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									Finding Your Life Purpose With Metaphysics
What is life purpose and why is it so important? Life purpose may be thought of as your guiding light, your
reason for living, what helps you make sense of the sometimes senseless events in your life, what gives
you pleasure/fulfillment, what gives your life meaning, and the thread that weaves throughout your life—
oftentimes with many twists and turns, but with a direction and destination, to create your unique style
and fashion. In short, it’s the design of your life.

Life purpose differs from soul purpose
Life purpose and soul purpose are complementary: Soul purpose (or the ―big P‖) is the macro-level/big
picture perspective, life purpose (or the ―little p‖) is the micro-level/detail-oriented perspective. Life
purpose is what you follow to achieve the grand plan/scheme of your soul purpose. Life purpose is the
threads of activities and accomplishments in your life. Soul purpose is the pattern you create to contribute
to the fabric of the universe.

Life purpose differs from vocation, career, and job
What you do for work is the physical manifestation of your life purpose. A tangible way of living your life
purpose. Life purpose is the abstract concept, the broad idea, or the spiritual energy behind what you do.
Your life purpose is the big picture, your work is the specifics. However, your job is just one way of
achieving your life purpose.

Life purpose differs from legacy
Your legacy is what you leave behind. The result of your life purpose. What you are known/remembered
for. Legacy encompasses destiny, calling, and cause. Your destiny is why you are here. Your calling is
how you choose to achieve your destiny. Your cause(s) is (are) what you do with your calling. Or, destiny
is the big picture/spiritual energy; calling is the emotional desires and mental preparation you use to fulfill
your destiny; and cause is the tangible, physical results of following your calling.

Thus, legacy works on all three levels of body, mind, and spirit—all interconnected. For example, your
destiny may be to heal, your calling to be a doctor, and your cause to focus on hip replacements. The
same calling could also manifest in other causes: pediatrics, neurosurgery, cardiology, etc. The same
destiny could also manifest in other callings: veterinarian, shaman, holistic counselor, etc. Thus, how you
live your destiny or life purpose is a very individual thing dependent upon your passions, values, and

To adequately understand the spiritual dimension of why you’re alive here and now, metaphysical tools
are an invaluable resource. By examining your identity through numerology, tarot, and astrology, you can
begin to see a pattern emerging as to your place in the universe.

Tools for Discovery

Numerology translates your birth date and name into a single number symbolizing connection to Cosmos
through a fundamental universal energy. To do this, each letter corresponds to a number 1–9. By
summing all digits of your birth date and names, you can understand your essence in terms of numbers—
a mathematical interpretation of your identity.

Use this table to convert letters to numbers:

1     2       3       4      5       6       7      8       9
A     B       C       D      E       F       G      H       I
J       K        L      M      N      O       P      Q      R
S       T        U      V      W      X       Y      Z

           Destiny Number: Your destiny number gives information on your life path or the goal of your
            soul. To find your destiny number, reduce the day, month, and year of your birth to single digits
            by summing each number, then add those three numbers together and reduce to a single digit
            unless the sum is 11 or 22, which are master numbers. [e.g., November 18, 1963 = 11+18+1963=
           Name Number: Your name number incorporates the full power of all your names for a general
            perspective on your essence. To find your name number, add the numbers associated with all
            letters of your full, given name together and reduce to 1–9, 11, or 22. You may also want to do
            this with your current and/or married name to compare the result. [e.g., Ann Lynne Smith =
           Personality Number: Your personality number relates to your outer behavior—how others see
            you. To find your personality number, add the consonants of your full, given name together and
            reduce to 1–9, 11, or 22. [e.g., N+N+L+N+N+S+M+T+H=5+5+3+5+5+1+4+2+8=38=11]
           Soul Urge Number: Your soul urge number relates to your inner nature and motivation for self-
            growth and development. To find your soul urge number, add the vowels of your full, given name
            together and reduce to 1–9, 11, or 22. [e.g., A+Y+E+I=1+9+5+9=24=6]

