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					Gemstones ~                                                                                                            Fall 2008

     Mid-Atlantic Region | Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. | www.midatlanticaka.org | Volume III, Issue 4

                                             Historic Milestones
                       My dear sorors,

                       What a historic last few months
                       we’ve experienced!        We had
                       record breaking attendance
                       during our once-in-a-lifetime
                       Centennial Boule – 25,000 sorors
                       strong. And, we’ve just elected
                       the first African-American com-
                       mander and chief, President-Elect
                       Barack Obama! We are definitely
                       living in a New Day and Change
                       Has      Definitely Come!

                       As we return to continuing our
                       sorority work, allow me to remind
                       you of our various tasks:
                       accomplishing the five (5) platforms, attending cluster meetings and undergraduate
                       round-up, working together as a team of sisters on your chapters’ plans, requesting
                       authorization to conduct membership intake, conducting MIPs, graduates serving as
                       mentors for the undergraduates, reactivating lost sorors, supporting EAF, and completing
                       reports timely and accurately. Let’s continue being Extra Special Sorors who love to
                       achieve in the name of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

                       Sorors, Christmas will be here soon; therefore, let us check our lists for the Regional Director
                       and Corporate Office before Santa arrives. Your lists should include undergraduate grades,
                       undergraduates who graduate in December, financial reports, standards and connection
                       reports, new officers report, directory of active members and updated bylaws.

                       The Western Carolina Cluster and I are in the midst of planning our 56th Regional
                       Conference. Let me thank the sorors of the cluster, who over the past few months, have
                       been busy at work, eagerly planning for an event to remember. Chapter basilei and
                       members, I solicit your full cooperation in supporting our conference at the Crowne Plaza in
                       Asheville, NC, April 23-26, 2009. Meet us there!

                       Sisterly with love,
                       Soror Ruby B. Archie
                       M.A. Regional Director

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Centennial Boule Highlights|6           Centennial Scenes|7         ESP Story Guidelines |8           Connection | 9
Ivies Beyond the Wall|10                Legacy Poem |11             National Delegate Story |12       Round-up | 13
Undergraduate Fall Initiatives |14-15                               Regional Directors Schedule |16   Directorate Listing|16
Gemstones ~ 2                                                                                            Fall 2008

Thank You Notes

The sorors of the Eastern Carolina Cluster enjoyed a wonderful fall cluster meeting. The hostess chapter, Rho
Alpha Omega, welcomed all with warm hearts and open arms! Thank you for the first great cluster of 2008!

                                                                   Soror Ruby B. Archie , M.A. Regional Director
Gemstones ~ 3                                                                                                   Fall 2008

Committee Reports
                        ESP Campaigning:                                     Essence of Excellence
                     An Exceptional Selection                                By Soror Joyce Henderson
                      By Soror Laura Johnson                                 Standards End of the Year Report

                                                                             As Easy as 1, 2, 3, or 4!
                   So you want to run for office in
                   2010? Well, it’s not too early to
                   get started.

Sorors interested in running for office should start    As Easy as 1!
the preparation process now, as there are many
aspects of managing an effective nomination and         The Standards End of the Year Report is a 1-page form
certification process.                                  that is due on January 1. The deadline is February 1. Re-
                                                        ports postmarked after this date are late. So, please ad-
There are five key milestones to be completed prior     here to the dates.
to election day:
                                                        Chapter basilei will receive the revised Standards End of
•   Self-evaluation of your qualifications.             the Year Report form in the fall mailing. The form is also
•   Secure a nomination from your chapter (not          available in the Standards Resource Guide and on the
    required for General Members).                      Corporate Office website, www.aka1908.com.
•   Complete and submit a nomination
                                                        Do not retype or modify the form in any way. Obtain the
    certification package that describes                correct form from the Corporate Office website or the
    qualifications and experience and submit to         latest Standards Resource Guide.
    the International Nominating Committee.
•   Certification by the International Nominating       As Easy as 2!
    Committee to run for office.
•   Certified candidates begin the campaign             The Standards End of the Year Report has 2 sides that you
    process.                                            must complete.

As indicated above, a soror should start with a         The report is not complete if there are blank spaces.
self-evaluation of her qualifications. The Alpha
Kappa Alpha Constitution and Bylaws along with          Check N/A for criteria that do not pertain to your chapter.
the Manual of Standard Procedure clearly define
the prerequisites for each office. After completing     The Chapter Standards Committee chairman should as-
                                                        sess the chapter in the fall, so that members will have ade-
a self-evaluation of readiness, a soror can start the
                                                        quate time to respond to the questions and the chapter
work to become certified. An updated copy of So
                                                        will have adequate time to complete the report.
You Want to Run for Office is essential. A key
component of certification is completing the            Obtain the necessary signatures, and mail it in a timely
required Leadership Development Certification           manner. Remember, the goal is to have all chapter mem-
courses as defined by the Economic Leadership           bers participate in filling out the Standards End of the Year
Through Service Committee chaired by Soror              Report.
Bernice Ripley.
                                                        Undergraduate chapters should complete the form and
The regional conference in Asheville, NC, will          submit it before fall semester exams to ensure timely com-
provide you with an opportunity to attend a             pliance.
workshop on the entire ESP Campaigning Process,
as well as an opportunity to take some leadership       Chapters may use a variety of methods to assess mem-
development courses.       I look forward to seeing     bers, including the self-assessment form, but must indicate
you at the regional conference in April. We want        the method used on the form. Chapters must conduct a
Every Soror Preparing for Leadership.                   self-assessment annually.

