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									               Clinger Cohen Act
   Chief Info. Officer position

   IT Capital Planning and           Capital Planning
    investment review process          Includes:

   Using performance                 Investment review &
    measures to assess how
    well IT supports programs          approval processes.

   Justifying continuation of        Budget reports and
    systems that deviate from          investment
    cost, performance, or              prioritization.
    schedule goals
    Factors leading up to Clinger
             Cohen Act
 Significant   money being spent on IT

 High   failure rate of IT projects

 Proliferation   of “stove pipe” systems
      NPS Information Management
Regional Information Officers         Washington Directorates/Offices
                                         Information Officers-

   Alaska – Dan Healy
                                         Business Services – vacant
                                         Cultural Resources – Lincoln Fairchild
   Intermountain – Dawn Bosh
                                         Comptroller’s Office – Lisa Engelhardt
                                         Human Capital – Peter Hanes
   Midwest – Frank Palombo
                                         Natural Resources – Tim Goddard
                                         Park Planning, Facilities, and Lands –
   National Capital – Mike Mulcare
                                          Edie Ramey
                                         Partnerships, Interp and Education,
   Northeast – Patti Dienna              Volunteers, and Outdoor Recreation –
                                          Steve Pittleman
   Pacific West – Kevin Killeen         Visitor and Resource Protection –
                                          Kathy Clark
   Southeast -   Joycine Lowe           US Park Police – Dave Mulholland
    IT Purchasing Requirements
   If not on DOI Hardware Blanket Purchase
    Agreement (BPA)*
    – Need a waiver
    – Work with regional I.O.

   Greater than $10K
    – Need OCIO approval
    – Route through regional I.O.

    * BPA:
    IT Investments (Systems)
 Definitionis being developed
 Approval requirements for new ones

 Approval process

 Project Manager requirements

 Ongoing reporting requirements

 Security requirements
Approval Requirements for New IT
   Need to prepare 3 documents
    – Mission Needs Statement (~5 pgs)
    – Concept Management Plan (~5 pgs)
    – Exhibit 300-1 (Business case, ~4 pgs)

   Not allowed to expend any funds on the project
    (beyond the above) until approval is received

   New projects are considered in October
    (submission deadline is September)
    – Pushing us to think 2 FYs ahead
    – Special considerations for smaller projects may be
      possible (consult with regional I.O.)
   Approval Process for New IT
Project reviewed by:
 Capital Planning Program in the
 NPS Deputy CIOs
 ITIC (if needed)
 NPS Director (if needed)
 DOI CIO/IRB (if needed)
Project Management Requirements
   OMB A-11, A-130 and GAO IT Investment Mgt.

   A certified Project Manager (PM) is required when
    an IT Investment is in
    development/enhancement phase
   Associates Certificate in PM (3 classes through
    DOI University) required for non-major IT
   Project Mgmt Professional (PMP) required for
    major IT Investments
   PMs for major IT Investments must be assigned
    only to that project
Criteria for a “Major” IT Investment
   Previously reported to OMB as “Major”
   Costs $5M or more annually or life cycle cost of
    $35M or more
   High importance to NPS Mission, DOI, or OMB
   High visibility or high risk or high impact to
   Part of e-Gov projects or supports President’s
    Management Agenda
   Cross cutting across Department or across the
    Federal Govt
   Financial system with a life cycle cost of $500K or
   As designated by NPS Director or CIO
 Ongoing Reporting Requirements
 Exhibit 300-1s updated annually
 Quarterly status reports (CPIC)

 Mission Needs Statement

 Other reports/documents depending
  on phase of life cycle system is in
  (examples: Cost/Benefit plans, Risk
  Mgt. Plan, PIA, Project Mgt. Plan)
     Security Requirements
 Work with your Regional IT Security
 Managers (RITSMs) for security on
 your systems and facilities. This
 may periodically include the
 preparation of special reports or
 actions related to audits.
 NRPC C&A Enclave (Security)
 Certification and Accreditation
 NRPC Web Enclave (where/what)

 Risk Management

 IATO granted Dec. 31st, 2005

 Full Certification due by June 30th.
System Owners / System Mgrs.
   Be aware of these titles and

   System Owner = Executive Sponsor ($)

   System Manager is the poor soul that
    must complete all the reports and run the

   Risks: Inform System Owner.
  Additional Requirements for IT
     Investments (systems)
 Section   508 compliance

 DO70 Internet and Intranet

 Privacy   Act requirements
                           NR Systems
NR Air Atlas GIS          NR Geoscientists-in-the-   NR NPS Nature &
                          Parks                      Science Website

NR Alien Plant Control    NR Inside Natural          NR NPS Water Rights
and Mgt. Database         Resources                  Docket Files

NR and GIS Data Store * NR Integrated Pest           NR Planning,
                        Management                   Environment and Public
NR Bibliography           NR Natural Resource        NR Public Use Statistics
Inventory System -        Database Template *        Office Reporting
NR Biological Inventory   NR Natural Resource   NR Research Permit and
System - NPSpecies        Management Assessment Reporting
NR Gaseous Pollutant      NR NPS Endangered          NR STORET Water
Monitoring Network        Species Act DB             Quality Database

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