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Joy Ruskin Hanes _ Lee Hanes


									                                             Summer 2006

                           Joy Ruskin Hanes & Lee Hanes

                         S H O W S                        C A V E A T                         HAPPENINGS
                                                          E M P T O R

                       Not everything about it is ap-    From the “Unfortunate End-
                                                                                            This Spring Joy was the fea-
                       pealing. Jim Burk’s York Show     ings” Department: We’ve been
                                                                                            tured guest speaker at the
                       in May was disappointing for      asked how to tell if a painted
                                                                                            Leetes Island Garden Club in
                       most dealers. We sold a few       Windsor has been ended out.
                                                                                            Guilford, Connecticut. She
                       things and purchased a won-       Wood shrinks over time, and a
                                                         turned leg will eventually be-     entertained members with an
                       derful Prior portrait which we
                                                         come elliptical (out of round).    illustrated “garden tour” on
                       owned only a week.
                                                         If the leg feels slightly out of   floral motifs found in antique
                                                         round above the bottom turn-       decorative arts.
                                                         ing, and perfectly round be-
                                                         neath it, watch out!
                                                                                            We are always interested in
                                                                                            speaking to local historical
                                                         The searchers                      societies and clubs interested
                       Dining Tip: When in York, the                                        in antiques.
                       crab cakes at the Starlite
                       Diner on Route 30 are worth a

I N S I D E  T H I S
                       stop.                                                                    overheard
     I S S U E :

    SHOW BIZ           The Brandywine River Museum
                       Show in Chadds Ford was alto-                                        This really happened. At a
                       gether different. We’ve exhib-                                       recent show, two well-dressed
                       ited there longer than any                                           women were looking at a tiger
    HAPPENINGS                                                                              maple desk in our booth. “Is
    OVERHEARD                                                                               that the kind of desk I like?”
                                                         Some of our recent ads in          one said to the other. What the
    DEARMENT                                             Maine Antique Digest have          heck, doesn’t everyone need a
                                                         illustrated some drop-dead         decorator?
                                                         gorgeous wall sconces. They
    DEALS                                                are all sold and we need
    NEW OLD ACQUISI-                                     more! We’re looking for heavy
    TIONS                                                cast brass English and Dutch
                       other dealer (our 30th year).
                                                         sconces, repousse sheet
                       As they say, you can’t lose ’em   brass sconces, American tin
                       all. We sold furniture, paint-    and rellector sconces. We also
                       ings, silhouettes, lighting and   need period chandeliers and,
                       jewelry.                          of course, early candlesticks.
S u mme r     2 0 0 6                                                                                                    P a g e   2

                        T e r ms                o f          e n d e a r me n t
 At a recent York show, a pleas-             really loved it. You said I could           it would be worth around
 ant middle-aged gentleman                   pay for it over time.” He made              $1500. It was a real “Road
 stopped by our booth to thank               the payments over about six                 Show” moment. And of course,
 us for a favor we granted years             months. We can only imagine                 he refused to sell it back to us.
 ago. When he was in the 8th                 how many lawns he mowed to                  We are always happy to grant
 grade (and by our calculations              own the picture. We asked if he             reasonable terms, if there is
 that made him all of fourteen               still owned it. He ran home, and            something you would like to
 years old) he saw a portrait in             returned with the portrait.                 purchase and
 our booth that was beyond his               Something we would be glad to               can’t swing it
 means. “I think it was around               be able to sell today. We told
                                                                                                              We told him
                                                                                         right away.
 $450,” he recalled, “and I                  him that in the current market                                    that in the
                                                                                                               current market
                                    p o i n t e r s                                                            it would be
                                                                                                               worth around
                                                                         types who march right up to an
 After exhibiting in nearly eight   We are also wary of people                                                 $1500. It was
                                                                         object. and are happy to exam-
 hundred shows across the           who ask to see something in a
                                                                         ine it up-close, ask intelligent      a real “Road
 country, we’ve made a few          case (usually a piece of pot-
                                                                         questions, and may or may not         Show” moment.
 observations regarding human       tery) and when we ask them if
                                                                         make a purchase. We also are
 nature and the appreciation of     they’d like to hold it in order to
                                                                         happy to see novices who find
 antiques. People who come          examine it in more detail, a
                                                                         a piece appealing, and ap-
 into our booth pointing at an      knowledgeable collector will
                                                                         proach us for more informa-
 object will NEVER BUY IT! Peo-     take it right away. The
                                                                         tion. We encourage everyone
 ple who stand outside the          squeamish ones who won’t
                                                                         to step into the booth and
 booth and make a lot of happy      hold it because they are afraid
                                                                         have a good time, perhaps
 noise about something will         of breaking it will NEVER BUY
                                                                         learning something along the
 NEVER BUY IT!                      IT!!
                                                                         way, and maybe even buying
                                    We look for the silent, serious      something!