                                                        When you mail the report, each envelope should contain
Soror Johnson is a member of Rho Psi Omega and
                                                        no more than 2 sheets of paper—the front and back of
currently serves as M.A. Representative to the
                                                        the End of the Year Report, assuming you haven’t made
International Nominating Committee. She can be
                                                        double-sided copies of the form.
reached     via  lauraajohnson@clearwire.net or
                                                                                                continued on page 10...
Gemstones ~ 4                                                                                                             Fall 2008

                     Condolences                                                        AKAlades
Please keep the families, friends and chapters of the fol-          Kudos to the following sorors for their outstanding
lowing sorors in your thoughts and prayers:                         achievements!

                                                                    Soror Bonnie M. Allen, Alpha Phi Omega, was honored for
•   Soror Mary Aldrich, Alpha Theta Omega, lost her brother-in-
                                                                    her dedication and leadership as president of the VA
                                                                    Sickle Cell Chapters, Inc.
•   Soror Thelma Anders, Alpha Theta Omega, lost her brother.
•   Soror Dori Bennett, Beta Iota Omega, lost her uncle.            Soror Nicole Betschman, Phi Theta Omega, chaired the
•   Soror Kay Bratton, Omicron Chi Omega, lost her mother.          Relay for Life committee at East Carolina University. With
•   Soror Bobbie Brown, Alpha Zeta Omega, lost her mother-in-       her Encouragement, Support and Persistence, she led the
    law.                                                            committee as they raised $60,000 for cancer research.
•   Soror Tonya Byrd, Lambda Omega, lost her father.
•   Soror Hazel Cameron, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her sister-in-law.    Soror Carolyn Custard, Omicron Chi Omega, was named
                                                                    the 2008 Outstanding High School Principal for Virginia
•   Soror Mary Carter, Beta Iota Omega, lost her aunt.
                                                                    (VASSP) and the 2008 Administrator of the Year (VSCA).
•   Soror Renee Carter, Phi Chi Omega, lost her husband.            Soror Custard currently is the Principal of C.D. Hylton High
•   Soror Julia Cleckley, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her mother.          School in Woodbridge, Virginia.
•   Soror Thomasine Coates, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her father.
•   Soror Enid Hanes Cooper, Eta Omicron Omega, lost her fa-        Soror Regina G. Earp, Chi Rho Omega, was selected to
    ther.                                                           serve a 4-year term as a member on the Board of
•   Soror Vivian Evans, Phi Chi Omega, lost her brother.            Directors for the Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina.
•   Soror Yolanda Ford, Alpha Zeta Omega, lost her father.
                                                                    Soror Monique Gardner-Witherspoon has been selected
•   Soror Arnette Gambrell, Alpha Theta Omega, lost her sister.     as the new area superintendent of Charlotte-
•   Soror Anita Hammond, Alpha Zeta Omega, lost her mother.         Mecklenburg Schools’ North Learning Community.
•   Soror Linda Hanes, Eta Omicron Omega, lost her husband.
•   Soror Carla Haynes Harper, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her mother.     Soror Alicia Hughes, Zeta Chi Omega, has been
•   Soror Valderia Hilliard-Shumate, Alpha Zeta Omega lost her      appointed to the City of Alexandria Social Services
    brother.                                                        Advisory Commission, Volunteer Ombudsmen for
                                                                    Northern Virginia Long-Term Care Program and to the
•   Soror Darhyl Jasper, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her mother.
                                                                    Leadership Alexandria Class of 2009 by the Alexandria
•   Soror JoAnne Jones, Phi Chi Omega, lost her aunt.               Chamber of Commerce.
•   Soror Tracie Knight, Zeta Epsilon Omega, lost her great aunt.
•   Soror Norma Martin, Alpha Zeta Omega, lost her brother-in-      Soror Lula Lang-Jeter, Zeta Chi Omega, received the
    law.                                                            Leadership Award – 100 Years of Service, The Alpha
•   Soror Joyce McCray, Beta Iota Omega, lost her brother-in-       Kappa Alpha Story during the Centennial Boule.
•   Soror Katherine McLean, Zeta Pi Omega, lost her brother.        Soror Kim McMillon, Sigma Kappa Omega, was recently
•   Soror June Monterio, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her father.           promoted to Vice President and Marketing Sourcing
                                                                    Manager of Bank of America.
•   Soror Shiree Monterio, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her grandfather.
•   Soror Margaret Morris, Sigma Kappa Omega, lost her uncle.       Soror Margaret L. Morris, Sigma Kappa Omega, was
•   Soror C. Elizabeth Palmer-Johnson, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her     awarded National Endowment of the Humanities Grant
    husband and cousin-in-law.
•   Soror Katherine Pendergrass, Zeta Mu Omega, lost her            Soror Brenda Kelley Nellum, Zeta Chi Omega, was
    mother.                                                         appointed by Governor Tim Kaine to the Commonwealth
•   Soror Jackie Roundtree, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her father-in-     Council on Aging.
•   Soror Marshall Scurry, Zeta Pi Omega, lost her husband.         Soror Dawn Lawson, Boule, was elected as a state
•   Soror Gerry Shoffner, Sigma Kappa Omega, lost her mother.       delegate to the Democratic State Convention, in
                                                                    Hampton, VA in June 2008 and as a national delegate to
•   Soror Belinda Smith, Beta Iota Omega, lost her uncle.
                                                                    the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO, in
•   Soror Lola Spease, Beta Iota Omega, lost her brother-in-law.    August 2008.
•   Soror Pam Stewart, Beta Iota Omega, lost her father-in-law.
•   Soror Edna Titus, Alpha Zeta Omega, lost her husband.           Soror Tiffany Peguise Powers, Sigma Iota Omega, was
•   Soror Bertha Turner, Zeta Epsilon Omega, lost her niece.        elected to represent the 7th Congressional District as a
•   Soror Gwen Washington, Upsilon Kappa Omega, lost her            Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, as
    aunt.                                                           well as to the NC Democratic Party State Review Board.
•   Soror Gwendolyn Williams, Zeta Chi Omega, lost her brother.
Gemstones ~ 5                                                                                                 Fall 2008

