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                                STRATEGIC SCHOOL PROFILE 2006-07
                                                  High School Edition

                 The Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy
                                         East Hartford School District

ARTHUR ARPIN, Principal                                                       Telephone: (860) 622-5590

District Reference Group (DRG): H DRG is a classification of districts whose students' families are similar in
education, income, occupation, and need, and that have roughly similar enrollment.

This profile was produced by the Connecticut State Department of Education in accordance with CT General Statutes 10-220(c).

STUDENT ENROLLMENT                                                                    TYPE OF SCHOOL
Total Enrollment: 180                                                                 School Type: Interdistrict Magnet
5-Year Enrollment Change: N/A                                                         School Grade Range: 9-12

                                                  SCHOOL NEED

Current and Past School Need               Year               School               DRG High                State High
                                                                                    Schools                 Schools
% of Students Eligible for                2006-07              35.0                  32.3                     22.9
Free/Reduced-Price Meals                  2002-03             N/A                   N/A                     N/A
% of K-12 Students with Non-              2006-07              15.0                  26.3                     11.4
English Home Language                     2001-02             N/A                   N/A                     N/A
% of Juniors and Seniors Working          2006-07              31.5                  22.6                     20.2
More than 16 Hours Per Week               2001-02             N/A                   N/A                     N/A

Enrollment in Special Programs               Students in            Percent in        % in DRG High          % in State
                                               School                School               Schools           High Schools
Bilingual Education and English as a              3                    1.7                  7.2                  3.4
Second Language Services (K-12)
Compensatory Education                              0                   0.0                  3.8                 12.5
Gifted and Talented Program                         4                   2.2                  1.1                  1.7
Special Education                                   1                   0.6                 10.4                 10.8
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Race/Ethnicity             Number                 Percent                  STUDENT RACE/ETHNICITY
American Indian               1                     0.6
Asian American               11                     6.1
Black                        44                    24.4                    Total Minority 2006-07                 54.4%
Hispanic                     42                    23.3                    Total Minority 2001-02                   N/A
White                        82                    45.6

Below is the description submitted by this school of how it provides educational opportunities for its students to interact with
students and teachers from diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

As a magnet school, the Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy’s primary function is to provide school
choice to families in our participating districts. During the 2006-2007 school year, we drew our student population
from both urban and suburban districts. We have maintained a balanced racial, ethnic, and economic student
population in all grades through our open-enrollment lottery. Our racial/ethnic breakdown for students in 2006-2007
is as follows:
African-American: 25%
Asian: 8%
Hispanic: 21%
White: 46%

                                               SCHOOL RESOURCES
Instructional Time*                                               School        DRG High Schools          State High Schools
Total Hours of Instruction Per Year                               1,106              992                        1,002
*State law requires at least 900 hours for grades 1 through 12.

TECHNOLOGY                           % of Classrooms, Libraries,               School          DRG High          State High
                                     and Laboratories Wired for:                                Schools           Schools
                                                          Video                100.0               31.5              76.0
                                                          Voice                100.0               58.1              84.9
                                                Internet Access                100.0               79.5              97.1
                                     Multi-Room Network (LAN)                  100.0               58.7              82.4

Computers                                                         School      DRG HS          State HS         This school
# of Students Per Academic Computer                                 0.6          3.4             2.9           does not have
% of Computers that are High or Moderate Power                    100.0         91.9            91.7           a functional
                                                                                                               satellite link.
% of Computers with Internet Access, All Speeds                   100.0         99.4            98.7
% of Computers with High Speed Internet Access                    100.0         99.4            98.7
% of Internet Computers with Filtering Software                   100.0        100.0            98.7
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                                      SCHOOL RESOURCES, continued

LIBRARY MATERIALS                     Library Materials                                    School     DRG HS        State HS
Free on-line access to                # of Print Volumes Per Student*                        23.5       10.7           15.7
periodicals, newspapers, and          % of Print Volumes Purchased in Last 3 Yrs.            65.4        9.8           11.1
other resources is available to       # of Print Periodical Subscriptions                      36       30.6           45.9
all Connecticut schools through       # of Non-Print Materials                                373      520.8          848.1
the Connecticut Digital Library.      *Because a certain number of volumes are needed for a library of adequate breadth and
                                      depth, a small school may need a higher number of volumes per student.

