Wakefield Rail-to-Trail Committee

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					                    Wakefield Rail-to-Trail Committee

                                 April 14, 2005

   Review of minutes from March meeting

   Al Turco update on legal and environmental issues

   Kevin Scott update on legislative status and press releases for RTT

        o Senate Bill 1947(Resor Bill) to limit liability
        o April 22 UMass event
        o Bi-monthly press releases about Committee progress

   Phil Posner update on Lowell St./ROW parcel

   Status updates from subcommittees

        1. Feasibility study--Aaron, Kate
               Review of various studies
               Discussion of W&S NSRBTP release

        2. Website--Stephan
              Progress with town website presence
              Name for our site

   Emmett Halpin planning details for upcoming Craig Della Penna forum on
    April 21
       o PR
       o Invitations
       o Getting the message to abutters

   Kristina Hanes update on May 21 Wakefield/Lynnfield ride from Elks Club

                General discussion
       Sending agenda to newspapers to prompt their coverage of our meetings?
       July 4th parade float?