Committee Reports (cont’d)
                 EAF : A foundation dedicated to providing perpetual support for lifelong learning
                 By Soror Anjou Johnson

                 Sorors, I trust you enjoyed your summer, our Centennial Boulé in Washington, DC, and the fact
                 that we are energized to forge ahead as we get back to the business of Alpha Kappa Alpha.
                 Thus far, we have had an awesome year! Our Centennial Boulé was outstanding, and the
                 EAF Luncheon – Macy’s Fashion Show was a great success. As a region we met the
                 challenge and accomplished the following through July 2008:

•   100% membership in EAF
•   Ruby B. Archie endowment scholarship capitalization ($20,000+)
•   2007 Constance K. Holland Region Achievement Award Winner
•   2007 Constance K. Holland Overall Achievement Award (largest amount of contributions)
•   2008 Constance K. Holland Region Achievement Award
•   2008 Executive Director’s Award for supporting EAF
•   Women of Distinction Award: Soror Gemaine B. Gillis, Zeta Kappa Omega
•   Grand Prize Winner of the You Wear It Well! EAF Raffle: Soror Charmayne Vincent, Pi Rho Omega

Sorors, I enthusiastically, sisterly, and persistently urged you to create a gorgeous strand of pearls as we
committed ourselves to EAF, and you met the challenge and did just that! So please give yourselves a round
of applause. As I stated before, we continue to work and serve EAF with a sense of excellent scholarly per-
formance. Remember to push your chapter and members to remain 100% committed to membership in Al-
pha Kappa Alpha and EAF!

I encourage EAF captains to continue their efforts in collecting funds for the Mid-Atlantic Centennial
Challenge – EAF Awareness 2008-Dollar Days. Below is a reminder of how it works as we still have time to raise
funds for EAF as we close out our centennial year:

Your chapter’s EAF captain is charged with
• collecting a minimum of $1 from each soror during your chapter meetings in 2008

•   keeping a list of all donations and forwarding to my attention on a monthly or quarterly basis (depending
    upon the size of the chapter)

•   submitting all funds collected to your chapter’s pecunious grammateus and requesting your tamiouchos
    to send a check payable to the Educational Advancement Foundation with a note in the memo section of
    the check of where your (chapter) would like those funds to be donated (indicate the endowment or
    scholarship of your choice)

•   mailing the check with remittance form to EAF Office (attention Deborah Dangerfield, Executive Director)

•   forwarding a copy to my attention (see my contact information below)

•   working with your pecunious grammateus to ensure that receipts are given to all who donate for tax pur-

Please remember to send copies of your EAF contributions to me at the address below as I cannot recognize
your chapter with the Mid-Atlantic Centennial Challenge award if you do not provide me with appropriate
documentation. Sorors, thank you again for meeting the challenge! We continue to need Every Soror
Participating and encourage you to continue to explore, support and promote EAF!

Soror Johnson is a member of Pi Rho Omega, She currently serves as the M.A. EAF regional coordinator and can be
reached via ajakatude@aol.com, (804)527-7954 (w) or (804) 794-6814 (h).
Gemstones ~ 6                                                                                          Fall 2008

