11. Destiny is a Fickle Bitch

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        Season 6

       Episode 11

“Destiny is a Fickle Bitch”
Scene 1

We hear previously on LOST. We see the scene where John Locke tells Jack that they were

brought to the island for a reason. Jack sarcastically says that it is destiny. We see the scene

were John Locke is brought back to life by Jacob. We see John Locke talking to Jacob about his

experience with Esau referring it to seeing something that resembled heaven. We next see the

scene were John Locke is told by Matthew Abaddon that his destiny is on the island. Finally we

see the infamous scene were Ben Linus tells John that destiny is a fickle bitch. We hear the scene

ending sound and the screen goes black.

We now see John Locke leaning over the same table that he laid on earlier when Jacob brought

him back to life. There is a body on the table that is covered. John begins to cry. He falls to the

floor and covers his face with his hands and weeps bitterly. He is interrupted by Jacob.

Jacob: John…we need to go.

John Locke: (wiped the tears away from his eyes) Why did you do this to me?

Jacob: I didn’t do this to you John. This was your destiny.

John Locke: (stands up) I came back to life to see my friends die?

Jacob: You came back to life John because you have an important work to do. Don’t forget what

I told you.

John Locke: (Looking at the body that is still under the blanket) Why? Why are meant to suffer

like this? Who called us to this island? What the hell is the purpose of this all?
Jacob: The reason for this island is to see if mankind can exist without destroying themselves.

The reason you and your friends were brought here was because all of you together can

destroy the one man who can whip out mankind from existence.

John Locke: (pointing at the dead body) All of us didn’t make it long enough for that to happen.

Jacob: Some won’t make it till the end John. This war isn’t about everyone making it. It’s about

the right people insuring that one person doesn’t make it. If that means losing your life, then

that is the consequence.

John Locke stares at the covered body and we hear the whooshing sound. The scene changes to

Desmond, Penny, Little Charlie, and Aaron talking to Older Jack and Richard Alpert in the statue

of the foot.

Desmond: My god Jack, what happened to you?

Older Jack: I’m fine Desmond. You will understand soon. Right now I can’t explain everything. I

need you to go with Richard to the barracks. You will be safe there.

Desmond: What barracks, what the hell you talking about?

Older Jack: Listen Desmond. You cannot let anything happen to Aaron. You have to protect him.

Richard will guide you. Be safe and I will see you soon.

Penny: Love, (looking at Desmond) I think we should do what Jack says.

Desmond: Penny…

Penny: I need to know that our son is safe Des.
Desmond: (looks at his wife and smiles) Alright. (He looks at Richard) Well then, let’s get going

shall we.

All of a sudden we hear the familiar sounds of the black cloud. Everyone freezes and begins to

fear the fact that Esau is back.

Older Jack: All of you stay back. (Jack walks out to the middle of the statue. He pauses and looks

at a silhouette of a body at the entrance) Who’s there? (there is no answer) Answer me!

Stranger’s Voice (male): Hello Jack.

Older Jack: (He steps closer) Come out and show yourself.

The stranger comes out into the light of the fire. The camera moves slowly from the shoes all the

way up to the face of the stranger. We eventually see it is none other than Sawyer. He looks

steaming mad and has knife in his hands.

Older Jack: Sawyer? What are you doing here?

Sawyer: I’m here to kill the man responsible for starting this whole damn thing. I’m here to kill

you Jack.

We hear the scene ending sound and the screen goes blank. We then see the familiar LOST scroll

across the screen until it goes blank again.
Scene 2

We see Hurley in one of the Dharma houses grabbing some food. He opens up a box of crackers

and starts to eat them. He then goes to the fridge and begins to take several things out. He

takes out a turkey, roast beef, mashed potatoes, and some milk. He begins to chow down on all

of the food and cannot stop. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice.

Libby: Hello Hurley.

Hurley: (with a mouth full of food) Libby?

Libby: It’s good to see you again.

Hurley: (wipes his mouth) What are you doing here?

Libby: Things are going to change Hurley and you need to be ready for the changes.

Hurley: What changes?

Libby: (her happy expression changes to a sad one) Someone is going to die.

Hurley: What are you talking about? Who?

Libby: You’ll find out soon enough. First things first, you need to wake up and find John. You

need to tell him to head to the Black Rock. There is someone important he needs to escort to


Hurley: What do you mean wake up?

