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                       YARNS                                         May 2008

                                                    Deadlines for submissions remain unchanged—
                                                    the third Friday of the month, or thereabouts—
                                                   and you can send them to me at
                                           or phone me at
2007/08 Guild Executive and Committees
President: Doreen MacLauchlan
                                                    And a great big thank you to Wendy Humphreys
Vice President: Marjorie Ann Malcolm
                                                    Tebbutt who, despite battling a bout of
Past President: Jane Hodgson
                                                    pneumonia and its aftermath, copied and mailed
Secretary: Barby Paulus
                                                    out the snail mail newsletters for February,
Ass’t. Secretary: Shirley MacDonald
                                                    March, and April while Joan Reeves was
Treasurer & Membership: Pam Coxall
                                                    galivanting around Australia and New Zealand.
Newsletter: Marjorie Ann Malcolm

Equipment: Jean Pataky
Grants & Awards: Deanna Pilling, Charmian
Dunaway, Djenai Stephenson                          Membership List – Please notify Pam Coxall of
Guild Historians: Ann Harmer assisted by Anne       any changes to your address, phone number, or
Gregory and Ursula Bentz                            email address.
Hospitality: Heather Apple
Library: Elizabeth Bakewell                         Notice to all new members – pick up your
Library Assistants: Shirley Hall, Norma Pruden,     package of useful Guild information from Norma
Shirley MacDonald                                   Pruden, our official Guild Welcoming Committee
Newsletter: Ann Harmer
Newsletter Assistant: Joan Reeves                   Note from the Prez
                                                    Our Prez has other priorities at the moment, and
Spin-ins: Doreen MacLauchlan, Heather Apple
                                                    we can imagine what they are: Doreen and
Standards Committee: Jean Pataky, Jane
                                                    Marjorie Ann (clothed in their respective
Hodgson, Vi McDonald, Marjorie Ann Malcolm
                                                    MacLauchlan and Malcolm tartans) are at this
Website Design & Maintenance: Laurie Jensen
                                                    moment sitting in front of an old weaver’s croft,
Welcome Committee: Norma Pruden
                                                    munching on oatcakes while they down a wee
Workshops: Joan Reeves, Muriel Prior
                                                    dram or two, waiting for Nadine to break into
                                                    song. They’ll fill us in on the rest of the details on
A Note About the Newsletter                         their return.

Marjorie Ann has turned the newsletter files over   In the meantime, the year 2009 has been
to me; I was going to say that she’s left me with   declared the International Year of Natural Fibres,
some awfully big shoes to fill, but when I look     so that should give us plenty of time to decide
down at my size 10s, I realize how ludicrous that   how we should mark the occasion.
sounds. But you know what I mean. Marjorie
Ann has been producing the newsletter since         l
February 2001, so let’s give her a huge round of
applause. —AH                                       Guild Meeting, May 5, 2008

May 2008
                  SUNSHINE COAST SPINNERS & WEAVERS GUILD                                                2

11:30: Doors open. Library open. Please bring        Applications must be in before May 2008, and
back all overdue items.                              the awards will be granted at the June meeting.
                                                     The maximum is $350; the amounts awarded
12:30: Program: We’ll watch a DVD on shibori         are at the discretion of the committee (see
provided by Anne Gregory. Since this is a long       masthead). Deanna is making up a new form.
video, we may start it at 11:30, and people can
watch it for as long as they wish.                   Library
Last Meeting, April 7: (Marjorie Ann wrote this.)    Book Talk: If you find a great book or magazine,
Thank you to Ann Harmer for her fascinating and      feel free to talk it up at a meeting, or send in a
informative description and slides of                little review to the newsletter
her experiences at the Fungi Symposium in
Mendocino, California in January and for             Library Procedure: Borrower signs book card
showing us various mushrooms and the results         and places in box provided. Return book at
of their dyes. Another whole area opens up!          regular meetings or spin-ins. Do NOT replace
                                                     the card in the book.
Next Meeting: June 2: Our end-of-year potluck
luncheon and AGM, when we’ll exchange our            Hours of Operation: Library open throughout
fabric bags and elect new officers.                  meetings and the Davis Bay Spin-in, since it is
                                                     now self-serve.

