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									                                           HI Hostels Guide: China
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Youth Hostel Associations of China
463 Huang Pu Da Dao West
GD Tourism Building
Guangzhou 510630
Ü (86)(20) 87513731; 87513732; 87513733; 87513734
á (86)(20) 22386638

 Capital:                                  Beijing
 Language:                                 Mandarin, Cantonese
 Currency:                                 Yuan (Renminbi)
 Population:                               1270000000
 Size sq km:                               9596960
 Phone code:                               86

                           HI Hostels Guide: China - 20 November 2009                                         Page 1 of 15
Ü Telephone    number        á Facsimile number í E-mail Adress t Web Adress i Reservation recommended b Credit cards accepted v-|Number of rooms containing indi-
cated number of beds        ê Japanese style beds à Linen included in fee â Linen can be hired H Suitable for wheelchair users X Groups welcome Y Family rooms available A Female only
B Male only F All meals available (unless otherwise specified): B Breakfast L Lunch D Dinner (evening meal) Å Self catering facilities provided [ Café/Bar available } Cycle store at
hostel ~ Discounts & Concessions available r Common room(s) in hostel ä TV room in hostel a Library for members’ use j Internet Access at hostel ã Conference room(s) G Laundry
facilities available at or near the hostel d Luggage storage for members K Basic store available at or near hostel ë Lockers available at hostel å Air Conditioning k Lift in hostel E Parking
facilities available at or near the hostel n Tourist Information ^ Currency Exchange at or near hostel ç Garden at hostel é Playground at hostel N Nearest major Airport hAirport bus
O Horbour/Port: Name and distance from City Centre Z Train: nearest Station and distance to hostel M Bus (from City Centre): No/Nos, alighting point and distance to hostel Ç Tram or
trolley bus (from City Centre): No/Nos, alighting point and distance to hostel É Underground: Line name, Station Name and distance to hostel Ñ Bus Stop Ö Tram Stop Q Beach at or near
hostel L Skiing area T Hiking area W Swimming at or near hostel V Sports facilities at or near hostel

Beihai - Beihai Weizhou                        Beijing - Beijing Ann
Piggybar Youth Hostel                          Tour Youth Hotel

Beihai - Beihai Weizhou                        Beijing - Beijing Ann Tour Youth
Piggybar Youth Hostel                          Hotel
Nan Wan (South Bay) Street                     No.3 Qingnianhu South Street                    Beijing - Far East
Weizhou Town                                   Dongcheng District                              International Youth
Beihai                                                                                         Hostel                                           Beijing - Lanting YH
Ü 0779-6012804                                 Ü +86-010-84122199
á 0779-6013610                                 á +86-010-84122197
í                             í
t                            t
1xv 6xw 2xy 2x{ÅXrG                            1xv 1xw 1xx 1xyäXrà
åj[FdKç}                                       nGåj^dK}

                                               Beijing - Beijing Heyuan
                                               International YH                                Beijing - Far East International                Beijing - Lanting YH
                                                                                               Youth Hostel                                    #17A
                                                                                               90 Tieshuxiejie                                 An Hua Xi Li 3 Condominium
                                                                                               Xuanwu District                                 An Hua Rd, Chao Yang District
                                                                                               Beijing                                         Ü 8610-64258738
                                                                                               100050                                          á 8610-64256083
                                                                                               Ü 0086-                                         í
                                                                                               13681293578;13521924240;10-                     t
                                                                                               51958561                                        6xv 4xw 1xx 2xy 3x{
                                               Beijing - Beijing Heyuan                        á 86-10-63018233                                Directions: 2 km from city center
                                               International YH                                í                        N Beijing International Airport
                                               No.1 Zhi Qiang Bei Yuan                         t                             25.00km h Airport shuttle bus
                                               Wen Hui Yuan Lu                                 3xv 90xw 11xx 6xy 25x{                          line4 0.10km M NO.104
                                               Hai Dian District                               Directions: 1 from city center N                Electronic bus 0.30km É
                                               Beijing                                         Beijing International 35.00km                   Andingmen Station(line 2) 1.00km
                                               Ü 0086-10-62277138 62262592                     h Airport Bus to Xidan                          YäÅXrnGåj[^d
                                               á 0086-10-62262982                              Aviation Building and change to <               ëKç}
                                               í                            Bus> No. 14 ap Liulichang
                                               t                             2.00km O Tanggu, Tianjin Ç
                                               12xv 9xw 4xy 10x{                               102, 105 0.50km M 5,6, 7, 14,
                                               Directions: M 0.30km É                          15, 23,66, ... 0.50km É
                                               Jishuitian station line 2 0.80km                Hepingmen 0.50km Ñ Liulichang
                                               gäXrànGåj[F                                     Ö Hufangqiao YkäÅXrn
                                               ^ëKç}                                           Gåjb[F^dëK}

                                     HI Hostels Guide: China - 20 November 2009                                                                   Page 2 of 15
Beijing - P. Loft YH                                                     Changsha - Changsha
                                                                         Int’l YH

