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									                                       December 6, 2002
                              Grinnell College Russian Department

          Welcome New Majors!
The Russian Department extends a warm welcome                Grinnellians at AAASS 2002
to its new majors, Naomi Caffee ‟04, Benjamin
Hanes „05, and Mark Henry ‟05. We look forward          Professor Kelly Herold traveled to Pittsburgh,
to working with you!                                    Pennsylvania to attend the 34th National Meeting of
                                                        the American Association for the Advancement of
                                                        Slavic Studies. She presented a paper entitled “The
Grinnell Students Headed to Russia                      Creation of the Russian Female Face in 18th
                                                        Century Prose.”
     for the Spring Semester
                                                                        Alumni News
                                                        Hillary Bown ‟02, is currently in Novgorod,
                                                        Russia. Hillary was awarded an IREX Russia-US
                                                        Young Leadership Fellowship for 2002-2003.
                                                        Hillary will spend a year taking university
                                                        coursework, performing community service, and
Congratulations to Josh Brody ‟04, David Lineal
                                                        completing an internship in museum studies.
‟04 , and Naomi Caffee ‟04 who are headed to
Russia for the Spring Semester 2003. Josh Brody, a
Russian major, will be studying Russian in Moscow       Russian Study Awards, 2003
on the ACTR Russian language program. David
Lineal ‟04, and Naomi Caffee ‟04, both Russian
majors, will be headed to St. Petersburg to take part
in the ACTR Russian language program.

                                                        Application Due Date: March 1
Grinnell Students Returning from
Study in Russia                                         The Russian Study Awards are granted annually to
                                                        seniors who have planned study and internship
Several students will return to their studies on-       programs in Russophone countries after graduation.
campus second semester: Kerry Given ;‟04 will           These awards are drawn from funds raised by three
return from an ACTR program in St. Petersburg,          devoted friends of the Russian Department- Diane
and Alison Mynsberge „04 and Randy Martinson            Fisher Perkinson ’82, Sharon McKee ’82 and
„04 from the ACTR Moscow Program.                       Emily Sullivan ’81
Guidelines:                                             1990-91     Alexander Williams '91
                                                        1991-92     Marie Smith '92
*Award is intended for projects initiated within the                Thomas Zabel '92
year following graduation
*Projects may include structured study programs,        1992-93     Annica Carlstedt '93
volunteerships or internships that have cultural,                   Heather Coates '93
political or social value. The award is not intended                Donald Hatch '93
for students engaged in profit-making activities.                   Wendy Johnson '93
*The award is need-based
*students who have not had the opportunity to study     1993-94     Elizabeth Borg-Bowman '94
in the region at the time they apply are favored.                   Jill Cetina '94
However, many past recipients have not met this                     Jonathan Owen '94
criterion.                                                          Toni Siragusa '94
*Students who apply for this award should have
studies Russian in a serious way (at least two years    1994-95     Maya Malysiak '95
of college-level Russian).                                          Chad Stuchis '95

                                                        1995-96     Stephanie Hitztaler '96
Any member of the Russian department can furnish                    Brett Hodges '96
interested students with application forms as well as               Angeli McKnight '96
advising assistance. Awards are generally
announced by April 30.                                  1996-97     Etaine Madeline Norris „97

You do not need to be a Russian major to apply for      1997-98     Erin E. Childress '98
a Russian Study Award.                                              Nellie R. Bassett '98
                                                                    Hannah R. Mundahl '98

Past Russian Study Award Recipients:                    1998-99     Catherine S. Jones „99
                                                                    Severin T. Oman „99
1985-86        Rebecca Gross '85                                    Sage B. Raterman „99
1986-87        Robert Esler '86
1987-88        Ellen M. Mangan '87                      1999-2000   Rebecca Ellen Rubinstein „00
               Paula R. Powell '87                                  Benjamin K. Tromly „00

1988-89        Christopher Cosner '89                   2001-2002   Kathryn Aughenbaugh ‟01
               Melissa Cross '89                                    Richele Baburina „01
               Marjorie McShane '89
               Kenneth Varnum '89
                                                        2002-2003   Matthew Swessinger „02
1989-90        Phillips Wolf '90                                    Kristina Kvanvlov-Leverty „02
               Nadia Abdel-Wahab '90                                Timothy Kerber „02
                                                        Professor Marek, whose visit is sponsored by the
                                                        Department of Political Science under the auspices
                                                        of the Center for International Studies, is Vice-Head
                                                        of the Department of English Programs and Co-
                                                        ordinator of Department of Politics and European
                                                        Studies at Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech
                                                        Republic—also the site of the ACM Central
                                                        European Studies Program. Paul Ames „04, Lauren
                                                        Flessner „04, Seth Heller „03, and Neil Tomson „04
                RCEES News                              have been studying on this program, which is
                                                        sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the
DON‟T FORGET: REES = RCEES. As many of                  Midwest (ACM).
you may know, the Russian and Eastern European
Studies (REES) concentration has recently been
restructured, and will henceforth be called the
Russian, Central and Eastern European Studies
(RCEES) Concentration. The restructuring aims to                 Czech Language offered
reflect changes in the field, and to recognize
developments in the Grinnell College curriculum. In
addition to the Russian Literature/Culture and the
Russian History/Culture Tracks, the revised RCEES
concentration now has a third track focusing on
Central and Eastern Europe. Students interested in
the RCEES concentration should contact Todd
Armstrong [armstron].

Spring Semester Visitor from Czech
Republic                                                Czech will be offered next semester through the
                                                        ALSO (Alternative Language Study Option)
Welcome to International Visiting Scholar Dan           program. Students interested in studying Czech
Marek. Professor Marek, of Palacky University,          should speak with Dan Gross, coordinator of the
Olomouc, Czech Republic, will visit Grinnell for        ALSO program.
the first three weeks after break to teach the short
course Political Science 295.02 "Special Topic:
Society, Politics and Culture in Transition:
Central Europe Post-1989." Marek‟s course will
concentrate on the politics and economics of
transition in East-Central Europe since 1989, and
will run from March 31 to April 18. Short course
deadlines apply. Prerequisites: None. 1 or 2 credits.

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