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									LIVE AUCTION ITEMS                                                  SILENT AUCTION ITEMS
Item: L1                     Value: $825
VIA Rail Tickets to Montreal for Two
                                                                    Out-of-this-World Fashion
Travel to Montreal in First Class on VIA Rail.
Donated by Via Rail Canada                                          Item: F1                   Value: $500
                                                                    Unique Damzels Dress
Item: L2                    Value: $4720                            One-of-a-kind dress featuring artwork designed by David
New York Package for Four                                           Glantz. Size small.
A two-night, two room stay for four at the Fairmont Plaza Hotel     Donated by Damzels in this Dress
with flights provided by Porter Airlines & limo service from
Rosedale Livery. Exp. Dec 31, 2009.                                 Item: F2                    Value: $310
Donated by Anonymous                                                Pashmina
                                                                    Wrap yourself in a silk pashmina blend scarf hand-loomed in
Item: L3                      Value: $750                           Nepal.
Golf for Three at Rosedale Golf Club                                Donated by Reuben Abramowsky
Golf for three with Neil Tait at Rosedale Golf Club. Mon, Wed
or Fri in July or August, 2009. Tee off before 10:30 am.            Item: F3                  Value: $225
Includes lunch after golf.                                          Comrags Dress
Donated by Neil Tait                                                A dazzling column matte jersey dress. Size medium.
                                                                    Donated by Comrags
Item: L4                     Value: $1000
H&M Shopping Spree                                                  Item: F4                   Value: $400
A certificate to shop at trend-setting H&M stores.                  Revamp Your Closet
Donated by H&M                                                      Update your closet with a full professional closet review &
                                                                    shopping excursion. Includes gift certificates to select stores at
Item: L5                    Value: $1000                            Bayview Village Shopping Centre.
Stratford Festival Weekend for Two                                  Donated by Bayview Village Shopping Centre &Shayna
A two-night stay for two at Stewart House Inn; Art Deco suite.      Lampert
Enjoy a pre-theatre dinner at Rundles then see Julius Caesar
on June 13th.                                                       Item: F5                 Value: $375
Donated by Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Stewart House            It's Wild out There
Inn & Rundles Restaurant                                            Keep warm in this pure wool cape lined in a faux-fur animal
Item: L6                   Value: $1735                             Donated by Reuben Abramowsky
The Garden Package
Revitalize your garden! Get two urns & pedestals with
plantings & a garden consultation.
Donated by Vintage Gardener

                                                                1   2
Item: F6                   Value: $350                                 Item: F13                 Value: $400
Scarf Mania                                                            Wool Cape
Three 100% pure silk chiffon pleated scarves. Great gifts!             Pure Australian Merino wool heather beige cape with fluted
Donated by Reuben Abramowsky                                           ruffle. Warm enough for winter!
                                                                       Donated by Reuben Abramowsky
Item: F7                  Value: $200
Collection of "Shared" Designer T-Shirts                               Item: F14                  Value: $570
Get ready for summer with a collection of four colourful t-shirts      The Perfect Wedding Dress
& tank tops. Size small.                                               Find your dream wedding dress, crinoline & veil from a vast
Donated by Shared                                                      selection of designer dresses. Includes consultation with
Item: F8                  Value: $410                                  Windfall's own in-house stylist, Cindy Roemer.
                                                                       Donated by Windfall's Bridal Boutique
Touch of the Wild
Stunning hand-woven, hand-printed zebra on pashmina/silk               Item: F15                    Value: $295
blend from Nepal.                                                      Luxury Tiffany Pendants
Donated by Reuben Abramowsky                                           Tiffany sterling silver pendants from the "Notes" collection.
                                                                       Donated by Tiffany & Co.
Item: F9                     Value: $400                               Item: F16                    Value: $275
Vintage Fur Vest                                                       Cardigan Shawl
Vintage fur vest with trim to wear as is or restyle.                   Pure cotton rib knit cardigan shawl. Perfect for spring.
Donated by Anonymous                                                   Donated by Reuben Abramowsky