                                                                                                           Chengdu - Dreams
                                                                                                           242 Wuhouci Road, Chengdi
Beijing - P. Loft YH                                                     Changsha - Changsha Int’l YH      Sichuan 610041
29 Pao Ju Tou Tiao                                                       No. 61 Gongshang Lane             Ü 86 28 85570315 / 85570322
Dong Cheng District                                                      Dongfeng Road                     á 86 28 85570321
Beijing                          Beijing - Ruihaimu
                                                                         Changsha                          í
Ü +86-10-64027218                International                           Ü 0731-82990202                   Directions: N Chengdu Shuangliu
á +86-10-64027218                                                        á 0731-82990202                   International 10.00km h to
                                 No. 30 Xidoqiao Road
í                                                         í        Renminnan, then 301 ap Wuhouci
                                 Miyun Country, Beijing 101500
t                                                      t               M 1, 8, 10, 27, 53, 57, 59, 82,
                                 Ü 86 010 89098888-8818
4xv 7xw 2xx 1xy 4x{                                                      2xv 10xw 2xx 3xy 1x{Y             109, 110, 212, 213, 301, 302 Ñ
                                 á 86 010 69026666
Directions: N 25.00km h                                                  gâäXrànGåj[                       Wuhouci
Airport express 2.00km M                                                 F^dëKçéV}
                                 Directions: N Beijing International
0.50km É subway Line 2 &Line
                                 55.00km h to Dongzhimen,
5,Yonghegong Lama temple station                                                                           Chengdu - Traffic Youth
                                 change to Dongmi bus to the
0.50km YäXrnGåj
                                 Resort ap Xidaqiao M P70, P80                                             Hostel
                                 Ñ Xidaqiao
                                                                                                           No. 6 Linjiangzhong Lu Rd
                                   Beijing - Saga                                                          610041
                                   No. 9 Shijia Hutong                                                     Ü 852 28 85451017
                                   Dongcheng District, Beijing 10                                          á 852 28 85440977
                                   Ü 86 10 65272773                                                        í
                                   á 86 10 65249098                                                        Directions: N Chengdu Shuangliu
                                   í                                                 12.00km M 55, 28, 8, 16 Ñ Xin
                                   Directions: N Beijing International                                     Nanmen 500m
                                   32.00km h Beijing
                                   International Hotel O Tanggu,         Chengdu - Dragon Town
Beijing - Peking Youth             Tianjin Ç 103, 104, 106 0.00km                                          Chongqing - Da’zu Rock
                                   M 24, 713, 812, 116 É Line 1
                                                                         International YH
Hostel                                                                                                     Carvings Int’l YH
                                   ap Beijing Railway Station or
                                   Jianguomen 1.00km Ñ Lumikang
                                   or Dengshixikou Ö Dengshixikou

                                   Beijing - Zhaolong
                                                                         Chengdu - Dragon Town
                                   2 Workers Stadium Rd (N)              International YH                  Chongqing - Da’zu Rock
                                   Chaoyang District                     No 26 Kuan Xiang Zi (Lane)        Carvings Int’l YH
                                   Beijing                               Chengdu                           Nine Tterm, San Jiao Village
                                   Ü 86-10-65972299-6111                 Sichuan                           Yu Long Town, Da’zu Country
                                   á 86-10-65972288                      Ü +86 28 86648408                 Chongqing
Beijing - Peking Youth Hostel      í                 á +86 28 86245901                 Ü +86-23-43369111
5 Beichizi Ertiao                  Directions: 6 NE from city center     í     á +86-23-43369222
Beichizi Dajie                     N Beijing International 25.00km       t               í
Dongcheng District                 h Beijing Kunlun Hotel O              2xv 8xw 4xy 2x{ Directions:       t
Beijing 100006                     Tanggu, Tianjin Ç 115 0.00km          0 from city center N Chengdu      10xv 16xw 5xy 12x{
Ü +86-10-6526 8855                 M 113, 120, 403, 701, 703, 801        Shuangliu International 18.00km   Directions: N Jiang Bei Airdrome
á +86-10-6527 8855                 É at Dongshisitiao Station change     h to Minshan Hotel, then 78 to    140.00km M Cai Yuanba Bus
í        to < Bus> 115 ap Zhaolong Hotel       Tongrenlukou 3.00km M 4, 64,      Station 80.00km Ñ Long Shui Bus
t                Ñ Tuanjie Lake; Zhaolong Hotel        78 0.70km É 0.40km Ñ Tong         Station gÅXråb[F
YgärànGåj[F                        Ö Zhaolong Hotel YäÅrà                Ren Lu ~ YäXrànGå                 dëKçéV}
^dëKçé}                            Gåjb[Fd                               j[F^dëKçéV}

                      HI Hostels Guide: China - 20 November 2009                                      Page 3 of 15
Chongqing - Nanbin
Youth Hostel
581 B4 Nanbin South Road
Nan an District
Chongqing                             Chongqing -
Ü 023-62790840
                                      YangtzeRiver Int’l YH
á 023-62790012                                                           Chongqing - YH
í                                                International in Chong   Dao Cheng International
                                                                         Qing                     YH
                                                                         Nanbin South Road
Chongqing - Perfect                                                      Chongqing
Time International YH                                                    400060
                                                                         Ü 023-62790850
                                                                         á 023-62790012

                                                                         Dali - Lakeview YH

                                                                                                  Dao Cheng International YH
                                                                                                  End of Xing Fu Bridge
Chongqing - Perfect Time                                                                          De Xi Street
International YH                                                                                  Daocheng
No.2 Zheng Jie Street                                                                             Sichuan
Ci Qi Kou (Riverside)                 Chongqing - YangtzeRiver Int’l                              Ü +86-0836-5727772
Sha Ping Ba District                  YH                                                          á +86-0836-5727772
Chongqing                             80, Chang Bin Road                                          í
Ü +86 23 65477008                     Yu Zhong District                  Dali - Lakeview YH       t
í                     Chongqing                          Taoyuan Ternminal        8xw Directions: 500 metres from
t                   Ü 023-63104270                     Butterfly Spring          city center M 0.20km Ñ
8xv 4xw 3xx 1xy 3x{                   á 023-63104270                     Dali                     Daocheng Bus Station ~ äÅX
Directions: S3km from city center     í                  Yunnan                   rnGjFdKç}
N Chongqing International Airport     t                Ü 0872-2431148
30.00km h Take the airport            Directions: 10 minutes from city   á
shuttle to Shangqingsi and transfer   center N chongqing jiangbei        í
to bus No. 808 to Ci Qi Kou           airport 30.00km h 608 O            t
400.00km O Ciqikou Wharf              chaotianmen port M 702 Ñ ~         5xv 5xw 1xy 1x{ ~ gä
100.00km M Bus No. 808, No.           YgäXrnGåj[F                        XrnGj[FdëKçé
261, No. 209 Ñ Ciqikou, the front     ^dëKçéV}                           V}
gate ~ YHgäÅXrnG

