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									DigiTool at Brandeis University

                   Susan Pyzynski
Associate Librarian of Houghton Library for Technical
                 Harvard University
                 September 26, 2005
                            DigiTool at Brandeis University

• Purchased DigiTool in January 2002 as part of a
  IMLS grant proposal (submitted in Feb 2001) for
  Daumier Lithograph Collection

• Owned ExLibris’ ALEPH system, very few robust
  image systems on the market (Luna Imaging,
                              DigiTool at Brandeis University

• Implemented DigiTool version 1.0 in March-May

• First site to go live

• Very limited functionality (i.e. online catalog
  with thumbnails)
                            DigiTool at Brandeis University

       Hardware Considerations

• Hardware platform - Sun 280R

• SunSolaris 8 and Oracle

• Attached to a Storage Array (since 2003)

• Planning to purchase new server in Fall 2005
                            DigiTool at Brandeis University

• DigiTool software upgrade to version 2.3 in
  October 2003 (never went live)

• DigiTool software upgrade to version 2.4 in
  Spring 2004

• Included new and enhanced functionality;
  beginnings of IR support: web Depositor
  interface, templates, staging area, etc.
                              DigiTool at Brandeis University

• Initially bought for Special Collection/Library

• Central ITS was approached by various
  departments for support in digital projects:
  – Anthropology Materials Culture Center
  – Rose Art Museum
  – International Business School
  – Fine Arts Department
                             DigiTool at Brandeis University

• Determined to start projects that would integrate
  and complement as an institutional repository
  yet stand on their own, i.e., Fine Arts Digital
  Slide Library and Materials Culture Center

• Target select departments and work with them
  on digital projects
                             DigiTool at Brandeis University

• Build trust and exposure within the Brandeis
  community and get a better sense of the needs
  and interests of the Brandeis community

• Test the functionality of DigiTool as an
  Institutional Repository
                              DigiTool at Brandeis University

           Fine Arts Digital Slide Library
•   They wanted storage, display and presentation of
    digital images
•   Slide Librarian eager to try DigiTool and to
•   Strong interest in using the web Depositor
•   Potential to have faculty and students deposit
•   Interest in using DigiTool in the classroom
DigiTool at Brandeis University
                            DigiTool at Brandeis University


• Can use web Depositor interface from any
• Easy to learn and use
• Allows for templates and assigns ownership
• Sends automatic email for approval/decline
• Various methods of authentication/access
• Robust system
                             DigiTool at Brandeis University


• Only Depositor or Staff, no intermediate levels of
• Web interface doesn’t work on a Mac
• Default location of digital object being deposited
  is not configurable
• Lack of “communities” or “groups”
• No usage statistics/tracking
                            DigiTool at Brandeis University


• DigiTool 3.0 is a huge leap forward in design and
  functionality: how do we exploit it?
• Want to incorporate DigiTool in Course
• Continuing discussion on IR within the Brandeis
  community: Where are we headed
• Can DigiTool fulfill the roles of Digital
  Collections, Institutional Repository, learning
  object management, and more?

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