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                                 STRATEGIC SCHOOL PROFILE 2006-07
                                             Elementary School K-6 Edition

                                          Plymouth Center School
                                            Plymouth School District

CHRYSTAL COLLINS, Principal                                                                  Telephone: (860) 283-6321

This profile was produced by the Connecticut State Department of Education in accordance with CT General Statutes 10-220(c).

STUDENT ENROLLMENT                                                                    TYPE OF SCHOOL
Total Enrollment: 525                                                                 School Type: Traditional/Regular
5-Year Enrollment Change: 1.9%                                                        School Grade Range: PK- 5

                                                  SCHOOL NEED

Current and Past School Need                        Year             School            District K-6           State K-6
                                                                                         Schools               Schools
% of Students Eligible for Free/Reduced-          2006-07              8.8                  12.4                 27.7
Price Meals                                       2002-03              7.3                  12.0                 28.8
% of K-12 Students with Non-English               2006-07              2.2                   1.9                 13.5
Home Language                                     2001-02              2.4                   1.7                 14.1
% of Students above Entry Grade who               2006-07             93.5                  84.4                 87.7
Attended this School the Previous Year            2001-02             94.0                  93.3                 86.2
                                                   Year              School              District               State
% of Kindergarten Students who Attended           2006-07             82.8                  81.6                 79.3
Preschool, Nursery School or Headstart            2001-02             73.2                  79.5                 75.1

Enrollment in Special Programs               Students in           Percent in          % in District        % in State
                                               School               School             K-6 Schools          K-6 Schools
Bilingual Education and English as a                5                   1.1                  0.9               6.9
Second Language Services (K-12)
Compensatory Education                             0                    0.0                  8.2                23.6
Full or Extended Day Kindergarten                 64                   N/A                  N/A                  N/A
Gifted and Talented Program                        0                    0.0                  0.0                 1.8
Special Education                                 55                   10.5                 11.1                10.8
Prekindergarten                                   65                   N/A                  N/A                  N/A
111-02                                                                                                                      Page 2

Race/Ethnicity            Number                 Percent                       STUDENT RACE/ETHNICITY
American Indian               1                     0.2
Asian American                2                     0.4
Black                         7                     1.3                        Total Minority 2006-07               4.0%
Hispanic                     11                     2.1                        Total Minority 2001-02               1.0%
White                       504                    96.0

Below is the description submitted by this school of how it provides educational opportunities for its students to interact with
students and teachers from diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

In an attempt to reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation, Plymouth Center School participated in the
"Adventures in Peacemaking and Diversity" grant program. The program allowed approximately 120 students to
participate in a pen pal program, in-school enrichment programs, and vacation day camp with students from a school
in Bristol.
Our school concerts and performances produced by music and classroom teachers afforded all students the
opportunity to learn more about the music and dance of various cultures. Either through participation or audience
attendance, students are exposed to the culture and arts of many people.
Embedded in the curriculum are many opportunities to introduce students to our diverse world. Our classroom
literature collections are rife with wonderful culturally diverse pieces. In addition, our kindergarten presents an
annual performance in honor of Chinese New Year. In the second grade, each class participates in an in-depth unit
of study on the culture of another country. This unit is interdisciplinary in nature and culminates in a performance
and celebration of that culture. In the fourth grade, students spend additional time with two informative units on
immigrants and Native Americans. Our fifth grade students attend a weeklong outdoor educational experience at
Nature's Classroom with the "Underground Railroad" being the highlight experience of the week. Additional current
information is reviewed through the use of "Scholastic News" and "Time for Kids", all of which address the concept
of difference.
We look forward to continuing to enrich our students' lives by building opportunities for them to learn about various
cultures and to interact with others in the world around us.

                                               SCHOOL RESOURCES
Instructional Time*                                            School                 District K-6               State K-6
Total Hours of Instruction Per Year                             948                       948                       985
*State law requires at least 900 hours for grades 1 through 12 and full-day kindergarten, and 450 hours for half-day kindergarten.