Libby: (in Juliet’s voice) Hurley, are you okay? (she looks at him oddly) Hurley?
Juliet: (Hurley opens his eyes) Hurley, you were talking in your sleep. Are you okay?

Hurley: I saw Libby.

Juliet: (confused) Who?

Hurley: (Gets up off the bed and wanders out of the room. He enters into the main living room

of one of the Dharma houses. Miles, Jin and Sun are sitting on the couches) Where is John at?

Sun: He left to talk to Sawyer.

Hurley: Oh…okay then. Did he say when he might be back?

Jin: No, but they left about an hour ago.

Miles: Knowing Sawyer, they’ll be gone for a while.

Scene switches to John Locke and Sawyer walking towards the pylons. Sawyer looks upset and is

trying to pry at John for answers.

Sawyer: How the hell can you be dead one moment and alive the next?

John Locke: You’re going to have to ask Jacob about that James. I have no clue how or why I am

here but I am.

Sawyer: So that’s all you know?

John Locke: What I know is that if we do not stop the man who fooled me into thinking the way

I used to, all of us are going to suffer.
Sawyer: Suffer what? And why the hell should I believe you?

John Locke: (looks away and then looks back at Sawyer) You want to live James, then take that

chip off your shoulder and listen to me. What happened in the past was my mistake. You want

to hold a grudge then be my guest, James. But in the end you will suffer the consequences;

consequences that you should not take lightly, James.

Sawyer: (backing off a little) Listen, Locke, all I want to know is what the hell is going on? Every

since you guys came back everything is all out of whack again.

John Locke: Jacob told me everything, and when the time comes for you to know the things he

told me, then I will share with you what I know. Until then, I’m the only one keeping you and

everyone else alive.

Sawyer: How?

John Locke: Watch. (John walks through the pylons and nothing happens to him) I feel no pain

James. I will never taste death again. (We hear the black smoke sounds and the trees begin to

crash down to the ground) There you are, you bastard.

The black cloud begins to come towards John Locke and hovers around him. He stares into the

cloud for a few seconds and then the cloud transforms into Esau. Sawyer is astonished and pulls

back a little.

Sawyer: Son of a bitch.

Esau: Hello John. (looking him over) I assume Jacob brought you back from the dead?
John Locke: You assume correctly. (John steps closer to Esau) I have a message for you from

Jacob. He told me to tell you that when all is gathered, it’s the beginning of the end for you.

Esau: Let them gather, he never was able to stop me the last time he gathered them together.

John Locke: It only ends once, Esau. Every time before that is progress. He has progressed up to

this point and now all is set in place to destroy you forever.

Esau: You may have the same advantage Alpert has John, but I will find a loophole and kill you

both. I promise you that.

John Locke: There is no loophole. The only loophole is that you actually think you’re going to

win this war. (He smiles and lifts his hand up to him) Consider the message delivered.

Esau: (John begins to walk away) There is nothing beautiful about human life John. Only pain,

misery, frustration, fear, anger, and doubt rule the human mind. (John turns around) You John,

you know these because you lived them. You will always have these to dominate your actions in

this life.

John Locke: (looks to the ground then back up at Esau) Not anymore. (John walks through the

pylons and turns to Sawyer) Any questions James?

Sawyer looks at John and back at Esau. Esau again transforms into the black cloud and moves

away back into the forest. They both start to head back to the barracks. The scene ending sound

is heard and the screen goes blank.
Scene 3

We now see the camera moving franticly through the jungle as someone is running from

something. We see the legs of the person running. Suddenly the person stops. We hear the

smoke monster and the person immediately begins to run again. This running continues until

the person reaches the beach. As the person reaches the beach, the camera shows the back of

the persons legs still. We see the full Taweret statue. The person opens the side of the statue

just like in the earlier episode when Richard opens it up for the fake John Locke and Benjamin

Linus. The person walks in and closes the stone door. Inside we see Jacob sitting by the fire in his


Jacob: You’re late. What happened?

Mystery Person: (man’s voice) He found me.

Jacob: Esau is very thorough. Did he follow you here?

Mystery Person: No, I lost him in the jungle.

Jacob: (smiles) He knows you’re here.

Mystery Person: How?

Jacob: Trust me, he does. (Jacob gets up and goes over to the mystery man. The camera still

shows the back of the man.) Did you accomplish your task?

