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					Cursillo Newsletter
October, 2008
521 East 3rd Street
Erie, PA 16507
Phone: (814) 456-2948
Fax: (814) 454-8096
Web site:

Women’s Cursillo #210 will begin on Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 8:00 PM at Our Lady of
Mercy Church, 837 Bartlett Road, in Harborcreek, PA. Fathers Dennis Martin and Rich Toohey
will join Rector Sue Hedges and her assistant, Sue Brown, and their team: Chief Warden Tina
Matson, Wardens Jean Urash, Sarah Dolph, Diane Kiehlmeyer, Troubadour Jane O‟Leary and
Auxiliaries Cheryl Konzel, Annette Fuhrman, Joanie McCoy, Holly Dawson and Rosemary

The Holy Hour to support this Cursillo will happen on Saturday, October 18, 2008, 9:00 p.m. at
Our Lady of Mercy Church with Fr. John Santor presiding. Other Holy Hours are scheduled
throughout the diocese. Please check your area newsletters or contact your area coordinator.

Palanca must be dropped off by Friday, October 17, 2008 at the following sites: 1) St. Mark
Church, 695 Smithson Ave. in Lawrence Park, Mon. – Thurs. 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM, Friday before
11:00 AM, 2) Al’s Awning Shop, 1721 West 26th St. in Erie, Mon. – Thurs. only between 8:00 AM
– 4:00 PM, 3) Kelly’s Sewing Corner, 3330 West 26th St. in Erie, Village West, Mon. – Thurs.
only between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, 4) For Art’s Sake, (474-3033), 7547 West Ridge Rd., Rt. 20,
Fairview, Tues. – Thurs. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Fridays 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM, 5) Hofmann’s
Church and Religious Goods, 420 East 26th St. in Erie, between 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM, Mon. –
Thurs., Fri. before 11:00 AM, 6) The Cursillo Office, 521 East 3rd Street in Erie, Mon. – Thurs.
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Fri. 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM. After 11:00 AM on Friday, Palanca should be
taken directly to the Cursillo site.

The set up will be Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 7:00 PM. The Thursday Night Snack is the
responsibility of the assigned committee. The Friday Morning Breakfast (be there at 7:00 AM) is
the responsibility of St. Mark, Mt. Calvary & St. James Parishes. Friday Luncheon (be there at
12:30 PM) is the responsibility of St. Gregory (North East), St. Boniface, Holy Rosary, St. John the
Baptist and St. Patrick Parishes. Friday Supper (be there at 6:15 PM) is the responsibility of Our
Lady of Mercy, St. George, St. Paul, St. Julia Parishes. Saturday Morning (be there at 7:00 AM)
is the responsibility of St. Joseph, St. Peter, Mt. Carmel, Sacred Heart, and Holy Trinity parishes.
Saturday Luncheon (be there at 12:45 PM) is the responsibility of Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady
of the Lake, All Saints and St. Jude parishes. Saturday Supper (be there at 6:45 PM) is the
responsibility of Holy Cross, Our Lady of Peace, St. Andrew, St. John (Girard) and St. Lawrence
(Albion) Parishes. Sunday meals (be there at 7:00 AM and 11:30 AM) are the responsibility of
Crawford County.

The parishes assigned to the Closing Luncheon this month will be Blessed Sacrament,
Holy Trinity, Mount Calvary and St. Ann (Holy Family, St. Casimir) Cluster. Parish
Coordinators are reminded of their responsibility to inform their parishioners of this duty.
You are asked to bring these casseroles or desserts in disposable containers right to the
kitchen. Thank You!
For directions, times, and general information concerning this weekend, call Denise
McCaleb Brown at 454-5801, the Cursillo office at 456-2948 or check the web site (bulletin
board), which is updated regularly.

Please remember there should be no flowers sent to this Cursillo. Have them waiting at
home if such is your desire.

The emergency phone number at this Cursillo is 814-898-3306.

The next Erie Ultreya is set for October 3, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Francis Xavier Parish, 8880
West Main Street and the following Ultreya will be November 7, 2008 returning to St. Patrick
Parish, 130 East 4th Street. The regular program of the Celebration of Eucharist, our sharing
program and our closing social period will be observed for both Ultreyas. Babysitting will be
available at both sites. Check the dates and times of other Ultreyas in the diocese in your
area newsletters.

Prayers Department: (If you know of someone who has passed away or is ill, please be sure to
notify the office.) Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the loved ones and friends of
Fran Matusiak (Deacon Tom Matusiak‟s wife), Bertha “Bea” Chernicky, Donna “Joan” DeSanti,
Harry Porter, Lucille Ferrari, John Spilko, Kathleen Scepura, Catherine Eckert, Mary-Ellen
Madigan‟s mother, Barb Benedict‟s father, Mary McLaughlin‟s sister, Cathy Maruca‟s mother
(also Fr. Bill Sutherland‟s and Eileen Gunter‟s aunt), as well as all those of whom we are
unaware. On our sick and recovering from sickness list we find: Fr. David Poulson, Fr. Ed
Walk, Fr. Tom Tyler, Fr. Bob Susa, Fr. Tom Hoderny, Barb Jacquel, Dave Piotrowicz, Aaron
Pfoutz, Joe Wodarski, Vinnie DiNicola, Sandy Borland, Rhea Weindorf, Frank Wargo, Patrick
Wilczynski, Martha Jones, Ted Widomski, Becky Stefnoski, Jack Anderson, Kathleen Dorben,
Chuck Brendel and family, Annette Fuhrman, Chris (Moose) Fuhrman‟s mother, Paul King‟s
mother, Mike Anderson‟s father, Tom and Kathy Pearson‟s nephew, along with all those of
whom we are unaware.