Interest Groups                                      Workshops

Guild Spin-Ins: May 21. Every third Tuesday          The Accidental Dyeing Workshop will run
of the month 10 a.m.–2 pm. at St. John’s Church      Saturday, May 31, and Sunday, June 1. These
Hall, Davis Bay. Come and spin or knit or            are one-day sessions running over two days, to
crochet, etc., etc. and of course chat, and          accommodate the numbers. There are still a few
browse in the library!                               spaces left; contact Joan Reeves at 604-886-
                                                     9251 to register. Fee is $50, payable in advance.
Northern Spin-ins: May 29. Every last
Thursday of the month in Yvonne Stowell’s yurts      We will be experimenting with the "layered" or
in Pender Harbour, 12887-12889 Sunshine              accidental dyeing method using fleece, roving,
Coast Highway (2 kms north of Madeira Park)          exotic fibres, previously dyed rovings and
Potluck lunch, Yvonne provides tea and coffee.       skeins—"playing" with colours in jars and dye
604-883-2380.                                        pots.

                                                     Please wear old clothes (something you don't
Equipment                                            mind getting "coloured"), bring wide-mouthed
                                                     glass jars (mayonnaise size) if you have them.
If you have guild equipment that you are not         We will use them for some of the dye
using and would like to recirculate, please give     techniques.
Jeannie Pataky a call at 604-883-2081,or send
her an email at, and she will find   If anyone has a microwave that is easy to
it a new home.                                       transport, please bring it. I have a small dyeing
                                                     microwave, but additional ones are always
If there is a piece of equipment you would like to   handy.
try, contact Jeannie. At the moment, she
                                                     We're starting at 10:00 a.m.—please bring a
has an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel            lunch snack—and cross your fingers for sunny,
available.                                           wonderful weather!

Grants & Awards

Apr. 2008
                   SUNSHINE COAST SPINNERS & WEAVERS GUILD                                             3

                                                     Please make a note of this and amend your
FibreWorks Studio has many more exciting             copy of the Standards accordingly.
workshops planned for the next few months.
See the complete list on page 4 of this              April Show & Tell
newsletter; further details can be found at                             Ursula Bentz – A lacy pink stole knitted on
workshopschedule.html.                               Turbo needles with kid Mohair, and a woven
                                                     shawl with a linen warp at 8 ends per inch and
                                                     handpainted cotton chenille for the weft. Ursula
Bag Exchange                                         would not recommend using linen for a warp, as
                                                     it disintegrated.
If you haven’t yet started decorating the bag
you’ll be giving to the person whose name you        Marjorie Ann Malcolm – Two tartan scarves,
drew, now is the time to do so. We’re                one for herself and one for her husband, for their
exchanging them at the June 2 meeting.               trip to Scotland. They were woven on the same
                                                     warp in Malcolm tartan (an asymmetrical tartan)
ALERT! If you intend to wash your bag, do it         in ―ancient‖ colours, with 20/2 silk. Marjorie Ann
before you embellish it, because it will SHRINK!     had to deal with ―millions of ends‖ because they
Thank you to Laura for this heads-up.                couldn’t be carried up the sides.

Some bags are still available for exchange.          Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt – A Fair Isle Hat
Please see Pam Coxall if you wish to take part.      using deep plum, taupe, pale pink, rose, and a
$5 a bag—it’s a steal!                               tiny splash of pale blue. This was Wendy’s first
                                                     Fair Isle, made for her sister-in-law from her (the
Design Challenge                                     sister-in-law’s) stash of Shetland wool.

This is ongoing. Challenge yourself! Contact         Sara Jane Apple – Three hats that Sara
Anne Gregory to choose the elements of your          designed and knitted: the one for her husband
challenge – for weaving, knitting, spinning! You     featured Tibetan sacred symbols. This was also
have seen some wonderful results of various          Sara’s first time trying Fair Isle knitting.
challenges in our Show and Tells
                                                     Three coiled bowls, one complete with lid, made
Fibres Plus Sale, November 15 2008,                  from batik fabric wrapped around cord and
Seaside Centre                                       machine sewn.

Mark this date in your calendar now. If you          Sara also showed a pashmina scarf from Viet
haven’t yet volunteered for a specific job, there    Nam that she had received as a gift.
will be plenty of chances to do so between now
and then.                                            RoseMarie Pierce – Knitted Waldorf animals—
                                                     hens fashioned from handspun yellow wool and
At our April meeting, the Guild voted to amend       a rabbit molded from a knitted square—and a
the Standards as follows:                            doll that sported ―wild‖ hair.

