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					         Graduate Program in Counseling
                         Fall Semester Office info.
                 Graduate Asst. Office Hours:          Faculty Office Hours:
October, 2005    Christopher Hanes        862-2480     Dr. Loan Phan            862-2701
                 chanes@unh.ed           W: 1-4:00        641-4325
                                                       T&R 12-1 and by appt.
                 Jen Broadbent*           862-2480
                     M: 1-3:00    Dr. Dwight Webb           862-3733
                                          T: 3-4:00         By appointment
                 Katie LaRoche             862-2480    Janet Thompson         862-0225
                 *Manchester GA                        Ken Faggiano             772-3409
                 Faculty Office Hours:
                 Dr. Liz Falvey         862-2386       Joseph Saxe              641-4163
        By appointment
 All full-time
 students        Dr. Dave Hebert          862-3736
 are       By appointment
 required to
 pay the $20
                         Colloquia Series for Fall Semester
 colloquia       On Thursday, October 13th             On Wednesday, November 9th
 fee. Please
 see a           from 12:00-1:00 in Morrill Hall       from 12:00-1:30 in Morrill Hall
 Graduate        (room #2) Pam McPhee, MS,             (room TBA) Mary Ann
 Assistant       Executive Director of the             Peabody, LICSW, will talk
 ASAP in         Browne Center, will discuss           about Play Therapy and Its
 order to        Using Experiential Activities         Implications For Use in
 attend this
 year’s          to Enhance Counseling and             Counseling.
 colloquia       Therapy.
 must                                                  Our final colloquium for the
 attend at       On Wednesday, October 26th            semester will be meditation!!!
 least 2 a
                 from 6:30-7:30 p.m., Nicholas
 semester)!                                            Date and time to be
                 Swogger (a recent MA GPC
                 graduate) will present on
                 Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

                     Conferences, Bulletin Boards, Mailboxes…

                     The GPC’s bulletin boards are located in Morrill Hall
                     room #109 and in the stairwell. On them are up-to-date
                     opportunities for conferences, workshops,
                     employment/internship opportunities, association
                     information and upcoming testing dates. Also in that
                     room (109) are mailboxes for all Durham GPC
                     students. Please see Jen, Katie or Chris if you do not
                     have a mailbox.
                                            Internship Information
                              Janet Thompson will be working with students who plan on
                              taking internship next semester (Ed. 925, 926, 929). Students    ***The
                              who already know where they will be interning need to call or    Directory of
 Attention Students:.         e-mail her with this information, including the name of the      Internship
All GPC coloquiua will now    person who will supervise you (regardless of whether you         Sites binder
 be taped and available for   plan to continue at your current site or move to a new one).     has been
  viewing. This, however,     You should be meeting with your advisor during this process      updated,
    does not replace the      to locate an acceptable site. If you are planning on taking      and
 mandatory two colloquia      internship next semester, or anytime in the future, you must     continues to
 per semester for full-time   fill out an internship reservation form. Extra forms are in      be in Room
 students. Please see a GA    Morrill Hall Room 111.                                           111 of
   for more information.
                                                                                               Morrill Hall.
                              On Friday, October 28th, internship supervisors will be
                              meeting with GPC faculty to network, share ideas and issues.
                                                                                               remember to
                              All supervisors should have received a letter inviting them to
                                                                                               keep it in
                              this event.
     Summer Course-Special Topics in Counseling                                                room.***

 It’s time to plan ahead!!! EDUC 998 is being offered by
 Dr. Liz Falvey during Summer Session 1 (5/22-6/23) on
 M & W from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This course selects 4-5
 student chosen counseling topics (previous themes
 included relational aggression in girls, teen sexuality,
 psychopharmacology, and grief, death and bereavement)
 and combines readings, speakers, videos and field trips
 to explore each topic. The course will run ONLY if there
 are 15 interested students. If you would like to
 participate in this course, please contact Jen Broadbent
 before November 1st. Special Topics is a terrific
 opportunity to fulfill an elective and have an enjoyable
 learning exprience!

THANK YOU to students who completed a Program
Survey last spring or upon returning this fall. It is
important that we obtain this feedback to maintain
and improve standards of excellence. If you haven’t
completed a survey, and are a second year student,
please see a Graduate Assistant. Thank you for
taking the time to complete and return these to the