Item: F10                   Value: $50                                 Item: F17                  Value: $500
Want...Boutique Gift Certificate & Style Book                          Cape Shawl
Certificate to one of Toronto's leading boutiques & style book,        Pure silk taffeta cape shawl. No season, no reason, just
"How to Wear High Heels."                                              glamour!
Donated by Want...Boutique and Anonymous                               Donated by Reuben Abramowsky

Item: F11                   Value: $85                                 Item: F18                 Value: $315
Nautica Jean Jacket                                                    Pom Pom Shawl
This designer jacket will put the finishing touch on any outfit.       Merino wool jersey shawl accented with dyed-to-match fur pom
Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section                                poms.
                                                                       Donated by Reuben Abramowsky
Item: F12                  Value: $395
Hand-Painted Luxury                                                    Item: F19                   Value: $100
A square meter of Nepalese hand-painted luxury with abstract           Necklace
design. Worth wearing or framing!                                      Sterling silver necklace with semi-precious stones. The perfect
Donated by Reuben Abramowsky                                           addition to any outfit.
                                                                       Donated by Jenny Gregor

                                                                   3   4
Item: F20                 Value: $150                            Item: F27                 Value: $110
Necklace & Earring Set                                           Jeanne Lottie Travel Bag
Ebony and sterling necklace & earrings with coral-coloured       Gorgeous designer travel bag by Jeanne Lottie.
glass and sponge coral beads.                                    Donated by Davis + Henderson LLP
Donated by Colleen Amato
                                                                 Item: F28                Value: $185
Item: F21                  Value: $60                            Silk Scarf
Nautica White Wireframe Sunglasses                               Hand-woven multi-coloured pure silk scarf with hand-knotted
Protect your peepers in the latest style! A must-have for        fringe.
summer.                                                          Donated by Reuben Abramowsky
Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section
                                                                 Item: F29                  Value: $395
Item: F22                   Value: $200                          Unique Shawl
Red Fringe Cape                                                  Hand-embroidered crepe-de-chine shawl with fringe in cool
Pure silk crepe-de-chine triangle shawl with handmade            blue. As seen in the Prada Museum in Madrid.
macrame fringe in red.                                           Donated by Reuben Abramowsky
Donated by Reuben Abramowsky
                                                                 Item: F30                 Value: $255
Item: F23                  Value: $135                           Circle Shawl
Natural Beauty                                                   Sheer double semi-circle shawl edged in ostrich. The ideal
Natural feather "badger" collar.                                 finishing touch.
Donated by Reuben Abramowsky                                     Donated by Reuben Abramowsky

Item: F24                      Value: $41                        Item: F31                Value: $195
Goorin Brown Provence Fedora                                     Spring Tote Bag
Top if off with this classic topper.                             Canvas "dandelion" orange tote bag. The perfect warm-
Donated by Globe and Mail Life Section                           weather accessory.
                                                                 Donated by Virginia Johnson Ltd.
Item: F25                 Value: $165
A Little Leopard                                                 Item: F32                 Value: $315
Hand-printed leopard design on pure silk crepe from Italy.       Kimono Shawl
Donated by Reuben Abramowsky                                     Heather knit kimono shawl. One size fits all.
                                                                 Donated by Reuben Abramowsky
Item: F26                  Value: $395
Jenny Bird Lambskin Handbag                                      Item: F33                   Value: $325
Italian Lambskin patent oversized clutch.                        Jenny Bird Lambskin Handbag
Donated by Jenny Bird                                            Go To clutch in black ostrich lambskin.
                                                                 Donated by Jenny Bird

                                                             5   6
Item: F34                  Value: $420                                 Item: F41                 Value: $150
Hermes Scarf                                                           Necklace
Luxury women's silk scarf. An ideal Mother's Day gift.                 Unique necklace featuring reclaimed items from the sea and
Donated by Hermes Canada                                               land.
                                                                       Donated by Valentina Leo
Item: F35                 Value: $330
Modern Classic Shawls                                                  Item: F42                Value: $140
A modern version of a classic; two 100% merino wool shawls             Guess Boots
from Kashmir.                                                          Metallic Guess by Marciano knee-high boots with tie top. Size
Donated by Reuben Abramowsky                                           9.
                                                                       Donated by Studio 49
Item: F36                 Value: $330
Twin Set                                                               Item: F43                 Value: $250
This updated merino wool twin set includes a long sleeve cowl          Michael Kors Boots
neck top & a shawl. Size medium or 8-10.                               Brown suede flat boots perfect for any city girl. Size 9 1/2.
Donated by Reuben Abramowsky                                           Donated by Studio 49