Pricing: Until further notice, the Guild will take   Doreen Boal – A girl’s sweater and purse,
15% of the selling price as its commission. To       knitted in hot pink velour with purple trim,
get the correct selling price, divide the amount     accented with flower buttons.
you want to receive for the item by 85, then
multiply by 100. The Guild will not set any prices   Doreen also showed her fancy-fringy chevron
for your items, but you can check with other         vest, knitted with odds and ends from her stash.
members to find a suitable range. Please round
off numbers to closest dollar amount.                Muriel Prior – An afghan for her lucky brother,
                                                     woven with wool in 1970 colours from her stash,

Apr. 2008
                   SUNSHINE COAST SPINNERS & WEAVERS GUILD                                                 4

because his house still has a 70s feel, and some
tea towels woven with 2/8 cotton.                     Exhibitions and Sales
Joan Reeves – A selection of fibres in various        Fleece Sale – Lower Mainland Sheep
colours and blends from her recent trip to New
                                                      Producers Association
                                                      Saturday, June 7, 10 a.m.–12 p.m.
                                                      Harmsworth Hall, 232nd Street, Langley, at
Shirley Hall – Handwoven bags, a vest made
                                                      Highway 1 (across from the Chevron station).
from Perendale wool, and three examples of
                                                      Locally raised, top quality fleeces; fine and long
weaving from an earlier trip to South America.
                                                      wool, white and coloured; all fleeces will be
                                                      examined for quality. Information: Martin or
Nancy Wyrill – A woven rug, predominantly
                                                      Barbara Burwood, 604-530-4448.
forest green, made from leftover sock wool for
the warp; Nancy scored some wool at the stash
sale that made up the weft.
                                                      FibreWorks Studio & Gallery, 12889
                                                      Sunshine Coast Highway, Pender Harbour
Doreen MacLauchlan – In readiness for her
Scotland trip, a silk scarf in the MacLauchlan
tartan, in twill weave at 40 ends per inch, as well
as a sample for a scarf in BC tartan that Doreen
                                                      Bull Kelp Baskets with Joanne Waters - May 3 or
wove for her friend.
                                                      May 4 (two days available).
Ann Harmer – A square felt bowl with a white
                                                      Creative Felting with Ursula Bentz – May 10.
interior and a blue and purple exterior.

Jane Hodgson – Baskets from her recent visit          Monoprinting on Fabric with Pat Crucil - May 24–
to Tonga and pillow covers from Mexico.

Heather Apple – A long, twisted scarf knitted         Mushroom Maskmaking with Ann Harmer – June
from wool spun from four different colours of
merino/silk blends.
                                                      Freeform Knitting and Crochet with Prudence
Norma Pruden – ―Fireworks Blanket‖ knitted in         Mapstone – July 14 and 15.
patchwork style.
                                                      Registration and more information on website
Fibre Arts Festival, Aug. 20–24, 2008                 email:
                                             or call 604-
If you weren’t at the last meeting to pick up a       883-2380
GLFAF brochure, you can check out the
workshops at
Classes are filling up quickly, so register as soon
as possible. You can also volunteer to help with
                                                      Charity Knitting
classes or in other capacities; more information
on this at the June meeting.                          Warm Woolies is a non-profit organization
                                                      whose volunteers knit warm clothing for poverty-
Don’t be shy about entering your items in the         stricken children who would otherwise suffer
exhibit, and for our ―spinning statement‖ it’s        from cold. They provide the very neediest
proposed that the guild display a basket of           children with wool sweaters, vests, hats, mittens,
skeins made of natural fibres. Each skein (large      and socks.
or small) could have a guild tag with the
spinner's name and fibre info, to help educate        In 2008, they're knitting for children living in
the public.                                           orphanages in Russia, Kazakhstan, China and
                                                      Mongolia and on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge

Apr. 2008
                    SUNSHINE COAST SPINNERS & WEAVERS GUILD                                                 5

tribal reservations in South Dakota, with a goal         VanDusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak Street
of knitting 7,000 pieces of warm wool clothing for       (at 37th Ave.), Vancouver.
these children.
                                                         The Squamish/Lil’Wat Cultural Centre will
Knitters wishing to participate are requested to:        open in Whistler in June.
                                                Great idea for a Guild excursion?
        Knit something warm with the yarn you
         have. If you have acrylic yarn, please
                                                         Northwest Regional Spinners Assoc.
         consider making a baby blanket. We
                                                         2008 Conference, June 5-8, 2008, Salem Ore.
         have a tremendous need for them.
        Send the finished piece and your note
         to:                                             Victoria Fibrefest 2008
         Warm Woolies                                    June 20–22, with a fashion show on Friday,
         5572 E. Mansfield Ave.                          lessons on Saturday, and the Knit-Out at Saxe
         Denver, CO 80237                                Point Park on Sunday. Information at
Does anyone know of a similar charity in
Canada?                                                  Convergence 2008 – Textures in the Tropics,
                                                         June 22-28, 2008, Tampa, Florida