TECHNOLOGY                          % of Classrooms, Libraries, and                School        District K-6        State K-6
                                    Laboratories Wired for:
                                                           Video                   100.0             100.0               64.6
                                                           Voice                   100.0             100.0               74.8
                                                 Internet Access                   100.0             100.0               97.3
                                      Multi-Room Network (LAN)                     100.0             100.0               81.3

Computers                                                      School          Dist K-6         State K-6         This school
# of Students Per Academic Computer                              4.6              4.4               3.6           does not have
                                                                                                                  a functional
% of Computers that are High or Moderate Power                 100.0            100.0             89.5
                                                                                                                  satellite link.
% of Computers with Internet Access, All Speeds                100.0           100.0              97.3
% of Computers with High Speed Internet Access                 100.0            100.0             96.1
% of Internet Computers with Filtering Software                100.0           100.0              98.6
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                                    SCHOOL RESOURCES, continued

LIBRARY MATERIALS                       Print and Non-Print Materials                 School        Dist K-6       State K-6
Free on-line access to periodicals,     # of Print Volumes Per Student*                 18.9           23.6           28.0
newspapers, and other resources is      % of Print Volumes Purchased in                  6.6            4.3           12.2
available to all Connecticut schools    the Last Three Years
through the Connecticut Digital
Library.                                # of Print Periodical Subscriptions            12              9.5            15.1
                                        # of Non-Print Materials                      501            330.5           406.8
                                        *Because a certain number of volumes are needed for a library of adequate breadth
                                        and depth, a small school may need a higher number of volumes per student.

                                                                School Staff Count                       2006-07     2005-06
                                                                Full-Time Equivalent
                                                                # of Certified Staff
                                                                  Teachers                                 33.5       35.0
Average Class Size        School    District     State            Administrators                            1.0        1.0
Gr. K    2006-07           15.5      15.4        18.2             Department Chairs                         0.0        0.0
         2001-02           17.5      15.8        18.3             Library/Media Staff                       0.0        0.0
Gr. 2    2006-07           19.3      18.9        19.5             Counselors, Social Workers,               1.4        1.0
         2001-02           19.0      18.1        19.6                and School Psychologists
Gr. 5    2006-07           22.5      22.1        21.2             Other Professionals                       0.8        0.8
         2001-02           21.3      20.1        21.5           # of Non-Certified Instructional           22.5       15.3

Professional Staff Race/Ethnicity                                           2006-07            2005-06             2001-02
  % Minority                                                                   0.0                0.0                 0.0
Professional Staff Experience and Training                                  School          District K-6          State K-6
Average Years of Experience in Connecticut and Other Locations               15.3               14.4                 14.0
% with Master’s Degree or Above                                              94.9               91.1                 81.0

                                           SCHOOL PROCESSES
Selected Subject Areas, Grade 5                Estimated Hours of Instruction Per Year                         Computer/
                                           School                District                   State              Supported
Art                                             30                   30                      31                    No
Computer Education*                             30                   30                      17                    Yes
English Language Arts*                         344                  344                     427                    No
Family and Consumer Science                      0                    0                       1                    N/A
Health                                          48                   48                      23                    No
Library Media Skills                             0                    0                      18                    N/A
Mathematics*                                   216                  216                     195                    Yes
Music                                           24                   24                      32                    No
Physical Education                              48                   48                      40                    No
Science*                                       104                  104                      97                    Yes
Social Studies*                                104                  104                      92                    Yes
Technology Education                             0                    0                       1                    N/A
World Languages                                  0                    0                      11                    N/A
*Interdisciplinary Approach
111-02                                                                                                                Page 4
                                       SCHOOL PROCESSES, continued

                          Types of Remedial Instructional Services                Available in          Available in
                          Provided to Students Lacking Basic Skills               Mathematics          Language Arts
                          Pull-Out Instruction                                        No                   Yes
                          In-Class Tutorial                                           No                   Yes
                          After School Program                                        No                    No
                          Summer School (2006)                                       Yes                   Yes
                          Other                                                       No                    No

World Language Formal instruction (at least 1 hour per week) in a world language is not offered in this school. In
Connecticut, 20.0% of K-6 schools offer world language instruction.

