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									                       St. Joseph School
March 6, 2009                                                Vol. 6, No. 25

Coming Events
Friday, March 6                          Reconciliation for grades 5 (room 200), 6, 7,
                                         and 8
Friday, March 13                         Stations of the Cross (7:30 PM) including an
                                         ecumenical service remembering the victims of
                                         the recent shooting in Wilmette
Saturday, March 7                        First Reconciliation (11 AM)
Monday-Wednesday, March 9-11             Parish Mission (7:30 PM)
Tuesday, March 10                        Stations of the Cross (2:15 PM) NOTE
                                         TIME!! Mass uniforms required!
Friday, March 13                         Pizza Day (out of uniform- Go Green Day)
Friday, March 13                         Reconciliation grades 3, 4, and 5 (201)
Friday, March 13                         Children’s Stations of the Cross (7:30 PM)

POP (Parents on Patrol)
This is a friendly reminder from POP! Please refer to your schedule to see if next
week is YOUR week for POP duty. There is a full schedule in the back of your
directory or at . If you are unable to work the
week you were assigned, please find a sub! Let's keep our parking lot safe for all of our

TUITION 2009-2010
Earlier this week a cover letter from the school board regarding next year’s tuition as
well as the Tuition and Fee Schedule was sent out to all families. You will also find a
copy of each on our website. Note that the increase is being kept to only 2%. If you
have not yet registered, we ask that you do so now. Very shortly, members of the
school board will begin calling all families who are not yet registered.
The Transportation Reimbursement form for the State of Illinois is now
available for signing in the office. In order to qualify, you must live at least 1 ½ miles
from school or else live less than that but have a safety hazard that you cross on the
way to school. In order to qualify for the safety hazard, you must already have sent the
state the required form. The form we have in the office must be signed by the

The State of Illinois has specific health exam requirements that must be met before a
child is allowed to enter school. For the 2009-2010 school year this requirement
will apply to students entering preschool, kindergarten, grade 2 and grade 6
plus all new students. A notice was sent home to parents in the affected grades
along with the forms, which are also available on our website. The forms should be
turned in by August 3, when the office will reopen. NO STUDENT will be
allowed to begin school until all forms are in. This is the state requirement, and we will
follow that requirement. Simply giving us a date for a doctor’s appointment will not be
satisfactory. We are letting you know this now so that you will have plenty of time to
make an appointment. Please don’t wait until August to make doctor appointments.

This is a reminder that Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday, March 8. Remember
to set your clocks AHEAD before going to be on Saturday.

                                                   Support St. Joseph School
                                                   8th Grade AND be Green! See
                                                   flyer at the end of the newsletter!


The bermudas are in the drawer, the flip flops and topsiders are packed away
but the memories of Summer by the Shore will be with us forever!
Just a few thank you's and reminders remain before we roll up our beach
umbrellas until next year. . .

First, let's all cheer for Sophie Amphlett, Terri Bouchard, Catherine Sullivan, and Patti
Tsuru - our amazing co-chairs. Their drive and determination made this all possible!
Thanks to all of the Biffs and Mitsys who made Summer by the Shore such a splash!
Special "Kudos" to Tim Finnigan, Kurt Zoller, Ellen Fox, Brian and Susan Bradley, Julie
Zoller, Helena Harron, Jim Bolotin, Patty and John Ohle, Helen Considine, Ty
Kadheman, Maria McCanna, Sharon Buchanan, Jean Bolotin, Mike Forth, Colleen
Golden, Kathy Nugent and Rich Hill. Working in the background and right out in front,
you helped to make it all come together. To everyone who volunteered before and
during the event and to all of the school and parish families who donated and bought
the wonderful items for auction, Thank You!

School passes are still available. For only $30.00, you get 4 out of uniform passes and
2 tardy passes good through Feb of 2010. One set per student, restrictions apply. Call
Catherine Sullivan for more information or to purchase.

It's not too late to sign up for no-bid parties! For Mamma Mia contact Jani Connolly, for
the Brewers trip call Tom Kessler or Pete McCanna, and for the Godfather night call
Tony Bouchard or Ted McKenna. Don't wait, these parties will sell out!

