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									  Healthy Neighborhoods
       Include You!
Outreach for Faith based Organizations

            Office of Neighborhood Involvement   1

 Office of Neighborhood Involvement   2
9:00- 9:20 am     Welcome, Intros, Agenda
                  Name, organization and one group you regularly attend.

9:20 – 9:45       Exercise -1

9:45 – 10:15      Listening: Some experiences from folks who have felt
                      uncomfortable/unwelcome in a group.
                      What was the cause of the uncomfortability?

10:15 – 10:50     Presentation –The Portland Neighborhood System
                  1. Introduction to the Portland Neighborhood System
                  2. Portland Online/Portland Maps

11:00 – 11:30     Opportunities for partnership
                  The Vision of the S.O.N. - James Autry
                  Developing an outreach plan for your organization.
                  Who will be a part of the outreach committee?
                  Evaluation- How will you know if it worked?

11:30 – 12:00 PM Evaluations, Conclusion
                            Office of Neighborhood Involvement             3
What are the meetings you regularly attend?
What is the style of those meetings?

                                AA          Rotary Church

                              Baseball    Board
                               team      Meeting

             Office of Neighborhood Involvement              4
Have you ever had an experience where
you have felt uncomfortable sitting in a

             Office of Neighborhood Involvement   5
              Exercise cont.
Listening: Some experiences from folks who have
    felt uncomfortable/unwelcome in a group.
    - What was the cause of the uncomfortability?
    - How could things have been done differently?
    - What would it take to do things differently?
    - What one idea do you want to move forward
    with (to take to your group to do) that is a
    different approach, than how you are doing
    things currently?

                 Office of Neighborhood Involvement   6
    Portland Neighborhood System
o   There are 95 Neighborhood Associations
    in the City of Portland.
o   These Neighborhood Associations are
    defined geographically.
o   Each Neighborhood Association is run by
    volunteers who live or own businesses
    within the neighborhood boundaries.
o   Officers are elected to board positions.

                 Office of Neighborhood Involvement   7
      The Neighborhoods cont.
o   While all are different in many ways
    most have a monthly general meeting and
    a board meeting.
o   Some of their standing committees
    address land use issues and crime
    prevention, as well many other items.
o   Each of the 95 Neighborhoods belong to a
    Coalition office.

                Office of Neighborhood Involvement   8
       Neighborhood Coalitions
   There are 7 Coalitions in the Portland
    Neighborhood system.
   Each Coalition is funded by the City of
    Portland through the Office of
    Neighborhood Involvement.
   The Coalitions provide technical support to
    the Neighborhood Associations.

                 Office of Neighborhood Involvement   9
The 7 Neighborhood Coalitions
   Central Northeast Neighbors
   Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods
   North Portland Neighborhood Services
   East Portland Neighborhood Office
   Southwest Neighborhoods , Inc.
   Neighbors West Northwest
   Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Program

                Office of Neighborhood Involvement   10
              Tools to use
   Portland online

 Contact your local Coalition office
 Contact the Office of Neighborhood

                Office of Neighborhood Involvement   11
Serving Our Neighbors

     Office of Neighborhood Involvement   12
        Serving Our Neighbors
   S.O.N. is a coalition of individual neighbors
    & faith based organizations (churches,
    ministries & services) that are working
    together in prayer & service.
   S.O.N. was founded in 1999 by Pastors,
    Ministry Directors and Businessmen to
    respond to Y2K with a united balance
    strategy of prayer & service.

                  Office of Neighborhood Involvement   13
        Serving Our Neighbors
   PRAYER - S.O.N. is working with the
    Oregon State National Day of Prayer Task
    Force, the Global Day of Prayer Initiative,
    International Harvesters & K-Praise Radio.
   SERVICE - S.O.N. is working with
    Portland’s Office of Emergency
    Management, it’s Office of Neighborhood
    Involvement & Home Again – Portland’s
    10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.
                 Office of Neighborhood Involvement   14
        Serving Our Neighbors
   PRAYER - S.O.N. is working to launch a
    24/7 Prayer Initiative (12midnight to 6am
    on K-Praise & then local churches and
    ministries praying one day a month from
    6am to 12midnight) starting June 8, 2008.
   SERVICE - S.O.N. is working with the Luis
    Palau Association “Summer of Service” &
    “Portland CityFest” in late August 2008.

                 Office of Neighborhood Involvement   15
          Serving Our Neighbors
   How does S.O.N. function in the city?
       Meetings with Key Prayer & Service Leaders.
       Email Campaigns to 4500 individuals & faith
        based organizations throughout community.
       Radio spots & programs on K-Praise 1330 AM.
       Website –
   How can you participate in S.O.N.?
       Participate in Strategic Gatherings & Critical
        Initiatives promoted by S.O.N.
       Join your Neighborhood Association–Show Up
                     Office of Neighborhood Involvement   16
        Serving Our Neighbors
   Faith Based Organizations want to reach
    out to their Community and it’s Leaders
    with their Time, Talent & Treasure.
   Our Community and it’s Leaders want
    Faith Based Organizations to participate in
    bringing their Volunteers (Time), Skills
    (Talent) and Resources (Treasure) to
    assist in meeting the needs of it’s citizens.
   S.O.N. is a catalyst for finding ways for
    everyone to connect and work together.
                  Office of Neighborhood Involvement   17
          Serving Our Neighbors
   Public Safety Training for Faith Community Leaders –
    Thursday, Nov 15th 8:30am-3:30pm at the Mittleman
    Jewish Community Center (6651 SW Capitol Hwy)
   Greater Portland Prayer Coalition Gatherings –
    Saturdays, Jan 26th, April 26th, July 26th, Oct 25th 2008
   A Day with Luis Palau – Tuesday, Feb 12th, 2008
   National Day of Prayer – Thursday, May 1st, 2008
   Global Day of Prayer – Sat-Sun, May 10th-11th, 2008
   Lord’s Watch Over Greater Portland, Sun, June 8th, 2008
   S.O.N. Preparation Day – Sunday, June 15, 2008
   Summer of Service – June, July & August 2008
   Portland CityFest with Luis Palau – Late August 2008
                       Office of Neighborhood Involvement       18
        Serving Our Neighbors

   Are You Serving Our Neighbors in Prayer
    & Service in your Neighborhood?
   Pray about Serving Our Neighbors!
   Serve with Serving Our Neighbors!
   Be about Serving Our Neighbors with Life!

                 Office of Neighborhood Involvement   19

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