Item: F37                   Value: $65                                 Item: F44               Value: $170
Evening Bag                                                            Wooden Ring
Purple silk clutch evening bag; perfect for a night on the town.       Raw reclined wood ring.
Donated by Jeanne Lottie                                               Donated by Dandi Maestre

Item: F38                    Value: $100                               Item: F45                    Value: $594
Necklace & Party                                                       Cocktail Dress
Enjoy this stunning turquoise Bib necklace from “Stella and            Made-to-order pavlova silk draped dress with halter neck.
Dot” & a jewellery party at your home.                                 Available in a variety of colours and sizes.
Donated by Kelly Prince                                                Donated by Price Roman

Item: F39                   Value: $60                                 Item: F46                 Value: $270
80's Disco Earrings                                                    Long Bead Necklace
Put on a piece of retro with these twenty-four carat gold dipped       Long shiny necklace with bone clasp and gold-coloured beads.
earrings by up-and-coming designer, Jenny Bird.                        Donated by Dandi Maestre
Donated by Jenny Bird
                                                                       Cosmic Cosmetics
Item: F40                     Value: $214
Six-Way Dress                                                          Item: C1                   Value: $175
A dress with many options! Take home this unique outfit and            Ultimate P&G Beauty Collection
original thriller novel "Crimes of Fashion."                           Everything a gal needs to welcome the hot season in style!
Donated by Fashion Crimes                                              The basket includes a variety of goodies from the Olay,
                                                                       CoverGirl, Clairol & Pantene lines.
                                                                       Donated by Proctor & Gamble

                                                                   7   8
                                                                Item: C9                    Value: $53
Item: C2                  Value: $127                           Kate Moss Velvet Hour Perfume
Smashbox Rapture Set                                            Sultry perfume from Britain's most notorious model and style
Decadence for you or your favourite girl.                       icon.
Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section                         Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section

Item: C3                  Value: $500                           Item: C10                    Value: $70
MAC Gift Box                                                    Lise Watier Cosmetic Set
Full and fabulous make-up gift box. Who wouldn't love it?       A perfect gift for Mother's Day!
Donated by MAC Cosmetics                                        Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section

Item: C4                 Value: $115                            Item: C11                   Value: $136
Vera Wang Look Eau de Parfum Spray                              CK One Gift Basket
Designer fragrance in summer-fresh tones.                       Put your scent out there with the CK One collection of
Donated by Globe and Mail Life Section                          fragrance products & fragrance journal.
                                                                Donated by Coty Canada
Item: C5                   Value: $70
Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Ring & Glitter Gel Rollerball         Item: C12                 Value: $40
A fresh spring fragrance; heaven for the nose.                  Adidas Fragrances for Women
Donated by Globe and Mail Life Section                          Pure Lightness and Fruity Rhythm. Fresh fragrance
                                                                undertones for the warmer weather.
Item: C6                   Value: $500                          Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section
Makeover Package
Pamper yourself with a hair and make-up session plus a          Item: C13                 Value: $450
wardrobe and styling consultation.                              Clear Clinical Prize Pack
Donated by Agency Vert                                          Minimize your pores and improve your skin with this top-of-the-
                                                                line skin care regime.
Item: C7                 Value: $67                             Donated by DLK On Avenue
Sarah Jessica Parker Eau de Parfum
The new classic by everyone's favorite "It" girl.               Item: C14                   Value: $128
Donated by Globe and Mail Life Section                          Cargo "Plant Love" Package
                                                                Be the first to have this must-have.
Item: C8                       Value: $43                       Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section
Cargo's Boogie Nights Kit & Holiday Nights Collection
Nothing is left out of this incredible kit.                     Item: C15                   Value: $70
Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section                         Sephora Snakeskin Style Package
                                                                A beautiful & stylish package, great for when you’re on the
                                                                Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section