Mystery Person: (pulls out a book from his sack he is carrying) Here it is.
Jacob: (grabs the book and studies it) This book is our only chance at destroying him. I need you

to keep it safe until the time is right.

Mystery Person: The time is right?

Jacob: When the time comes, I will have the right people on the island to finally kill my brother.

Then, only then, will this book be useful. You need to keep it save Alvar. I need you to take your

daughter and leave this island. Take the book with you and guard it with your life.

Alvar Hanso: How do I leave the island?

Jacob smiles and we hear the whooshing sound as the scene changes. We see Sayid, Jin, Sun,

Miles, Hurley, Sawyer, and John Locke in the living room of one of the Dharma houses. Jin and

Sun are sitting on one of the sofas. Sayid and John Locke are standing. Hurley is sitting in a chair

while Miles is pacing in a corner of the living room.

John Locke: So you’re telling me you saw Jack only older.

Sayid: That’s right John.

John Locke: Well isn’t that interesting. Did he tell you why he looked that way?

Sayid: The only thing he told me was that I would understand soon enough. Then he

disappeared after the flash.

Hurley: (Everyone seems perplexed by what Sayid has said except for Hurley. He looks at John.

John stares back at him) Dude, I got another crazy story to tell you. (He gets up and starts to

pace) Libby came to me in a dream.
John Locke: Libby?

Hurley: Yeah. She told me one of us is going to die.

Miles: Joy to the world, just the news we wanted to hear.

Sawyer: Shut it, Jet Li. Let the man talk.

Hurley: She told me that you (looking at John) need to go to the Black Rock. Someone is going

to meet you there. Someone you have to protect.

John Locke: To protect? Did she tell you who it might be?

Hurley: No. (He looks to the floor) She said everything is going to change.

Sawyer: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Jin: Did she say how or when this would happen?

Hurley: No she told me to tell John as soon as possible so he could protect whoever is at the

Black Rock.

Sun: So who is at the Black Rock?

Juliet: (enters the room) I found us some food. (She is carrying several boxes of Dharma food)

Who’s hungry? (no one seems the least bit interested) Did I miss something?

Everyone looks at her still in shock at what Hurley said to them. We hear the whooshing sound.

The scene changes back to Jacob, Kate, and Jack in the statue right after everyone left.
Jack: So you’re telling me that this is our fault. (he looks at Kate) Every single moment of pain

and frustration and death was caused by us coming to this island?

Jacob: You see it that way Jack. I see it another. (He stands up and looks at the blanket weaved

on his wall) Taweret, the goddess of childbirth, was a brave goddess who would watch over the

women and newborn children of my people. My people never fully understood this story until

one day, my people discovered this island. The queen ordered a group of her people to inhabit

the island. About ten years after my people inhabited this island, they found a cave. This cave

led down to what my people called a pocket of unimaginable power. Several people died in

attempt to understand the power that they had found.

Kate: You mean the place we moved the wheel?

Jacob: Yes, that is the very place I speak of. Eventually they began to realize that there was no

way to control the power. No one could stay pregnant either. Something had damaged the

effects of pregnancy due to their meddling with the incredible force of that power. One day,

two people emerged from the cave. These two people were immediately sent to see Alvar. He

was the man in charge. Alvar knew that they were not our people. Later, these two people had

two children.

Jack: You mean our children.

Jacob: (shakes his head yes) One was named Jacob, the other Esau. They were the first children

to survive childbirth since they had found the pocket of energy. The only explanation was that

Taweret had sent them to again protect our people at childbirth. They erected this statue in
honor of her. Unfortunately, a group of people came to the island and meddled with the power

again. When this happened the statue was destroyed. All that remains is what you see now.

Jack: The Dharma Initiative?

Jacob: After their drill penetrated the wall, the energy was compromised again. From that time

forward, everyone who got pregnant died.

Kate: How did the statue crumble?

Jacob: (staring at his blanket on the wall) That happened because of the incident. (looking at

Jack and Kate) Anyways, after the two people came to the island, the man constructed a wheel

and placed it in the wall where the energy illuminated. This man was able to harness the great

power of this island, the power to travel back and forward in time. That man was you Jack.

We hear the scene ending sound and the screen goes black.
Scene 4

Jack is looking at Jacob dumbfounded by what he has heard. Kate shakes her head.

