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									Did you know that.....

 Did you know that the ROI Index for Direct Response Marketing is as follows:

                             Email                     14.2
                             Direct Response TV        8.4
                             Inserts                   7.3
                             Direct Mail               7.2
                             Dimension Mail            5.6
                             Radio                     5.1
                             Catalog                   4.6
                             Telephone                 4.2
                             Coupons                   3.1
                             Newspaper                 2.1
                             FSIs                      0.6
                             Magazine                  0.5

               (Calculated by dividing revenue per contact by the promo cost per contact)
                             [Source: USA Direct Marketing Association, 2005]
Did you know that.....

     Did you know that Email Marketing will overtake direct mail in
     volume by the end of 2006. In the UK in 2005, 4.3 billion
     marketing emails were sent out compared to 5 billion direct

         By the end of 2006, 6 billion marketing emails will be
     [DMA, May 2006]

          Email Service Providers expect to see an average
     increase of 43% in the volume of emails sent in 2006.
     [DMA , May 2006]
Did you know that.....

    75% of senior marketing executives
    said that email would be a key part of
    their strategy to target customers
    (compared to 73% for the internet and
    68% for direct mail)
Did you know that.....

    In a survey of marketers who
    measure their campaigns, 40%
    said email earns the highest ROI,
    followed by search (28%) and
    direct mail (18%).
    [MarketingProfs Email Marketing Survey]
Did you know that.....

    Revenue per campaign is the most commonly used
    email marketing success metric (used by 39.8%)

    50-70% of respondants said they manipulate
    different response elements in every email
    campaign (including the offer, the call to action and
    the subject line)

    50% of respondents segment their email file to
    boost response
    [Source: MarketingProfs, Nov 2005 – reported by Marketing Vox]
Did you know that.....

    90% email consumers are on email
    multiple times daily

    78% of consumers have purchased as
    a direct result of email
    [Doubleclick consumer survey, 2005]
Did you know that.....

    Direct Marketing email generated 15% positive
    responses with man and young people the most
    likely demographic to buy advertised product.

    Mobile Marketing messages generated a 7%
    positive rating.

    [2005 participation media survey, DMA, 2006]
Did you know that.....

    Most influential areas for email marketing in
    the UK are;

    - Discounts (27%)
    - General product Interest (24%)
    - Prize Drawing (20%)
    - Brand familiarity (20%)
    - Attractive images (5%)
    - Humour (4%)
    [IPT, 2005]
Did you know that.....

    Email is challenging TV’s position as the dominant form of
    marketing. 32% of consumers surveyed said that email was
    the most effective marketing channel. [IPT, 2004]

    - 39% said television
    - 32% said email
    - 12% said radio
    - 10% said press
    - 7% said another channel
Did you know that.....

    Tuesdays and Thursdays in the late
    morning/lunchtime are favourite times for mass
    emailing [AlchemyWorx, 2004]

    80% of email are opened between 5am and 5pm,
    most often between Tuesday and Thursday.
    [E-consultancy, Email Metrics, 2005]
Did you know that.....

   80% of UK consumers prefer to recieve B2C email at home
   than at work.

   Consumers are also more likely to respond to marketing
   emails in the evening (45%) than in the morning (27%) or
   afternoon (19%) [IPT, 2005]

   HTML generally generates 20%-40% more responce than an
   equivalent plain text version.

   90-95% of people can see HTML
    [E-consultancy, Online Marketing Benchmarks, 2004 UK]
Did you know that.....

   UK Benchmarketing Survey noted British
   marketers’ tactics:

   - HTML 96%
   - Personalisation 73%
   - Data segmentation 62%
   - Dynamic content 26%
   - Event triggered messaging 25%
   - Sequence messaging 14%
   - Flas and streaming media 7% [DMA, 2005]

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