Thanks to Janet Collins for this tidbit:                 Fibre Week, June 27-July 4, 2008, Olds
Netgranny is a collective of 15 grannies recruited
                                                         College, Olds AB
by Swiss fashion label Tarzan. The grannies knit
socks on demand and sell them online.
                                                         Pic-Knit, August 9, 2008. The Surrey Museum
Customers can choose their favorite granny by
                                                         invites individual knitters, guilds, and stores from
picture, pick the color of their socks, or opt for a
                                                         throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser
granny ―surprise‖ design. It takes a granny
                                                         Valley to participate in a stimulating day of
approximately two weeks to knit a pair of socks,
                                                         knitting, yarn sales and seminars. Information:
which costs EUR 26, delivery included.
In an era where we are asked to be mindful of
the proliferation of sweatshop production
                                                         Salt Spring Weavers & Spinners Guild –
                                                         Eye for Colour 11, Oct. 17–26, 2008, ArtSpring,
facilities, it's nice to put a face to the ―source" of
                                                         Salt Spring Is.
the socks on our feet. Might this be an
interesting marketing idea in conjunction with our
guild sale? Just a thought. And some grannies            Island Retreat 2009, April, Dunsmuir Lodge,
now also make wrist warmers. More info:                  North Saanich (Sidney)
                                                         ANWG Conference 2009
For your Calendar
                                                         Spokane Handweavers’ Guild is accepting
                                                         proposals for ―Weaving Waves of Color‖ ANWG
James Koehler, tapestry artist, May 5,
                                                         Conference and post-conference workshops,
2008, 7:30 pm. In this free lecture, Mr Koehler
                                                         May 28-31, June 1-3, 2009 at Gonzaga
will discuss how colour, structure, and form
                                                         University in Spokane, WA. For proposal
focus his approach to design, and the influence
                                                         guidelines e-mail Education Chair: Victoria
the landscape and cultures of New Mexico have
                                                         Leuba, 704 W. Cleveland Ave, Spokane, WA
on his work. For further information, please visit
                                                         99205 Deadline: July 1,, email
or contact Dawn at 604-576-8101. The Greater
Vancouver Weavers' & Spinners' Guild Memorial
Lecture will be held in the Floral Hall at               Weaving Lessons

Apr. 2008
                   SUNSHINE COAST SPINNERS & WEAVERS GUILD                                            6

Foxglove Studio One: Mary Bentley offers             Louet Equipment – Yvonne Stowell is an
beginner weaving lessons and brush-up classes        official agent for Louet
in her lovely studio. 604-883-2463         
                                                     Opulence Silks & Dyes ltd.
For Sale                                             Phone Local Orders & Help Line 604-929-
                                                     4440 OR 866-929-4440
I have an old Ashford spinning wheel with spools     Web:
etc. Unfortunately, hardly used.           
Do you have any use for it? I'm giving it away . I
live in Davis Bay or can deliver it somewhere.       The Silk Tree – 15-1551 Johnston St.
Linda Williams 604.740.5825                          (Granville Island), Vancouver, (604) 687-7455
                                            To order: (604)
Wanted                                               462-1620 or email

Bobbin rack – if you have one you no longer          Treenway Silks
use, I would be interested. Marjorie Ann Malcolm     Watch for their web specials


Ashford Equipment – Dianne Cross,
Honeysuckle Studios,

Aurelia (and Andrea Lawrence) roving and
yarns, P.O. Box 2539, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
(250) 378-2468
                                                     Submissions due the 3rd Friday of the month by
Birkeland Bros Wool – batts & yarns for              email, by hand or by mail to Ann Harmer.
felting, knitting, weaving, spinning, etc. 3573
Main St., Vancouver (604) 874-4734,

Fibres Plus – under new management –
dealers for Leclerc, Ashford and Lendrum –
basket making supplies, yarns - 21200
Glenwood Ave., Maple Ridge (604) 467-1178

Home Farm Shetlands – fleeces, rovings &
batts in natural colours. Kathy Millar, 2881
Mountain Road, Duncan, BC (250) 748-0487

Jane Stafford Textiles – yarns of many
types, weaving equipment

Knitopia – 5498 Salt Lane in Langley, (604)
530-4881 or 1-866-531-9665

Apr. 2008

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