Lost and Found: A sage green pashmina, a pair of size 6 black and white flip flops and
a pair of broken, large frame sunglasses. Are they yours? Call Catherine Sullivan to
claim these items.

We are very proud of the fact that so many of our graduates are doing well in high
school and college. We recently received a letter from Loyola Academy, listing those
graduates who achieved honors in the first semester- 85% of those graduates who are
attending Loyola. That is a great testament to the work our teachers do in preparing
our students for high school. Congratulations to the following:

Loyola Scholar (at least 93% unweighted semester average):T. J. Considine, Steven
Razafsha, Nick Hill, Grace Kerrigan, Maryam Razafsha, Dan Sheridan, Catherine Solmos

First Honors (weighted average over 89.5%): Olivia Kilb, Marilyn Bass, Katie Bolotin,
Patricia Castellanos, Patrick Butler, Andrew Fox, Fred Smart

Second Honors (weighted average of 84.5%-89.4%): Dan McHugh, Michael Hager,
Carl Perera

We would like to hear from parents of students in other high schools (and
colleges as well) to find out how they are doing. I would like to share their
successes with our parent community.
                      IT IS IN GIVING THAT WE RECEIVE
                          ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL BOARD

       The St. Joseph School Board is accepting applications for three openings on
the Board for a three year term commencing with the 2009-10 school year. The School
Board acts as a key advisor to the school Administration and is responsible for
developing policies that enable the school to fulfill its mission. If you are interested in
receiving more information, please see the School Board section of our website. You
may also contact either of the Chairpersons of the Nominating Committee: (Colleen
Driscoll or Gary Delaney). Applications are available on the school’s website
( or the school office.

Going Green Matters, a community environmental event featuring information and
vendor booths, special recycling opportunities, a Green Tea and 4 in-depth seminars:
Greening Wilmette, Grow your own Food, Green Cars and Connecting Families to
Nature. Sunday March 15th 2-5:00 p.m. Community Recreation Center, 300 Glenview
Road, Wilmette. Hosts: Go Green Wilmette & Wilmette Park District. More details:

Sixth Grade Hoop-apalooza caps off season.

The sixth grade girls and boys basketball teams capped off their season on Sunday with
their own version of March madness. After the sixth grade boys played an intersquad
game, the night’s main event was a fast paced game pitting the sixth grade girls’ team
against the team Moms. After the four quarters of furious back and forth action
(including a number of the sixth grade boys joining the game to cover their mothers),
the Moms prevailed 13-10. We thank the following moms for taking the court and
competing against our sixth grade teams: Jeannie Breen, Barb Canning, Mary Hall,
Bianca Hara, Cathy Neuses, Karen Santacruz, Cari Selzer, Cathy Treiber,
Dawn Zigmond, Pearl Nicholas, Jackie Tan and Martha Sheridan.

Preschool Post
Smoke Alarm Info
8th Grade Recycling
St. Joseph Mission
March 6, 2009

     •   Many new and challenging activities have been introduced this week.
     •   New puzzles have been put out. These puzzles represent places and faces of
         people from all over the world.
     •   Number rolls; this activity is for the older children. Using a roll of paper, the
         children write numbers beginning with number one. They use a set of
         numerals so they understand the place value. When they have finished for
         the day, they go to the bank, show their cards and get that amount of
         quantity. They tell three people what their quantity is and then write a check
         to take home and show their parents.
     •   Decimal Layout; the children lay out on a rug the symbol and quantity from
         one unit to nine units, one ten bar to nine ten bars, one square of one
         hundred to nine square of one hundreds; one cube of one thousand to nine
         cubes of one thousand. (a beautiful representation of our decimal system.)
     •   Atrium; the prayer table has a purple cloth on it which represents waiting. We
         are waiting for Easter;We are reading about heaven and the Mustard Seed
         (Mark 4:30-32). The children are shown real mustard seeds in a jar. We talk
         about how small they are and how when planted in the ground they grow to
         be a very large tree. There is a photo of a mustard tree in Israel. Something
         so small can grow into something so large.
     •   Movie Night; this great event is next Friday, March 13. Sign your child up. It
         is so much fun!