Please remember in a very special way the candidates and team of K-10 Women‟s Kairos,
October 9-12, 2008 at SCI Cambridge Springs and K-224 Women‟s Koinonia, October 10-12,
2008 at St. John‟s Lutheran Church. The Chautauqua Institute will also be hosting a Women‟s
Koinonia weekend October 17-19, 2008.

As always keep our seminarians, women and men religious candidates in your prayers.

For the Good of the Movement: 1) The Men’s Cursillo Choir will join in the Celebration of the
Eucharist at St. Hedwig Church, 521 East 3rd Street in Erie, PA. Mass is at 4:00 p.m.,
Saturday, October 25, 2008. Rehearsal is at 3:00 p.m. Please check the website for further
information about rehearsal and additional information regarding the fellowship/gathering after
mass. 2) Are you interested in a GR.? Please contact Joe and Mary Beth Hoag at 814-860-
8398, ( or you may contact Mark and Linda McCamman at 464-5448,
( 3) Please remember that all banners and palanca must be
picked up after each Cursillo. The office cannot be responsible for keeping or holding on to
these things. 4) If you have a change of address, phone number, change parishes, have a
new e-mail address or change your e-mail address, please, please, please contact the
office and give us your new information. We are in the process of converting to a data base and
need all of this information. 5) For you liturgical music enthusiasts, Our Lady of the Lake, 128
Sunset Drive, Edinboro, PA, will be hosting liturgical musician, Marty Haugen for a series of
talks and a concert on Saturday, October 25th, beginning at 9:30 a.m. For more information
and a registration form, log on to Deadline is October 4th. 6) For
those of you who are actively recruiting candidates for next year, here are the dates and
locations of the 2009 Cursillos: Women‟s #211, February 12–15, Our Lady of Mercy,
Harborcreek, PA; Men‟s #206, March 19–22, Our Lady of Mercy, Harborcreek, PA; Women‟s
#212, April 16–19, Our Lady of Mercy, Harborcreek, PA; Men‟s #207, May 14–17, Our Lady of
Mercy, Harborcreek, PA; Women‟s #213, June 25–28, Our Lady of Lourdes, Cochranton, PA;
Men‟s #208, July 16–19, Kennedy Catholic High School, Hermitage, PA; Women‟s #214, July
30–August 2, Elk County Catholic High School, St. Marys, PA; Men‟s #209, October 22–25, Our
Lady of Mercy, Harborcreek, PA; Women‟s #215, November 12–15, Our Lady of Mercy,
Harborcreek, PA. 7) Men’s Metanoia XXI at SCI Albion will be held October 23 – 26, 2008.
For those of us who may not know, Metanoia is Greek meaning 'Change of Heart', and is the
prison version of Cursillo. We are asking for prayers and palanca for the men at SCI Albion.
There are restrictions for palanca: simple neck palanca, letters and prayer cards are wonderful;
but pins, laminated items, food, etc. are not permitted. Simple neck palanca is great and letters
go a long, long way. Address letters 'Dear Brother in Christ'. If you sign anything, just sign your
first name. DO NOT sign your last name. There will be approximately 60, with candidates and
team members. We have two drop off points: St. Andrew in Erie and St. Brigid in Meadville.
We would like to pick up the Palanca on Wednesday, October 22 so that we can get it cleared
by Security on Thursday morning. Also, feel free to send E-Palanca via Janet and Arco

Heard at the July Closing:
 You can feel the love of God in each and every one of us.
 ”HE spoke to me – and I went to my knees (and I‟ve used a cane for ten years)! I also found
  my smile which I had lost for a while.
 We lost our comfort zone – we got out of that right away!
 This has been an affirmation of the influences in my life – I‟m looking forward to going into the
  grocery store at home (Cincinnati) and yelling “DeColores” and see how many of my „Clucker‟
  friends I can meet.
Heard at the August Closing:
 Thursday night was really tough. In fact, I‟m the only one here who knows there are 339 of
  these ceiling tiles.
 I knew the rules – I was raised Catholic. But here, I got the tools!
 Best palanca I received this weekend was how much my sponsors thought of me to ask me to
  come. You men need to take back that spiritual leadership – don‟t wait for your wives, your
  priest, your religious education programs.
 I was told if I let myself go, I‟d have the experience of a lifetime. By God, I did!

