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									 One More Way AAKP Is Putting
You in Charge of Your Healthcare
   What Is AAKP My Health™?
• AAKP My Health™ is a unique section of the AAKP Web
  site dedicated to helping you take charge of your
• AAKP My Health™ allows you to securely
   –   Monitor your lab values
   –   Record valuable contact information for your healthcare team
   –   Store information about your medications
   –   Learn more about kidney disease and its impact
       on you.
 Where Is AAKP My Health™?
• Go to and click on the
  green My Health button located on the top
  of the left navigational bar.
                   Getting Started
• To access this secure section of the AAKP Web site, you
  must first register. Registration is free and easy.
• The registration process will ask you the following:
   –   General contact information
   –   Modality (necessary to ensure access to the correct charts)
   –   Date of birth
   –   Gender (necessary to ensure proper information
       regarding lab values)
           Once Registered
• Once you are registered, you are the only
  person who has access to the information you
• A username and password are required to
  access the site.
• Safeguard your username
  and password.
  All About

My Health Check
              My Health Check
• The My Health Check section provides a permanent
  place where you can record your lab values. Record
  your lab values after each doctor visit.
• After entering each of your lab values, you'll learn more
  about what the results may mean. You and your
  healthcare providers can then make adjustments if need
  be, to your diet, treatment or medication.
    How to Use My Health Check
•   The My Health Check section provides numerous test names that
    coincide with the lab result values you receive from your doctor.
•   Enter your lab value in the area provided.
•   Click submit.
•   Another page will display additional information about your lab
•   Your lab results are stored automatically
    in charts you can access through the
    My Health Record section.
Sample: Screen
you will see when
entering lab values.

Enter your value
and click “SAVE
  All About

My Health Record
           My Health Record
• The My Health Record section gives you quick
  access to your medical record (as you have
  previously entered information) at any moment.
• This is a great way to keep track of lab tests
  results over time. If you are on the road or if a
  natural disaster should strike, your
  health record will be available to you.
 How to Use My Health Record
• My Health Record gives you access to the
  charts containing your personal information.
• Click on the various chart names to view the
• You can also edit your charts by
  clicking on the appropriate link.
Sample: My Medical
Information Chart.

This chart stores
information about
the medications you
take and why you
take them.
Sample: My Health
Team Information

Use this chart to
store contact
information about
your healthcare
team members.
Sample: My
Hemoglobin Status

Keep track of your
energy level and
use this tool when
talking to your
doctor about your
activity status.
                My Health Record
• Additional available charts in My Health Record include:
   –   My Complete Blood Count Chart
   –   My Cholesterol Chart
   –   My Kidney Function Chart (for transplant and CKD patients)
   –   My Kt/V Chart (for dialysis patients)
   –   My URR Chart (for dialysis patients)
• AAKP plans to continually add charts designed
  to help kidney patients and their
  family members.
  All About

My Health Quizzes
          My Health Quizzes
• Test your knowledge! How much do you really
  know about your health condition?
• Take a shot at one of the comprehensive
  quizzes and take another step toward a healthier
  general knowledge about CKD, dialysis
  and kidney transplantation.
A variety of quizzes
are offered on a
variety of topics.

When you answer
all questions in a
quiz correctly you
are provided with an
official Certificate of
 All About

My Doctor Visits
               My Doctor Visits
• Doctor visits are becoming more complex. Doctors are
  making more diagnoses per visit and prescribing multiple
• In this section you can mark the date of your doctor
  visits, the reason for the visit and the name of the doctor
  or nurse you spoke to.
• As you are entering in the My Doctor Visit section and a
  question pops into your head, jot it down in the
  “Questions to ask during the next visit” area.
Sample: My
Doctor Visits

Keep track of
your doctor
visits and store
any questions
you have for
Adding a New
Doctor Visit is

Fill in the blanks
and it is
stored in an easy
to read and print
 All About

My Information
      Updating Your Information
• AAKP My Health™ is geared toward your modality
  needs. To gain the most out of this tool, it is essential to
  maintain your account information.
• If you change modalities (started as a CKD patient but
  now you are on dialysis) make sure to update your
  profile to ensure you have
  access to the correct charts for your
  healthcare needs.
Sample: Update User

If you change
modalities, make sure
to update your profile.
This is also the area
where you can
change your
       Is My Information Safe?
• Your privacy is important to us and that is why AAKP My
  Health™ is considered a secure Web site. When you
  registered to access the site you provided a username
  and password. Only individuals who have this
  information will be able to gain access to your charts.
• You are the only one who has access to the information
  you enter, unless you share your username and
  password with someone else.
• Mailing Address:
  3505 E. Frontage Rd., Suite 315
  Tampa, FL 33607
• Toll Free Phone Number:
• E-Mail:
AAKP My Health™ is made possible
through an educational grant from Roche.

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