Centennial Boule Highlights                                                          1908 — 2008
Congratulations         to   our       Mid-Atlantic Leader Tribute           and beading. Each hat, with a
exceptional Centennial Supreme         Mistress of Ceremonies, Soror         mannequin head came in its own
Basileus, Soror Barbara A.             Sharon Evans paid tribute to our      hat box with storyline booklet.
McKinzie on an Extraordinary,          Regional Director and Emeriti. So-
Spectacular, Phenomenal                ror Sharon presented each with a      The     weeklong       birthday
birthday celebration. The host         wooden purse that displayed           celebration lived up to the hype.
chapters and sorors painted our        their likeness.                       We thank God for allowing us to
birth city, Washington, DC, pink                                             participate and return to our
and green as they facilitated the      Parade of Hats                        respective homes safely.
comfort and enjoyment for over         Our sparkling, silver-haired fox
25,000 sorors.                         (Centennial Mid-Atlantic Regional     We serve a good God. He
                                       Director, Soror Ruby B. Archie)       allowed one of the Mid-Atlantic
Public Meeting                         ignited the Parade of Hats            Regions’ pearl to be in the midst
Our dazzling Centennial Mid-           Fashion Show. Her green crown         of the celebration and then
Atlantic Regional Director, Soror      accented her silver mane. Her         called her home. We will miss
Ruby B. Archie, offered greetings      green attire and slippers             Soror Crystal Creech Shepherd’s
at the Public Meeting. Our             illuminated the capacity-filled       (Chi Rho Omega, Knightdale, NC)
silver-haired fox alerted all in       room. Pam Grier, Foxy Brown,          warm smile and humble spirit. We
attendance that the Mid-Atlantic       may have owned the 1970s, but         do not understand why God took
Region is not only a popular           our silver-haired fox owned the       her from us. Yet, we must comfort
tourist destination, but also a        luncheon with her cutting edge        ourselves with the knowledge that
region where sisterly love reigns      fashion sense.                        she made the pilgrimage and
supreme. Over 2400 Mid-Atlantic                                              fulfilled her dream.
Region Sorors echoed her               Soror Teresa A. Smith, Parade of
greeting and relished her              Hats Mistress of Ceremonies,
depiction of our region.               presented approximately 100
                                       Mid-Atlantic Region Sorors who
Boulé Hospitality Suite                displayed their fashion savvy.
The Boulé Hospitality Suite was        Sorors strutted their AKA’tude
open from Saturday, July 12 -          from all over the Region. The
Thursday, July 17. Soror Shlondra      winners were:
Amacker, Mid-Atlantic Region
Conference Planner, did a                Soror Evelyn Watkins Jemison
yeoman’s job prepping the suite.            Delta Omega Chapter
                                                Petersburg, VA
Thank you to the cluster
coordinators and sorors who            Soror Cassandra Duke-Washington
volunteered to serve in the Mid-                 1st Runner-Up
Atlantic Region’s Hospitality Suite.      Lambda Omega Chapter
Your willingness to serve the                 Newport News, VA
Marvelous Mid-Atlantic Region is
appreciated by all.                          Soror Virginia Hoover
                                                2nd Runner-Up
Mid-Atlantic Regional Luncheon               Kappa Delta Omega
Under the leadership of Soror                   Martinsville, VA
Rhonda Luss, Chair, Soror Sharon
Evans and Soror Teresa A. Smith,       The winners received a Rosebud
Co-Chairs, the         Regional        which is a miniature hat
Luncheon       became       the        recreated from the original
happening spot. Over 1400 sorors       designs of Harriet Rosebud. Each
attended the luncheon.                 hat is made of original materials
                                       such as felt, satin or straw with
                                       adornments in feathers, silk, satin
Gemstones ~ 7                                                             Fall 2008

                Scenes From Our Centennial Celebration

A                         F                         K

 B                        G                          L

C                                                    M

D                         I                          N

 E                        J                          O
                                                         ...photo captions page 10
Gemstones ~ 8                                                                                                    Fall 2008

Committee Reports (cont’d)
                 ESP Story Guidelines
                 By Soror Rhonda Luss

                 Throughout the region chapters are executing Extraordinary Service Programs (ESP) in their
                 communities. These ESP success stories are being posted on the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
                 website. The following guidelines have been created to aide chapters in getting their stories

•   The ESP Success stories should be brief and to the point, crisply written short stories that give readers an
    idea of the work chapters are doing, and show why that program is successful. We want readers to know
    about our stellar programs. Well-written stories are the best way to do this.

•   Chapters should submit information about their program in story (narrative) format. They are better
    equipped to say what they are doing and how their community has responded. The articles should be
    short, 200 to 350 words max.

•   Articles should start with a lead in that gives the who, what, when, where and why. Then use the strongest
    examples to tell what made the program successful. Give some details about the event. For example,
    who were the key speakers, how many were in the audience, what type questions did they ask? What was
    the impact of the program to date? Please provide measurable results, if available.

•   Articles should avoid using sorority related jargon such as "soror" and “basileus.” In addition, the focus
    should be on the name of the community or city, not the chapter. Remember these articles are intended
    to inform the public of the work the sorority is doing in their community.

•   Pictures are great, but please make sure they are relevant to the information in the article. Also, the
    chapters should provide a caption that explains what is happening in the photo. Some viewers are
    attracted to the pictures more than the words, meaning the picture must tell the story.

•   Soror Wendi Chavis, web master for the international website, wants sorors to remember the idea behind
    these stories is to illustrate the Sorority's impact on the community it serves. Thus, stories about intra-chapter
    activities (i.e. chapter member entrepreneur directories, internal inspirational meetings, etc.) don't go over
    as well.

•   If you would like your chapter’s ESP success story published on the sorority’s website, please follow the ESP
    story guidelines and submit your articles to the Mid-Atlantic Region Information Officer, Soror Rhonda Luss,
    at rhondaluss@hotmail.com. All stories are subject to revision and approval of the Chief Information
    Officer and International Communications Chairman, Soror Melody McDowell.

Soror Luss is a member if Zeta Chi Omega. She currently serves as the M.A. information officer and can be reached via
Gemstones ~ 9                                                                                                            Fall 2008