Kate: What the hell are you talking about?

Jacob: What I am saying is that both of you are destined to create a way for us to save mankind.

Jack: Save mankind. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

Jacob: Kate please wait here for a moment, I have something I’d like to show Jack. Why your

waiting, someone will be coming to visit you.

Kate: Who?

Jacob: Just wait here.

Jack and Jacob leave Kate in the middle of the statue room by herself. She walks over to the

blanket that Jacob made and begins to study it. Then she hears a familiar voice.

Jack’s Voice: Hello Kate.

Kate: (She turns around to see Jack only much older) Jack? (shocked) What the hell happened

to you?

Older Jack: It’s okay Kate. I wish I could explain everything but I don’t have the time. I need you

to do me a favor. I need you to listen to everything Jacob is telling you and do whatever he asks

you to do. If you don’t, everyone, and I mean everyone Kate, will die.

Kate: Are you talking about everyone, Jack as in mankind?
Older Jack: Yes, I am Kate. You have to do what he says. And just in case when I return, tell me

you know about Gabriella.

Kate: Who’s Gabriella?

Older Jack: Someone I tried to help once but I failed.

Kate: What do you mean Jack?

Older Jack: I killed her father. (looks at Kate) Listen Kate, just do what I told you and everything

will be alright, I promise. I love you with all my heart, Kate. I always have.

Kate: (Older Jack begins to walk out to the hallway of the main entrance of the statue) Jack…

(she begins to cry and becomes even more astonished at what she just heard and seen. Jack

walks back into the room) Where’s Jacob?

Jack: (looking a little shocked himself) He left, I was talking with… (looks at Kate) someone.

Kate: I know about Gabriella.

Jack: (totally blown away) Gabriella? Who were you talking to Kate?

We hear the whooshing sound and the scene changes back to John Locke, Sun, Jin, Hurley,

Sawyer, Juliet, Sayid, and Miles. All of them are at the pylons.

Hurley: Are you sure that you really wanna go alone dude?

John Locke: You’re right Hugo. Going alone would be a mistake. (looks at Miles) Miles?

Miles: (scoffs) Sure, why not. What the hell do I got to live for anyways?
Sawyer: Are you sure about this John?

John Locke: I am more certain about this than anything I have ever felt in my whole entire life

James. You and the others go back and wait in the Dharma houses. We’ll be back momentarily.

(Looks at Miles) You ready?

Miles: To sign my death certificate, sure.

John Locke: (chuckles) You’re not going to die. You’re safe with me.

Miles: Comforting thought coming from a man who has already died once.

Sawyer turns off the pylons and Miles and John start to walk towards the Black Rock. We hear

the whooshing sound and the scene changes. We see Richard walking up to the temple. He looks

worried about something. He takes a deep breath and begins to enter the temple. He gets inside

the main area and sits down on one of the stone chairs. He waits. While waiting he looks at all

the hieroglyphics on the walls and beams.

Older Jack: There mostly Egyptian. Some are ancient Hebrew too.

Richard: (startled by Older Jack’s sudden entrance) I didn’t hear you come in.

Older Jack: That’s because I never did. I’ve been here the whole time. Jacob sent you?

Richard: Yes he did. He told me you have a new assignment for me.

Older Jack: I do, but this assignment might not be an easy one Richard.

Richard: And why is that Jack?
Older Jack: You’re going to have to kill someone.

Richard: Who?

Older Jack: (grabs his shoulders) You’re going to have to kill Benjamin Linus.

Richard: Why would I need to do that?

Older Jack: Because he is going to allow Esau to take Aaron and if that happens, God help us all


We hear the infamous horn music and the scene ending sound. The screen goes black.
Scene 5

We see Hurley sleeping in one of the Dharma beds inside one of the houses. Someone is in his

room. The person walks over to his bed. It is a woman but it is too dark to see who it is. The

woman has dark hair. She sits down on the side of his bed and begins to play with his hair.

Hurley begins to wake up a little and smiles.

Mystery Woman: Hurley, wake up.

Hurley: (begins to open his eyes) Wha… (looks up at the woman) Libby?

Libby: Hi Hurley.

Hurley: What happened to your hair?

Libby: This is the way I used to look. The first time you saw me.

Hurley: (begins to finally remember) Santa Rosa. Oh my god, that was you?