                         HI Hostels Guide: China - 20 November 2009                          Page 4 of 15
Fenghuang                            GD Jiangmen - Youth                  Guilin - Flowers                       Guiyang - Yidu Youth
Fenghuang Xiangxi                    Hostel                               Blossom YH                             Hostel
Hunan 416200                         No. 86 Tizhong Lu Road,              2nd Floor,6 Shang Zhi Lane             No.63 Wenchangnan Road
Ü 852 743 3260546                    Jiangmen City, Guangdong Provi       Zhonghan Nan Road                      Guiyang 550001, Guizhou, China
á 852 743 3260546                    529000                               Guilin                                 Ü 852 851 8631788/8631766
í              Ü 86-750-3683908                     Guangxi Province                       á 852 851 8631799
Directions: N Zhangjiajie            á 86-750-3681908                     Ü +86 7733 3839625 / 3845275           Directions: N Longdongbao
International 140km; Guizhou         í              á +86 773 3845275                      2.00km h Huguolukou 100m
Tongren 24.00km M Local travel       Directions: N Guangzhou Baiyun       í                (20min by Taxi) M 1, 2, 40 Ñ
bus Ñ Fenghuang Bus Station          150.00km O Jiangmen 8.00km           1xv 2xw 6x{ Directions: N              Laodongmen 100m
                                     M 1, 9, 10 Ñ Chang’anlu              Guilin Liangjiang 30.00km h
                                                                          to Railway Station M 1, 3, 4, 8,
GD Gaoyao - Guangxin                                                      9, 12, 15, 19, 51 Ñ Guilin Station     Haikou - Banana
Luyindadao Baitu Town, Gaoyao        GD Nanhai - Mt Xiqiao                                                       International YH
Ü 86-758-8174762                     Yunyingqionglou
á 86-758-8174753                     Xiqiao Hill                          Guilin - Guilin
í              Nanhai
Directions: N Zhuhai International   Guangdong, 528211
                                                                          Backstreet International
95km; Guangzhou Baiyun               Ü 86-757-6886799                     YH
100.00km h Zhaoqing M                á 86-757-6889689
Guangzhou Liuhua to Zhaoqing         í
Qiaoxi, then 315 Ñ Guangxin          Directions: 60 SW from city center
Nongye Shengtaiyuan                  N Guangzhou Baiyun 65km;
                                     Guangzhou Foshan 50.00km M                                                  Haikou - Banana International
                                     Bus from Guangzhou Liuhua                                                   YH
GD Guangzhou -                       Station, Guangdong Province Bus                                             Villa 3-4, No. 6 Li Yuan Xiao
Riverside International              Terminal or Guangzhou Bus                                                   No. 21 Ren Min Da Dao (Avenue)
                                     Terminal, Guangz Ñ Xiqiao Shan                                              Hai Dian Dao (Island)
YH                                   Xràb[Fdç                                                                    Haikou, Hainan
                                                                                                                 Ü (+86) 0898 66286780
                                                                                                                 á (+86) 0898 66286780
                                     GD Qingxin -                                                                í
                                     Guangdong Sports                                                            t
                                                                                                                 3xv 3xw 2xxYäXràG
                                     Qingxin Hot Spring Tourism & H                                              j[FdëKç}
                                     Sankeng Town, Qingxin Country        Guilin - Guilin Backstreet
                                     Qingyuan City                        International YH
GD Guangzhou - Riverside             Guangdong Province 511855            No.3 Renmin Rd
International YH                     Ü 86 763 5862622                     Guilin
15 Changdi Street                    á 86 763 5862706                     Ü 86-773-2819936 / 2827116
Luju Road, Fangcun                   í              í
Liwan District                       Directions: N Guangzhou Baiyun       t
Guangzhou                            70.00km h to Guangzhou               5xv 14xw 5xx 3x{ Directions:
Ü 0086 20 22392500                   Provincial Bus Terminal, change      centre from city center N GUILIN
á 0086 20 22392548                   bus to the Qingxin Hot Spring        LIANJIANG INTERNATIONAL
í            Holiday Resort M Shuttle Bus         AIRPORT 30.00km h airport
t                  every half an hour from Qingyuan     bus,get off at the last stop(CAAC) ,
9xv 25xw 3xx 5xy 5x{                 Railway Station to hostel Ñ          take taix, 15min to our hostel
Directions: N Guangzhou Baiyun       Qingxin Hot Spring Tourism           1.00km O Muopan Harbour
Airport 27.00km h Airport            Holiday Resort                       30mins by car M NO.2, 11, Ñ
Express 2.00km O Fangchun                                                 NO 2 BUS, LIJIANG THEATRE
Pier 0.20km É Line 1, Fangchun                                            STOP, NO.11,SHIZIJIE STOP ä
0.80km YäÅXrGåjF                                                          ÅnGåj[F^ëK}

                        HI Hostels Guide: China - 20 November 2009                                          Page 5 of 15
Hangzhou - Hangzhou                  Hangzhou - Jiangnanyi                 Hangzhou - Youth                   Huangshan - East
Wu Shan Yi                                                                 Hostel                             Huangshan Youth
International YH                                                                                              Hostel

