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EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS, the market leader                      week, designed to make your business stand out
among the UK’s national newspapers for                     from the crowd.
franchising advertising, is also the o cial                   Our position as market leader is strengthened
newspaper to the British Franchise Association.            further by the publication of regular franchise
    Delivering comprehensive coverage of                   supplements, providing the most in depth
franchising and advertising opportunities every            coverage of all the major franchise exhibitions
Monday in the Daily Express, and every week in             taking place throughout the year, plus prime
the Sunday Express, our publications provide               advertorial opportunities on our pages for
you with the perfect media showcase for your               individual advertisers to further promote their
business.                                                  businesses.
    In partnership with the bfa, we keep our                  So, whether you are planning to grow your
readers up to date with regular franchise news             business, or to invest in a franchise of your own,
and features, and in addition, o er unique                 make Express Newspapers your number one
tailored editorial feature opportunities every             choice.

          The O cial National Newspapers to the British Franchise Association, with Associate Membership.

          Sponsors of the annual bfa Franchisor and Franchisee of the Year Awards

          Sponsors of the National Franchise Exhibition and supporters of National Franchise Week

          A weekly market-leading franchise section in the Daily Express every Mondayand in the Sunday Express

          A brand new franchise section in the Daily Star, sister paper to the Daily Express

To nd out more about how we
can help you to promote your
business, call the Express
Newspapers franchise team
on 0871 520 2919 or

This brochure is a scaled down version of the
16-page pull-out we published on the
1st October 2007 – our tribute to the
National Franchise Exhibition and the
best of British Franchising.
                                               “As the official newspaper of
             Business Express                  the bfa, the Daily Express strives
            Advertising Rates                  to provide quality editorial
                                               that will guide anyone looking
                                               to start their own business
                          Lineage   Display    through franchising. The regular
                                               franchise section is a great way of
National                  £18.00     £77.00    keeping up to date with industry
(Monday or Sunday)
                                               trends and news – a vital part of
                                               any prospective franchisees due
                                               diligence process.”

                                               Brian Smart
TECHNICAL DATA                                 Director General at the British
                                               Franchise Association

PAGE SIZE: 340mm x 275mm
                                               "The Daily Express has a long and
                                               hard won reputation within the
HALF PAGE: 170mm x 275mm                       franchise advertising arena. Ever
                                               since 1981, when they began,
COLUMN WIDTHS:                                 they have consistently produced
1 column                            31 mm      results for clients"
2 columns                           66 mm
3 columns                           101 mm     Fiona Corallini
                                               ARC Media Associates Limited
4 columns                           136 mm
5 columns                           170 mm
                                               “I have used the Daily Express
6 columns                           205 mm     as one of our main sources of
7 columns                           240 mm     franchisee recruitment for many
8 columns                           275 mm     years. During this period I have
                                               always found both the quality
                                               and volume of leads to be
                                               excellent and this continues to be
SCREEN:               87 DPI (Imperial)        the case.”
                     34 Dots per cm (Metric)
                                               Stephen Watson
Bromides/PMT’s/Quality Laser prints            Managing Director
                                               Agency Express
For availability contact the sales team        This Express Franchise section
                                               features a variety of different
                                               industries and raises awareness
                                               of franchising. HSBC regularly
Terms & Conditions available on request
                                               advertise in this section and view
                                               it as a good way to reach people
                                               who are looking to find out more
                                               about franchising.

                                               Cathryn Hayes
For all advertising enquires
0871 520 2919
                                               National Franchise Manager,
                                               HSBC Bank plc

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