August 24                       August 25
                                                                                                      First Day


August 28                  August 29                        August 30                         August 31                       September 1
                           Lang. Arts:
                             Spelling #7                                                      Lang. Arts:
                            Free reading book               Lang. Arts:                         Spelling #7
                            Speeches begin tomorrow.          Spelling #7                       Book cover check              Lang. Arts
                                                             Speeches begin today.             Speeches continue              Spelling #7 test
                                                                                                                               Speeches continue
Lang. Arts:                Science: Overview of the
                           Scientific Method. Lab
Spelling #7                analysis of Obsertainer lab is
                                                            Science: Review of Scientific
                                                                                              Science: Paper Towel Lab with
                                                            Method and preview of “Paper
                           due tomorrow.                    Towel Lab”                        reflection due tomorrow.        Science: Measurement

                           Dorward’s S.S.: Skull            Dorward’s S.S.:                   Dorward’s S.S. Finish slide show
                                                                                                                               Dorward’s S.S. Map ac
                           activity: with reflection for    Slide show of early man fossils   . Video: Lucy

September 4                September 5                      September 6                       September 7                     September 8
                           Lang. Arts:                      Back to School Night
                              Spelling # 8 p. 54,55 due
         Labor             Thurs.
                                                            Lang. Arts:
                                                              Spelling # 8; page 56
                                                                                       Lang. Arts:
                                                                                         Spelling # 8
                                                                                                                              Lang. Arts:
                                                                                                                                Spelling #8 test
                           SS: Read text p. 18-21;
                                                                                       SS: Interactive Reader on early
                                                            SS: Slide show and lecture on
                                                            Early Art                  people. Video clips of Sister          SS: Birth of Farming p
           Day             Science: Water Cycle; ch. 10
                                                                                       Wendy and Nova.                        TCI of Agricultural Rev
                                                        Science: Demo of stream table Science: Stream Tables
                           Paper Towel lab write-up due
                                                        with vocabulary for homework observations.                            Science: Measurement
                           on Friday.
                                                        as well as Paper Towel lab due
      No School                                         on Friday.

September 11               September 12                     September 13                      September 14                    September 15
                           Lang. Arts:                      Lang. Arts:                                                       Lang. Arts:
Lang. Arts:                                                                                   Lang. Arts:
                             Spelling #9, Silent reading,     Spelling #9, more practice                                        Spelling #9 test today
  Spelling #9                                                                                   Spelling #9, silent
                           writer’s workshop.               with prepositions, analogies.                                     Vocabulary dev.
Preposition practice:
                           Preposition quiz today.          Reading log assigned today.       reading, writer’s
                                                                                              workshop.                       Blue Social Studies: beg
                           Blue SS: Neolithic revolution, Blue SS: Caves of Lascaux,                                          on Mesopotamia today w
Blue SS: Paleolithic art:
                           workbook pages 13,14,15.       Catal Huyuk.
                                                                                              Blue SS: quiz on Early
slide show w/ lecture                                                                         Man. Review spiral              of Gilgamesh and earl
                           Review of Early Man for quiz   Review of Early Man for
                                                                                                                              settlement along the Tig
                           on Thursday.                   upcoming quiz.                      requirements.
Science: USGS reading                                                                                                         Euphrates rivers.
                                                          Science: Water underground
w/summary, pages 252, 253,                                                                                                    Science: Review Freshw
                           Science: Deposition in water: mini labs and demos. Text
254. Workbook pages for
                           ch. 10, sect. 2, Video clip on pages 258-260.
                                                                                              Science: Water pollution        chaper, practice test on
ch.10, sect. 1 due Wed.                                                                       ch. 10, sect.4. Bill Nye
                                                                                               video on pollution.

September 18                  September 19                   September 20                      September 21                      September 22
Science: Water under the      Science: Quiz on ch. 10, sect.
ground: ch. 10, review for    1, Bill Nye video on pollution. Science: Recycling water and     Science: City Planning project.   Science: More work wi
quiz tomorrow on 10-1.                                        water use. Begin City planning                                     measurement in the lab
                              SS: Read text p. 66-70 and      project.                         SS: complete Sumerian
SS: Intro to Mesopotamia      discuss; workbook. P.27-29                                       Achievements, workbook p. 32-     SS: Evolution of writin
unit: Gilgamesh Epic.                                         SS: Sumerian Achievements.       33                                Time/Life video on Mes
                              Lang. Arts:
Lang. Arts:                      Spelling #10 Writer’s        Lang. Arts:                      Lang. Arts:                       Lang. Arts:
  Spelling #10, continue      workshop: continue with           Spelling #10                     Spelling #10 test tomorrow.       Spelling # 10 test
with preposition work.        memoir writing.