                                      Exam Information
 MED Comprehensive exams are scheduled for the last Monday of the month of November 2005.
 Candidates must meet with their faculty advisors as soon as possible. The sign-up for the exam is on
 the bulletin board in Morrill 109.
                    Issue #
                                                                    Professional Development and
   ACA 2006 ANNUAL CONFERENCE                                       Networking Opportunities:
                                                                    • ASCA National Conference
                                                                    June 24-27, 2006
                March 30 – April 3, 2005                            Chicago,IL
                 Montreal, Quebec Canada                  
         Culture-Centered and Diversity Counseling                  • American Mental Health Counselor’s
                   Empowers All Families                            Association
                                                                    National Conference
                                                                    July 20-22, 2006
For an opportunity to meet and interact with leading
                                                                    St. Louis, MO
counseling professionals, learn about cutting-edge        
research and find information regarding future career               • NH School Counselor’s Assoc.
choices, become a part of ACA’s graduate student                    Fall Conference
volunteer staff at the annual convention in Montreal from           December 16, 2005
March 30-April 3, 2005.                                   
ACA is seeking 150 graduate student volunteers willing to           •NH School Counselor’s Assoc.
work a minimum of 12 hours during the convention. In                Alternative Education Conference
                                                                    Friday, October 21, 2005
exchange, ACA will reimburse graduate student volunteers
                                                                    Summit Center at Longview
for one-half of their registration fee. For more
                                                                    Deerfield, NH
information regarding this opportunity, call Janice       
MacDonald at 800-347-6647 ext. 204.                                 • NH Psychological Association
**The GPC is offering 3 seats for transportation to the             • Seacoast Regional Counseling
conference (Dr. Phan and Dr. Webb have graciously                   Association Meeting
provided room in their vehicles). These will be first               2nd Monday of every month
come/first serve, based on registration to the                      Dover Middle School
                                                                    •UNH Professional Devt. & Training
conference. Also, summer registration rates have been
                                                                    Conference on Adolescent Issues
extended until November! Please contact a graduate
                                                                    Friday, December 2, 2005
assistant for more information regarding this event and to          Manchester, NH
reserve your transportation spot. You can also access the 
ACA website at for more               etails.html
                                                                    Check out the bulletin board in room
                                                                    109, the hallway of the GPC office or
                                                                    speak with a Grad. Assistant for more
                                                                    information on trainings and
  Brown Bag Scholarship Presentation-Dr. Liz Falvey
             Clinical Decision-Making
              Monday, November 7th
          12:00-1:00 p.m. Morrill Hall #2
                                                                             Are you graduating soon?
                                                                          Leaving New Hampshire to seek
How do we think about our counseling work? What cognitive
“guides” do we use in evaluating clientsand arriving at decisions
                                                                    **With May rapidly approaching, make sure
regarding diagnosis, case conceptualization, and treatment
                                                                        you check certification and licensing
                                                                    requirements of the state you are moving to
Professor Falvey will present qualitative research findings that
                                                                        (sooner, rather than later). Contact
suggest patterns in how experienced mental health professionals
                                                                         information for mental health and
review case information and inform their clinical decisions. The
                                                                     professional school counselors is located in
implications of these findings for trainings and practice will be
                                                                         the back of your GPC Handbook.**
                   What Every Graduate Student Needs to Know
                               (taken from Counseling Today, September 2005)
        In honor of our back-to-school issue, Counseling Career Corner is focusing on the lifeblood of our profession:
the graduate students whose idealism challenges us in a variety of ways. So here, complied from experience and
observation, are a few reminders and recommendations for the graduate students among us:

        1)   You have a lot to contribute to the counseling profession, but the sooner you accept that you don’t know
             everything (at least not yet), the better. Mutual respect is the only way we have survived this long, so if
             something strikes you as odd, repetitive, nonsensical or counterproductive, recognize that there are
             usually reasons why we do things the way we do. When starting out, listen, observe and learn. You can try
             to change things later.

        2)   The good news is, no one expects you to know everything. But you are expected to read assigned materials
             before class, to participate in discussions and to challenge (and perhaps defend) your current belief

        3)   Also accept that you’re not perfect. Perfection is a goal, but it is truly attainable. This truism gives us all

        4)   You’re going to make mistakes (see Item No. 3). When that happens, own up to them immediately,
             especially when a client is involved, and consult with someone who knows more than you do (see Item No. 4)
             to assess and repair the damage.

        5)   Ramen noodles have provided subsistence to every grad student since Jung studied under Freud. We all

        6)   A degree in counseling does not guarantee licensure. Find out what the requirements are for the state in
             which you intend to practice and make sure you are meeting all the requirements as you pursue your
             degree. For some guidance, go to the American Counseling Association website at, lick
             on “Resources,” then scroll down the left margin to “Licensure and Certification.” Finally, select “State
             Licensure—State by State listing.”

        7)   You’re probably going to have to find a supervisor on your own, and you may have to pay her or him. Start
             networking now. (If you’re unfamiliar with this process, stay tuned to Counseling Career Corner. More
             information will be forthcoming on this topic in future issues.)

        8)   Licensure portability (a.k.a. reciprocity) is a work in progress. If you plan to relocate (or even if you don’t
             plan to relocate), keep thorough (and duplicate) records of your supervision and stay in touch with your
             supervisor (s) for a foreseeable future. (A greeting card during the holidays is a nice touch.)

        9)   A degree does not guarantee a job in counseling. You will have to write a resume or vita and apply for
             positions. Figure out how to differentiate yourself from every other counseling student to make yourself
             marketable upon graduation.

        10) We don’t advise launching your private practice the month after you graduate, pass the National Counselor
            Exam or gain licensure. (But when you’re ready, be sure to take advantage of ACA’s Private Practice
            Initiative. Read ahead if you’re caught up in your course work.)

             If you haven’t already joined ACA, take advantage of the student rate for membership. Also be sure to
             subscribe to the COUNSGRAD listserv for educational, and often entertaining, discourse.

             Welcome to the group hug that we call the counseling profession!

                          Amy Reese Connelly is ACA’s Career Services manager.