Student and Teacher Statistics                                           School         District K-6        State K-6
% of Students Retained in Grade after 2005-06 School Year                  0.0               0.0                1.5
Teacher Attendance, 2005-06: Average # of Days Absent Due                  5.9               5.6                8.7
to Illness or Personal Time
% Certified Staff Assigned to Same School the Previous Year               84.6              79.7              83.3

The following narrative was submitted by this school.

At Plymouth Center School, we are committed to supporting the family's role in the education of our students. Our
Strategic Planning Committee, Teachers as Readers Committee, Parental Involvement Committee, and Parent-
Teacher Association help guide our efforts. With input from these groups, numerous activities are designed annually
to promote and support parent involvement in students' learning. These events include a fall Curriculum Night, in
which grade level teams from Pre-K to grade 5 introduce curriculum and learning expectations for the school year.
In addition, individual and formal parent conferences are held in the fall and winter.
We also have implemented other unique and highly successful family events to promote student learning. These
include a Family Literacy Night that is held biannually for families of students in grades Pre-K and kindergarten.
These evenings, incredibly well attended, offer families insight into the many stress-free, engaging, and simple ways
that parents can help support their children's early literacy development. For the intermediate grades, we offer an
annual "Prime Time Reading Night", in which students in grades 3-5, along with parents and staff, enjoy a Friday
evening curling up with a good book. During the 2006-2007 school year, we launched a program called "CMT
Night" for parents of students in kindergarten through grade 5. This event was specifically designed to show parents
CMT expectations for student performance and the sequential curriculum implementation throughout the elementary
level that is designed to promote student achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics.
Ongoing parent communication has been an area of focus at Plymouth Center School over the past two years.
During this time, we have looked for myriad ways to increase our ability to reach all parents. Technology has been
an invaluable resource in this process. We have the ability to communicate with parents through the use of the
AlertNow System, through broadcasts on our local cable access channel, and through our school and district
websites. Most teachers have designed classroom websites and newsletters to share pertinent and specific
information with parents. Several teachers have established ongoing e-mail communication with parents.
The various parent communication tools are part of a focused effort to engage parents in the education process for
their children. While folders and planners are still a part of daily life at the elementary level, many other avenues are
being explored to further develop interactive communication.
111-02                                                                                                          Page 5

                                     STUDENT PERFORMANCE

Connecticut Mastery Test, Fourth Generation, % Meeting State Goal. The Goal level is more demanding than
the Proficient level, but not as high as the Advanced level, reported in the No Child Left Behind Report Cards.

Grade and CMT Subject             School           District           State            Of All Schools in State
Area                                                                                  Lowest %       Highest %
Grade 3 Reading                   54.0              48.3              52.3               1.6             92.6
        Writing                   54.0              47.9              60.8               0.0             93.9
        Mathematics               58.7              50.0              59.4               0.0             96.0
Grade 4 Reading                   61.3              51.4              57.0               0.0             95.2
        Writing                   74.7              68.8              65.1               0.0             96.8
        Mathematics               72.0              62.7              62.3               0.0           100.0
Grade 5 Reading                   60.0              54.5              61.4               2.6             98.7
        Writing                   67.8              63.6              64.6               2.3             98.5
        Mathematics               61.1              60.9              66.0               4.5             95.8
Grade 6 Reading                  N/A               N/A               N/A               N/A             N/A
        Writing                  N/A               N/A               N/A               N/A             N/A
        Mathematics              N/A               N/A               N/A               N/A             N/A

                                These results reflect the performance of students with scoreable tests who were
                                enrolled in the district at the time of testing, regardless of the length of time they
                                were enrolled in the district. Results for fewer than 20 students are not presented.

