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Things We Know – Things We Dont Know

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					     Things We Know –
   Things We Don’t Know

           Who was he?
          Was it Christ?
What can we learn from Melchizedek?
What We Know:
 Name – Genesis 14:18
   Melchizedek
   Name    means ―king of righteousness‖
 City – Genesis 14:18
   Salem – means ―peace‖
   Old name for city later called Jerusalem
What We Know:
 King – Genesis 14:18
   Not a nation – just a city
   King = mayor of a city and area around
 Priest – Genesis 14:18
   Not a pagan priest
   ―El Elyon‖ – Hebrew – ―Most High God‖
   Same God Abraham worshipped
    (Genesis 14:19)
What We Know:
 Kind – Genesis 14:18
   Brought Abraham bread and wine
 Was Paid Tithes – Genesis 14:20
   Tithe = ―a tenth part‖
   Question – a 10th of what?
 Mentioned in Scripture
   OT – Genesis 14:18-20; Psalm 110:4
   NT – Hebrews 5:6; 5:10; 6:20; 7:1-21
What We Don’t Know:
 Names of parents

 When he was born or died

 Where he was born or died

 His ancestry (family tree)
What We Don’t Know:
 Nehemiah 7:61b - but they could not
  identify their father’s house nor their
  lineage, whether they were of Israel:
 Nehemiah 7:64 – These sought their
  listing among those who were
  registered by genealogy, but it was not
  found; therefore they were excluded
  from the priesthood as defiled.
What We Don’t Know:
 ISBE – The argument of Hebrews 7 is
 similar to the rabbinic argument from
 silence, which assumed tht nothing
 exists unless Scripture mentions it.
 Since Genesis says nothing about
 Melchizedek’s parents, genealogy, birth,
 or death, he serves as a type
 representing the eternal Son of God.
What We Don’t Know:
 Halley’s Bible Handbook – What is the
 meaning of ―without father, without
 mother, without genealogy, having
 neither beginning of days nor end of
 life‖? Not that it was actually so, but that
 it appeared so in the Old Testament
What We Don’t Know:
 Halley’s Bible Handbook – Levitical
 priests were priests because of their
 genealogy. But Melchizedek, without
 genealogy, was the recognized priest of
 the human race at that time.
 A mysterious, solitary picture and type,
 in the dim past, of the coming Eternal
 Priest – King.
A False View
 Some assume that Melchizedek was
  Christ appearing to Abraham.
 This is assumed from:
   No beginning, no end
   Continually a priest

 This view fails to understand some
A False View
 Made like
   To  copy, to become like, make oneself like
   Hebrews 7:3 - without father, without
    mother, without genealogy, having neither
    beginning of days nor end of life, but made
    like the Son of God, remains a priest
   2 things required – one of which is a
    clone, a copy, made to look like the other
A False View
 Another
   Greek  (heteros)
   Hebrews 7:15 - And it is yet far more
    evident if, in the likeness of Melchizedek,
    there arises another priest
   Heteros – another of a different type
    ―I have moved to another house.‖
   Allos – another of the same type
    ―Here is another songbook.‖
A False View
 Type / Antitype
   Like a rubber stamp
   To strike against and leave an imprint
   Branding cattle, stamp, wax seal
   Thayer – The mark of a stroke, a figure
    formed by a blow or impression
A False View
 Type / Antitype
   Type   – the pattern, blueprint, design
   The tabernacle was a pattern
   Hebrews 8:5 - who serve the copy and
    shadow of the heavenly things, as Moses
    was divinely instructed when he was about
    to make the tabernacle. For He said, “See
    that you make all things according to the
    pattern shown you on the mountain.”
A False View
 Type / Antitype
   Antitype   – the thing itself
   Hebrews 9:24 - For Christ has not entered
    the holy places made with hands, which
    are copies of the true, but into heaven
    itself, now to appear in the presence of
    God for us;
A False View
 Type          Antitype
 Pattern       Dress
 Blueprint     House
 Design        New car
 Tabernacle    Heaven
 Melchizedek   Christ
What We Should Learn
 Combination of king and priest
   Not possible under Law of Moses
      Kings from Judah
      Priests from Levi

   Jesus   is BOTH
      Mary – Levi
      Joseph – Judah

   Melchizedek   is the type – king and
    priest – Christ is the antitype
What We Should Learn
 Anointed One
   Hebrew   – Messiah
   Greek – Christ
   3 offices are anointed
     Prophet
     Priest

     King

   Jesus   fills all 3 offices
What We Should Learn
 Treatment of strangers
   We should treat ALL people with
   Melchizedek honored Abraham
   Abraham honored Melchizedek
   Abraham honored the king of Sodom
What We Should Learn
 Who was higher?
   Abraham was a Patriarch over his
   Little is known about the priesthood
    of Melchizedek
   Melchizedek’s priesthood is older
    than the Law of Moses
   It is also higher than the priesthood of
What We Should Learn
 OT shows the “type”
   Hebrews 8:5b - For He said, “See that
    you make all things according to the
    pattern shown you on the mountain.”
   1 Peter 3:21 - There is also an antitype
    which now saves us—baptism (not the
    removal of the filth of the flesh, but the
    answer of a good conscience toward
    God), through the resurrection of Jesus
What We Should Learn
 NT shows the “antitype”
 Type            Antitype
 Melchizedek     Christ
 Israel          Church
 Noah            Salvation
 Tabernacle      Worship
What We Should Learn
 Melchizedek is the pattern, the
 blue print, that will lead us to

 Follow the pattern.

 You will live in heaven itself.

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