Committee Reports (cont’d)
                     Engaging Strategies for Power                  disadvantaged groups, as well as mainstream voters.
                     By Soror Lillian S. Lee
                                                                    A voter registration drive is an effective tool for involving
                                                                    our non-registered citizens in the political process. Voter
                  Thank you to the Mid-Atlantic Region
                                                                    registration laws vary form state to state; so, be sure to
                  for supporting voter registration.
                                                                    check with the Federal Election Commission for more
                  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
                                                                    information about the necessary forms in your area.
                  registered over 22,000 new voters. We
                  anticipate registering an additional
                                                                    Mobilization is important in getting out the vote. We
                  10,000 new voters.       Continue to
                                                                    want to “take five” people to the polls. When all are
document your success. The final documentation form
                                                                    participating, it will make a difference.
will be added to our website at aka1908.com.
                                                                    IMPORTANT POLITICAL REMINDERS
ESP, encourage Each Soror to Participate in Voter
                                                                    As a nonprofit corporation, the sorority has certain guide-
Registration and Empowerment. Soror Vanessa Rogers
                                                                    lines established by the Internal Revenue Services, state
Long, Centennial Connection Chairman, submits the
                                                                    and federal statues that it must follow in order to retain its
following article:
                                                                    status as a nonprofit corporation.
The time is now to Enlighten Sorors Politically. We are
                                                                    Each chapter must be mindful that Alpha Kappa Alpha
about to elect a president, vice president, members of
                                                                    Sorority, Inc. supports issues. It is the policy of Alpha
congress, governors, local officials and more. We are a
                                                                    Kappa Alpha to encourage sorors to make individual
part of this process. We must get others involved through
                                                                    contributions in support of social and political issues or to
voter registration and voter education, which will ignite
                                                                    influence legislation.
voter participation and voter mobilization. We must
encourage voters to Elect Sound Politicians. It is the
                                                                    It is the policy of Alpha Kappa Alpha to avoid the use of
Centennial Connection Committee’s desire to Encourage
                                                                    chapter resources or the appearance of the use of
Sorors in the Political process, as well as other citizens in our
                                                                    chapter resources for these            purposes unless
community. Thank you for partnering with your local Pan
                                                                    pre-approved by the Directorate or Boule.
Hellenic Council, NAACP, church or another civic group
sponsoring a voter registration drive and providing a voter
                                                                    Alpha Kappa Alpha chapters should not organize
education session.
                                                                    fund-raisers in support of political issues and political
                                                                    agendas. It is the policy of Alpha Kappa Alpha to avoid
We continue our theme of Voter Education +Voter
                                                                    the use of its name to solicit funds in support of a social or
Registration = Voter Participation and Mobilization. Voter
                                                                    political issue.
education is important in every election. Voter education
and civic education are necessary to ensure that all
                                                                    We do encourage sorors to work in campaigns that
constituents, men and women alike, understand their
                                                                    support Alpha Kappa Alpha’s legislative values that have
rights, their political system, the contests they are being
                                                                    been approved by the Directorate.
asked to decide and how and where to vote. For an
election to be successful and democratic, voters must
                                                                    Please note: Sorors must not suggest that the sorority is
understand their rights and responsibilities and must be
                                                                    supporting the issues unless they have the approval of
sufficiently knowledgeable and well informed to cast
                                                                    the Directorate or Boule.
ballots that are legally valid and to participate
meaningfully in the voting process.

Voter education is generally used to describe the dissemi-
nation of information and materials designed to inform
voters about the specifics and mechanics of the voting
process for a particular election. Voter education involves
providing information on who is eligible to vote; where
and how to register; how electors can check the voter lists
to ensure they have been duly included; what type of
elections are being held; where, when, and how to vote;
who the candidates are and how to file complaints.
                                                                    Soror Lee is a member of Alpha Zeta Omega. She
The goal of voter education is to make information
                                                                    currently serves as the M.A. Connection Representative
available and accessible to all constituents.        Voter
                                                                    and can be reached via lillianslee@hotmail.com or ( 919)
education seeks to achieve universal coverage of the
electorate. To do this effectively requires reaching out to
Gemstones ~ 10                                                                                                      Fall 2008

Committee Reports (cont’d)
...continued from page 3

Do not submit a copy of the chapter assessment tool, the
chapter records certification form or any other
extraneous documents with the Standards End of the
Year Report.

As Easy as 3 or 4!

Graduate chapter End of the Year Reports require 3                       Ivies Beyond the Wall:
signatures—basileus, grammateus, and standards chair-
man.                                                                             Soror Bessie Balthrop
                                                                                   Zeta Chi Omega
Undergraduate chapter End of the Year Reports require 4
                                                                                    Alexandria, VA
signatures—basileus, grammateus, standards chairman,
and graduate advisor.
                                                                             Soror Doris McGhee Haynes
Once you have obtained all necessary signatures and                              Alpha Zeta Omega
contact information, including an e-mail address and                                Durham, NC
telephone number for the basileus and or graduate
advisor, mail the form to the 3 individuals noted at the                   Soror Crystal Creech Shepherd
bottom of the form:                                                               Chi Rho Omega
                                                                                   Knightdale, NC
•    Regional Director
                                                                                 Soror Dolores Mercer
•    International Standards Committee Chairman (send                                Iota Omega
     her the original)                                                                Norfolk, VA

•    M.A. Representative to the International Standards                   Soror Arnetta Gilmore Washington
     Committee.                                                               Omicron Omega Omega
                                                                                  Southern Pines, NC
Double-check mailing addresses, and be sure to use the
proper amount of postage.

Soror Henderson is a member of Zeta Chi Omega. She
currently serves as the M.A. Standards Representative
and can be reached via jhend-aka@msn.com.

Photo Captions (from page 7)

A: Sorors Archie & Sims Doty; B: Sorors Hopkins, Groomes-McLendon, Springs Jones & Archie; C: Current Directorate

D: Sorors Jeffries, Grays & Archie; E: Piggott Sorors; F: Sorors Honesty King & Archie; G: Sorors Piggott, Archie & Bryant,
pictured center;

H: Sorors Archie & White; I: Soror Archie & Grand Polemarch, Bro. Dwayne M. Murray (Kappa Alpha Psi); J: Director-
ate Members; K: Sorors visit Hedgeman Lyle grave site;

L: Sorors Piggott, Archie & Asbury; M: Sorors Archie & Evans, center & far right, Soror Roslyn McQueen;

N: Bro. Anthony B. Hill, Gray Board of Directors, (Kappa Alpha Psi), Soror Archie & Eastern Polemarch, Bro. John T.
Lanier (Kappa Alpha Psi);

O: Sorors Archie, McCorkle & Archie
Gemstones ~ 11                                                                                               Fall 2008

       An AKA in the Making by Soror Gabrielle Smith, Sigma Alpha
      Soror Smith read this poem during the M.A. Regional Luncheon and Sixth Plenary Session during the
                                  Centennial Boule in honor of all legacies.

