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                                 STRATEGIC SCHOOL PROFILE 2006-07
                                             Elementary School K-6 Edition

                                                Jefferson School
                                           New Britain School District

MARGARET T WALSH, Principal                                                                  Telephone: (860) 223-8007

This profile was produced by the Connecticut State Department of Education in accordance with CT General Statutes 10-220(c).

STUDENT ENROLLMENT                                                                    TYPE OF SCHOOL
Total Enrollment: 435                                                                 School Type: Traditional/Regular
5-Year Enrollment Change: -7.8%                                                       School Grade Range: K- 5

                                                  SCHOOL NEED

Current and Past School Need                        Year             School            District K-6           State K-6
                                                                                         Schools               Schools
% of Students Eligible for Free/Reduced-          2006-07             72.0                  70.3                 27.7
Price Meals                                       2002-03             71.5                  70.4                 28.8
% of K-12 Students with Non-English               2006-07             43.0                  43.9                 13.5
Home Language                                     2001-02             77.1                  71.7                 14.1
% of Students above Entry Grade who               2006-07             75.5                  73.5                 87.7
Attended this School the Previous Year            2001-02             77.3                  76.7                 86.2
                                                   Year              School              District               State
% of Kindergarten Students who Attended           2006-07             56.0                  63.8                 79.3
Preschool, Nursery School or Headstart            2001-02             44.4                  39.7                 75.1

Enrollment in Special Programs               Students in           Percent in          % in District        % in State
                                               School               School             K-6 Schools          K-6 Schools
Bilingual Education and English as a              68                   15.6                 18.0               6.9
Second Language Services (K-12)
Compensatory Education                            67                   15.4                 20.2                23.6
Full or Extended Day Kindergarten                 40                   N/A                  N/A                  N/A
Gifted and Talented Program                       15                    3.4                  1.7                 1.8
Special Education                                 54                   12.4                 12.6                10.8
Prekindergarten                                    0                   N/A                  N/A                  N/A
89-07                                                                                                                       Page 2

Race/Ethnicity            Number                 Percent                       STUDENT RACE/ETHNICITY
American Indian               1                     0.2
Asian American               35                     8.0
Black                        67                    15.4                        Total Minority 2006-07              74.7%
Hispanic                    222                    51.0                        Total Minority 2001-02              70.3%
White                       110                    25.3

Below is the description submitted by this school of how it provides educational opportunities for its students to interact with
students and teachers from diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

Jefferson Elementary School is a racially and ethnically blended school reflecting the New Britain community. Our
extensive ESL program serves more than 50 children from countries all over the world. The students include native
speakers from Ghana, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Yemen, Laos, Poland, Lithuania and India just to name a few. Our
Lao Saturday School program services students in grades K-12 from January to May. The goal of the this program is
to help families make the transition into the American culture while also preserving major facets of their own.
Our Yemen community has requested that we explore the possibility of creating an Arabic Saturday School for the
families in the city of New Britain. The Jefferson staff is working closely with our Arabic bilingual teacher and the
Family Resource Center to bring this to fruition.
Jefferson has also been involved in different inter-district grant programs that promote diversity through academics.
Grade 3 students participate in an arts exchange program with students from Farmington and Plainville Public
Schools. They meet 3 days throughout the year. During this time, the students learn about music and art from
various cultures.
Another unique offering Jefferson has is our “Hotstix” drumming group. These students represent the diverse ethnic
makeup of our school community, perform in many towns and at many events throughout the state of Connecticut.
During the spring, students from Central Connecticut State University filmed a 15 minute documentary on the
creation and popularity of this unique program.

                                               SCHOOL RESOURCES
Instructional Time*                                           School                  District K-6               State K-6
Total Hours of Instruction Per Year                           1,027                       993                       985
*State law requires at least 900 hours for grades 1 through 12 and full-day kindergarten, and 450 hours for half-day kindergarten.

TECHNOLOGY                          % of Classrooms, Libraries, and                School        District K-6        State K-6
                                    Laboratories Wired for:
                                                           Video                     0.0               36.8              64.6
                                                           Voice                     0.0               30.6              74.8
                                                 Internet Access                   100.0               99.7              97.3
                                      Multi-Room Network (LAN)                     100.0               99.7              81.3

Computers                                                      School          Dist K-6         State K-6         This school
# of Students Per Academic Computer                              3.1              3.4               3.6           does not have
                                                                                                                  a functional
% of Computers that are High or Moderate Power                 100.0            100.0             89.5
                                                                                                                  satellite link.
% of Computers with Internet Access, All Speeds                100.0           100.0              97.3
% of Computers with High Speed Internet Access                 100.0            100.0             96.1
% of Internet Computers with Filtering Software                100.0           100.0              98.6
89-07                                                                                                                     Page 3
                                    SCHOOL RESOURCES, continued

