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					      Duquesne University
      School of Education

• Duquesne’s vision for the School of
• We can plan for it; We can talk about it;
  only you will make everyone believe it!
• You will make this vision become a
   Purpose of the Meeting

• To review the details of your
  student teaching experience.
• To review the role and
  responsibilities of a student
• To ensure that YOU feel
  comfortable as a student teacher
  from Duquesne University.
• Dr. Helen Henke, Director of
  Student Teaching

• Dr. Karen Levitt, Director of the
  Leading Teacher Program

• University Supervisors
Student Teaching

• An opportunity for you to apply what
  you have learned.
• Most significant phase of teacher
• You have learned the science and
  the knowledge of teaching. Now
  you will have the opportunity to
  develop the art of teaching.
• The art of teaching is the art of
  assisting discovery. You can teach
  a lesson for a day. But teach
  curiosity, you teach for a lifetime….
  The mediocre teacher tells, the
  good one explains, the superior one
  shows, the great one inspires.
  Teachers are precious people who
  cause joyful happenings in the
  hearts of children.

• Be sure you have registered for Student
  Teaching just like any other course!
• Take copies of Acts 33, 34, 114 and TB
  test results on first day or send to the
  school prior to the first day.
• Contact your Cooperating Teacher to
  introduce yourself if you have not
  already done so.
Praxis Examinations
• Alert me today if you do not have a
  3.0 QPA or you have not passed the
  Praxis Examinations.
  – PPST Reading, PPST Writing, PPST
    Mathematics, Fundamental Subjects:
    Content Knowledge if you are K-12,
    ECE, or K-6.
• Email me immediately if you have
  not passed an exam. Do not begin
  student teaching!

• All students who plan to graduate in
  December with a BS or MS Degree must
  complete a Degree Application.

• The due date is November 3, 2008.

• There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!
Expectations of Student
• Act mature.
• Be self-controlled. Do not socialize
  personally with students.
• Demonstrate respect for other
  adults and the students.
• Display a positive attitude.
• Be yourself.

• Chapter 354 requires an Agreement
  with each district that accepts a
  student teacher.
• You are a guest of your cooperating
  teacher and the school district.
• You are a representative of
  Duquesne University
   What is the length of the
student teaching experience?
              Student teaching is
              normally a 15 week
              experience. Dual majors
              serve 2, ten week
              Elementary and some
              secondary majors may
              have a split placement of
              8/8 weeks in different
 Are students permitted to engage in
  outside activities during student
• Student teaching is a full-time
• Undergraduate students are
  advised not to take coursework or
  engage in activities that take a
  significant amount of time.
• Every exception must be approved
  by the Committee on Student
   What is the policy on
attendance during student
          Students may have 2
          days for medical or
          emergency reasons.
          Other days are at the
          discretion of the
          Director, University
          Supervisor and
          Cooperating Teacher.
Should student teachers
observe other classes?
           Yes. You should make
           arrangements with the
           cooperating teacher and
           university supervisor to
           observe at least 3 other
           teachers, grade levels,
           etc. Your supervisor will
           provide you with
           Observation Forms
Is it necessary for student
teachers to write a lesson
  plan for every lesson?
             Yes. Planning is a
             critical skill and must
             be learned. A student
             teacher is not a
What is the format for lesson
             This is a joint decision
             of the cooperating
             teacher and university
             Objectives, Standards,
             Procedure, Materials,
             and Student Evaluation
             are critical components.
When should lesson plans be
          Lesson plans should always
          be submitted to the
          cooperating teacher before a
          lesson is taught. Courtesy
          would be at least the day
          before. Follow the
          building/district requirements.
When should a student teacher
 assume a full teaching load?

               The minimum
               requirement is two
               full weeks (10
               consecutive days).
               Most students
               exceed the
When may the student
teacher function as a
 substitute teacher?
    Student teachers must not be
    used as substitute teachers. You
    are not certified to teach a class
    alone. If the cooperating teacher
    is absent, you may teach the
    classes, but an approved
    substitute must be present.
What are the seminars for
   student teachers?
         There will be four
         seminars for student
         teachers: Orientation,
         Career Seminar,
         Portfolio Seminar, and
         Exit Interviews.

         Attendance is
         mandatory at all
         scheduled seminars.
What are the seminars for
 PPS student teachers?
        •Pittsburgh teachers have a
        separate required seminar
        through the School District
        University Collaborative.
        Attendance is mandatory.

        Date, time, and location will be
Weekly Log

• Monitor the hours you spend on
  student teaching. Maintain a
  running log of hours spent teaching,
  observing, participating in activities,
  etc. If you student teach 5 days per
  week for 15 weeks, you should log
  about 525 hours. Your supervisor
  will provide you with a form for this.
What is a student teacher’s
   working portfolio?
         A working portfolio provides
         evidence of the student
         teacher’s impact on student
         learning. It identifies the
         source of your learning that
         enabled you to impact the
         students in your classroom.
Portfolio Contents

• Artifacts that demonstrate student
• Lesson Plan that resulted in the
  evidence of student learning.
• Reflection that describes your
  impact on student
Portfolio Contents
• Capture one piece of evidence each week
  that demonstrates your impact on student

• University supervisors will check progress
  on your portfolio.

