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					Modern Indian Culture as
 “Scene” in Bollywood
     Lesson By Melanie Skatz
    9th Grade World Cultures

   Using Knowledge from Current
    Indian Culture (social organization,
    religion, government, language, arts and
    literature, customs and traditions, economy)
    students will be asked to compare and contrast
    Bollywood with Hollywood
   Students will create a Bollywood Film scene
    based on at least three aspects of modern
    Indian Culture
    PA standard 8.1.9 C. Analyze the fundamentals of historical interpretation in
    causes and results, and author or source used to develop narratives. 8.1.9 D.
    Analyze and interpret historical research facts folklore and fiction. 8.4.12 C.
    Evaluate how continuity and change throughout history has impacted belief
    systems and religions, commerce and industry, innovative settlement patterns,
    social organization, transportation and of women since 1450 in Asia. 8.4.12
    D. Evaluate how conflict and cooperation among social group organizations
    impacted world history from 1450 to present in Asia with domestic instability,
    ethnic and racial relations, labor relations, immigration and migration and
    military conflicts.
1.   Students will explore the current Indian film
     industry on the Internet.

2.   Students will compare and contrast Western films
     in Hollywood with Bollywood films, and identify
     the similarities and differences on a Venn Diagram.

3.   Students will collaboratively create two fictional
     Indian characters describing in detail at least three
     cultural aspects as they apply to those characters

4.   Students will collaboratively create a captivating
     plot and script for one scene which will incorporate
     modern Indian culture and Bollywood
5.   Students will videotape and present their films .
   Research Bollywood through

   View Scenes from Bollywood films portraying the
    specified strategies. (Bunty aur Babli and Amar-

   Student copy of Venn Diagram to compare and
    contrast Bollywood and Hollywood films.

   Chart summarizing modern Indian cultural aspects.

   Rubric describing project standards.

   VHS tapes, DVD’s, television, DVD player, and VCR.
Venn Diagram Comparing and Contrasting
       Hollywood and Bollywood
   Venn Diagram                  __/25

   Character Descriptions        __/25

   Cultural Aspects            1. __/05
                                2. __/05
                                3. __/05

   Bollywood Scene               __/25

   Presentation                 __/10

   Total                        __/100

   Group or individually created script and
    film scene

   Alternative Assessment: documentary on
    the day in the life of an urban character
    compared to a rural character

   Alternative Assessment: Novel chapter
    comparing and contrasting a rural and
    urban character

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