                                     Hangzhou - Jiangnanyi                 Hangzhou - Youth Hostel
Hangzhou - Hangzhou Wu Shan          No. 32, Xiamanjuelong Road            No. 101 Nanshan Rd                 Huangshan - East Huangshan
Yi International YH                  Hangzhou                              Hangzhou                           Youth Hostel
96 Si Yi Ting                        Xihu District, Zhejiang Provin        310002                             Cha-lin-chang Farm,
Si Yi Road                           Ü 86 571 87153273                     Ü 86 571 87918948/                 Tan-jia-qiao Town,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang                   á 86 571 87153419                     0571-28069669                      Huangshan District, 245707
Ü +86 (0) 571 87018790               í                á 86 571 87918948                  Huangshan City
á +86 (0) 571 87018790               t                   í             Ü +86 559 8591388
í             Directions: N Hangzhou Xiaoshan       t                á +86 559 8591208
t                  International 27.00km h to            2xv 2xw 6xy 4x{ Directions:        í
1xv 10xw 5xx 2xy 4x{                 Wulinmen, change bus O                N Hangzhou Xiaoshan                t
Directions: downtown from city       Hangzhou Wulinmen Pier 9.00km         International 37.00km h to         4xv 12xw 6xx 36x{
center N hangzhou airport            Ç k808.Y5.Y3.Y7.527.K4. M             Wulinmen, change to bus            Directions: N Tun-xi 75.00km
25.00km h You can take the           Jiari 1, 9,16, K4, 315, 514/K514, K   No.12/K12 ap Qianwangci O          h Tan-jia-qiao M Any coach
shuttle bus at railway station .     504, K5045, K514, K808, You 3,        Hangzhou Pier 3km, change to bus   to Huangshan Scenic Spot can
3.00km M On the WuShan               You 7 Ñ Zoo (Dongwuyuan) ~            No.55/K55 ap Qianwangci M          reach YH ~ YäÅXrànG
square there will be a bus station   gràGåj[FdëK                           Hangzhou City 2km, take bus        åj[FdëKçéV}
center 1.00km Ñ QIN-BO-MEN           çé                                    No.Y2 ap Qingbomen, change to
station and QuShanQuare station                                            bus No.4/K4/12/K12 ap
YäÅrGåj[FdëK                                                               Qianwangci äÅràGåj[
ç}                                                                         FdëKç}

                                                                                                              Huangshan -
                                     Hangzhou - Xinyu
                                     No 21, 1 Qingchun Rd
                                     Shangcheng District                                                      58, Huancheng Bei Road, Tunxi
                                                                           Harbin - Harbin Kazy               Huangshan 245000
                                     Hangzhou City
                                                                           Int’l YH                           Ü +86 559
                                     Zhejiang Province, 310009
                                     Ü 852 571 87244888                    No.82, Tongjiang Street            Directions: N Tun-xi 6.00km
                                     á 852 571 87238088                    Harbin
                                     Directions: N Hangzhou Xiaoshan       Ü 0451-87654211
                                     International 37.00km h to            á 0451-87633400
                                     Wulinmen, change to bus No.14,        í
                                     32, 858 ap Daxuelubeikou M 14,        2xv 2xw 1xx 2xy 1xz 2x{
                                     18, 31, 32, 40, 59, 156, 528, 834,    Directions: in center from city
                                     836 Ñ Daxuelubeikou,                  center N HARBIN TAIPING
                                     Qingchunmen                           Airport 41.00km h no 1.70km
                                                                           O no Ç no M 13 5.00km É
                                                                           no Ñ Tongjiang Street ~ rGj

                        HI Hostels Guide: China - 20 November 2009                                       Page 6 of 15
Huangshan -                     Huhehaote - Binyue                                                        Lijiang - International
Huangshan Old Street            International                                                             Youth Hostel Lijiang
International YH

                                                                    Kunming - International
                                Huhehaote - Binyue                                                        Lijiang - International Youth
Huangshan - Huangshan Old                                           Youth Hostel                          Hostel Lijiang
Street International YH         Middle of Zhaowuda Road             1st Floor, Building C, Zhengxie       Jishan Alley no. 25
No.266, Old Street              Saihan District                     Hotel                                 Xinyi Street
Tunxi District                  Huhehaote                           Cuihunan Rd                           Lijiang, Yunnan Province
Huangshan                       Inner Mongolia, 010050              Kunming                               674100
Anhui                           Ü 86 471 6605666                    Yunnan, 650031                        Ü 86-888-5116118
Ü 0086-559-2540386              á 86 471 4310808                    Ü 86 871 5175395                      í
á 0086-559-2540399              í             á 86 871 5167131                      t
í       t                 í                     6xv 6xw 1xx 1xy 2x{
t             Directions: N Huhehaote Baita       3xv 12xw 4xx 4xy Directions:          Directions: N Lijiang airport
1xv 3xw 1xx 1xy Directions:     10.00km M 21, 34, 36, 50 Ñ          N Kunming International 7.00km        25.00km h Lijiang new town
0 km from city center N 6 kms   Binyue Hotel YgâäXr                 h 52 ap Xiaoximen M 2, 5,             2.50km O Nil Ç Nil M
6.00km h 1.00km O no Ç          ànGåjb[F^dë                         52 Ñ Xiaoximen YàGj[F                 3.00km É Nil YäÅrnGj
no M 3.00km É no Yâkä           KV}                                 ^d                                    [F^dëKç}
                                Kunming - Camellia