• Your Working portfolio will become the
  substance of your Showcase portfolio.

• You will present your Showcase portfolio to
  program faculty in an Exit Interview.
Weekly E-Journals
• Students are required to submit
  weekly electronic journals to their
  University Supervisor. The journals
  will be read and responded to in a
  timely manner. This evidence of
  growth and reflection is necessary
  for the students to stay on task,
  refine their strategies, and maintain
  a professional relationship within
  the school community.

• The University Supervisor will
  respond to each of the journal
  entries during the following week.

• Each entry should be approximately
  one page in length.
• The journal should address the following
   – What additional feedback would you have liked to
     receive from your cooperating teacher that could help
     you improve as a Leading Teacher?
   – Was sufficient time allotted for conferencing with your
     cooperating teacher following the lessons?
   – Does the cooperating teacher encourage creativity in
     lesson planning?
   – Did the University Supervisor conduct a conference
     with you and the cooperating teacher following your
     formal observation? (if observed)
   – In what areas do you think you need the most
     improvement and have you discussed this with your
     supervisor and cooperating teacher?
What are the responsibilities
 of a Cooperating Teacher?
 • Prepare the             • Plan initial
   children for the          activities.
   student teacher.        • Increase teaching
 • Orient the student        responsibility as
   teacher to the
   building.               • Guide and assist as
                             new experiences
 • Provide a schedule,       arise.
   etc.                    • Analyze lessons,
 • Discuss                   strengths and
   school/district rules     weaknesses.
   & policies.             • Provide feedback.
How will the student teacher be evaluated
     by the cooperating teacher?
                  •A 15 week placement
                  requires a minimum of 5
                  formal observations.
                  •A 10 week placement
                  requires 4 observations.
                  • Midterm and final
                  evaluations are also
                  •A conferences after
                  each is required.
How will the student teacher
   be evaluated by the
  University Supervisor?
           For a 15 week placement:
           The supervisor is required to
           complete at least 2 ST5, two
           formal Pathwise observations,
           and two state PDE-430 forms
           (1 at midterm & 1 for the final).
           Students should schedule a
           period after the observations
           for a conference. Supervisors
           will visit a minimum of 6 times.
  How will the student teacher
 be evaluated by the University
• For a 10 week placement:
• The supervisor is required to
  complete at least 3 ST5, one formal
  Pathwise observation, and one state
  PDE-430 form for each placement.
  Students should schedule a period
  after the observations for a
  conference. Supervisors will visit a
  minimum of 5 times per placement.
Instructions for PDE-430

• General Requirements
  – Used minimum of two times
  – Midterm is formative and the final is
    summative for 15 week placements
  – All categories must achieve at least a
    satisfactory rating
  – Overall successful final evaluation
    must have a “Satisfactory” rating.
 • Pathwise is a framework for teaching
   developed by Charlotte Danielson.
 • The framework describes the aspects of
   a teacher’s responsibilities that have
   been documented as promoting
   improved student learning.
 • The four domains or areas of Pathwise
   guide the observations of the University
What are the possible grades
   for student teaching?
        There are four possible
        grades and a competence
        scale.The grades are Pass,
        No Pass, Withdrawal and
        The competency scale
        includes Exemplary,
        Superior, Satisfactory, &
Who is ultimately responsible
  for the student’s grade?
              Although we want
              agreement on the
              student’s grade, it is
              ultimately the legal
              responsibility of the
              university supervisor
              to submit a grade.
What are the most common
problems in student
 • Extending yourselves too far
 • Appearance: Dress
 • Lack of planning/preparation
 • Lack of discipline/motivation
 • Poor attitude / Lack of
 • Failure to communicate with
   your University Supervisor
• Know which Praxis Tests you must pass
  and schedule accordingly.
• Complete the application along with a
  cashier’s check.
• Recommendation of the University.
• Payment of all fees owed to the
• May substitute teach after submission of
  the certification application to PDE.
• Dean’s Teaching
• Apply through Mr.
• Information of SoE
• More information will be
  available at Career
• Letter of Excellence--
  recommended by
  supervisor and written
  to the student by the
  Director of Student
A Packet of Information for
  Cooperating Teachers

    During Student Teaching

Email to and from Dr. Henke:
              412 396-6095

Email to and from April Wiles:
              412 396-6117
Questions About Student
            Please contact Dr.
              Henke or April

               The Student
           Teaching Handbook
              is on the SoE
•   Index Card Information:
•   Name
•   Address
•   Phones
•   SSN
•   Email
•   Last name + 5 digits
       Example: henke98765
Have a wonderful student
    teaching experience!
        Learn and Enjoy yourself.

             Dr. Helen Henke

            209D Canevin Hall
       (317 Fisher Hall temporarily)

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