Libby: (still playing with Hurley’s hair) I was sick, Hurley. My husband David had just died and I

was losing my grip on reality. So I checked myself in.

Hurley: (Sits up a little) David? (looks away from Libby and as he talks he looks back up at her)

Did you ever call him Dave?

Libby: Only his closest friends called him that.

Hurley: Was he kinda chubby and bald with a five o’clock shadow?
Libby: Yeah, that’s him. (Hurley looks shocked) I know Hurley. He was the one who tried to get

you to kill yourself. But that was not my husband. That was someone pretending to be him.

That is the person that you and your friends are going to finally destroy.

Hurley: But why would he use your dead husband to try and kill me?

Libby: He’s been trying to kill you for a long time Hurley. Everything that has happened to you,

your dad leaving, you gaining weight, the numbers, the plane crash, Dave were all part of his

plan to try and kill you. He knows just how important you are. But destiny prevailed because

your still here. You will learn that destiny always prevails.

Hurley: Libby, (starts to cry a little) why did you have to die?

Libby: (wipes the tears from his eyes) Oh, Hurley, that was my destiny; to die on this island. If

Michael hadn’t shot me, I would’ve died shortly after that happened anyways.

Hurley: How?

Libby: It doesn’t matter. My destiny was to die Hurley and there was no way to change that.

Hurley: (frustrated and crying a little he looks back down again) Well then, destiny sucks. Why

can’t it let me win one for once. (he starts to really cry now as he looks up at Libby) I miss you.

(He gently touches her face) I miss you, Libby.

Libby: (She starts to cry too) I miss you too Hurley. Just remember (she places her hand on his

heart) I will always be in here with you. (she gently kisses him and gets up of the bed) You need

to wake up now Hurley, everything has changed.
Hurley: (wakes up and sits up in bed) Libby?! (He looks around the room but no one is there. He

realizes that he had another dream. He looks out the window and starts to cry as he says) I love

you, Libby.

We hear the whooshing sound and the scene changes. We are back to the scene with Jack and


Jack: Is that everything?

Kate: That’s everything you told me Jack. What about you? You obviously saw something that

made you upset.

Jack: I wasn’t upset. (he looks off into space) I saw you only much older. (looks back at Kate) We

need to go.

Kate: Did I say anything to you?

Jack: (looks up and back at her) No, come on Kate we need to go.

Kate: Where are we going Jack?

Jack: We have to go back to the wheel.

Kate: Why?

Jack: (stops and looks right into Kate’s eyes) Because you told me too. That’s why. Now let’s go.

Kate: What else did I say Jack? (Jack starts to walk towards the hallway to the entrance) I’m not

going any further until you tell me everything I told you Jack.
Jack: (stops and looks back at Kate) You told me that I was a good father.

Kate looks at Jack perplexed at what he has just said. We hear the Whooshing sound and the

scene changes back to Miles and John Locke. Miles looks frustrated. John has a look of certainty

on his face.

Miles: How much further?

John Locke: Not far, just another ten, fifteen minutes.

Miles: Would you mind telling me how you know so much about what’s going on?

John Locke: Jacob told me. He also said that I need you to help me. (He stops) Is it true?

Miles: Is what true?

John Locke: You can communicate with the dead?

Miles: Yeah it’s true.

John Locke: Good. It looks like I brought the right person to come along with me.

Miles: You need me to talk to a dead person? I already am John.

John Locke: (chuckles) You mean to tell me that you really think I’m still dead?

Miles: (stops) No John, you’re not dead. But you should be. This whole thing is messed up. (he

looks straight into John’s eyes) Why did you bring me John?

Suddenly they hear a rustling in the bushes. Both of them look cautiously into the jungle to try

and figure out who it might be. The sounds come closer and closer. All of a sudden, we see Claire
come out of the jungle dressed in the same clothes she was in when she disappeared. She looks

at them confused as to what is going on. Miles and John look at her in astonishment.

John Locke: Claire? What are you doing here?

Claire: John, Miles? (She starts to shutter and looks like she is going to fall) help m…

John Locke: (She begins to fall as John runs over to keep her from falling) Claire… (She lays limp

in his arms. He raises her head to check her) Claire!? (He looks at Miles and back at Claire) What


Miles: I don’t know. But the last time I saw her, she was dead.

John looks at Miles. We hear the scene ending sound and the screen goes black. We see LOST

and the screen goes black again.

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