             Miss Jones           Mrs. Cavoto
          What You Should Know About Smoke Alarms
Since the late 1970s, smoke alarms have decreased fire deaths by almost 50 percent,
according to the National Fire Protection Association ( ). About 95 percent
of American households currently have at least one smoke alarm installed. There’s no
doubt smoke alarms save lives: 65 percent of reported home fire deaths occur in homes
with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.

There are two common types of smoke alarms used for detecting fires.

1. Ionization smoke alarms. When smoke enters the smoke alarm chamber, it
   disrupts the flow of ions, which disrupts the flow of current between two electrically
   charged plates and activates the alarm. This type of smoke alarm is generally better
   at detecting flaming fires. Examples of flaming fires are paper burning in a
   wastebasket or grease fires on the stovetop. Flaming fires are quick to spread and
   rapidly consume materials in their path. A study by the U.S. Consumer Product
   Safety Commission found that 94 percent of home fires were categorized as flaming

2. Photoelectric smoke alarms. When smoke enters the smoke alarm chamber,
   light is reflected onto a light sensor triggering the alarm. This type of smoke
   detector is generally better at detecting smoldering fires. Smoldering fires can
   sometimes burn for hours before bursting into flames. Examples include cigarettes
   burning in couches or bedding.

Since you can’t be sure what kind of fire might start in your home, consider installing
both ionization and photoelectric alarms on every level of your home and in every
sleeping area.

Here are some other smoke alarm facts and tips.
• If all homes in the United States had a working smoke alarm, an estimated 890 lives
  could be saved each year.

•   The biggest cause for smoke alarm failure is missing, disconnected, or dead
    batteries. The leading reason for disabling smoke alarms is nuisance activations.

•   If you move into a new home, unless you know that the smoke alarms are new, you
    should replace them with new ones.

•   Replace alarms in your home at least every 10 years.

•   Test your smoke alarms once a month, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

•   Replace your batteries in your alarm once a year, or as soon as the alarm “chirps,”
    warning that the battery is low. Make it a point to change batteries when you
    change your clocks as you switch from daylight saving time to standard time in the

•   Never “borrow” a battery from your smoke alarm.

•   Never disable your smoke alarm. If it is sounding off with “nuisance alarms,” try
    relocating it farther from kitchens or bathrooms where cooking fumes and steam
    can set it off.

•   Follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your alarm by vacuuming or dusting.

•   Remember that those who are deaf or hard of hearing cannot rely on the sound of a
    regular alarm to alert them to a fire.

--Adapted from information on the National Fire Protection Association and the Spokane
County Fire District 8 websites.
           Support St. Joseph School 8th Grade
                      AND be Green!

       During February and March, the 8th grade is
       collecting the following items∞ for recycling:
            •   Printer cartridges (inkjet and laser)
            •   Cell phones (working* or not)
            •   Digital Cameras/Video Cameras (working* or not)
            •   Laptop or notebook computers+ (working* or not)
            •   MP3 Players/iPods (working* or not)
            •   Handheld Game Systems (working* or not)

Labeled drop boxes located in the school
vestibule and outside the community room.
What is recyclable? Check or call
Danielle at 847.256.7866.

The proceeds will support the 8th grade class
trips, and reduce landfill waste.
    No accessories please! We cannot recycle these and will be charged a fee.
    Working items must have batteries.
    All computers will have hard drives removed and destroyed, or owner may
    remove them. We cannot accept desktop or tower computers and monitors.
          “BE YOU PERFECT
            IS PERFECT”
                                  Presented by
                     Father Patrick Boyle, S.J.

                      March 9-11, 2009, 7:30 p.m.

            Monday, March 9th – The Eucharist
            Tuesday, March 10th – The Sacraments
            Wednesday, March 11th – Prayer

Please invite your friends and family to attend our Lenten Mission, which will take
                  place in St. Joseph’s church; all are welcome!

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