                                For more detailed CMT results, go to www.ctreports.

                                To see the NCLB Report Card for this school, go to www.sde.ct.gov and click on
                                “No Child Left Behind.”

Student Attendance                School         District K-6        State K-6
% on October 1, 2006                82.7              86.9               96.3

Physical Fitness                  School            District           State            Of All Schools in State
% Passing All 4 Tests                                                                 Lowest %        Highest %
Grade 4                           16.7              34.6               33.5              0.0             86.6
Grade 6                          N/A               N/A                N/A                0.0             93.8
111-02                                                                                                                         Page 6
                               SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLANS AND ACTIVITIES
The following narrative was submitted by this school.

On an annual basis, Plymouth Center School implements a School Improvement Plan linked to the District School
Improvement Plan. These plans are directly related to Board of Education goals. Our plan consists of two essential
areas of focus - improvement in performance on the Connecticut Mastery Test and improvement in communication.
At the beginning of each school year, the entire school staff participates in a review of CMT data to assist in the
refinement and revision of the School Improvement Plan. Teachers analyze this data, along with district assessment
data, to help them develop appropriate improvement targets. Teachers in grades k-2 focus their components of the
School Improvement Plan on district assessment data as it relates to future CMT performance. Teachers in grades 3-
5 focus their components on actual CMT performance data. All of the targets are developed with the individual child
in mind. Teacher's professional growth goals are specifically linked to the targets established on behalf of their
individual students.
The communication goal within our School Improvement Plan has been based on specific efforts to increase
ongoing parent communication. During the 2006-2007 school year, teachers worked to increase communication
through the development of either a classroom website or a newsletter. During the 2007-2008 school year, teachers
are looking to implement a plan for increasing positive parent telephone communications. It is our hope that positive
parent communications will enable us to establish a strong working relationship with the parents of our students.
The needs of special education students are embedded within the School Improvement Plan. Differentiated
instruction and inclusion are becoming a way of life at our school. All staff have grown to understand the individual
needs of all students and work to maximize the achievement of all. Our efforts to improve our knowledge and
understanding of all students is aided by our bi-weekly Common Meetings for grade level teams and special
education staff, by our monthly EIP meetings, and special education team meetings, and through the reflections of
our Teachers as Readers Committee.

                                    SUPPLEMENTAL SCHOOL INFORMATION
The space below was optionally used by this school to describe aspects of the school not presented elsewhere in the profile.

The Plymouth Center School is a beautiful pre-k to five school housing approximately 535 students. The learning
community is rich with diversity. The staff works together to identify specific needs of the learners and develops
improvement plans to assist every individual in meeting success.
In order to promote a positive school climate for all, we have introduced elements of the Responsive Classroom
model. Each day in each classroom, Morning Meetings take place as a way of creating a supportive classroom
environment. Teachers have been accessing several resources offered through the Northeast Foundatation for
Children, in order to implement effective management strategies that support student success. To support our
school-wide efforts toward a positive climate, a Character Counts Committee will be formed during the 2007-2008
school year.
The staff of Plymouth Center School is committed to the process of school improvement. As part of our
commitment, we have several active staff committees that engage in reflection on Best Practices - particularly in the
areas of curriculum development, instructional planning, effective assessment, differentiated instruction, and
inclusion. These discussions take place as part of our EIP Core Team, Strategic Planning Committee, Common
Grade Level and Team Meetings, and our Teachers as Readers Committee. The Teacher as Readers Committee, now
numbering at 19, is a particular source of pride to our school. The reading and subsequent reflection has sparked
incredible professional growth among staff.

 To view Strategic School Profiles on the internet, go to www.sde.ct.gov and click on Connecticut Education Data
                      and Research. Additional education data are also available at this site.
                          For the school/district website, see plymouth.k12.ct.us/pcs/
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