                                                                    Lhasa - Dong Cuo
                                Kunming - Camellia                  International YH
                                No. 96 Dongfeng Dong Road
                                Yunnan Province, 650041
                                Ü 86-871-3163000                    Lhasa - Dong Cuo International
                                á 86-871-3147033                    YH
                                í        10 Beijing East Road
                                t                 Lhasa
                                40xw 10xy Directions: 0 from        Tibet
                                city center N Kunming               Ü 0086-891-6273388
                                International 6.00km h 103#         á 0086-891-6330683
                                ap Dongjiawan (walk westward for    í
                                3 mins),52# 0.50km M 103 from       t
                                the Airport ap Dongjiawan; 5, 63,   4xv 20xw 3xx 2xy 2xz 4x{
                                78, 89,105 3.00km Ñ                 Directions: 1km from city center N
                                Shengtiyuguan ~ YäÅXrà              lhasa airport 80.00km h
                                nGjb[F^BAdëK                        depend on the flights of plane .lots
                                ç}                                  of CAAC buses! 1.00km M
                                                                    No.97,104,106,109 100.00km Ñ
                                                                    Chongsai kang bus station ~ Y
                   HI Hostels Guide: China - 20 November 2009                                       Page 7 of 15
Lijiang - K2 International Lijiang - Lugu Lake                     Linfen - Linfen Honglou             Nanjing - Fuzimiao
YH                         International Youth                     International                       No. 38, Dashiba Street, Fuzimi
                           Hostel                                  No. 7 Gongyuan Street, Linfen,      (by the side of Pinjiang Bridg
                                                                   041000 China                        Ü 86 25 6625133
                                                                   Ü 852 357 2082222                   á 86 25 6624133
                                                                   á 852 357 2082200                   í
                                                                   í             Directions: N Nanjing Lukou
                                                                   Directions: N Taiyuan Wusu          International 20.00km h
                                                                   200.00km M 1, 2, 3 Ñ Shanxi         Zhongshan Road, South Coach
                                                                   Shifandaxue                         Station M 1, 4, 7, 30, 31, 36, 44,
Lijiang - K2 International YH                                                                          49, 301, 303, 305, 306, Y2, You
1 Guai Liu Lane                  Lijiang - Lugu Lake                                                   4/Tourist Bus No.4 Ñ Fuzimiao
Kang Pu Road                     International Youth Hostel        Lushan - Lushan Nature
Shuhe, Lijiang                   Lige Village                      International Youth
674100                           Lugu Lake                                                             Nanjing - Nanjing
Ü 86-0888-5130110                                                  Hostel
                                 Lijiang, Yunnan Province                                              Jasmine Hostelling
á 86-0888-5130115                674309
                                 Ü 86-888-5881555
t              í
4xv 6xw 3xy 2x{ Directions:      t
4km from city center N LiJiang   6xv 8xw 1xx 3xy Directions:
airport 35.00km h yes            N Lijiang 240.00km M Luoshui
35.00km O no Ç no M 8km          Villge Long Distance Coach
8.00km É no Ñ 11 Ö no ~ g        10.00km Ñ Lige Village ärn
âäÅXràGjb[FB Gj[FdëKç}                                             Lushan - Lushan Nature
AdëKçéV}                                                           International Youth Hostel
                                                                   1, Hu Bei Road
                                                                   Lushan                              Nanjing - Nanjing Jasmine
                                                                   Jiangxi                             Hostelling International
                                                                   Ü 0792-8288989                      No.7 He Qun Xin Chun
                                                                   á 0792-8288989                      Shanghai Rd
                                                                   í             Nahjing
                                                                   t                 Ü 86-25-83300517
                                                                   1xv 4xw 4xx 4xy 1x{                 á 86-25-86612750
                                                                   Directions: 30 N from city center   í
                                                                   N JiuJiang Airport 50.00km h        t
                                                                   to JiuJiang bus station 30.00km     4xv 2xw 1xx 2xy 2x{
                                                                   O No Ç No M JiuJiang bus            Directions: 1.5k NW from city
                                                                   station 35.00km É No Ñ Guling       center N Nanjing International
                                 Lijiang - Old Town Laojie
                                                                   Street Ö No YgäÅrGå                 10.00km h Guo Fang Yuan
                                 No. 61, Shuangshiduan, Xinhua     jFKç                                1.50km M Wu Tai Shan North
                                 Dayan Town, Lijiang, Yunnan, 6                                        Station 70.00km É Zhujang Lu
                                 Ü 86 888 5188611                                                      1.00km Ñ Wu Tai Shan North
                                 á 86 888 5188611                                                      Station/Sui Jia Cang/Bei Yin Yang
                                 í                                               Ying äÅXrànGåjb
                                 Directions: N Lijiang 27.00km                                         [^dëKçV}
                                 h to Minhang Hotel M 1, 8
                                 Ñ Baihuodalou (walk for 26mins)

                                 Lijiang - Old Town
                                 46, Zhongyi Lane, Guangyi Stre
                                 Lijiang County, Yunnan 674100
                                 Ü 86 888 5102339
                                 á 86 888 5102339
                                 Directions: N Lijiang 25.00km
                                 h Airport Bus to new town,
                                 change to 3 ap Zhongyishichang
                                 M 3 Ñ Zhongyishichang
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Pingyao - Zhengjia                  Qufu - Qufu                        Shanghai - Blue                      Shanghai - Mingtown
International YH                    International YH                   Mountain YH                          Etour YH

