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									Update on Faculty Club

            Lee Glenn
          Faculty Senate
        February 23rd, 2009
   In Spring/Summer 2007, ETSU central admin and Faculty Senate
    officers discuss taking a look at this.
   In Fall 2007, Fred Alsop and Exec Committee charges Bylaws
    Committee to work on Faculty Club.
   In Fall2007/Spring 2008, Bylaws Committee work with restaurateurs,
    ETSU dining service administrators, Carnegie Hotel managers, ETSU
    legal counsel, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Retirees Association, and
    other groups.
   In late Spring 2008, voting by above ETSU groups to narrow shape and
    direction of club. Staff and faculty surveyed by Chris Dula. Faculty Club
    Steering Committee formed from volunteers (Lee Glenn, Bill Fisher,
    Tony Warner [Asst VP Univ Ctr].
   In Summer 2008, everything in place to launch founding membership
   In Fall 2009, temporary hold in order to focus attention on budget
    shortfalls. Furlough/layoff atmosphere may not mesh well with a
    fundraising driving.
Directions By Votes

Club characteristics:
 For faculty, staff, and administrators

 Private, independent, off ETSU

 ETSU only at first

 Within walking distance (parking concerns)

 Serve food, alcohol, artistic entertainment

 Low start-up costs; easy to close down

 Carnegie Hotel voted as first site to consider.

 Member of ACUC for assistance/reciprocity.
Possible Names

   No ETSU or Buccaneer words in name
   Faculty Club
   Faculty-Staff Club
   Blue & Yellow or Blue & Gold Club
   University Club
   State of Franklin Higher Ed Club
   Academia Club or Club Academia
   Hot Air Hideout
   Academia Recovery Club
   Others

   Draft bylaws for club written and OK’d
   Status settled as unincorporated business
    league/trade association
   Level of interest determined to be medium
   Senior staff OK’d the plan
   Carnegie Hotel is willing and able. Flexible plan for
    space, services, and amenities is in place.
   Letter & brochure for Call for Founding Members
    drafted & OK’d by Faculty Senate
   ACUC stands ready to help
   Club steering committee in place
Level of Interest Survey
By Chris Dula

                    Interest in Club?                                330 Staff and 285 Faculty



                      Not at all intereste         Modestly/moderately         Very much/extremely
                                     Sort of/barely inter        Fairly/pretty intere

                    Interest in Club?
               Likely to Pay?                                        Staff Faculty Combined
                                                                 Staff andand Faculty





                  Not at all likely            Modestly/moderately         Very much/extremely
                                 Sort of/barely likel        Fairly/pretty likely

               Likely to Pay?
               Likely to Pay?                                Staff Only                               Likely to Pay?
                                                                        Staff Only               30
                                                                     Staff Only                                                                         Faculty Only

          40                                                                                     20


          20                                                                                     10



          0                                                                                      0
                  Not at all likely            Modestly/moderately         Very much/extremely           Not at all likely            Modestly/moderately         Very much/extremely
                                 Sort of/barely likel        Fairly/pretty likely                                       Sort of/barely likel        Fairly/pretty likely

               Likely to Pay?                                                                         Likely to Pay?
    Low Level of Interest by Staff
“Staff (M = 1.94, SD = 1.23) were significantly less
likely to anticipate paying one year’s dues to become
a founding member than were Faculty (M = 2.76, SD =
1.44), where t = -7.50, p < .001. “     --Chris Dula

The percentage of extremely interested faculty was
three times that of the staff. About a third of faculty
responded as compared to about a twentieth of staff.
By combining these two numbers, a rough estimate
is that the staff interest level is about one-tenth to
one-twentieth of the faculty interest level.
Worst Case Scenario

If we assume that the number who will be members
 0 % of non responders & “Not at All”

 5% of barely interested

 20% of moderately interested

 50% of fairly interested

 100% of extremely interested

 The club will have 166 founding members and
   $3,320 per month to work with.
If you do the same analysis with the “Likely to Pay?”

Then the club will have 124 members and $2480 per
  month to work with.

Conclusion: This is a worst case scenario, but the
  numbers are still on the low side. This would be
  adequate for a small club. Little is lost by making
  this a faculty-only club due to low interest level of
Carnegie Hotel Stands Ready
   Space, personnel, and services are more than enough
    for the club. They state that they can take anything we
    throw at them.
   The structure was established to be an ETSU partner.
    Mutual financial benefit and convenience.
   They will bend over backwards to help, but
     Cannot lose money or other business on the deal.

     Are not very interested in using students or ETSU
       personnel to deliver any services, due the need to
       maintain control to achieve high standards of service.
   The managers view is that they want to develop more
    business connections with ETSU. The club this hits
    this desire dead center, making this attractive to them.
Ideas By Carnegie Hotel

       Key cards to enter the club
       Parking
       Discounted food, drinks, services, and
       Discounted room rentals for members
       Use of pool and exercise room
       VIP treatment
What Is Next?

            Just pull the trigger.
   Consider making this a faculty/admin only club.
   Executive Committee briefs ETSU President and VPs on this and
    get feedback.
   Finalize letter and brochure and send offers of founding
    membership to all staff/faculty/admin. Accept checks only initially.
    August is best.
   If enough checks come in, activate the club, finalize bylaws, file
    with IRS, and elect board.
   Negotiate 12 month contract with the Carnegie Hotel or other.
     The space, amenities, breadth and depth of services hinges on
        number of founding memberships.
     If there are 100 members, the club will have one set of features
        suitable for a small, part-time club. If there are 2,000 members it
        will be a large full-time club.

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