Her pearls were shining bright, just like her teeth forming a blinding smile,
Her white gloves and polished look captured my attention for quite awhile
I gazed upon her beauty, her strength, and her poise
I whispered to myself, “WOW!” until a great noise
Interrupted my thoughts with a call that was really loud
The culprit was the beauty, I found her not ashamed but proud
She cared not who saw or who heard except the other beauty she called to
My Momma quickly returned the high-pitched call, as I’ve often known her to do
She and the stranger embraced as if they were life long friends
But as Momma always says, “In Alpha Kappa Alpha, a sisterhood never ends.”
When they were done chatting and the woman was well on her way
I looked up at my Momma, “Is that lady going where we’re going today?”
She looked at me and smiled “No baby girl, I don’t think so.”
I tried my best not to whine, “Does that mean that I still have to go?”
“A responsible woman always wants to serve her family and community.”
Although I’ve heard that many times before, I had to feed my curiosity
“Momma what makes you keep serving every month? Aren’t you tired?”
“The helping hands of service are the energy that keeps a community wired.
Without support for black families, health, education, and business
Our people will never be delivered, never healed from this ugly mess
                                                                          From abuse, drugs, disease, and poverty
                                                                   From alcohol, anger, jail, and every derogatory
                                                                 Word that comes from ignorance and disrespect
                                                           From a lack of better role models and parental neglect
                                                                           We serve to try to help improve the past
                                               While preserving a foundational future that is strong enough to last
                                                                                           That future for me, is you
                                                                   That’s why I try to instill values and make you do
                                                         Things that will affect the community and teach you how
                                                                          You can make a difference. But for now,
                                                             Let’s get a move on because I don’t want to be late.
                                                             We can’t make the senior citizens at the home wait.”
                                                  My mother greeted Sister Carol as we walked through the door
                                                         She said to my Momma, “I see you’re starting early Soror.
                                                  Her eyes on me she said, “Did your Momma make you come?”
                                                                 Before my Momma’s sentence had even begun,
                                I turned and said, “A responsible woman always wants to serve her community.”
                                                                 With pride in her eyes Sister Carol beamed at me
                                                                          She shook her head and laughed saying,
                                                                           “She’s definitely an AKA in the making!”
Gemstones ~ 12                                                                                      Fall 2008

        A Day in the Life of a National Delegate by Soror Dawn Lawson
The major speeches that were broadcast on              Ohio in 2004, but we’re not going to allow it to
national TV were the epitome of the convention,        happen this time. He stated that if you undercut
but what you don’t see during prime time is what       anyone’s voting rights, you undercut all’s
goes on during the day.                                rights. Governor Howard Dean encouraged us to
                                                       use the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Tool, and he gave
Each delegation was assigned to a particular           GOTV advice.       Leah Daughtry, CEO for the
hotel. Virginia joined DC and NM at the Crowne         convention, told us to “get in the way” of
Plaza and each morning we had a delegation             complacency, usual politics, etc. She reminded us
breakfast. We were briefed by DPVA staff on            that the next president will appoint 4 or 5 Supreme
logistics for the day, and we heard from our           Court Justices.
corporate sponsors such as Dominion, Capitol One,
and McGuire Woods. Our guest speakers included         In addition to hearing Michelle Obama in
Senator Jim Webb, who gave words of support for        primetime on Monday night, we heard her speak to
Senator Joe Biden and gave startling statistics on     both the women’s caucus and the African
the U.S. prison population. Federico Pena, former      American caucus. She told us that we need to be
Transportation and Energy Secretary, emphasized        fed up with the world as it is. She encouraged us to
that the election of Senator Obama will transform      do community organizing, i.e., knock on doors, talk
the U.S. Terry McAuliff gave us an update on           to friends and neighbors. She asked that we pray
congressional races and stated that we’re in line to   for her family and work hard because we don’t
pick up 20 House seats which would allow us to         have time to get this wrong.
redraw lines for redistricting. Governor Doug Wilder
introduced Governor Patrick Deval, who said that       On the negative side, there were protestors outside
the U.S. is looked to for leadership all over the      of the convention center with graphic displays of
world. Additionally, he told us that if we make the    aborted babies. Additionally, protestors disrupted
election personal, we will win it. Governor Kaine      the Interfaith Service on Sunday and the African
emphasized that if Obama can get Virginia’s 13         American Caucus on Monday. They blurted out
electoral votes, there’s no way McCain can win.        rem arks     about     abor tion  and      African
                                                       genocide. Fortunately, they were quickly escorted
After the breakfast briefings, we traveled to the      out by security. Because these meetings were
convention center for various caucus meetings –        open to the public, no credentials were
women, Asian, Latino, African American, Gay/           required. So, basically anyone had access to the
Lesbian, Faith, etc.    I attended the women’s         room.
caucus and heard from such women as Rosario
Dawson, Eva Longoria, and Ellen Malcolm from           Overall, the convention was an exhilarating
Emily’s List. Malcolm was one of Hillary Clinton’s     experience that I will remember for a lifetime.
campaign chairs, but stated that she is proud to
vote for Obama. Donna Brazile stated that she
signed the petition to put Hillary’s name in
nomination. She did it in honor of Shirley Chisholm,
Barbara Jordan and Stephanie Tubbs Jones and to
unite the party. Sheila Johnson was the featured
speaker who told the audience that Barack
Obama can restore our sense of national pride,
and we can bring honor and nobility back to the
political process by electing him.

