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									                Rosa Parks

  “There wasn't much I could do except struggle on. There were
times when it would have been easy to just fall apart or to go the
  opposite direction, but somehow I felt that if I took one more
            step someone would come along to join me.”
                            -Rosa Parks

               By: Taylor Turner
    Frequently asked questions
1.) Q: What were Rosa Parks interests when she was little?
• A: Reading novels from school, cleaning school rooms, learning and going to
2.) Q: Was she picked on or teased when she was little?
• A: Yes, when she was in the 3 rd or 4th grade she got picked on by a white kid
    everyday on the way to the bus stop.
3.) Q: did she have a good supporting family at home?
• A: Her mom and grandma were always their to encourage her to follow her
    dreams and to live a great life but her dad walked out on them when she was
    just a little girl.
4.) Q:When was she born? When did she die?
• A: Rosa parks was born February, 4 th 1913 in Tuskegee Alabama.
• Died October 24th 2005 in Detroit Michigan.
5.) Q: How has her mom and dads breakup effected her life?
• A: Her dad left her and her brother when she was very little so it didn't
    have as much of an effect on her life until she began growing up without a
    dad. But with her being as strong as she is she managed it.
       L.K.F. Little known facts
•   She was married to Raymond Parks who died of natural causes in 1977.
•   When Rosa Parks was a little girl she attended Montgomery industrial
    school for girls, Booker .T. Washington high school, and Alabama state
•   She never had any kids.
•   She only had a mother a little brother and her grandmother to influence
    her while she was growing up.
•   After her death, her casket was placed in the Rotunda of the United States
      Capitol for two days, so the nation could pay its respects to the woman
               whose courage had changed the lives in so many ways.
         Life lessons paragraph
Rosa parks was not only a hard working little girl but she was a magnificent lady
   who took a great step that most whites wouldn’t even dream of, which was
   to end segregation once and for all. It all started when Rosa was about 10 or
   11 when her and her little brother, Sylvester, were on their way to the bus
   stop when they ran into a white boy, the same white boy who had picked on
   her and called her names she didn’t like. Well, the boy first raised a fist at
   Sylvester and then Rosa realized what was going on. At that point she
   realized that whites began to pick on blacks and that something big was
   going to happen. So she knew what she had to do right then and there.
         She spoke in a strong voice and showed the little boy that “color
   doesn’t matter.” She spent her whole summer working in cotton fields
   ripping at her fingers though she never stopped working till she was done.
   When she got to the 7th grade her mom paid for her to go to the
   Montgomery's Industrial school for girls. She had to not only make perfect
   grades but she had to clean classrooms and dedicate her time to help out
   the teachers. Then came the famous bus rally not only did she refuse to
   give up her seat to a white man, she ended segregation by taking one of the
   biggest steps in are life's
to make blacks and whites equal.
    This step was taken by an African American woman standing up for what
    was right. According to the old saying “some people are born to greatness,
    and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Greatness was certainly thrust
    upon Rosa Parks.
•   She started the movement of segregation by the bus rally
•   She got the first international freedom conductor award.
•   She’s encouraged many people in this world today to stand up for what is
    right and to be open to share you opinion to others.
•   She made it through her life with being picked on and with out a dad to love.
    So she showed everyone how strong she really was.
              Connections to Me
Rosa Parks was a strong courageous woman, a woman, that many people wished
   they could be like. she stood up for what was right and believed that
   everyone was the same on the inside. Knowing that it didn’t matter what you
   looked liked on the outside, all that mattered was who you were on the
   inside. If I could turn out like anyone in the world that I wanted to be, it
   would be Rosa parks she has inspired me and many others. Me and her are
   alike because we are both some what are protective of us, are friends, and
   everyone else. We both believe in everyone having a fair chance at anything
   and everything. By us both wanting everyone to be able to follow out their
   own dreams not what some law says we’re to do, but for everyone to be
   treated the same and all have a fair chance of becoming who we really are.
                                                           The only tired i was, was
                                                           tired of given in.

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