September 25                  September 26                   September 27                      September 28                      September 29
Science: Review                                                                                Science: Erosion:
Freshwater, ch. 10 for test
on Thursday.                                                                                   Types of erosion and City Plans:
                            Science: Writing: City plans                                       soil formation         Evaluations and
Practice puzzle, Ch. Review sales brochure. Review ch. 10
                                                                                               Science test on ch. 10
p. 270 1- 18 skip 3 and 11  for test Thursday.
                                                                                               today.                 Lang. Arts:
City plan is due tomorrow.    Lang. Arts:                                                                                Spelling #11 t
Lang. Arts:
                                Spelling #11 Writer’s
                              workshop: memoir rough
                                                                       Growth                  SS: Sumerian
  Spelling # 11 Grammar:      draft due on Friday.                                             Achievements           SS: Time Life v
subject, predicate,
                                                                                                                      on Mesopotamia
                              SS: Elements of a                           Day                  Lang. Arts:            timeline of
SS: Mesopotamia slide
show lecture:                 Civilization                                                       Spelling #11         civilizations
Problem/solution                                                                               Writer’s workshop

October 2                     October 3                      October 4                         October 5                         October 6
 Science: City                                                                                                                   Science: Measure
                              Science: Minerals and                                                                              work in lab.
                              Rocks Intro.                                                      Science: City Planning
SS: Review of                                                 Science: Erosion Mini
Civilization and early                                       Book                                                                SS: Code of Ham
settlement in                 SS: Sumerian Writing           SS: First Empires section
                                                                                               SS: Time Life video of
Mesopotamia.                  LA: Spelling lesson            4, chapt. 3 in text. LA:
Sumerian                                                                                       Mesopotamia LA:                   LA: Spelling lesso
                              12 review           Spelling lesson 12
Achievements                                                                                   Spelling lesson 12
                                                  review                                                                         review test today.
                              Band Today: no                                                   review test tomorrow
LA: Spelling                  instruments needed.
lesson 12 review                                                                                                                 6th grade dance to
                                                                                                                                 after school.

October 9                     October 10                     October 11                        October 12                        October 13

October 16                    October 17                     October 18                        October 19                        October 20
LA: Spelling lesson 14 sort   LA: Spelling lesson 14 page     LA: Spelling lesson 14 page      Begin unit on Israelites
and strategy                  Writing: Revising memoirs          Writing: Revising memoirs           Mesopotamia spiral due on Friday
Writing: Revising memoirs     Silent reading and vocab. Work     Grammar: continue with verb
Continue work with verb       .                                  phrases
phrases                       Science: True /False quiz on
Science: Wrap up erosion      erosion plus video clips of soil   Science:
unit and soil formation.      formation.
SS: Wrap up unit on                                              SS: Israelites unit Begin unit on
Mesopotamia. Spirals due on   SS Writing on Mesopotamia          Israelites Mesopotamia spiral due
Friday. Paragraph due         with spiral due on Friday.         on Friday