LIBRARY MATERIALS                       Print and Non-Print Materials                 School        Dist K-6        State K-6
Free on-line access to periodicals,     # of Print Volumes Per Student*                 19.5           17.9            28.0
newspapers, and other resources is      % of Print Volumes Purchased in                  9.4           10.5            12.2
available to all Connecticut schools    the Last Three Years
through the Connecticut Digital
Library.                                # of Print Periodical Subscriptions            16             14.7             15.1
                                        # of Non-Print Materials                      156            191.4            406.8
                                        *Because a certain number of volumes are needed for a library of adequate breadth
                                        and depth, a small school may need a higher number of volumes per student.

                                                                School Staff Count                       2006-07      2005-06
                                                                Full-Time Equivalent
                                                                # of Certified Staff
                                                                  Teachers                                 29.4        27.9
Average Class Size        School    District     State            Administrators                            1.0         1.0
Gr. K    2006-07           21.0      20.1        18.2             Department Chairs                         0.0         0.0
         2001-02           21.0      20.8        18.3             Library/Media Staff                       0.4         0.5
Gr. 2    2006-07           26.0      22.1        19.5             Counselors, Social Workers,               1.5         1.5
         2001-02           27.0      23.7        19.6                and School Psychologists
Gr. 5    2006-07           21.3      23.6        21.2             Other Professionals                        0.5          0.0
         2001-02           27.0      26.2        21.5           # of Non-Certified Instructional             9.0          6.5

Professional Staff Race/Ethnicity                                           2006-07            2005-06             2001-02
  % Minority                                                                  14.3               14.3                 5.4
Professional Staff Experience and Training                                  School          District K-6           State K-6
Average Years of Experience in Connecticut and Other Locations               14.9               13.5                  14.0
% with Master’s Degree or Above                                              77.1               82.6                  81.0

                                           SCHOOL PROCESSES
Selected Subject Areas, Grade 5                Estimated Hours of Instruction Per Year                         Computer/
                                           School                District                   State              Supported
Art                                             36                   36                      31                     No
Computer Education                              18                   30                      17                     Yes
English Language Arts*                         454                  424                     427                     Yes
Family and Consumer Science                      0                    0                       1                     N/A
Health                                          19                   17                      23                     No
Library Media Skills                            18                   29                      18                     No
Mathematics                                    180                  185                     195                     No
Music                                           36                   36                      32                     No
Physical Education                              36                   36                      40                     No
Science*                                       115                   99                      97                     No
Social Studies*                                115                   99                      92                     No
Technology Education                             0                    0                       1                     N/A
World Languages                                  0                    4                      11                     N/A
*Interdisciplinary Approach
89-07                                                                                                               Page 4
                                       SCHOOL PROCESSES, continued

                          Types of Remedial Instructional Services              Available in           Available in
                          Provided to Students Lacking Basic Skills             Mathematics           Language Arts
                          Pull-Out Instruction                                     Yes                    Yes
                          In-Class Tutorial                                        Yes                    Yes
                          After School Program                                     Yes                    Yes
                          Summer School (2006)                                     Yes                    Yes
                          Other                                                     No                     No

World Language Formal instruction (at least 1 hour per week) in a world language is not offered in this school. In
Connecticut, 20.0% of K-6 schools offer world language instruction.

Student and Teacher Statistics                                         School          District K-6       State K-6
% of Students Retained in Grade after 2005-06 School Year                 0.5               1.4               1.5
Teacher Attendance, 2005-06: Average # of Days Absent Due                18.8              11.9               8.7
to Illness or Personal Time
% Certified Staff Assigned to Same School the Previous Year              80.0              78.3              83.3

The following narrative was submitted by this school.