Fr. Bill’s Comments: Well, we‟re back in Harborcreek. I want to thank in a special way, Steve
& Melissa Orr and Joel White & Darcie Schoenfeldt-White of Crawford County: Jim Slanitz
and Lou & Kathy Loreno of Mercer County; and Rosemary Carnovale and Bob and Theresa
Dayton of Elk County for three very successful Cursillo Weekends “on the road”. In many ways,
these weekends are much harder to put on than the ones in Harborcreek. Since we store most
of our supplies in Harborcreek, all we have to do is open the store room doors and we have just
about everything we need. Those who organize the weekends in other parts of the Diocese
have to make arrangements to get everything from beds and butt palanca to their Cursillo site.
While I‟m thanking people, I certainly can‟t leave out Dave and Brenda Jackson and Jay and
Janet Chandley, who chaired the Annual Picnic, Tom Peterman and Dick Walsh, who chaired
the Golf Tournament and Bob and Sandy Borland and Chris and Debi Robson who chaired
the Run for the Rooster Car and Bike Rally. So, if you see any of those mentioned above, thank
them for their service to Christ, his Church and Cursillo.
Fr. John and I have been busy with the various area coordinators and those who put together
teams. We are in the process of recruiting Priests and Deacons, Rectors and Assistant Rectors,
Chief Wardens, Troubadours and team members. In addition, we will soon be calling, e-mailing
or writing many of you to continue or to take positions on next year‟s Secretariat. If you are
asked to take a position, know that we would not ask if we did not feel that you, along with the
grace of the Holy Spirit, could do the job. Please bring our request to prayer and then say YES!

As I write this, we are in the midst of a contentious Presidential election and significant
uncertainty on Wall Street and in the banking systems of our nations. Regardless of political
affiliation, we need to pray for our nation, for our leaders, for those running for office and for
those who will be making some very important decisions. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide
our nation, enlighten our leaders and bless all our citizens. Amen.


Candidates for Women’s Cursillo #210:
Renée (Boussard) Ahlstrom, St. Rochus (Johnstown), (Brian Ahlstrom, M.D.)
Ashley Benedict, St. George, (Mary & Rob Gibson)
Stephanie “Steph” (Meals) Chaney, Our Lady of Peace, (Andrew Chaney)
Lisa (Bonnett) Cheatle, New Virginia United Methodist (Hermitage), (Edward Cheatle, Jr.)
Jacquelyn “Jackie” (Lindsey) Connelly, St. Mark (Emporium), (Albert Connelly)
Joyce (Arters) Crishock, St. Luke, (Jennifer Hamilton)
Charoltte (Bowne) Crissey, St. Rochus (Johnstown), (Terry and Annette Deitz)
Julie DeCarolis, Holy Rosary, (Mary Owens)
Sophia (Albino) Deng, St. James, (Monytwic Kwol Arop)
Karen (Hanes) Dinsmore, St. Leo Magnus), (Dean Dinsmore)
Gretchen (Goss) Fragale, St. Mark (Emporium), (Joseph Fragale)
Cathy (Morphy) Garnack, Our Lady of Fatima (Farrell), (Jeannette Morreale)
Jody (Lindsey) Grovanz, St. Mark (Emporium), (Ralph Grovanz)
Annette (Rosage) Jones, St. Rochus (Johnstown), (Terry and Annette Deitz)
Deborah “Debbie” Kacpura, West Springcreek Congregational (Corry), (Jerry Kacpura)
Darlene (Tapinno) Manning, St. Gabriel (Port Allegany), (David Manning)
Anna “Ginny” (Pereira) Mendonca, Notre Dame (Hermitage), (Jeannette Morreale)
Georgina “Gina” (Beals) Meyer, No Parish Affiliation (Grove City), (Angie Felicetty)
Pat (O‟Connor) Miceli, Church of the Beloved Disciple (Grove City), (Angie Felicetty)
Felcia (Metelski) Nelson, St. Leo Magnus (Ridgway), (Molly Fernan)
Tara (Pieczynski) Newton, St. Mark (Emporium), (Ben Newton)
Christina “Adulā” Ola, Holy Rosary Sudanese Catholic Community, (Younis Thiop)
Beverly “Bev” (Krivonyak) Schatz, St. Mary (St. Marys), (Lynn Schatz)
Julie (Walczak) Schneider, Our Lady of Peace, (Joseph Schneider)
Linda “Sue” (Knisely) Schutz, St. Leo Magnus (Ridgway), (C. Jeffrey Schutz)
Melissa “Missy” (Sneath) Schutz, St. Leo Magnus (Ridgway), (Jeremy Schutz)
Rachelle “Ricki” (Gaydos) Sestina, St. Mark (Emporium), (Don Sestina)
Clara Wasserman, St. Peter (Conneautville), (Megan McDonald)
Katherine “Kate” Zgonc, St. Michael (Greenville), (Emily Zgonc)
Mary “Molly” Zgonc, St. Michael (Greenville), (Emily Zgonc)
Jennifer “Jen” (Desko) Ziesenheim, Holy Cross (Fairview), (Erik and Sherry Ziesenheim)