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How you can strategically impact an
     unreached people group.
           Blessed churches
• Dr Mike Buehler’s of Westminster’s
  Presbyterian Church says concerning the
  churches adopting of the Zoque people of
  Chiapas, Mexico: “As we have given ourselves
  and our resources to these people, our giving
  and our attendance have increased. Our
  missions budget has increased over 40
  percent because people have had a chance to
  get a hands-on experience in reaching people
  from another culture for Christ and they see
  the needs”
  Discovering God’s plan for your church

• The Question: Which unreached people
  groups is God asking your church to accept
  responsibility for?
           Term and definitions.
        What do we mean by Adoption?
• The Adopt-A-People program is a church-to-field
  partnering program designed to develop strong
  identification and involvement between a church and an
  unreached people. Adoption itself is the commitment of the
  church and its members to see the establishment of a strong
  and growing church movement among a specific unreached
  people group.

• This program can go by many names “Focus On A People,”
  “Serve a people,” “People group partnering,” “ministry
  partnership”, etc.
           Term and definitions.
         What do we mean by Adoption?
• People Group (or people): A significantly large ethnic or
  sociological grouping of individuals who perceive
  themselves to have a common affinity with one another.
  For evangelistic purposes, it is the largest group within
  which the gospel can spread as a church planting
  movement without encountering barriers of understanding
  or acceptance.
• Unreached People (sometimes called ”Hidden Peoples”): a
  people group which has no indigenous community of
  believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources
  to finish evangelizing their community without further
  outside/cross-cultural assistance.
         Adopting a people group is:
A way to get directly involved, A way to focus.

• Caring for a people
   – Different than yourself
   – Who don’t have a strong church yet
   – More than just caring for a missionary

• Commitment
   – To God’s program for the world
   – To an unreached people group
   – To do everything possible to see this people reached
            Adopting a people group is:
   A way to get directly involved, A way to focus.

• Involvement
   – Directly with a people group
   – All members of the church in the lives of this people

• Partnership With:
   – Mission agencies
   – Missionaries on the field
   – Other churches and individuals with a similar
         A successful adoption requires

• 1. A champion

• 2. Enthusiastic support of the pastoral staff

• 3. Knowledge of missions and frontier missions in particular

• 4. The involvement of the congregation in all phases of the
         A successful adoption requires

• 5. Waiting on the Lord for His direction

• 6. A look at the congregation itself,
   – Who you are
   – What God is doing through you already?
   – What you believe God wants to do through you.

• 7. A partnership with a mission agency and their mission
  field personal
                        Getting Started
• Not one set way to do this

• This happens in many different and wonderful ways in different

• There’s a lot of room here for a creative person to become involved

• The program normally begins with a church getting introduced to the
  concept through:
    – A missionary, pastor, a people group advocate or missions speaker who
      brings the idea
    – From taking a Perspective Class or other curriculum like the Vision for the
      Nations class.
    – Hearing about the blessing of an adoption in another church
                  How it normally begins
•   1 An interested person takes up the cause to promote it in the church and in the
    process become the people group champion to lead the program

     – Or this interested person inspires, encourages, and motivates another to become the
       people group champion in the church

•   2 This champion sees that the foundations for a successful program are present
    or are developed. Some of these are:

     – The pastor and pastoral staff understands and fully supports the program.
     – The proper governing structures in the church consider and support the program
     – On going education of the congregation in frontier missions and the adoption
•   1. Evaluation of the church, what God is doing in it and what He wants to do.

•   2. Relationships are established with mission sending agencies seeking help,
    information ad guidance in this program including names of people groups for
    possible adoption

•   3. Contact is made with the AAP assisting agencies seeking information,
    assistance and AAP resources.

•   4. The concept of adoption is introduced to the congregation at large.

•   5. A list of potential people groups to adopt is developed

•   6. The church consider what kind of adoption it want to be involved in and how.
  Determining the people group for the church

• 1. This is determined largely by the church’s evaluation of who they
  are and what they believe God wants them to do.

• 2. Extensive prayer is given by the church leaders and the congregation
  based on information they are learning about missions and people

• 3. Consideration of the “bridges” to people groups that exist already
  within the congregation.
•   a. Missionaries that the church already supports or may support.
•   b. The vision or burden of the pastor
•   c. Denominational relationship and loyalties
•   d. Mission agencies the church already has relations with
•   e. People of other nationalities that God has brought to be a part of the
    church or live in the vicinity of the church
•   f. The country or people-group interests that already exist in the church
•   g. The people or nations the church has make contact with while on
    short-term mission trips
•   h. Successful sister church adoption
•   i. Occupational or geographic closeness
• Communicate to the congregation the different stages the
  planning group is going through

• At this stage a vision building trip to the targeted people
  group is often helpful

• A “critical mass” needs to develop in the congregation
  concerning which group is right for them
                  Formal adoption

• Notify your partnering
  mission agency of your
• Conduct a formal adoption
• Notify the “Adopt-a-
  People Clearinghouse” of
  your adoption
 Recommended parts of an ongoing adoption
• 1. The people-group advocate is formally recognized
   – a. with formal accountability to the proper governing
      body in the church
   – b. is the point person for the people-group ministry in
      the church.
   – c. A people-group committee should be formed which
      would work with this people-group advocate.
• 2. Establish a regular prayer fellowship for the group.
   – a. The people-group advocate could lead this
   – b. This advocate will have current information on what
      is happening in the group
Recommended parts of an ongoing adoption

   – 3 Regularly involve the congregation at every possible
     level of what is happening in the group.

• 4. Network with others who relate to your people group
  (on the field and at home)

• 5. Become informed about the adopted people group.
  Become an expert on everything that relates to the people.
         Parts of a maturing program
• 1. Recruit other churches to adopt this people group and to
  partner with you.

• 2. Send church members on short-term mission trips to
  minister to your people group.
   – This in conjunction with the field missionaries

• 3. Look for members of this people group in the United
  States--or in your country and reach out to them.

• 4. Send the church's own permanent missionaries to this
          Parts of a maturing program

• 5. Assist in seeing specific projects begun through the
  mission agencies and missionaries on the field.

• 6. Raise funds to support missionaries on the field and for
  their special projects.

• 7. Involve the members of the church. The more the
  members are involved, the more it will impact them and
  make a difference in their lives.
Resources to understand and promote adoption
•   Videos
•        “Ordinary People: Extraordinary Love” by Caleb Project
•        “The Father's Love” by the Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse
•        “Doing Your Bit” by the Adopt-A-People Campaign USCWM

•   CD’s
     – “Adoption Guidance Program” by the AD 2000 and Beyond Movement

•   Book
     – “Adoption A Practical Guide” by the Adopt-A-People Campaign USCWM

•   Videos and books
     – by various denominations and missions agencies explaining their adoption programs
                   Agencies to assist in adoption
•   Mission agencies you are familiar with
•   Your Denomination’s mission board

•   Adopt-A-People service agencies
•        Adopt-a-People Clearinghouse
•        Adopt-a-People Campaign USCWM
•        Antiock Network
•        Caleb Project
•        Emerging Young leaders
•        Issachar Frontier Mission Strategies

•                  For contact information and agencies
                   • See “”

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