Pingyao - Zhengjia International                                                                            Shanghai - Mingtown Etour YH
YH                                  Qufu - Qufu International YH                                            55 Jiangyin Road
No. 68 Ya Men Street                Gu Lou Bei Street (N)                                                   Shanghai
Pingyao                             Qufu                                                                    Ü 86-21-63277766
Shanxi                              Ü 0537-44189890537-4428989                                              á 86-21-53751855
Ü +86 354 5684466                   á 0537-4423939                                                          í
á +86 354 5684466                   í                                                         t
í        t                                                     20xv 6xw 2xy 7x{ Directions:
t                 5xw 2xx 1xz 1x{ Directions:                                             N Pu Dong International 38km;
10xv 10xw 3xy 2xz ~ Yg              300m from city center M 1.20km                                          Hongqiao 17.00km h Line5 to
âäÅXrànGåj[F                        YHäÅXrGåj[F^                       Shanghai - Blue Mountain YH          Renmin Guangxhang, Airport to
                                    dëK}                               Building 1, 1072 Nong (Lane)         Renmin Guangchang O
                                                                       Qu Xi Lu (Road)                      Shanghai Internation 3km M 3,
                                                                       Shanghai                             6, 37, 46, 145 É 1, 2 ap Remin
                                                                       200023                               Guangchang Ñ Remnin
                                                                       Ü 86-21-63043938,                    Guangchang äÅrànGåj
                                                                       86-21-63042785                       [FdëKç}
                                                                       á 86-21-53018433
                                                                       2xv 4xw 2xx 6xy 6x{
                                                                       Directions: N PuDong
                                                                       International Airport 42.00km
                                                                       h Airbus No 3 1.00km M No
                                                                       17, 36, 146, Tunnel Line 8, Bridge
Qingdao (Tsing’tao) -                                                  Line 6 0.10km É Metro Line 4,
YHA Old Observatory                                                    Lu Ban Road 0.03km äÅXr
No 21 Guanxiang Er Road
266003                              Sanya - Sanya Blue Sky
Ü 86 (532) 8282 2626                20 Dadonghai New Village, Sany
á 86 (532) 8282 2266                Ü 852 898 88182320
í        í
4xv 6xw 8xx 3xy 3x{                 Directions: N Sanya Fenghuang
Directions: 0 from city center N    International 20.00km h to
Qingdao Liuting International       Diyi Shichang then take 202 or 2
Airport (Airport code: TAO)         ap Chengshijiudian M 202 to
45.00km h Bus Route No.2            Ruihai Shopping Park Ñ Sanya       Shanghai - Captain YH
(Get off at Shili Yiyuan Stop)      3km                                (Pudong Branch)
4.00km O Qingdao Port 3.00km
M Bus no. 2 or no. 5 0.40km Ñ                                          No.527 Loashan Road (E)
Shili Yiyuan (Municipal Hospital)                                      (near Zhangyang Rd)
~ äÅXrànGåjb                                                           Pudong District
[FdëKçéV                                                               Shanghai 200122
                                                                       Ü +86 21 58365966
                                                                       á +86 21 58365956
                                                                       20xv 8xw 4xy Directions: 5km
                                                                       from city center N 15km 30.00km
                                                                       h 5 minutes walk 0.20km O
                                                                       10km 10.00km M 0.10km É
                                                                       0.5km 0.50km åjbK

                       HI Hostels Guide: China - 20 November 2009                                     Page 9 of 15
Shanghai - Naza                 Shanghai - People’s               Shanghai - Shanghai                Shanghai Hiker YH
International YH                Square YH                         Captain

Shanghai - Naza International
No.318 Baoding Rd
Hongkou                                                                                              Shanghai Hiker YH
Shanghai                                                                                             450 Jiang Xi Zhong Road
Ü 86-21-65417062                                                                                     Shanghai
á 86-21-65840772                                                                                     Ü 86-21-6329-7889
í                                                                              í
t             Shanghai - People’s Square YH                                        t
                                                                  Shanghai - Shanghai Captain
4xv 15xw 5xy Directions: N                                                                           2xv 9xw 10xy 5x{ Directions:
                                No.35 Yongshou Rd                 No. 37 Fuzhou Rd
Pudong international airport                                                                         N Pudong 30km; Hongqiao
                                Huangpu District, Shanghai        Shanghai
41000.00km M Nr. 33 É Line 4                                                                         15.00km h Airport bus 3, 7
                                Ü 86-21-63287511                  200002
300.00km YärGåj[d                                                                                    from Pudong Airport to Longyang
                                á 86-21-6328 3091                 Ü 86-21-63235053
ëK                              í                                               Rd, change to < U.> 2 ap
                                                                  á 86-21-63219331
                                t               í     Henanzhonglu; 925 to Renmin
                                11xv 6xw 12xy 1x{                 t                O Waihongqiao M 939, 934,
                                Directions: N Pu Dong             5xv 16xw 2xz 14x{                  921, 330, 316, 145, 64, 21, 20 É
                                International 38km; Hongqiao      Directions: N Hongqiao             2, ap Henanzhonglu 1.20km Ñ
                                h Line5 to Renmin                 International 15km; Pudong         Jiangxizhonglu 600m äÅàGå
                                Guangxhang, Airport to Renmin     International 30.00km h from       j[F^dëK
                                Guangchang O Shanghai             Pudong Airport ap Xincheng Hotel
                                Internation 3km É 1, 2 ap Remin   O Waihongqiao Port 2.00km Ç
                                Guangchang Ñ East yanan rd.Mid    20 0.00km M 928 from
                                Zhejiang rd, rGåj[Fd              Hongqiao < Planes> to Renmin
                                ëK                                Guangchang, then change to 71 ap
                                                                  Waitan; 64. From < Trains> ap J
                                                                  É 1 ap Renmin Guangchang; Line
                                                                  2 ap Henanlu Ö Jiangxilu ~ Yk

                                                                                                     Shangri-La - Diging
                                                                                                     Tibetan Area
                                                                                                     No.98 Heping Road
                                                                                                     Shangri-la County
                                                                                                     Yunnan 674400
                                                                                                     Ü +86-887-8228671
                                                                                                     á +86-887-8228451
                                                                                                     Directions: N Diqing 5.00km
                                                                                                     h take a taxi (about 10 Yuan)
                                                                                                     from the Airport M 1, 3, 5 Ñ
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Shangri-La - Shangri-La              Shaoxing - Shaoxing               Shenzhen Loft                   Su Zhou
International YH                     Youth Hostel
North of Jiantand Dong Road,
Yunnan Province 674400.
Ü (887) 8226948
á (887) 8226949
Directions: N Shangri-la 5km, take
a taxi (about RMB 20) M 2                                                                              Su Zhou
                                                                                                       178 Shang Wang Road
Shangri-la - Shangri-la                                                                                215007
Lao Shay YH                                                                                            Ü +86 512 65109418
                                                                                                       á +86 512 65109418
                                                                       Shenzhen Loft                   t
                                                                       3 En Ping St.,                  2xv 2xw 2xx 1xy 6x{
                                                                       Hua Qiao Cheng,                 Directions: O No.2 Tour Boat,
                                     Shaoxing - Shaoxing Youth         ShenZhen, GuangDong             ap Wanshi Garden ~ äÅrGå
                                     Hostel                            China                           jëK
                                     No.11 Huanshan Rd                 Ü +86 (0)755 8609 5773 / 8623
                                     Yuecheng District                 2403
Shangri-la - Shangri-la Lao Shay     Shaoxing                          á +86 (0)755 8623 2403
YH                                   Ü 86-575-85151780                 í
Jinugu Village                       í                 t
Blue Moon Valley                     t               16xv 48xw 8xx ~ YäÅX
Shangri-la County                    7xv 6xw Directions: N             ràGåj[dëKç
Yunnan                               Hangzhou Xiaoshan International
Ü 0887-8200766 15087228432           Airport 30.00km h You can
í                take the airport shuttle bus to
t                  Shaoxing railway station
2xv 5xw 1xy 2x{ Directions:          square,then take No.7 bus Ñ
6KM/NE from city center N            Fushan bridge stop gäÅXG
7.00km h NO Ygärn åj[F^dK