STAFFING RESOURCES                                               School Staff Count                     2006-07      2005-06
                                                                 Full-Time Equivalent
Average Class Size        School       DRG          State        # of Certified Staff
Algebra I                  27.0        20.1         19.5           Teachers                               12.8        12.4
Biology I                  24.0        22.3         20.0           Administrators                          1.0         1.0
English, Grade 10          24.5        20.5         19.5           Department Chairs                       0.0         0.0
American History           21.5        22.2         20.8           Library/Media Staff                     1.0         1.0
                                                                   Counselors, Social Workers,             1.0         1.0
Professional Staff Race/Ethnicity                                     and School Psychologists
                      2006-07 2005-06             2001-02          Other Professionals                      0.0         0.0
% Minority              21.1      15.8            N/A            # of Non-Certified Instructional           0.0         0.0

Professional Staff Experience and Training                                     School          DRG HS             State HS
Average Years of Experience in Connecticut and Other Locations                    13.6            15.0                 14.6
% with Master’s Degree or Above                                                   89.5            75.4                 76.0

The following narrative was submitted by this school.

In order to maintain our record of success for our students, it is vital that we promote parent involvement and
support even before they send their children to CIBA. Prospective students and their parents are required to attend
an informational session as part of the application process. This helps families make informed decisions about
whether or not CIBA is a good fit for them.
We have an active Parent Advisory Council (PAC) which meets monthly. They support students through a variety of
program, including social events, fund-raisers, and scholarships. PAC meetings are also informative in nature, as the
principal regularly attends and is available to answer questions and address concerns. Teachers and other staff
members also attend frequently.
The monthly Principal’s Newsletter (CIBANews) informs families about events at the school, important dates, and
information from the Guidance office regarding SATs, college applications, etc. CIBANews also features a monthly
column with information about how parents can support their students academically, and other topics of interest.
CIBA subscribes to Naviance, an Internet tool that allows families to research colleges from home.
Several events for families are held throughout the year, including fall Open House where parents can meet teachers,
the IB Induction Ceremony in October for juniors as they officially enroll in the Diploma Program, and the spring
Sophomore Information Night, which gives families information about what to expect as their children prepare to
become Diploma Program students the next fall.
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                                                 SCHOOL PROCESSES

Student and Teacher Statistics                                                  School         DRG High        State High
                                                                                                Schools         Schools
% of Students Retained in Grade after 2005-06 School Year                         0.0           N/A                4.5
Teacher Attendance, 2005-06: Average # of Days Absent Due to                      4.1              7.7             8.5
Illness or Personal Time
% Certified Staff Assigned to Same School the Previous Year                      84.2            86.5             86.3

Types of Remedial Instructional Services                      Available in         Available in
Provided to Students Lacking Basic Skills                     Mathematics         Language Arts
Pull-out Instruction                                             Yes                   No
In-Class Tutorial                                                 No                   No
After School Program                                             Yes                  Yes
Summer School (2006)                                             Yes                  Yes
Other                                                             No                   No

% Juniors and Seniors Enrolled in a Course or Courses for                          School               State High Schools
College Credit
During the 2005-06 School Year                                                      96.1                      28.3
During the 2000-01 School Year                                                     N/A                       N/A

Advanced Placement Courses                                                         School               State High Schools
Number of Courses for which Students were Tested                                         1                      8.9
% of Grade 12 Students Tested                                                            0.0                   20.1
% of Exams Scored 3 or More*                                                            26.1                   71.9
*A score of three or higher is generally required for earning college credit.

Interactive Distance Learning: This school utilizes interactive distance learning. Interactive distance learning
ranges from on-line courses with student-instructor interaction via the internet to live classroom interactions through
two-way audio and video transmissions.

                                      Total Number of Credits                   School           DRG             State
                                      Required for Graduation                                                 Requirement
                                      Required for Class of 2006                 22.0            21.2            20.0

% of Class of 2006 Graduates who Earned Credit in Selected                         School               State High Schools
Algebra I or Equivalent                                                             100.0                      91.1
Chemistry                                                                           100.0                      70.6
4 or More Credits in Mathematics                                                    100.0                      64.0
3 or More Credits in Science                                                        100.0                      88.1
4 or More Credits in Social Studies                                                 100.0                      51.9
Credit for Level 3 or Higher in the Same World Language                             100.0                      59.1
2 or More Credits in Vocational Education                                             0.0                      57.9
2 or More Credits in the Arts                                                        67.7                      39.8
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                                        STUDENT PERFORMANCE
Connecticut Academic Performance Test, Third Generation, % Meeting State Goal: The CAPT is
administered to Grade 10 students. The Goal level is more demanding than the state Proficient level, but not as high
as the Advanced level, reported in the No Child Left Behind Report Cards.
CAPT Subject Area                             School                State              Of All Schools in State
                                                                                     Lowest %         Highest %
  Reading Across the Disciplines                67.4                45.6                0.0               87.2
  Writing Across the Disciplines                56.5                52.9                0.0               87.6
  Mathematics                                   54.3                45.2                0.0               86.3
  Science                                       37.0                44.4                0.0               84.5
These results reflect the performance of students with scoreable tests who were enrolled in the district at the time of
                   testing, regardless of the length of time they were enrolled in the district. Results for fewer than
                   20 students are not presented.
                   For more detailed CAPT results, go to
To see the NCLB Report Card for this district, go to and click on “No Child Left Behind.”