                                                            9   10
                                                                     Item: C22                   Value: $80
                                                                     Cargo Blu-Ray Package
Item: C16                 Value: $200                                All you need for the day to keep your face looking fresh.
Cut and Colour at Hair on the Avenue                                 Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section
Freshen up your look with a cut & colour by the salon's finest
professionals.                                                       Item: C23                 Value: $128
Donated by Hair on the Avenue                                        Cargo Eyes Package
                                                                     A set of goodies from Cargo to enhance your eyes, for day or
Item: C17                  Value: $500                               night.
Hair Care Gift Basket & A Year of FASHION                            Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section
Enjoy a one-year subscription to FASHION magazine & a slew
of hair care products.                                               Item: C24                 Value: $200
Donated by FASHION Magazine                                          HairDo at Salon Escape
                                                                     Get those tresses tended to with a gift certificate for colour &
Item: C18                 Value: $65                                 cut.
Paparazzi Make-up Application                                        Donated by Salon Escape
Oh the glamour! Oh the style of it all! Glam it up for a big night
out.                                                                 Home Base
Donated by Gee Beauty
                                                                     Item: H1                      Value: $50
Item: C19                    Value: $99
                                                                     Architectural Excellence: 500 Iconic Buildings
Urban Renewal Facial
                                                                     The ideal gift for the architectural buff in your life.
Enjoy this deluxe facial for all skin types with massages for
                                                                     Donated by Globe and Mail Life Section
hands & scalp.
Donated by Pure + Simple Spas
                                                                     Item: H2                    Value: $30
                                                                     700 Years of Jewellery
Item: C20                  Value: $348
                                                                     Now that's the type of history we like! Read about how your
Look Total Hair Package
                                                                     favourite pieces came to be.
Keep your locks looking sleek and sassy with this package of
                                                                     Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section
hair cuts & blow-dries.
Donated by Look Hair Salon
                                                                     Item: H3                  Value: $40
                                                                     Gravitas Limited Edition Game
Item: C21                     Value: $150
                                                                     Get to know those around you with this fun game. Signed.
Anna K Pamper Package
                                                                     Donated by Gravitas Entertainment
Treat yourself to a little pampering with this manicure, pedicure
& facial package.
                                                                     Item: H4                  Value: $500
Donated by Anna K Salon
                                                                     Red Hand-Knit Afghan
                                                                     Wrap yourself in a 100% pure alpaca hand-knit afghan.
                                                                     Donated by Aina Levin

                                                                11   12
Item: H5                   Value: $300                             Item: H11               Value: $300
Antique Pine-Framed Mirror                                         Mennonite Wheelbarrow of Assorted Wines
A wonderful addition to any décor. Compliments all styles.         Handcrafted wooden wheelbarrow full of assorted wines. Sure
Donated by Martha Wilder                                           to please everyone!
                                                                   Donated by Buy Design Committee, Windfall Board
Item: H6                  Value: $100                              Members, Mike & Christine Giles
Antique Candlesticks
Art Nouveau antique brass candlesticks. Romantic and               Item: H12                 Value: $110
practical.                                                         Loaded Umbrella Stand
Donated by Daphne Intrator                                         Decorate your doorstep with this umbrella stand plus two large
Item: H7                   Value: $92                              Donated by Apples 4 Teachers
Maid Service & Cleaning Products
A four-hour cleaning service (within the TTC area of Toronto).     Item: H13                   Value: $180
Stay green with these Nature Clean cleaning products with          Elvis Singing Cookie Jar
basket & Harrods towel.                                            Catch that cookie snatcher with this light-activated sound
Donated by City Wide Maid Service                                  jukebox cookie jar.
                                                                   Donated by Kingly
Item: H8                     Value: $136                           Item: H14                   Value: $35
Luxury Cleaning Service Certificate                                Lean Mean Grilling Machine
You deserve a break! Leave it to the pros with this four-hour      Grill veggies or meats with this compact George Foreman grill.
luxury cleaning. Valid until June 30, 2009.                        Donated by Anonymous
Donated by Brilho Services
                                                                   Item: H15                  Value: $33
Item: H9                   Value: $100                             Guides to Follow
Subscription & Magazine Stand                                      Guides on doing things faster, better and cheaper.
Enjoy a one-year subscription to Spade, a hot new quarterly        Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section
fashion and design magazine plus a chic stainless steel
magazine stand to display them.                                    Item: H16                     Value: $70
Donated by Spade Magazine & Palazetti                              Pepper Box
                                                                   A collection of eight different types peppers to add a little spice
Item: H10                  Value: $107                             to your next meal.
Queen Sheet Set & Style Guide Book                                 Donated by The Spice Trader
A how-to book for the perfect home by Scotland's leading
design exports plus a Laura Ashley cotton flannel Queen sheet      Item: H17                   Value: $45
set in green gingham.                                              Offcut Plaid Napkin Set
Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section & Anonymous                A set of six napkins made from offcut plaid cotton shirting
                                                                   fabric from his 2009 collection.
                                                                   Donated by Philip Sparks Menswear