October 23                    October 24                         October 25                          October 26                         October 27
 Science: Begin
                                                                                                          Minimum Day
Natural Resources, ch.
                                                                  Science: Alternative                                                       Minimum D
5. Workbook p. 29-30,          Science: Rock lab
4-10.                         Fossil Fuels, ch. 5,               fuels: CNN video clips
SS: Mesopotamia               section 2.
Writing, with rewrite                                SS: Nat’l, Geographic
due on Fri.                   SS: Israelites, text,  video: Jerusalem; quiz on Science: Problem          LA: Spelling test t
LA: Spelling lesson 14,       section 1, Tenak, and  foundations of Hebrew     Solving:POW
grammar practice:             map: Land Flowing with beliefs
compound                      Milk and Honey                                                             Parent - Teacher &
                                                                               SS: Israelites: section 2
subject/verbs                                        LA: Spelling page 97                                Student
Memoir final draft due        LA: Spelling page 97
on Friday.                                                                                               Conferences
                                                                               LA: Reading Plus
Cursive practice: goals
October 30                    October 31                         November 1                          November 2                         November 3
                              Prof. Time
                              Science: Ch.5, section 2 on         Science: Ch. 5, sect. 3             Science: Quiz today on fossil
                              fossil fuels. Quiz on              alternate fuels, CNN video          fuels. Video clips on mining,       Science: POW today
                              Thursday. Workbook p31-            clips. Quiz tomorrow on 5-2.        resources. Puzzles on natural      ch. 5 next Wednesday.
      No School
                              32                                 workbook page 33 18-28              resources. Test on ch. 5 next
                              POW due Friday                     POW due Friday                      Wednesday.                         LA: Spelling lesson 1
                              LA: Spelling lesson 16                                                 POW due Friday                     Test today.
                              p. 102, 103                        LA: Spelling lesson 16
 Parent - Teacher             Readers’ Theater: Legend           p. 104, 106.                         LA: Spelling lesson 16
                              of Sleepy Hollow                                                       Test tomorrow. Writer’s            SS: Quiz today on ori
      & Student                                            SS: King David, The Spread                workshop: problem-solution         the Hebrews and basic
                              SS: Israelites: Beliefs of   of Judaism, 5-3 in text.                                                     Video: National Geog
    Conferences               Judaism, ch. 5, sect. 2 Quiz Workbook page 64-662        SS: Challenges facing the                        “Behind these Walls:
                              on Friday on origins of the Quiz on Friday on origins of Israelites.                                      Jerusalem”
                              Hebrews and basic beliefs. the Hebrews and basic beliefs Quiz on Friday on origins of
                              Wkbk. Page 61-63                                         the Hebrews and basic beliefs

November 6                    November 7                         November 8                          November 9                         November 10
                               Science: Ch. 5, sect. 3 on         Science: continue with ch. 5,       Science: Natural
                              nuclear power.                     sect.3 on alternative fuels         resources: video from
                              QuizThursday on ch. 5-3 so         (solar power). Lab write-up
                              far. Test next week on ch.         is due today.                       United streaming.
 Sorry, I’ve been             5. Lab write-up due                                                    SS: Inside these                          No Schoo
having computer               tomorrow. Research talk            SS: wrap up of Israelites unit      Walls: Jerusalem
                              about energy resources due         with review. Test on Tuesday
problems….                    11/15                              of chapter.                                                                 Veteran's D
                                                                                                     LA: Spelling test,
                              SS: Review of ch. 5/ sect. 3. LA: Analogies, spelling                  silent reading,
                              Test next week.               lesson 17, continue with
                                                            Grammar (subjects in an                  vocabulary review.
                         LA: Silent reading, spelling unusual order).
                         lesson 17 (test on Thurs),
                         Grammar: subjects in an
                         unusual order.

November 13              November 14                  November 15       November 16             November 17
 Science: wrap up
ch. 5 on Natural
Resources. Chapter
                          Science: Correct
Review and puzzle
                         yesterday’s work;                               Science: test today on
due tomorrow. Test                              Science: review for
                         study and review for                           ch. 5, natural
on Thursday.                                   test. Video today to
                         test on Thurday. .                             resources.
SS: Challenges                                 review Natural
                                                                        Continue today with       Freedom Friday
facing the Israelites.                         resources. Test
                         SS: Review today                               natural resources talks. Science: measu
Test on Wednesday                              tomorrow. Begin class
                         for test. Primary                                                       practice. Thanks
on Israelites, ch. 5.                          presentations on
                         sources reading. Test                          SS: Grade and turn in Mrs. Bigelow ou
LA: Spelling                                   Natural resources.
                         tomorrow.                                      spirals today. Map       parent-teacher.
lesson 18, all
                         LA pages114, 115 in                            reading skills practice.
strategies lessons                             SS: Test today on the
                         Spelling text.
13-18, plus page                               Israelites.
                         Continue with
112 for vocabulary.
                         grammar practice.
Continue work with
subjects in an
unusual order.

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