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Suzhou - Joya                        Suzhou - Minghantang
International YH                     International YH

                                     Suzhou - Minghantang
                                     International YH
                                     Xin Ming Xiao (Bridge)
                                     Shan Tang St, Guang Ji Rd
                                     Suzhou                               Suzhou - Water Town YH
                                     Ü +86 512 65833331, 512
                                     65833385                                                      Tengchong County -
                                     í                                         Heshun Laoshay Int’l YH
Suzhou - Joya International YH       2xv 2xw 1xx 4xy 1x{
21-1 Da Xin Qiao Xiang (Lane)        Directions: 2KM,SE from city
Ping Jiang District                  center N shanghai hongqiao airport
Suzhou                               80.00km Ç 50 0.20km M
215005                               0.20km É 1.00km Ñ guangji park
Ü 86-512-67551752, 82107475          Ö guangji park YäÅXrn
á 86-512-67709649                    Gåj[FdëKçéV}
                                                                                                   Tengchong County - Heshun
1xw 1xx 1xy 1x{ Directions:
                                                                                                   Laoshay Int’l YH
sw=1km from city center M
                                                                                                   Cun Jia Wan Village
No.55,178,202,529,811 1.00km Ñ
                                                                                                   Heshun Old Town
The East Section of No.1 hospital.
                                                                          Suzhou - Water Town YH   Tengchong County
                                                                                                   Baoshan, Yunnan, 679100
                                                                          27 Da Shi Tou Xiang (Lane)
                                                                          Ren Min Road             Ü 86-875-5158398
                                                                          Suzhou                   í
                                     Suzhou - Mingtown                    JiangSu                  t
                                                                          Ü +86 512-6521 8885      2xv 10xw 2xx 3xyYäX
                                     Suzhou Youth Hostel
                                                                          í rnGj[FdëKç}
                                                                          3xv 7xw 3xx 4xy 2x{
                                                                          Directions: 0.2km from city center
                                                                          N Shanghai Pudong/Hongqiao
                                                                          Airports 200.00km h CHINA
                                                                          EASTERN AIR OFFICEER at
                                                                          GANJIANG ROAD(walk to hostel
                                                                          just 5mins at XIMEIXIANG).
                                     Suzhou - Mingtown Suzhou             0.50km O Renmin Bridge
                                     Youth Hostel                         3.00km Ç Line 1,2 M
                                     No 28 Pingjiang Rd                   No.1,101,102,103 0.20km É
                                     Suzhou, JiangSu                      Central Station(Under
                                     215031                               construction) 0.20km Ñ Yin ma
                                     Ü 0512-65816869                      qiao Ö Le qiao ~ YHgâä
                                     í               ÅXrGåj[F^dëK
                                     t                  çéV}
                                     5xv 8xw 4x{ Directions: N
                                     PVG in Shanghai ÅrànGå

