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									So you Want to be in
Finding or Becoming an Academic
          Library Leader

        NYLA October 19, 2007
                   What is a Leader?
Leadership 2. Capacity or ability to lead
Lead 1. To be first; be ahead. 2. To go first as a guide. 3.
  To act as commander, director, or guide. 4. To afford a
  passage, course, or route: 5. To tend toward a certain
  goal or result: 6. To make the initial play, as in a game or
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth
   Edition. 2000

        Look for leaders everywhere
  Leadership has many facets, play up your
     strengths, work on your weaknesses
         Leadership Tool Kit
Kouzes and Posner The Leadership
Challenge, Jossey-Bass, 4th ed., 2007
   Challenge the Process
   Inspire a Shared Vision
   Enable Others to Act
   Model the Way
   Encourage the Heart
 A Leader who Models the Way
        Finding                  Becoming
What do you value in a    Define your personal
 supervisor?                values
What is your philosophy   Look at your calendar,
 of reference?              are your actions
                            consistent with your
    A Leader who Challenges
        Finding                Becoming
What “daring failure”   Give people the
 have you experienced     opportunity to fail,
 in your life?            embrace the pilot
    A Leader who Encourages
         Finding                Becoming
Tell us about a time     Personally recognize
  when your hard work      and customize
  was recognized.          recognition for your
  What form did the        colleagues
  recognition take and
  how did it make you
 A Leader who Inspires a Vision
        Finding                   Becoming
Five years from now, if   Talk to people about
  someone asks you          their dreams, goals
  what have you             and aspirations. How
  accomplished in this      do they relate to
  job, what will you        yours? How do
  say?                      visionaries you know
                            express themselves?
  A Leader who Enables Others to
         Finding                 Becoming
Think of a time when     Find ways to increase
  you felt powerful        formal and informal
  because of what a        interactions with
  manager said or did.     colleagues.
  What did they do or
                         Be a coach and a team
James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner
 Academic administrator’s guide to exemplary
  leadership, Jossey Bass, 2003
 The leadership challenge, Jossey Bass, 4 th ed.,
 The leadership challenge planner, Jossey Bass
  Pfeiffer, 1999
 Leadership practices inventory, 3 rd ed., Pfeiffer,
                Thank You!
Melissa Jadlos
Library Director
Lavery Library
St. John Fisher College

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