Dear Camper_ by fionan


									Dear Camper,

Thank you for signing up for Summer Camp 2007! We are excited that you will be attending. We believe that
you are going to have a DYNAMITE time while you’re here!
This is our 3rd year to be going to Camp Maranatha in High Point, North Carolina!
Maranatha means “the Lord cometh”; we are excited to have the opportunity to visit this wonderful
campground! Please pray for the camp and the children that will be attending. I know your prayers are heard
and we appreciate each and every one!

Your Application AND Liability Form must be filled out, signed, and returned with the deposit fee of
$50.00 to register and reserve your place at camp. Final payment of $40.00 is due June 15, 2007.
If total payment of $90.00 is not received on or before July 18, 2007, the deposit is nonrefundable.

Directions to Camp 
Take I-40 East and take Exit 196 / Hwy 311 South to High Point
       It is 6 miles from Hanes Mall to Exit 196
Take Johnson Road Street Exit off of Hwy 311
DO NOT take the Hwy 311S/High Point exit, Keep Going... your exit is the Next Exit
Turn Left onto Johnson Street
Go 2 stoplights and turn right onto Old Mill Road
Go about ¾ of a mile
When you see the chain link fence keep going and the entrance is on the right!
Turn right into paved drive; follow this road down to campground
Camp address is 900 Old Mill Road

Check in time is on Wednesday, August 1st from 9am until 10am.
Please arrive as close to 9:00-9:30am as possible so we can have all the campers checked in and ready for
camp! If you arrive before 9am be prepared to wait.
Once all the campers arrive, we will begin camper orientation according to the schedule.
              Camp Dynamite 2007 Information Packet
What to bring:
[ ] Bible [ ]Journal [ ] Pen/Pencil      [ ] Casual Wear               [ ] Modest Shorts and Swimwear
[ ] Extra Pair of old shoes for the lake                [ ] Pillow/Sheets/Blanket or Sleeping Bag
[ ] Toiletries (Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Deodorant, etc)
[ ] Towel & Washcloth            [ ] Hairbrush, Hair Dryer, Comb       [ ] Bag for Dirty Clothes
[ ] Sunscreen            [ ] Prescription Medication (Dispensed by Nurse) [ ] Camera/Film
[ ] Flashlight           [ ] YOUR NAME ON EVERYTHING! [ ] A GREAT ATTITUDE!
[ ] Decorations for “Most Creative Dorm Contest”N E W FOR 2007!
NOTE: All luggage MUST be clearly labeled with the campers name, address, & phone number!

What NOT to bring:

No Radios, CD, MP3, or Tape Players           No Firearms, Fireworks or Matches
No Comics or Magazines                        No Tobacco. Drugs, or Alcohol
No Clothing with Vulgar or Suggestive Slogans No over the Counter Medication
No Knives of Any Kind                         No Prank or Gag Materials
No Electronic Games or Cell Phones
NOTE: Camper’s bringing these items into camp will be immediately dismissed!

Medical Check:          BEFORE check-in, each camper will be checked for medical
conditions that could be contagious (high fever, pink eye, flu, etc.) and also for head lice.
If it is determined that a camper is a risk to others, he/she will not be allowed to attend

Check-In/Check-Out Times:
       Check-In on Wednesday August 1st from 9am-10am Be Prompt!
       You can’t expect to arrive am 10:05am and check in! Orientation starts at 10:30 SHARP!

       Check-Out on Saturday August 4th from 11:30-12:00 Immediately after our last chapel service.
       PARENTS: You are welcome to attend our 10am Saturday morning chapel service!
       No Lunch Will Be Served!

Over-the-Counter Medications:
       Over the counter medications brought to camp will be accepted at check-in! Prescription medications
       need to be in original bottle, with only the amount needed for the camper’s stay.
       ALL medications should come in a Ziploc bag with the camper’s name on it!
Mail Call:
      Due to the length of this camp, mailing from home is discouraged. If you want your camper to have a
      letter from you, please pre-write the letter, designate on the envelope the day you’d like to have it
      delivered to your child and give it to the check in table for distribution during camp.
      E-MAIL! You may also send your child an e-mail @, just follow the
      “Mail Call” link and we will do our best to get it to your child!