I also attended the African American Caucus and
heard from Eric Holder, who encouraged us to talk
about Obama in practical ways, i.e., why he should
be elected President. Combat the experience            Soror Lawson is a Boule member and former M.A.
issue; know the facts; and know the candidate. Al      regional representative to the International
Sharpton referenced how they took our votes in         Nominating Committee (2006-08).
Gemstones ~ 13                                                                                       Fall 2008

                                                   2008 Undergraduate Round-Up &
                                                    Graduate Advisors’ Council Meeting
                                                           ExtraSensory PEARLception:
                                                         Channeling the Future of AKA
                                                            Hosted by Theta Pi (UNC)

This year’s Round-up was hosted by the Theta Pi (UNC) and Mu Omicron Omega (Chapel Hill, NC) chapters
September 26-27 at the Sheraton Imperial and Convention Center in Durham, NC.

Approximately 600 undergraduate and graduate sorors were in attendance. Sorors in attendance attended
workshops on standards, constitution, undergraduate/graduate relations, parliamentary procedures and
board responsibilities, as well a presentation on programs in general.

Soror Melanie Jones, Second Supreme Anti-Basileus, attended and facilitated a workshop on board ethics, as
well as a presentation on ESP Platform IV, the Undergraduate Signature Program.

Our Supreme Basileus, Soror Barbara A. McKinzie, also joined the conference via a patched in conference call
on Saturday afternoon.

The 2009 Undergraduate Round-up and Graduate Advisors’ Council Meeting will be hosted by Norfolk State
University (Delta Epsilon).
Gemstones ~ 14                                                                                          Fall 2008

Undergraduate Fall 2008 Program Initiatives: Exposing Student Potential
Greetings, Undergraduate Sorors!

100 years, 1200 months, 5217 weeks and 36,524 days later…

The time is NOW to Expose Student Potential Through Platform IV: Undergraduate Signature Program!

Now, more than ever before, the power of technology can be witnessed in all aspects of our society. Through
the World Wide Web, we are able to connect to people all over the globe within a matter of seconds; all
while downloading our favorite CD and researching the newest fashion trends in Paris. As undergraduates we
are privileged to play an important role in progressing our Sisterhood into the next century of “supreme
service.” Through Platform IV: Undergraduate Signature Program, undergraduate sorors have the opportunity
to directly contribute to the rich foundation of Alpha Kappa Alpha through efforts to encourage “Economic
Educational Advancement Through Technology”.

There are several ways for your chapter to get involved in this exciting significant plan, including teaching
computer classes at your local university or helping senior citizens learn how to better use their every day
technologies including cellular phones. Exposing Student Potential is yet another way to get involved!
Influenced by Platforms II and IV, undergraduate chapters are encouraged to establish partnerships with area
high schools in which they will host business plan competition with the intent of encouraging entrepreneurship
and developing business technology skills.

What: Exposing Student Potential : Young AKAmplished Entrepreneurs Business Competition
Undergraduate chapters will establish a semester long partnership with an area high school where they will
help students prepare business plan proposals by teaching computer software applications like Excel and
PowerPoint. Classes offered would include: “Preparing a budget: Mastering Excel”, “Business Email Etiquette”
and “Perfecting your Presentation: The Power of PowerPoint”

When: Chapters are encouraged to begin seeking out local high schools that would be interested in instituting
the program. Once a school has been identified, sorors are asked to begin advertising the program and its
benefits to students during the fall semester. The competition would begin during the spring semester and
classes would be held one afternoon a week for duration of 10 weeks. At the end of the 10 weeks, business
teams would be asked to present their proposal using the technological skills they have acquired during the

How: This initiative requires the help of each and every undergraduate in your chapter. Regardless of one’s
major or field of interest, each soror would have the opportunity to teach classes with varying degrees of
technological savvy.



Whether your chapter is Exposing Student Potential or helping a senior citizen send their favorite grandchild a
text message, we must all get involved in ensuring the success of Platform IV. By using national program
guidelines to address the technological needs in your community, your undergraduate chapter will be taking
the first step of many towards the second century of un-compromised “service to all mankind”. If you are
interested in receiving more information about the Exposing Student Potential initiative or how your chapter
can better incorporate Platform IV in your current programming, please e-mail undergraduate@aka1908.com
or any of your international undergraduate leadership.
Gemstones ~ 15                                                                                             Fall 2008

  Undergraduate Fall 2008 Program Initiatives: Go Green...Think pINK
Environmentally Sound Practices through Technology

Objective: The Go Green…Think pINK undergraduate initiative is a practical opportunity for undergraduate
chapters across the globe to participate in the Platform IV: Undergraduate Signature Program through a new
and unconventional service project. Through this initiative, undergraduate chapters will collect used or old ink
and toner cartridges on respective college campuses and neighboring areas. This drive will aid undergradu-
ate chapters in recycling technological waste to enhance the educational and technological experience of
disadvantaged youth and senior citizens.

When: October 1- December 1. Chapters should perform a drive for at least one week or more to get the
maximum participation of the campus and neighborhood. Additionally, chapters are encouraged to host
their drives this fall from October through December.