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Tengchong County -      Xi’an - Ancient Street                    Xi’an - Qixian (7 sages)         Xiamen - Gulangyu Int’l
Tengchong International International YH                          YH                               YH
Yu Quan Yuan
Tengchong County
Boashan, Yunnan
Ü 0875-5198677
í tengchongyha2007@
24xw 5x{ Directions: 1.5km, SE
from city center M 2 Ñ Yu Quan   Xi’an - Ancient Street
                                 International YH                 Xi’an - Qixian (7 sages) YH
Yuan Station ~ YäXràG
                                 No. C1 road along Inner Wall     1 Qixianzhuang
                                 East of South Gate               Beixin Street
                                 Xi’an                            Xi’an
                                 710001                           Shaan Xi 710004
                                 Ü 86 0 29 87264259               Ü 86-29-62296977 87444087
Wuhan - Wuhan                    á 86 0 29 87264911               á 86-29-8741150
Pathfinder International          í           í
YH                               t              t
                                                                                Xiamen - Gulangyu Int’l YH
                                                                  11xw 1xy 6xz 4x{ Directions:
                                 2xv 2xw 2xx 4x{ Directions: 0
368 Zhong Shan Road                                                             18 Lu Jiao Rd
                                                                  N Xi’an Xianyang International
                                 from city center N 40.00km h
Wu Chang District                                                               Gulangyu
                                                                  45.00km h Bell Tower M
                                 1.00km Ñ YHkäXràn
Wuhan, Hubei                                                                    Xiamen
                                 Gåj[^dëKçV}                      610 0.50km Ñ Balujunbanshichu
Ü +86-27-88844092                                                 ~ YäXrnGåj[F^ Fujian
á +86-27-88851263                                                 dëKç}         Ü 86-00592-2066066
í                                                          á 86-0592-2066022
1xv 4xw 2xx 4xy 2xz 2x{
                                 Xi’an - Fenghe YH
YHgäXrGåj[F                      No. 11 Fenghe Rd,                              t
^dKç}                            Xi’an City, Shanxi Province                    1xv 4xw 3xy 1x{ Directions:
                                 Ü +6-29-6240349                                0.2 SW from city center N
                                 á +86-29-6240349                               25.00km h Bus No.27 1.00km
                                 í                        O 0.20km Ç M Bus No.27
                                 Directions: N Shaanxi Xianyang                 1.00km Ñ Ö YgäÅrG
                                 International 43.00km h                                           åj[F^dëKç}
                                 Fenghelu 0.20km M 9, 21, 202,
                                 705 ap Fenghelu; 501 Ñ Gongyu
Wuhan - Wuhan Yangtse                                                                              Xiamen - Xiamen
International Youth                                                                                Dolphin International
47 Janghan Road                                                                                    41 Nanhua Road,
Janghan District                                                  Xi’an - Xiangzimen               Siming District,
                                                                                                   Xiamen City
Wuhan, Hubei                                                      International Youth
430014                                                                                             Fujian Province. 361005
                                                                  Hostel                           Ü 86 592 2082345
Ü 027 85603166
á 027 65651087                                                    No.16 Xiangzi Temple Street      á 86 592 2199876
í                                              Xi’an                            í
                                                                  71002                            1xv 3xw 4xy 1x{ Directions:
                                                                  Ü +86 29 62867888                N Xiamen Gaoqi International
                                                                  á +86 29 62867999                18.00km h 1, 17, 21, 48 to
Wuxi - Wuxi                                                                                        Railway Station then change 37, 98
International                                                     ~ YäÅXànGåj[F                    O Helping Harbour 3km; Xiagu
                                                                  ^dëK}                            Harbour 3.00km M 1, 17, 21, 48
No.49 Renminzhong Rd
                                                                                                   from the railway station; 2, 71, 531
Wuxi, Jiangsu, 214002
                                                                                                   from Lundu Harbour Ñ 15, 45 Y
Ü 852 510 2755990/2756990
á 852 510 2735427                                                                                  äXrGåj[F^dë
í                                                                            Kç
Directions: N Wuxi Shuofang
10.00km h Xilaideng Hotel
O Wuxi Hubin 3.00km M 10,
25, 30, 35, 89 Ñ Dongmen
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                                 Yangshuo                           Yangshuo - Xingping -           Yangshuo - Yangshuo
                                 No. 102 Yanshuo West Str.          This Old Place Int’l YH         Backstreet Youth Hostel
                                 Guilin City
                                 Guangxi Province
                                 Ü 86-773-8820933
                                 á 86-773-8820988
                                 1xv Directions: N Guilin
                                 120.00km O Panshan Harbour
                                 0.80km M from Guilin Express       Yangshuo - Xingping - This Old
                                 Bus Terminal to Yangshuo Express   Place Int’l YH
                                 Bus Terminal ~ YäXànå              No.5, Rongtan Rd
                                 j[F^d                              Xingping, Yangshuo
                                                                    Guilin, Guangxi
                                                                    Ü 0773-8702887
                                                                    á 0773-8702887
Xining - Qinghai                                                    í
                                                                    t            Yangshuo - Yangshuo Backstreet
Sangzhu                                                                                            Youth Hostel
                                                                    3xv 13xw 3xy Directions: N
                                                                    Guilin Liangjiang airport      No.60 Guihua Nan Rd
                                                                    120.00km O Just besides        West St. Yangshuo
                                                                    Xingping port 0.05km M         Ü 86-773-8814077
                                                                    Xingping bus station 0.48km äX í
                                                                    rnGåj[FdëKV                    t
                                                                                                   1xv 2xw 1xy 1x{ Directions:
                                                                                                   2 minutves from city center äX
Xining - Qinghai Sangzhu
94 Hu Zhu Zhong Rd
Xi’ning, Qinghai, 810001
Ü +86-971-3594118                 Yangshuo - Guihuaxiang
á +86- 971- 8081641               No. 60, Guihuanan Xiang
í                Weststreet Yangshuo Guilin 541
t               Ü 852 773 8820933
1xv 2xw 2xx 2xy 2x{               á 852 773 8820988
Directions: 9,SW from city center í
N Xi’ning Caojiabao 26.00km       Directions: N Guilin Liangjiang
h 3.00km M 5, 3233105             International 100.00km O
10.00km Ñ YgäXrnG Waishi 50m; Neibin 0.60km Ñ
j[F^dKV}                          Yangshuo Bus Terminal 1km

Xinjiang - Baolu Nature
Int’l YH
652, Ka Shi Xi Road (W)
5xv 46xw 1x{Gåj[dë
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Yangshuo - Yangshuo                  Zhejiang - Mingtown
Flowers Int’l YH                     Ningbo International YH

                                     Zhejiang - Mingtown Ningbo
                                     International YH
                                     77 Gong Qing Road
                                     Hai Shu District
                                     Ü 0574-87327018
Yangshuo - Yangshuo Flowers
Int’l YH
                                     6xv 5xw 5xyäGåjdë
90 Pan Tao Road
Ü 86-773-8822538/8829338
5xv 8xw 1xx 4x{ Directions:
N Guilin Liangjiang Int’l Airport
100.00km h Airport bus or
Taxi to Hostel O waishi Pier
1Km,Neibin Pier 1.5Km Ç Direct
bus to Guilin Railway Station evey
10 mins,bus jourmey 1 hour and       Zhenjiang - Xiaoshanlou
twent M Yangshuo bus Station         Int’l YH
Ñ 5mins walk to Yangshuo Bus
Ststion gäÅXnGåj[

Yangzhou - Yangzhou
Baihui International YH
North Daxue Road No. 148
225009                               Zhenjiang - Xiaoshanlou Int’l
Ü 0514-5108688                       YH
á 0514-5109422                       No.11 Liqun lane
í                 Ancient Xijin Ferry
                                     Ü 0511-85286708
                                     4xv 6xw 3xyÅrGåjb

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