                                                              13   14
Artful Eclipse                                                     Item: A7                    Value: $475
                                                                   "Before Space Travel" Collage
Item: A1                  Value: $350                              Put some history on your walls with this unique acrylic/collage
"Botanical" Drawing                                                featuring clips from the Evening Telegram from August 15th,
Hand drawing, "Lyrical Leaves." Framed, 35"x31."                   1915.
Donated by Nancy Zboch                                             Donated by Marilyn Brooks

Item: A2                    Value: $250                            Item: A8                  Value: $500
Mexican Painting on Bark                                           "Georgian Bay"
Bright collectible Mexican folk art painted on bark.               Pastel of Georgian Bay. Lovely on any wall.
Donated by Orna Spira                                              Donated by Joan Watson

Item: A3                  Value: $350                              Item: A9                     Value: $450
"Botanical" Drawing                                                "Water Spiket"
Hand drawing, "Learning to Crawl.” Framed, 35" x 46," with         3-D acrylic painting of a brick wall by Charlie Mezzano, 1976.
plexiglas.                                                         Donated by Daphne Intrator
Donated by Nancy Zboch
                                                                   Item: A10                   Value: $200
Item: A4                     Value: $3000                          Original Acrylic, "Dress Form"
Signed Yankel Ginsburg Print                                       An original acrylic on paper by Pt. Credit artist, Stace. A must-
Signed limited-edition print by celebrated American artist,        have for any fashionista!
Yankel Ginsburg.                                                   Donated by Stace
Donated by Wolf Lixfeld
                                                                   Planetary Packages
Item: A5                  Value: $600
Photograph of Georgian Bay by Bill Harris                          Item: P1                    Value: $44
A unique piece to accent your walls.                               Large Dufflet Cake
Donated by Martha Wilder                                           For that special occasion, a cake from one of Toronto's leading
Item: A6                   Value: $300                             Donated by Dufflet Pastries
Watercolour Portrait
Watercolour portrait of a woman's face.                            Item: P2                  Value: $150
Donated by Orna Spira                                              Yoga or Pilates Class Pass
                                                                   Ten-class pass for any yoga or Pilates class.
                                                                   Donated by Mindful Movement Centre

                                                                   Item: P3                  Value: $150
                                                                   Yoga or Pilates Class Pass
                                                                   Ten-class pass for any yoga or Pilates class.
                                                                   Donated by Mindful Movement Centre

                                                              15   16
Item: P4                    Value: $80                              Item: P11               Value: $175
Dual/Family Membership to Textile Museum                            Massage & Chiropractic Assessment
No better place for a fashion and fabric enthusiast than the        60-minute massage and comprehensive chiropractic
Textile Museum. One-year pass.                                      assessment with adjustment.
Donated by Textile Museum of Canada                                 Donated by Vita Health Clinic

