plantation in Sunderban
•   General Health program and Tele-Medicine.
•   Setting up a Agriculture Research Center and
•   Micro-credit and Self-Help group project
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                 A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization
Vocational Education and
    Training Project
       in Details
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       A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization
   What is Vocational Training?
• Prepares learners for careers based in manual or
  practical activities
• Traditionally non- academic
• Totally related to a specific trade, occupation or
• Learner participates
• Technical education- Learner directly develops
  expertise in particular techniques or technology
MUKTI’s Vocational Training
   Projects (Proposed)

    Need for Vocational Training
• Economic Development
• Enable primary earner of family & household women stand on
  their own feet
• To convert a large number of non technical educated
  unemployed to technical expert.
• To create more technical and business opportunity in the region.
• Due to poor cultivation and communication among other
  reasons, industry in Sunderban is a rare opportunity
• Provide tools for self learning and make them less reliable to
  outside world’s help
• Improve standard of living

         Pilot Project Location
                  Mukti Campus
Village & PO:    Purba Shridharpur
PS          :    Raidighi
District    :    24 Parganas (South)
State       :    West Bengal
Pin         :    743383
Country     :    India
Phone       :    +913174214454
Mukti Website:

      Vocational Trade Modules
•   Automobile
•   Electrical
•   Electronics
•   Garment Making
•   Hospitality
•   Information Technology & communication
•   Printing
•   Retail

               Budget (in brief)
MODULE               TOTAL COST        TOTAL COST
                     (INR)             (USD) 40:1

AUTOMOBILE           868500            21715
ELECTRICAL           682500            17060
ELECTRONICS          697500            17440
GARMENT MAKING       716500            17910
HOSPITALITY          655000            16375
IT & COMMUNICATION   755000            18875
PRINTING             655000            16375
RETAIL               655000            16375

TOTAL COST           5,685,000 (INR)   142,125 (USD)
      Budget example of 1 module
Mod    Expenditures                            Amount/ item Total Amount
ule                                            (INR)        (INR)
       Construction Cost (25ft*15ft)- 1 room   625000       625000

       20 Toolkits                             5000         100000
       1 used 4 wheeler                        50000        50000
       1 used Motor Cycle                      35000        35000
       1 used scooter                          20000        20000
       1 used moped                            10000        10000
       20 Chairs                               500          10000
       1 Table and Chair                       7500         7500
       20 Aprons                               300          6000
       1 White Board                           5000         5000

       SUB-TOTAL                                            868500
           Available Resources
• Motivation, Dedication and Commitment of MUKTI
  volunteers (both India and USA)
• Help from local villagers, Teachers, Government
• Land is purchased, upgraded ready for training center

           Needed Resources
• Fund to setup infrastructure for VET center.
• Running cost for Yearly expenses. ( which is
  already committed to provide by MES
  Government of India)
• Training fees and its reimbursement for courses
  approved by NCVT
• Future individual sponsorship
• Support from MUKTI and other non profit
  organizations like ASHA etc.
    VTP scheme for Government’s
• Provide counseling and vocational guidance
• Provide training facilities as per norm
• Impart good quality training, post training
  support to trainees in getting employment
• Maintain data base on trainees trained and the
  outcome of the training
• For more details
    Training Fee and its reimbursement by

Following training fee which includes cost of material, honorarium, etc.
       has been prescribed:

•      Rs.500 per module for modules having duration up to 90 hrs.
•      Rs.1000 per module for modules having duration from 91 to 180 hrs.
•      Rs.1500 per module for modules having duration from 181 hrs to 270
•      Rs.2000 per module for modules having duration more than 270 hrs.
•      Also, Training cost @ Rs. 15/- per person per hour will be reimbursed
       to VTPs in respect of those successful persons who got training from the
       VTPs approved by DGE&T.
•      For more inforamtion

  Modular Employable Skills (MES) under Skill
   Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS) -
       Government of India Initiative

Honorable Minister of Finance during the budget speech 2005-06
  made the following announcement:

“To meet the demand for specific skills of a high order, a
  Public Private Partnership between Government and
  Industry is proposed to promote skills development
  program under the name „Skill Development

Thank YOU!

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 A Not-for-Profit Socio-Economic Organization

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