Visitation & Security:
      Security personnel will be on duty 24 hours a day.
      Any and all visitors must be approved and must schedule their visit in advance with the camp

      Wake-up is scheduled at 7am each morning. It is important that campers and counselors get out of bed
      on time and begin taking showers, getting dressed and straightening up dorm areas. Starting promptly
      will make for a much smoother morning rather than sleeping late and having to rush around at the last
      minute creating unnecessary stress and frustration!
      NOTE: showering a few at night before bed would reduce the rush for the bathroom in the mornings!

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
      At designated times campers and staff will be called to meals. Campers and counselors should line up
      single file at the entrance of the dining hall and wait for the signal to begin going through the serving
      line. Please note that designated staff and directors will be allowed to go through the serving line first in
      order to keep the camp program on schedule. Following them will be those campers that have won the
      “Gold Plunger” award, followed by the campers with KP Duty and then the rest of the campers and
      counselors. A prayer of thanksgiving for the food will be given just before serving begins. Campers
      should go through the serving line and then go directly to their assigned tables to be seated.
      KP Duty (Kitchen Police) Duties include but are not limited to the following, wipe off tables, sweep
      floors, take out trash, and other duties that help keep the dinning hall neat and in order!

      What is a counselor? An advisor, one who sets an example, a good listener, and most of all…a friend!
      Our counselors are hand picked for excellence! The purpose of summer camp is to provide a Christian
      atmosphere of Faith, Hope and Love in order to minister Life, Love and Freedom to the Spirit, Soul and
      Body! Our counselors are here to encourage each child to participate in chapel services, activities and to
      work as part of a team! Many do not know how to work as a part of a team and need to be encouraged at
      times to get involved!

      All campers are required to be involved in all activities unless otherwise stated by parents or the camp
      nurse. Camp counselors and Junior counselors will accompany their group to each activity and help the
      director of the activity. All counselors and Junior counselors check at each gathering (chapel, meals,
      activities, free time, etc) to account for the members of their group.

      What is the most important part of camp? CHAPEL SERVICES! Boys and Girls will be set FREE!
      They will receive salvation, the gift of the Holy Spirit, deliverances, healing and much more!
      Many will experience intimacy with God on a personal level for the first time! Others will begin to
      know and sense the call of God on their lives! Chapel services will consist of anointed preaching,
      awesome praise and worship, drama skits, dance, puppets and much more! The spirit of God can do in
      5 minutes what it takes us a lifetime to accomplish ourselves! Campers and counselors will sit
      together as a team in the chapel; this promotes unity and builds a bond among the boys and girls!

      Morning devotion time starts the day off right! Counselors and Junior counselors will take the campers
      to a quiet spot of their choice for the group devotion. Campers will need their Bible, notebook, pen or
      pencil to enter in to this special time. We will have a theme for the devotion time that will tie into the
      entire camp experience!

Lights Out:
      Lights out will be from 11:00-11:30pm each night unless directed otherwise. Pillow fights, flashlights in
      the dark, talking and noise making will not be permitted; you will need your sleep. 7am comes early!

Camp Photo:
      Say “CHEESE”, what a better souvenir of camp than a full color photo of you and your friends!
      Camp photo is included in your camp fee! Frame it and place it on your wall to remember all the FUN!
      During camp please visit for CURRENT DAILY photos of what’s happening
      at camp. It’s almost as good as being there yourself!

Snack Shack:
      The camp “Snack Shack” is a place the campers can get a cold drink, chips, or a candy bar during their
      free time! It will be open at specific times during the day and is included in your camp fee!
      After chapel services the Snack Shack will serve an Ice Cold Drink and your choice of Nachos or
      Popcorn. This way we can limit the amount of sugar the campers get before bedtime! If you would like
      to bring low sugar/no sugar snacks feel free to do so.

      We will watch over the campers at all times! If a child has a show for attention, talks in a wrong setting
      or manner, pushes, etc., we will lovingly but firmly correct the child. If this happens again we will
      remind the child that this has already been addressed once. At that time we will separate or set the child
      out of an activity. If the challenges continue, the child will be taken to the camp director. In extreme
      cases the child will be asked to leave camp and parents will be notified immediately to pick up the child.
      In this event, there will be no refund of the camp fee.

