; Our contribution to the welfare
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Our contribution to the welfare


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									  Our contribution to the
welfare of the Yarosh family
              • Medicine for the
              • Orthopedic mattress
                for Pavlyk
              • Dryers
              • Desks for school
              • Mini web-cam and
                IPod from the lottery
              • Special Logo for the
                special family
              • Contract with an
                auditing company
           Medicine for the children
                           V&A helped Zorianka, Pavlyk and Olenka
Zoriana                    to get the medicine needed for their brain

                           Zoriana was the first one who started taking
                           it. Now she is more calm, can control her
                           emotions better, and as a result fights less
                           with other kids.

                           Pavlo and Marichka started taking medicine
                           not long time ago. It helps them a lot too.
                   Pavlo   Marichka started sleeping better, worries
                           less, cries less, and smiles more often :)
                           Pavlyk can concentrate more on his
                           exercises and remember more things.

                           Because these 3 kids are taking the
                           medicine, they received a wonderful
                           opportunity to go to the regular school
                           instead of school for the mentally challenged.

                           Though there were many obstacles on the
                           way to receiving this medicine, we finally
                           got it and now Pavlyk, Zorianka and
                           Olenka are saying Thank You For All
                           Your Help!
     Orthopedic mattress for

Pavlyk rarely complains about anything but he loves to say how
happy he is. When we just got acquainted with Yarosh Family, we
got a special orthopedic mattress for this special kid.

Since that time Pavlyk shows the visitors his gift and tells them how
comfortable his little bed is now. Come to visit Pavlyk and he’ll
show it to you too ;)

   When some of the members of V&A
   came to visit Yarosh family, they had
   a privilege to visit the room where the
   Mom of the family used to spend most of
   her time. That’s not a play room and not
   even a kitchen, but a laundry room ;)

   V&A decided to save some of Mom’s
   time and got 2 dryers for her family.
   Now Mom can spend more time with her
   beloved kids knowing that the dryers do
   part of her work.

   All the family appreciates this gift and
   little Sveta as well as other members of
   the family believes it to be a real miracle
   (that’s what she is trying to show you at
   the picture).
   Desks for school beginners
This September was especially productive for the Yarosh Family:
Zorianka, Marichka, Olenka, and Pavlyk went to the first grade  V&A ordered
special long desks and colorful drawers for the school beginners and made sure
they have a comfortable place to study their lessons.

    Pavlyk        Marichka

   Zorianka      Olenka

      First -graders
      Mini web-cam and IPod
          from the lottery

V&A organized a business seminar and with a lottery to benefit
Yarosh Family: all the money received from the lottery were given
to the family as well as the prizes' that the winners of the lottery
decided to give to the family instead of keeping it to themselves.

Yarosh Family just loves the web-cam and the IPod they received.
   Special Logo for special
       Yarosh family
V&A Designer
developed a logo for
the Yarosh Family.

Now they have a
family logo and a
family stamp.
      Contract with auditing
      company and lawyers
V&A helped Yarosh Family and the Association of
Foster Families to get acquainted with the famous
auditing company – BakerTilly. Both parties hope
for a fruitful cooperation the aim of which is to tell
the world about this special family and other foster
families in Ukraine and to give a chance for other
people to contribute to the welfare of Yarosh Family
and Association “My Family”.
         Surprise for you!
New member of the Yarosh
Family, Nastia (9 years
old) is saying “Hello” to
you and she is very happy
to meet you 
  New opportunities to help
• Yarosh Family wants to get some
  comfortable chairs for the school-
  beginners to match their new desks.

• The family also would really like to have
  an electric stove to use when there is no
  gas (it often happens in the winter).

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