Item: P5                     Value: $300                            Item: P12                  Value: $75
Gift Certificate for Italian Lessons & Italian Cookbook             Yoga Massage
Learn to speak and cook Italian; the language of romance and        Relax with a luxurious one-hour Thai yoga massage.
the culture of decadent food.                                       Donated by Tracey Currie
Donated by Istituto Italiano di Cultura
                                                                    Item: P13                 Value: $250
Item: P6                   Value: $90                               TSO Tickets to Beethoven's World
Ontario Science Centre Family Pass                                  Pleasure for the ears. Four TSO tickets to Beethoven's World.
A fun and educational way for the family to spend quality           Sunday, May 24th at 3:00 pm.
weekend time. For up to five people.                                Donated by Joanne Dereta
Donated by Ontario Science Centre
                                                                    Item: P14                  Value: $400
Item: P7                Value: $40                                  Perfect Pangaea Supper
Toronto Botanical Garden Membership                                 Experience fine cuisine and fabulous service for four at this
One-year complimentary Toronto Botanical Garden                     upscale Yorkville restaurant.
membership for one.                                                 Donated by Pangaea Restaurant
Donated by Toronto Botanical Garden
                                                                    Item: P15                   Value: $140
Item: P8                Value: $145                                 Dinner at Tati Bistro & Bottle of Wine
Learn Spanish                                                       Treat your taste buds to a sumptuous French meal for two and
Five-week Spanish language course and Spanish/English               take home a Twin Fin bottle of Pinot Grigio signed by the
dictionary.                                                         maker.
Donated by Spanish Cultural Centre                                  Donated by Tati Bistro & Mary-Theresa Lawlor

Item: P9                    Value: $36                              Item: P16                  Value: $600
A Visit to the AGO for Two                                          Complete Weekend in Toronto
Two tickets to the Art Gallery of Ontario.                          Enjoy a two-night, two-person stay at this urban hotel and
Donated by Art Gallery of Ontario                                   savour a meal for two with wine pairings at this hot Bar
Item: P10                 Value: $500                               Donated by Sheraton Hotels & The Harbord Room
St. Anne's Spa Certificate
Get pampered at one of Canada's top spas. $500 Gift
Donated by St. Anne's Spa

                                                               17   18
Item: P17                 Value: $116                                 Item: S2                  Value: $70
Family Trip to the ROM                                                The Mister Bag
Take the family to the ROM with this one-day family                   Pack everything you need in this multi-pocket, roller laptop &
admittance.                                                           storage bag.
Donated by Royal Ontario Museum                                       Donated by Anonymous

Item: P18                    Value: Priceless                         Item: S3                   Value: $150
A Day at the Legislature for Two                                      Nautica Jacket
A day at the Legislature. Includes VIP tour of the Legislature        Water-resistant Nautica Sportswear jacket in size large &
Building, lunch for two with Michael Prue and passes to the           landscaper gloves. Perfect for preparing your garden for
Members' Gallery for question period.                                 spring.
Donated by Michael Prue MPP                                           Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section

Item: P19                  Value: $100                                Item: S4                   Value: $100
The Book Club                                                         Slick Slider
Have Sheree-Lee Olson, author of "Sailor Girl" come to your           Take home this Slick Slider prepaid phone with camera, music
book club! Includes four copies of the book.                          player & stereo Bluetooth. Everything you need!
Donated by Sheree-Lee Olson                                           Donated by Virgin Mobile

Item: P20                 Value: $430                                 Item: S5                   Value: $300
The Rick Mercer Report Package                                        Motorazr²
A rare opportunity! Two VIP tickets to The Rick Mercer Report         This prepaid phone packs a powerhouse of features giving you
season seven finale for March 2010, plus a Rick Mercer book,          everything you need to stay in the loop. The thinnest, sleekest,
hat & t-shirt.                                                        most eye-catching phone in the galaxy!
Donated by Rick Mercer Report Inc.                                    Donated by Virgin Mobile