Where: Undergraduate chapters should locate a venue on their respective campus or neighboring areas near
campus to host their drive. These locations should be in places that are well-lit, safe, secure and with a reason-
able amount of traffic to host their drive (i.e. student centers, main yard, residence halls, lecture halls, off-
campus sites, just to name a few)

Logistics: A detailed “step by step” summary is identified below to guide chapters on how to effectively exe-
cute the initiative.

Prior to Drive
1. Implement in Fall Chapter Programming;
2. Assign a Chair/Co-Chair in the Chapter to spearhead the drive;
3. Promote the event through Campus and Neighborhood Publicity; and
4. Encourage students, faculty, and local businesses to participate in drive.

Go Green…Think pINK Drive
1. Setup a Drive on campus (use boxes or setup tables to collect items);
2. Collect Ink and Toner Cartridges.
3. The drive must be conducted at least one week or more.
4. Be Creative, Take Pictures, and Have FUN!

Following the Drive
1. Pack the boxes with the collections; and
2. Take items to a nearby facility that trades old ink and toner cartridges.
        a. Stores that accept ink and toner cartridge transfers: Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, etc.
        b. Ink and Toner Cartridges can also be shipped directly to the manufacturer (i.e.: Hewlett Packard).
3.Chapters will use the money gained from the drive to increase chapter programming aligned with Platform
IV that will educate disadvantaged youth and senior citizens. Examples include, but are not limited to:
a. Chapter can purchase a computer or complex calculator for a high school senior going to college;
b. Chapters can setup computer classes for youth and senior citizens at the local library; and
c. Chapters can use the money gained as a fundraiser for their current Platform IV chapter programs.
4. Report your Chapter’s success in the Ivy Leaf.

NOTE: All funds must be recorded and maintained by Chapter Tamiouchos and Graduate Advisor.

For more information, contact undergraduate@aka1908.com or your international undergraduate leadership.

Let us help the world Go Green and Think pINK this fall!
Gemstones ~ 16                                                                                                                             Fall 2008

        Regional Director’s Schedule                                                    2008-2010 Directorate
August 2008                                                                                  Soror Barbara A. McKinzie
                                                                                                 Supreme Basileus
1-8       Myrtle Beach (Myrtle Beach, SC)
                                                                                           Soror Carolyn House Stewart
9         Conference Planning (Charlotte, NC)                                               First Supreme Anti-Basileus

22        Alpha Phi Omega’s Retreat                                                           Soror Melanie Jones
          (Danville, VA)                                                                  Second Supreme Anti-Basileus
                                                                                                Soror Dorothy Wilson
23        Conference Planning (Charlotte, NC)
                                                                                               Supreme Grammateus
27-30     Directorate Orientation (Houston, TX)                                                  Soror Glenda Glover
                                                                                                Supreme Tamiouchos
31        Crown Plaza Hotel Visit (Asheville, NC)
                                                                                       Soror Freddie Groomes-McLendon
September 2008                                                                             Supreme Parliamentarian

6         Conference Planning Meeting (Gastonia, NC)                                        Soror Shayla Johnson
                                                                                       Undergraduate Member-at-Large
12-13     Eastern Carolina Cluster
                                                                                               Soror Noel Niles
          (Laurinburg, NC)
                                                                                       Undergraduate Member-at-Large
20        Conference Planning Meeting (Salisbury, NC)                                      Soror Evelyn Sample-Oates
                                                                                         North Atlantic Regional Director
21        Visit from Theta Pi for Decorations
          (Danville, VA)                                                                      Soror Ruby B. Archie
                                                                                          Mid-Atlantic Regional Director
26-27     Undergraduate Round-up
          (Durham, NC)                                                                       Soror Ella Springs Jones
                                                                                         South Atlantic Regional Director
29        Visit with Belmont-Abbey’s Interest Group &
          Administrators (Belmont, NC)                                                       Soror Juanita Sims Doty
                                                                                         South Eastern Regional Director
October 2008
                                                                                           Soror Gwendolyn Brinkley
                                                                                         South Central Regional Director
1         Visit with Davidson College’s Interest Group &
          Administrators                                                                   Soror Schylbea J. Hopkins
          (Davidson, NC)                                                                  Great Lakes Regional Director
3-4       Northern Carolina Cluster (Greensboro, NC)                                          Soror Pamela B. Porch
                                                                                             Central Regional Director
10-11     Northern Western VA Cluster (Richmond, VA)
                                                                                           Soror Vicki Miles-LaGrange
17-18     Tidewater Cluster (Norfolk, VA)
                                                                                          Mid-Western Regional Director
24-25     Western Carolina Cluster
          (Charlotte, NC)                                                                   Soror LaVerne Tarkington
                                                                                          Far Western Regional Director
November 2008
                                                                                             Soror Norma Jean Tucker
Oct. 30 – Nov. 2                                                                          International Regional Director
        Directorate Meeting (Charleston, SC)

When submitting information for Gemstones, please include your name, chapter, e-mail and contact number. Submissions may be edited for
length and content and will be published at the discretion of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director. Submissions should be sent to Soror Tanea Pettis
via e-mail (newsletter@midatlanticaka.org) according to publishing deadlines: Winter 09—Jan15.

Publisher: Soror Ruby B. Archie, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director (rarchy@verizon.net)
Editor: Soror Tanea Pettis, Mu Omicron Omega , Chapel Hill, NC (newsletter@midatlanticaka.org)
Location: Office of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., 145 Westwood Drive, Danville, VA 24541-5222
Edition: Fall 2008, Vol. 3, Issue 4

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