Stylish Bumps by fionan


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                                          Stylish Bumps
                                           Just because you’re having a baby doesn’t mean
                                           you have to sacrifice style says Gay Richardson
                                         wider variety; clothes don’t have      keep you covered around the
                                         to all be ‘maternity’. The only item   back but allow access for feeding.
                                         that does seem to be essential is      There is an 'NCT Breastfeeding
                                         the ‘over the bump’ jean (under        and new parents drop in every
                                         the bump versions don’t stay up!)      Friday 10am - 12pm at the
                                                                                Durrington Children and Family
                                         The fabric needs to be stretchy or     Centre,     Salvington       Road,
                                         drapey to minimize the bump.           Durrington, Worthing BN13 2JD
                                         Good styles are empire line tops       Tel 01903 276888 - It's not a class -
                                         and tunics (these fit under the        just somewhere for new parents

  A         re you a Mum - or
            Grandma - to be?
            Congratulations- how
  wonderfully exciting! Are you
  itching to grab your knitting
                                         bust then fall straight down) worn
                                         with leggings/jeans and boots.
                                         Layering is another clever way to
                                         keep warm or cool so layer up
                                         with long t-shirts, vests (Top Shop
                                                                                to come for a coffee and a chat.
                                                                                Breastfeeding support will be

                                                                                Think ahead for after the birth and
  needles and delve into the depths      Tall) and the ubiquitous long line     have a few ‘visitor’ outfits planned
  of your memory to see if you can       cardy. Go for cheerful colours and     so you can look and feel great!
  remember how to do it? Well            patterns. Accessories can be a         Style consultant Gay Richardson
  saunter down to Warwick Street         great way to make you feel more        can be contacted on 01903 538774
  first as there is the most fantastic   glamorous e.g. a bangle or two,
  new knitting shop. It’s run by the     long necklaces
  lovely Caroline and called The         (BB before birth)
  Wool Bar, 15a Warwick Street,          and      a    short
  Worthing 01903 235445 for              necklace        (AB
  something a little more modern         after        birth),
  and exciting for your new              scarves and hats
  grandchild.                            (add a flower to
                                         a plain beret to
  Here are some handy hints for          be up to date). If
  dressing for the various stages of     you are anxious
  pregnancy. There are crucial times     about        breast
  when you’ll want to feel good : as     feeding in public,
  baby bump gets visible; when you       and want to feel
  cant see or touch feet; right after    comfortable yet
  the birth; breast feeding ; and        still      covered;
  when you have visitors                 there are style
                                         tricks     to    be
  It’s really down to the fabric and     discreet and not
  style of the clothes that will         exposed.         Try
  accommodate your bump and              w e a r in g       a
  boobs; so that you feel as great as    pashmina as a
  possible throughout.                   scarf and then
                                         using that to
  Although there are many high           drape        across
  street shops that now do               your top half
  maternity ranges e.g. Dorothy          whist feeding; or
  Perkins, M&S, New Look and the         there are cleverly
  internet can provide an even           layered tops that

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