Thomas Jefferson School has collaborated to develop a plan addressing parental involvement. This plan encourages
parents to be actively involved in their child’s education and focuses on the relationship between teachers, parents
and students. Jefferson’s four on-going goals are as follows: 1) increase active parental involvement in school and
children’s learning, 2) empower parents by providing orientation and training, 3) engage parents directly with
learning activities at home and 4) provide multiple opportunities for parent volunteerism.
In order to reach these goals, we have implemented several new procedures to increase parental involvement.
Teachers maintain a Parent Contact Log to document communication with families. These are reviewed twice a year
and feedback is provided to the teachers from the administration. “Academic Connections” is an initiative where
teachers are asked to make one home visit per year as part of our ongoing attempts to reach out to all of our families.
Our parents have completed several surveys to help increase their participation in the decision making process
through our monthly newsletter, the “Jefferson Journal,” and the Connect-Ed phone surveys. Monthly automated
Connect-Ed messages are sent out to all of our families and data is recorded to monitor the number of successful
messages received.
Jefferson has also implemented strategies to improve the level of learning at home by offering several evening
programs for our families. Our most successful ones were “Pizza and PJ Reading Night,” the “Lao New Year
Program,” “Family Math and Science Night,” “The Cat and the Hat Turns 50,” and “Spooky, Scary Story Night.”
We also incorporate the 6 Pillars of Character Counts throughout these programs to foster positive character traits.
Our PTA is a vital organization of our school. Thirty minutes before every meeting we offer parent “make and take”
workshops which are facilitated by the faculty at Jefferson. Over the past three years, our PTA has supported
Jefferson’s participation in the Memorial Day Parade by creating a float related to a current school theme. All
students are invited to participate.
89-07                                                                                                           Page 5

                                     STUDENT PERFORMANCE

Connecticut Mastery Test, Fourth Generation, % Meeting State Goal. The Goal level is more demanding than
the Proficient level, but not as high as the Advanced level, reported in the No Child Left Behind Report Cards.

Grade and CMT Subject             School           District           State            Of All Schools in State
Area                                                                                  Lowest %       Highest %
Grade 3 Reading                   15.8              16.0              52.3               1.6             92.6
        Writing                   24.6              27.3              60.8               0.0             93.9
        Mathematics               30.3              26.1              59.4               0.0             96.0
Grade 4 Reading                   18.6              22.2              57.0               0.0             95.2
        Writing                   18.8              31.3              65.1               0.0             96.8
        Mathematics               24.3              29.9              62.3               0.0           100.0
Grade 5 Reading                   22.4              25.9              61.4               2.6             98.7
        Writing                   23.7              34.3              64.6               2.3             98.5
        Mathematics               21.1              33.8              66.0               4.5             95.8
Grade 6 Reading                  N/A               N/A               N/A               N/A             N/A
        Writing                  N/A               N/A               N/A               N/A             N/A
        Mathematics              N/A               N/A               N/A               N/A             N/A

                                These results reflect the performance of students with scoreable tests who were
                                enrolled in the district at the time of testing, regardless of the length of time they
                                were enrolled in the district. Results for fewer than 20 students are not presented.

                                For more detailed CMT results, go to www.ctreports.

                                To see the NCLB Report Card for this school, go to www.sde.ct.gov and click on
                                “No Child Left Behind.”

Student Attendance                School         District K-6        State K-6
% on October 1, 2006                95.4              95.7               96.3

Physical Fitness                  School            District           State            Of All Schools in State
% Passing All 4 Tests                                                                 Lowest %        Highest %
Grade 4                           14.5              21.9               33.5              0.0             86.6
Grade 6                          N/A               N/A                N/A                0.0             93.8
89-07                                                                                                                          Page 6
                               SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLANS AND ACTIVITIES
The following narrative was submitted by this school.

The ultimate goal of Thomas Jefferson School’s improvement process is to improve students’ performance,
specifically in the areas of Reading, Mathematics and Writing as measured by the Connecticut Mastery Tests. The
School Improvement Team is composed of administrators, faculty members, parents, FRC coordinator, community
members and other stakeholders.
Specific goals focus on the development of intrinsic student motivation, the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and
the development of appropriate social skills. Initiatives have been identified in response to Jefferson’s goals
inclusive of, but not limited to, incorporating improved instructional techniques, the implementation of literacy-
based programs, and a focus on curriculum alignments and monitoring in the specific curriculum areas. Ongoing
staff development maintains and supports student goals for achievement in reading, writing and math. Some
examples include, but are not limited to, Guided Reading, Data Driven Decision Making, AVID Training and
vocabulary development.
Ongoing parent workshops encourage our families to become more involved in the curriculum aspects of their
child’s education. As their knowledge base increases, their ability to provide valuable feedback and input regarding
the planning and improvement of Jefferson’s school programs will as well. Parental involvement and support of
these goals is critical to the academic success of all students.
The teaching staff continues to maintain and design plans for improvement in reading, writing and math. Each year,
school goals are evaluated and fine-tuned to keep the focus student-centered based on students’ academic needs.

                                    SUPPLEMENTAL SCHOOL INFORMATION
The space below was optionally used by this school to describe aspects of the school not presented elsewhere in the profile.

 To view Strategic School Profiles on the internet, go to www.sde.ct.gov and click on Connecticut Education Data
                      and Research. Additional education data are also available at this site.
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