Item: P21                    Value: $500                              Item: S6                   Value: $51
A Piece of Buybarella                                                 Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Man Fragrance
An original 6' x 3' poster photographed by Felix Wong, styled         Designer fragrance for him. Ideal for that special guy.
by Rani Sheen and Samra Habib, hair by Jennifer Miller &              Donated by Globe and Mail Style Section
make-up by Rebecca Perrin.
Donated by Buy Design Committee                                       Item: S7                  Value: $250
                                                                      Chrome & Black PAL
Spacemen                                                              This Portable Audio Laboratory is rechargeable, weather-
                                                                      resistant, plays MP3/CD and has high fidelity sound. Works
                                                                      great for home or travel.
Item: S1                  Value: $150
                                                                      Donated by Lenbrook
Autographed Toronto Maple Leaf Jersey
NHL jersey signed by star defenseman, Mike van Ryn.
Donated by National Hockey League

                                                                 19   20
Item: S8                  Value: Priceless                       Younger Generation
NFL Ultimate Collection
Autographed Dan Marino Miami Dolphins jersey, autographed        Item: G1                  Value: $35
Drew Brees replica helmet & autographed Lawrence Maroney         In the Night Garden DVD & Plush Toy
mini-helmet.                                                     DVD and stuffed Igglepiggle Doll. A perfect gift for an intrigued
Donated by NFL Canada                                            little one.
                                                                 Donated by Globe and Mail Life Section
Item: S9               Value: $330
Plaid Pattern Scarves                                            Item: G2                    Value: $115
Two 100% pure cashmere plaid pattern scarves. For you or to      Handcrafted Child's Ballerina Lamp
give.                                                            Individually handcrafted lamp by Erskin. Bulb included.
Donated by Reuben Abramowsky                                     Donated by Baby on the Hip

Item: S10                    Value: $136                         Item: G3                   Value: $75
CK One Gift Basket                                               Monkey Business
Could there be a better gift for a cool Dad?                     Two monkey toile pillows, three children's books & a sock
Donated by Coty Canada                                           monkey.
                                                                 Donated by Martha Wilder
Item: S11                Value: $175
Cigar Package                                                    Item: G4                  Value: $115
Something every cigar-smoker needs!                              Roots Twin Duvet
Donated by Bogart Men's Wear                                     A cozy and warm duvet for a child's bed.
                                                                 Donated by Bargains Group
Item: S12                   Value: $60
Summer Fedora                                                    Item: G5                    Value: $60
A classic addition to any outfit.                                50th Anniversary 1971 Malibu Barbie Doll
Donated by Now Magazine Style Section                            Collector's Barbie for the Barbie-lover in your life.
                                                                 Donated by Kelly Carmichael
Item: S13                  Value: $70
Foldable Mouse                                                   Item: G6                   Value: $110
Take it to go! A foldable Microsoft mouse, great for a guy on    Exploring Space Collection
the go.                                                          Open your child's eyes to the wonder of space with this
Donated by Now Magazine Style Section                            collection of space toys and learning materials.
                                                                 Donated by Anonymous
Item: S14                  Value: $190
Leafs Tickets                                                    Item: G7                      Value: $130
Two tickets to a game during the 2009/2010 season, in better-    Chorus Entertainment Package
than-average green seats. The higher the bid, the better the     A fun collection of kids' items from their favorite shows.
pick of the game you get to attend!                              Donated by Corus Entertainment
Donated by The Toronto Star Sports Section

                                                            21   22
Item: G8                 Value: $320
Limited Edition Barbie Package
Package includes a 50th anniversary doll, a gift card from
Town Shoes, products from Barbie by Cake and a necklace by
Foxy Originals.
Donated by Now Magazine Style Section, Town Shoes &
Foxy Originals

Item: G9                     Value: $100
Original Kids' Acrylic, " A is for Animals"
A "Stace" original acrylic on paper. Perfect for a child's nursery
or bedroom.
Donated by Stace

Item: G10                    Value: $111
Mermaid Outfits
For the little mermaid lover in your family, a tank set, size 2,
raincoat, size 3 & rain boots, size 4.
Donated by Hatley Boutique

Item: G11                   Value: $61
Prancing Horses Track Suit
Keep your little one cozy in this hoodie and terry pant set. Size
Donated by Hatley Boutique

Item: G12                  Value: $54
Children's Clothing Pack
T-shirt with brown moose, size 6-12 mos & footed coveralls
with dinosaurs, size 3-6 mos.
Donated by Hatley Boutique


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