For a listing of numbers and their meanings and correspondences, click     here.
Tarot applies an added dimension to numerology by adding a visual symbolic component to your
numbers. By correlating your birth date number to the major arcana cards (universal archetypal energies),
you can see a visual representation of your identity. The three Self cards—your personality, soul, and
shadow cards—are obtained by summing your birth data, and consequently are interrelated in the tarot.
They are your personal set of energies you are working with in this lifetime. When your personality and
soul card correspond (very common), your persona (the self you show to others) and your inner needs
work as one to achieve their purpose. If they differ, your inner motivations must be incorporated into your
behavior for balance. Your shadow card is the energy that you ignore, are not very proficient in, and need
to develop and integrate into your life.

           Personality Card: To find your personality card, add the day + month + year of your birth, then
            reduce to a number 22 or below. [e.g., May 6, 1968 = 5 + 6 + 1968 = 11 + 1968 = 1979 =
            1+9+7+9 = 26 = 8/Strength]
           Soul Card: To find your soul card, reduce your personality number to a single digit. [e.g.,
            8=8/Strength (same)]
           Shadow Card: To find your shadow card, find the number under 22 that when adding both digits
            together equals your personality number. [e.g., 8 = 17/Star (1+7)]

For a listing of major arcana tarot cards and their meanings to correlate with your numbers, click   here.
Astrology is a vast subject practiced for centuries from many different perspectives that relates the
energies of the celestial bodies to events and people on earth to define how things will happen and how
people will behave. By examining the location of these bodies in the sky at the moment of your birth, you
get your celestial imprint, or your personal energy dynamic that you carry within yourself throughout your
life. Examining both the exoteric (outer)/personality level and the esoteric (inner)/spirit level gives you a
fuller picture of your essence and purpose and how each part of your identity complements the other to
achieve an ultimate goal.
To determine your life purpose on an exoteric/personality level, look at the condition ( sign, house, and
aspects) of your Moon’s Nodes, Saturn, and any aspect configurations (patterns) your planets make in
your birth chart.

Aspect configurations are the way the planets are grouped in your chart:
1. Extreme focus: Stellium (three or more planets in one house or four or more planets in one sign)
2. Ease: Grand Trine (three or more planets approximately 115–125º apart, usually in the same
element—three trines)
3. Difficulty:
     T-square (two or more planets approximately 175–185º apart and both connected to one or more
         planets approximately 85–95º from each of the other planets—an opposition and two squares)
     Mystic Rectangle (two or more planets approximately 175–185º apart each connected to one or
         more planets approximately 85–95º from them—two oppositions and two squares)
     Grand Cross (four or more planets each approximately 85–95º apart—four squares)

On an esoteric/spirit level, look at your chart ruler (the planet that rules the sign on your Ascendant, the
left central line immediately preceding the 1st house in your chart) and it’s condition ( sign, house, and
aspects), your Sabian Symbol for the degree of your Ascendant, and your Galactic Signature (the
Mayan Astrology symbol based on your date of birth) .

Now, to compare and blend your personality (exoteric) and spirit (esoteric) information, create an Astro
Affirmation to anchor this information in your mind to remind you of your strengths/gifts/talents/resources
and life/soul purpose:
1. Find the commonalities from both the exoteric and esoteric perspectives.
2. Make a list of words describing the energies that are repeated at both levels.
3. Create your Astro Affirmation—your personal mantra of words symbolizing your dual-level astrological

Putting It All Together
Once you have all your numbers, cards, and Astro Affirmation, it’s time to put it all together. What are the
repeating energy patterns (either numbers, elements, and/or concepts)? How do these patterns translate
into your strengths/gifts/talents/resources? What makes you special and unique—what is your magic?

Now that you’ve figured out your gifts, create an anchor for yourself to serve as a reminder of your magic
power for whenever you feel yourself falling off course. This anchor can be a logo, a symbol, a slogan, a
metaphor, an affirmation, etc. Whatever guides you as you follow your life purpose—realizing your
potential and creating your legacy.

Then drop your anchor into the tapestry of life. Enjoy what you have sewn and experience the beauty of
your contribution to creation.

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