                                    H E L P !

                           We recently located a fine,
                           oversized 16th century English
                           Trumpet candlestick. On the
                           underside of the base there
                           are two stamped initials. If
                           anyone has a clue as to a pos-
                           sible maker, please contact us.
S u mme r     2 0 0 6                                                                                                         P a g e   3

            N ew                   o l d a c q uisit io n s
 We recently found a wonderful pair of      scapes painted on both sides, c.
 French tole monteiths with the original    1800.
 decoration, in a vibrant red, with land-
                                            Also a charming pair of 18th century
                                                        English wool on silk
                                                        embroideries depicting
                                                        sisters with their favor-
                                                        ite pets (one pictured).
                                                         These items and more
                                                         can be seen on our web-
                                                         site with detailed images,
                                                         more information, and of
                                                         course the prices.

Yo u           g e t           w h a t             y o u          p a y             f o r ?
                                                                                                        Our website always
                                                                  There are people who believe          has multiple images of
                                                                  if something doesn’t cost a lot,
                                                                  it can’t be any good. But seri-
                                                                                                        each object, and every-
                                                                  ous antiques collectors (like         thing is priced. Check
                                                                  you, dear reader) will pounce
                                                                                                        it out at
                                                                  on a good deal when they see
                                                                  one.                                  www.hanesandruskin.
                                                                  For example, this collection of       com .
                                                                  six 19th century copper molds.
                                                                  They are heavy gauge, each
                                                                  one different, and all in fine
                                                                  condition. We are offering
                                                                  them for $1500! We know a
                                                                  metalware specialist who asks
                                                                  $700-800 each for similar
            F e a t h e r s   a n d                               molds.
                 f o l i a g e

 We are pleased to offer             scribes the deco-                                               We are pleased that there is a bird
 “Feathers and Foliage,” the         rating process par-                                             called “Joyce” after yours truly, and a
 new book about peafowl              ticular to this type                                            newly discovered bird that flew in
 decorated pearlware by              of ware, followed                                               from Holland is to be named Bucky in
 George and Mickey Deike.            by the aviary,                                                  honor of our recently deceased cat.
 The book has a comprehen-           where the Deikes
                                                                                                 One of the outstanding features of
 sive history of the manufac-        have named the
                                                                                                 this book is the use of “roll-outs”
 turing process of British pot-      variations of pea-
                                                                                                 which show a jug or mug spread out
 tery in the late 18th century       fowl after either
                                                                                                 flat so you can see the entire design.
 (starting with the geologic         particular charac-
                                                                                                 The book is $175 including postage
 formation of the earth to           teristics or various
                                                                       (to the US) and there are more images of its contents at
 form the clay!). It then de-        friends and acquaintances.
                                      ABOUT US

C A V E A T          E M P T O R

                                               Investment quality antique American furniture of the
Primary Business Address
P.O. Box 212                                   18th and 19th centuries, and appropriate accessories
Old Lyme, CT 06371                             with an emphasis on English ceramics, needlework,
                                               silhouettes, paintings, and metalware. Our logo is a
                                               symbol of good faith and integrity dating to the 18th
Phone: 860-434-1800
                 P.O. Box 212                  century or before. We stand behind everything we
                                               sell, backed by a money-back guarantee.

                             Th e Ro a d r u n n er s
                            See us at these upcoming shows:

                                     Kent, CT, June 24-25
           Riverside in Manchester, NH (part of Antiques Week) August 8-10
                                   Marion, MA August 19-20
                The Original York Antiques Show, York, PA September 1-3
             Maine Antiques Dealers Show, Portland, ME September 16-17
                                 Weston, VT September 29-30
                                    Hartford, CT October 21-22
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