SAT® I: Reasoning Test                            Class of                                Class of 2006
                                                   2001           School         State          Of All Schools in State
                                                   School                                     Lowest % Highest %
% of Graduates Tested                              N/A             77.4           74.7            11.7        100.0
Mathematics: Average Score                          N/A            550            510             284           604
Mathematics: % Scoring 600 or More                 N/A             25.0           23.9              0.0         55.6
Critical Reading: Average Score                     N/A            573            505             314           595
Critical Reading: % Scoring 600 or More            N/A             45.8           21.3              0.0         48.5
Writing: Average Score                               N/A           544            504             304           595
Writing: % Scoring 600 or More                       N/A           25.0           19.6              0.0         48.8

Student Attendance             School            State High School          Class of 2006: Number of National Merit
% on October 1, 2006          92.8                   93.9                   Scholarship Semi-Finalists: 0

                               Physical Fitness, Grade 10         School         State          Of All Schools in State
                                                                                               Lowest % Highest %
                                % Passing All Four Tests             13.0          39.5           0.0           70.3

Graduation and Dropout Rates                                      School          State         Of All Schools in State
                                                                                               Lowest % Highest %
Graduation Rate for Class of 2006                                 N/A            N/A               40.0         100.0
Cumulative Four-Year Dropout Rate for Class of 2006               N/A            N/A                0.0         100.0
2005-06 Annual Dropout Rate for Grade 9 through 12                  0.0            1.8              0.0          29.8
2000-01 Annual Dropout Rate for Grade 9 through 12                N/A            N/A              N/A          N/A

                         Activities of Graduates                   Class of               School            State
                         % Attending Two- or Four-Year              2006                    96.8             78.3
                         Colleges                                   2001                  N/A               N/A
                         % Employed or in Military                  2006                     3.2             12.9
                                                                    2001                  N/A               N/A
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                               SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLANS AND ACTIVITIES
The following narrative was submitted by this school.

When the school opened in 2003, CIBA offered laptop computers for its students, along with a wealth of other
technological advantages. Those computers are now nearing the end of their useful life, given the advances in
computer technology available to schools and the general public. In addition, the extended warranties for these
machines have expired, leaving us with high repair costs. In order to maintain the advanced technological learning
environment that is integral to our students’ success, we must plan for the purchase of new laptops to replace our
aging units. In addition, we will develop a plan to update other existing technologies in the building, such as our
Smart Boards and Language Lab, to ensure that our students have the most up-to-date technology available to them.
In order to be certified to as an International Baccalaureate program, teachers must participate in curriculum update
training. Many of our teachers last received training five to seven years ago. According to the International
Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), retraining should occur every five years. Beginning this year, the CIBA staff has
been placed on a rotation for training that will include all certified staff over the next five years.
Another area for improvement is our attrition rate for students. In an effort to reduce this rate, we are expanding the
opportunities for prospective students and parents to learn about CIBA and the IB program, so that they are better
aware of our expectations for students and can better decide if this school is appropriate for them.
We are also evaluating current course offerings, to decide if our current course offerings are appropriate for our
students, or if some elective courses should be changed.

                                    SUPPLEMENTAL SCHOOL INFORMATION
The space below was optionally used by this school to describe aspects of the school not presented elsewhere in the profile.

CIBA was named a 2006 Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education. This was a recognition of the
achievements of our students on standardized testing (CAPT, SAT) and their overall high performance. CIBA was
the only high school in Connecticut so honored this year.
As the school continues to grow, the number of graduating students increases markedly. In 2007 we graduated 39
students, up from 32 in 2006. Correspondingly, the number of students participating in IB testing grew, as well.
Twenty-four members of the Class of 2007 were IB Diploma candidates, a 50 % increase from 2006. Thirteen of
those students received the IB Diploma.
CIBA students continued to demonstrate their willingness to actively support and promote charitable causes. The
school sponsored its second annual PANCan Walk. This event raises money for research on Pancreatic Cancer, the
disease that claimed the life of our founding principal, Michael Abelon. Other major fundraisers included Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
Once again this year, 100% of our graduating seniors were accepted to institutions of higher learning, and all of
them will be attending either a two- or four-year college in the fall of 2007.
Individual students also were honored for their achievements this year. One student was named a Governor’s
Scholar, a prestigious honor bestowed on only 30 Connecticut high school students each year. Two students were
honored for their willing essays in a contest sponsored by the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women.
Finally, our Mock Trial team was named Best New Mock Trial Team for 2006-2007.

  Strategic School Profiles may be viewed on the internet at A more detailed, searchable SSP
                database, data tables, and additional CT education facts are also available at this site.
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