Lost & Found:
      The best way to prevent lost items is to have ALL of your camper’s clothing AND belongings marked!
      Any marked items found in the bunks will be laundered and held for ONE WEEK. Any item not marked
      will be donated to Goodwill.

Camp/Dorm/Bathroom Clean Up:
      On a daily basis counselors and campers will be expected to participate in keeping the camp facilities
      clean and neat.
      Gold Plunger Award! During breakfast time the judges will be checking to see if beds are made,
      clothes are picked up and put away, trash is thrown out, floors swept, bathrooms are clean & dry and
      more! The winner with the cleanest dorm gets to go to the front of the line during lunch and dinner!
      You also get to keep the coveted “Gold Plunger” award with you all day!!!

Emergency Phone Numbers:
      Please use the following phone numbers ONLY in case of emergency.
      DO NOT call these numbers if you just want to talk with your child!
      Camp Maranatha 336.869.2252 or336.869.4112
      Pastor Danny Dillard/Camp Director Cell # 704.640.4674
      Gary Mote/Activity Director Cell # 336.399.7009

        Camp Dynamite 2007
      Frequently Asked Questions about camp!
Are campers bunked by age?
      NO - They are Prayerfully & Strategically placed together in dorms where all age
      groups are present. Each dorm will become a team and wear the same color t-shirt.

What is the counselor to camper ratio?
     One counselor & two Jr. counselors per 8-15 campers!

Are campers always supervised?
      YES! - A counselor, Jr. counselor or staff person accompanies them 24 hours a day!

How do you pick your counselors?
     Each applicant is carefully screened with a background check. They have also been
     recommended by a pastor.
How are the campers disciplined?
     First Time: Warning Second Time: 2nd Warning/Missed Activity
     Third Time: Visit Camp Director
     Continued disobedience may result in dismissal from camp without refund!

What are specific activities the campers will be doing?
     Campers will be involved in a variety of activities, including swimming, paddle boats,
     basketball, soft ball, fishing, hiking, camp fire chats & sing-a-longs, hay rides and some
     awesome games for all to enjoy!

What is the “Creative Dorm” Contest?
     Win something SPECIAL when your team decorates their dorm with streamers, balloons,
     art projects

May I call my child at camp?
     YES - But ONLY in case of emergency! The camp director will facilitate the call.

Do you have an emergency phone number to reach the camp?
     YES – Camp # 336.869.2252 or 336.869.4112 Camp Director Cell # 704.640.4674

What do you do for homesick campers? Do you let them call home?
     Campers are allowed to call home at the Camp Director’s discretion. We strongly
     recommend that all campers stay the entire length of camp. Campers who become
     homesick and must leave camp early are not eligible for refunds.

Is there a nurse available at all times?
      YES- A nurse is on staff 24 hours a day!

Do you supply pain reliever or other over-the-counter medication if needed?
     In order for us to provide campers with pain reliever or other needed over-the-counter
     medication, the parent or legal guardian must authorize Camp Dynamite to do so by
     checking “yes” in the dispensing medication column on the registration form.

Does my child have to turn in medicine even if he knows when to take it and how much?
     Campers are allowed to bring prescription medications, but these must be turned-in to
     the nurse at check-in. (this includes inhalers)

How close is the nearest hospital?
      5 Miles

Can parents send special food to replace sweets?
     Special foods can be sent only if medically necessary. They would have to be turned in by
     the counselor to the snack shack or dining hall.

How many times are the campers allowed to go to the Snack Shack?
    2 times during the day; one mid afternoon and one after the evening chapel service.

Do you offer a Camp Dynamite Video?
     YES! After camp we will offer a one-hour edited DVD of camp highlights!
     You can pre-pay for this video at the sign in table for only $12.00.

How much money do they need to bring?
    Not one penny!! Just like a CRUISE SHIP, one fee pays for EVERYTHING!!

Can campers pay when they arrive at camp?
     NO! – Camp Fee Must Be Paid in Full by June 15th, 2007!

How many times a day do you have chapel services?
    Every evening after dinner. We also start the day off with morning devotions!

What denomination is Camp Dynamite?

Get ready to have your life
                          changed during
                                                              Camp Dynamite 2007!

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